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Marmot Halo Tent Reviews 4p and 6p

Marmot Halo Tent Reviews 4p and 6p

The origins behind the name choice for the Marmot Halo tent come from the halo-like support system found within the top of the framework. Even though we’ve seen stretched side walls from other Marmot tents, like the Tungsten and Catalyst, this “halo” design is definitely the most distinctive feature that makes this line unique.

Most widely used for family camping and car or RV trips, these models have also been popular with base camping and festivals. With a steep price tag, we’re keen on exposing what makes these worth the cost.

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After reviewing countless other models from this brand it’s clear that they focus on high-quality materials, spacious interiors, and full coverage rainflies. But what else does the Halo series have to offer?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Marmot Halo 4p tent and Halo 6p tent.

Marmot Halo 4 Person

Marmot Halo 4 tent

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At a glance we can see this is a classic dome shape with a contemporary twist. This modern side comes from the bright orange accents that are set off by the monotone grays, as well as the sleek and simple design. There isn’t anything confusing – you can clearly see how many poles make up the frame, how many windows there are, and the level of coverage from the fly.

Speaking of the fly, we love the vivid orange coloring. It not only looks great, but is used for safety purposes since you can spot it so easily amongst the greens and browns of nature. We also appreciate that the lighter color doesn’t absorb as much heat as darker tones.

Key Features:

  • 8sq feet of Liveable Floor Space
  • Straighter Walls & Decent Peak Height Enhance Space
  • Extra Wide Oval Doors


Marmot Halo 6 Person

Marmot Halo 6 tent

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Every feature you find in the 4p is found in the 6p, except of course the overall size is much larger. While this is also a classic dome, the walls are even straighter and you can effortlessly stand up without hunching over, even for taller people.

The most obvious difference is the shape of the fly, which has a hoop on one of the vestibules that creates more headroom.

The only other slight difference we can tell between the two capacities is the length of the doors – on the 4p they appear to stretch further across the walls. That being said, this size still has massive doors that make getting in and out a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Enormous Floor Area of 96.7sq feet
  • Almost Vertical Walls
  • Very Tall Peak Height Prevents Crouching


First Impressions on Marmot Halo Tents

First things first, the line we’re reviewing today is the newer version of the original Halo series. This newer line was developed in 2018 and has seen several improvements, which include a lowered height and increased weight for better wind resistance, more robust flooring, larger doors, and modernized vestibules.

To us it’s clear that this is made for 3-season camping, although we think it could be possible to use in colder weather if you have the right sleeping gear. The rainfly is full coverage after all, and the only exposed mesh part is the roof (you can cover up the windows).

Now here are our first impressions on each size in the Halo line.


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

marmot halo enclosed view

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GOLD QUALITY – Halo Support

The overhead support system has got to be our first Favorite Feature, since it makes up the namesake of the whole line. We love this feature because it’s such a simple design element, yet has maximum impact in terms of widening the interior space.

Two poles form a circular “halo” around the base of the roof, which stretches out the walls significantly. This is especially useful for times when you’re stuck inside the tent due to rough weather. There is so much more livable space than standard dome models, so you can change your clothes, stretch your arms in the morning, and organize the area without feeling claustrophobic.


Everyone needs a little privacy while camping, because not everyone is going to pitch the tent in remote areas. At a campsite, base, or festival, having that option to zip up canopy panels over mesh windows or doors goes a long way for ensuring privacy. Even though the roof is completely mesh, the panels conceal the main section of the tents so no one can get a side view.

Sometimes you don’t want to put the whole rainfly on, so we appreciate the concealment you can achieve with these tents. The fact that this synthetic paneling is adjustable is even more beneficial, as you can adjust airflow exactly how you want it.

BRONZE HIGHLIGHT – Cavernous Space

We’re big fans of square flooring, as it boosts the spaciousness more than you’d expect. That’s because it doesn’t make you orient your sleeping system in a specific way. You can sleep diagonally, up against one of the walls, or right in the middle and still have leftover room on the floor to stack your gear.

We think they’ve done so well at optimizing space without compromising on structural integrity. The dome shape has high wind resistance, plus with the halo poles, it’s even more stable and allows us to camp in different kinds of weather. Basically, you’re not limited to camping during perfect weather without a lick of wind or rain.


Tent Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail


Starting with the skeleton of these tents, the poles are constructed by DAC – a Japanese brand that released the DA17 poles back in 1991. They have multiple types of poles in their line, but Marmot have used these DA17 ones as they’re specific to large capacity tents.

marmot halo framework view

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Something important to keep in mind about these poles is that they are supposed to bend and stay slightly bent after use. We’ve seen some comments wondering whether this is normal, and it definitely is. The purpose behind the bending is because the DA17 series are designed to be flexible, but have the strength to avoid breakage. Even if they’re a little bent after a few uses, it won’t affect the structural integrity.

Straightforward Set Up

Just two poles make up the main structure, delivering optimum strength using an X-shape. Of course paired with the X-structure are the halo poles – there are also only two of them and they get clipped onto the canopy. Tight sleeves make it easier to slide poles through as you won’t fumble around trying to clip everything together.

Marmot Halo Tent lantern hook

Part of their “Easy Pitch” process, all the clips attach smoothly and quickly, and the poles are color coded to specific tags at the base. It would probably take around 15 to 30 minutes to set up (depending on experience level and whether you have someone helping you) plus an extra 10 minutes or so to add the fly which has one extra brow pole in the front.

Overall we’re impressed by how speedy the assembly is, considering the vast amount of space you get inside.


Burly fabrics are present within this line, providing a waterproof rating of 1800mm for the fly and 3000mm for the flooring. Even though the ground is made from extra thick 150D polyester Oxford, and you’ve got tall bathtub style flooring inside, we do recommend using an accessory footprint to further prevent abrasions.

Marmot Halo Tent zipper features

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In terms of the canopy, you’re getting mosquito-repellant mesh and polyester ripstop fabric. This means you can leave the fly off and windows exposed without worrying about bugs, and the risk of rips or holes is reduced.

Rainfly & Vestibules

Full coverage rainflies are constant throughout this line, meaning the fabric reaches almost down to the ground on all corners and side. There’s no indication as to which is technically the front or back, so you have freedom there when choosing the front of the tent.

Marmot Halo Tent tent pole detail

On the 4p, one vestibule has a D-door with a rounded top, while the other is like a rectangle and can be converted into an awning. The 6p has another Halo element in the fly, where a single pole is inserted into a sleeve to create a large hoop effect, almost like a tunnel tent. You can also convert this vestibule into a canopy using trekking poles or sticks, which is handy for eating or chilling outdoors to enjoy the view whilst remaining covered.


There is no lack of mesh throughout these models. You’ve got two side screen windows that can be completely exposed, plus one full-mesh door and one half-mesh door. Since the roof is fully mesh, you can open all panels on a hot day and get a beautiful cross-breeze. We think it’s a genius design because you can shut all the panels with the rainfly on, but still get a decent breeze from the vents that lead to the roof.

Marmot Halo Tent dimensions

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These vents are located on the fly, and you’ve got a couple more on the 6p version. Each vent is hooded to shield from falling water droplets and they all seal tight with a Velcro piece. Another cool feature is that you can pull-out the sides of the front area. This creates a pocket of air where the windows are located, allowing you to achieve even more air circulation. 


Some other useful add-ons we think are worth mentioning are the sound-free zipper pulls that won’t disturb you while sleeping, the reflective hits that let you see in pitch black darkness, and the carry bag with compression buckles for a more seamless packing experience.


Most Popular Questions

What kind of sleeping gear can I fit inside?

In the 4p you could certainly fit a queen size mattress since the floor is perfectly square. Of course, that means you could comfortably fit one in the 6p as it’s even larger and you may even have some leftover space.

We think you could also fit a standard adult-sized cot, since the walls are so straight you could push cots against them to leave more space in the center area for moving around.

Could they be used for bike camping?

Both sizes are probably just too big for bike trips, although it could be possible with motorcycles or canoes/kayaks. Not only do they weigh quite a bit, but the pack size is rather large to fit on a bike when you consider other items you need to pack. That being said, if you could share the load between one or a couple other people, it may be possible to travel with a bike.

Are they suitable for the snow?

Despite not being rated as 4-season tents, we do believe these models could last in mild snowfall over a short period of time. We’ve seen rave reviews that mention how well these help up in snowy conditions, so it’s definitely possible, but we don’t think you could take it high in the mountains in extreme alpine conditions.


Conclusion on Marmot Halo Tents

In summary, the Marmot Halo tent line has made smart improvements from its humble beginnings. The flooring is far more durable, the doors are way easier to enter and exit, and the vestibules deliver an impressive amount of storage area to keep the main section roomy and full of livable space.

We have no hesitations when it comes to the quality of the materials and design, as Marmot has proven to deliver on performance and longevity. While you can’t carry these models on your back, they’re perfect for motorized camping, or even canoe or kayak trips since the packed size isn’t overly huge. You’re getting complete protection, reliable craftsmanship, and tons of comfy space.


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