How to Choose a Backpacking Tent? | Buyers Guide 2019

Backpacking and hiking are some of the top outdoor activities that are closely tied with camping. They can even be done with your dog. However they aren’t the same, they are similar but require vastly different gear. As you’re on the move constantly with backpacking, you need something that’s going to support your journey, not

8 Best Tents for Camping with Dogs 2019 | Dog Owner Approved

Being able to go camping with man’s best friend or whichever animal you have as your close companion, is a special occasion. However, when em-bark-ing on your next camping trip, Doggo’s protection and safety is always a looming concern while being out in the wild. Not only that, if it’s raining cats and dogs, a

9 Best Car Umbrella Reviews 2019-Lanmodo vs Yeege vs Reliancer

Possibly one of the most innovative products of 2018, the Car Umbrella is a functional, portable shelter that can be used on a wide variety of vehicles. I was first made aware of these by Insider and their Lanmodo video that went viral on social media, perhaps you too and maybe, that’s how you ended

14 Best SUV Tent Reviews 2019-Napier vs Rightline vs Ozark

SUV and minivan tents are a very simple attachment that we can utilize to improve our camping experience. Seamlessly attaching to the rear of the vehicle, creating a sheltered area for shade, storage and sleeping. With spacious interiors fitting up to 6 people on some models, they are also fully waterproof given the use of

12 Best Truck Bed Tent Reviews 2019-Napier vs Kodiak vs Rightline

Modern camping has evolved vastly and currently offers an array of different methods in which you can enjoy an outdoor getaway. Camping on top of or adjacent to a vehicle in mounted tents, has become a pretty common affair among avid campers. With the embracement of overlanding and roof top tents, a plethora of innovative

31 Pro Tips for Camping with Dogs | Dog Camping Tips 2019

Many people consider it a daunting task as a first thought, to take your dog into the wilderness. You may feel a sense of danger or concern when embarking (pardon the pun) on your first adventure with pooch. However bear in mind that dogs are much lower maintenance than children, friends or family members and

14 Best Outdoor Dog Bed Reviews | Camping Dog Beds 2019

So perhaps you have chosen a tent or dog tent for camping with pup, but it’s a bit bare and you don’t want pooch sleeping on the hard ground with just a layer of tent material between him/her and the floor. It gets mighty cold and occasionally damp in the mornings, not a nice thing

20 Best Inflatable Tent Reviews 2019-Vango vs Coleman vs Outwell

  I was once very skeptical about Inflatable Tents in general, but you may have arrived here for the same reason I have written this article. We’ve become intrigued by ever convincing performances and positive user reviews. In fact the first tent to appear in space was an inflatable, courtesy of Vango and other air

8 Best Camping Tarp Reviews 2019-Kelty vs Eno vs Aqua Quest

Camping Tarps or otherwise known as Tarp Tents, are the true outdoor specialists most sought after gear. Using a traditional style shelter can make us feel more at one with nature, with the open air style and more importantly they utilize top quality protective materials. In most cases much more than a pole, instant, air