Month: January 2019

14 Best SUV Tent Reviews 2019-Napier vs Rightline vs Ozark

SUV and minivan tents are a very simple attachment that we can utilize to improve our camping experience. Seamlessly attaching to the rear of the vehicle, creating a sheltered area for shade, storage and sleeping. With spacious interiors fitting up to 6 people on some models, they are also fully waterproof given the use of

12 Best Truck Bed Tent Reviews 2019-Napier vs Kodiak vs Rightline

Modern camping has evolved vastly and currently offers an array of different methods in which you can enjoy an outdoor getaway. Camping on top of or adjacent to a vehicle in mounted tents, has become a pretty common affair among avid campers. With the embracement of overlanding and roof top tents, a plethora of innovative