Marmot Limestone 4 Person & 6 Person Tent Reviews

Marmot Limestone 4 Person & 6 Person Tent Reviews


The Marmot Limestone Camping Tent in both the 4 person and 6 person sizes keeps things classic with a mesh body and full coverage rainfly for 3-season trips.

Both the 4P and 6P are well-known choices among small families and couples, due to their roomy feel and simple construction. They are also used by serious campers with higher experience levels, who are looking to get longevity for their buck.

Standing the test of time, it’s been a favorite among seasoned campers for just over 5 years.

Being in the same model line, their features are obviously very similar, yet some slight differences for the 6P to accommodate the larger capacity.

But with its straightforward design, what makes this such a popular model? How does it stand against others in the same category?

Today we’re exposing all its features, from the obvious ones to the hidden, so you can discover for yourself what makes it one of the best 6 person tents on the market.



Marmot Limestone 4 Person and 6 Person Tent Review

Marmot Limestone 4 Person

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Our First Thoughts

We think that the 4P Marmot Limestone Tent isn’t just any basic model, even though it has quite a familiar outward design. It’s almost like a hybrid between new and old, modern and traditional, with a simple design and an updated and reliable structure. For couples who want a little more room, or families of 4, the Marmot 6P version is basically the same. Just a few differences, and it’s slightly larger in size.

Even though it’s simple enough for casual or first-time campers, we feel that it’s geared towards those at intermediate and higher levels due to its steeper price.

Marmot Limestone 6 person pitched outdoors

Beautiful Views with the Rainfly Off

The materials are high-quality, including the sturdy framework. The high price would also come from its lightweight nature, as both can be used for backpacking or hiking. We think they are designed to be used long-term, for many trips throughout the years.

We believe that the 3-season label is accurate for these tents. Even with the full coverage fly, the interior is breathable, which means cold air could potentially get through. So it won’t last the extreme cold that 4-season models are made for. As tents that are suited towards warm and slightly cool weather, these are certainly safe and smart choices.

Important Specs at a Glance

Some of the specs are identical, but some aren’t, we have labeled the differences here. 


Freestanding Dome Tent


100“L x 86“W x 61“H (4p)

120“L x 100“W x 76“H (6p)


10 lbs (4p)

16 lbs (6p)


$290+ (4p)

$320+ (6p)


4 People (4p)

6 People (6p)




Tent & Rainfly: 68D Polyester, 40D Mesh

Flooring: 150D Oxford Polyester


Aluminum Poles

Pack Size

27.5” L x 10” W (4p)

28” L x 10” W (6p)

Waterproof Rating

Rainfly: 1500mm

Flooring: 3000mm


Overview of Features

  • Full Coverage Rainfly
  • 1 Large & 1 Small Vestibule
  • Hooded Rainfly Vents
  • Full Mesh Roof & Windows
  • Easy Pitch Colour-Coded Poles
  • 2 Big Front D-Shaped Doors
  • Lightweight Aluminium Structure
  • Interior Mesh Pockets
  • Seam Taped Rainfly & Flooring
  • Storage Bag Included


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Marmot 6p tent review

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Discover what we think makes these tents unique from others on the same market. We will mention if the feature relates to the smaller or larger model, or for both.

GOLD QUALITY – Spacious Interior Design

This is our first favorite feature because it makes this tent different from regular domes. The walls are designed as straighter and less sloped, giving increased headroom. We love this because it prevents needing to hunch and hurt your neck every time you’re getting changed or sitting up while relaxing.

Spacious Interior marmot limestone 6 person tent

Straight Walls Magnify the Internal Space

As well as the normal poles used for the framework, we think the added accessory poles are such a cool idea. They stretch the walls outwards, creating more space. Both still maintain the classic dome shape, but the walls aren’t as slanted as others we’ve seen.

SILVER FEATURE – Lightweight Yet Stable

Next is the lightweight nature of both tents. Made from DAC aluminum, which is one of the most trusted for high-quality poles, we love that they’re extremely durable, yet aren’t heavy or bulky. Thanks to their lightness, we appreciate that they can be used for a variety of camping, including backpacking.

While they’re not dedicated to backpacking or hiking, they’re not as heavy as some other of the same models you can find today.

carry bag for the marmot limestone tent

Easily Carried in its Rugged Carry Bag

As well as this well-made framework, the other materials are also very lightweight. We can tell that the polyester used for both is very top-quality and robust. Since it’s polyester, it won’t absorb any water or get heavier and weighed down.

We love that you won’t have to wait for anything to dry when you need to pack up and leave, as it dries quickly. These factors are what make these tents so perfect for 3-seasons.

They are prepared for rain, wind, and enhance ventilation. Every part of these tents has been carefully considered to allow easy portability without weighing down your gear.

BRONZE HIGHLIGHT – Large Versatile Vestibule

On both models, you’ll find 2 vestibules that are created with the rainfly. For the smaller one, the main large vestibule is in front of the door. We like it because it stretches quite far and offers quite a bit of space for storing a few bags and other gear.

Both have the second smaller vestibule on the opposite side, but the difference with the 6P one is that it covers the second door that’s made from polyester, instead of the other mesh one.

Even though vestibules are very common among other similar tents, we think these models do them so well. Plus, most competitors in this size range have only 1 vestibule. Having the second smaller one is convenient for keeping smaller items like dirty shoes out of the main part of the tent.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Marmot 4p tent review

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Weather Resistance

Both versions of this tent have solid coverage from the rainfly. The entire bottom edge reaches very close to the ground, which helps to prevent cold winds from easily getting inside. So, while it still fully covers the interior structure, you can’t use these in the snow or in extreme cold as there is a gap.

family in the marmot limestone 6 person tent

Quality Weatherproofing Keeps all the Family Dry

Also, there is basically no chance for water to get inside, as all the doors and other openings are completely covered. Since the rainfly stretches tightly and creates tension, the odds of getting a saggy tent when there is a large downpour is low.

Waterproofing is done very well for both. The fly has a waterproof column of 1500mm, and the flooring is 3000mm. These are rather high ratings and they mean that these tents can last against moderate to heavier rainfall.

In terms of extreme torrential rainfall, it may be able to withstand a couple of hours, but they are not meant for 4-seasons with extreme weather.

marmot limestone 4 person gold

The 4 Person Also has a Unique Gold Color Option.. (but not to my taste)

With the fly on, a very aerodynamic shape is created. This allows it to withstand strong winds, as they can pass by effortlessly on the sleek and smooth curves of the structure.

We think these models can hold up against quite intense winds, but it might not be the best idea as the slight gap can allow cold air to blow through the mesh.


In the same ballpark as weather resistance, the materials play a big role in keeping you dry and comfortable inside. We think the fabrics are impressive and lend a lot to the higher prices.

Both the fly and the inner section are made from resilient 68D polyester. The inner mesh is 40D, which is thick and stops bugs from easily getting inside.

marmot limestone 4 person orange

I’m Much More at Home with the Traditional Orange Color

The flooring is what makes these such durable and heavy-duty, despite their lightweight characters. It’s made from robust 150D Oxford polyester, stronger than polyethylene which you’ll find in most other tents.

We think it’s so strong that you probably won’t even need a footprint or tarp. The floor is a catenary cut, which is different from bathtub flooring but is still designed to keep things dry inside.

To easily carry it around during backpacking and hiking, if you share some of the weight with others, the poles are aluminium. They’re naturally lightweight and easy to install, but they are also robust enough to hold up against strong gales.


Both are easy to carry around, but it would be nice if the bag was more innovative and user-friendly. Perhaps an expandable one or a stuff sack that squishes everything down would have been preferred.

Comfort Level

Both the 4P and 6P maximize the amount of space for the most comfortable inside. As we mentioned above as one of our top features, the straighter walls are one of the best parts about these tents.

The shorter accessory poles are placed on the sides. They pull the otherwise sloping walls, making extra volume within the tents. Even though the 4P has 59² feet of floor space, and the 6P 60² feet, these added poles give much more elbow room than standard dome tents.

marmot limestone 6p dimensions

Dimensions of the 6 Person Tent

Another aspect of comfort is the mesh that creates ventilation. The main difference between the two sizes is that in the larger capacity, the rear polyester door has a panel that can be zipped back to reveal mesh.

This creates added airflow, which is important for a tent that accommodates more people. Both tents have mesh roofs that allow a lot of air to circulate through, making them ideal for summer camping.

Multipurpose Rainfly

The vestibules made from the rainfly aren’t fancy or trying to be different. They’re simple and classic – just plain old vestibules that you’ve probably seen so many times. We actually love this, because Marmot has decided to stick to something that is known to work. While there’s nothing overly innovative about this fly design, they do this traditional aspect so well.

On the 6P, the fly can transform into an outstretched awning. You’re provided with 2 additional poles to create the canopy. It’s a nice spot to relax under and enjoy the views whilst staying protected from sun and light rain.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

Does It Come With a Door Mat?

Yes, both sizes come with a front door foot mat. The mud mat covers the entire front main entrance and sits under the fly. It helps with cleaning off dirty boots and keeping bags and other gear off the ground.

What Kind of Storage Does It Have?

There are so many storage options in these tents, more than most large-capacity models. You can find 8 mesh pockets in total – 4 on the walls and 4 next to the roof. Another 2 pockets act as lampshades for lights, plus you have a clip hook in the center for a lantern.

How Does The Rainfly Close?

For protecting against precipitation leaks, the fly has a zipper and an overlapping part of the fabric that closes with heavy-duty Velcro.


Our Final Thoughts

After discovering every little feature of what these 4 person and 6 person Marmot Limestone tents have to offer, we can safely say that you’re getting amazing value for money with beautiful workmanship.

While they do not necessarily preserve a lot of warmth, these tents are instead intended for 3-season camping, and not extreme cold conditions. They’re fairly priced because you’re getting top-quality materials, which is something you can’t easily find with lower-cost models.

We love how they are focused on both the modern and classic aspects of a dome tent. Even though they are not premium level, the high-quality materials and expert craftmanship make them overtake cheaper tents by a mile.

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