About Us

About The Tent Hub

So who are or is The Tent Hub?

What are they doing talking about my favorite things?

Allow us to indulge you.

an assortment of camping gear

Originally started as my own idea and hobby, quietly reviewing and testing my own equipment, on an old YouTube channel, that i was eager to show my friends and well, the world.

A group of friends camping

But what became apparent, very quickly, was my camping friends around me shared the same passion. They also wanted to hop in on a video or two themselves and display their latest purchase, that they were ever so proud of.

a group of friends sitting by a campfire

Following a beautiful weekend camping trip, aside a warm campfire, an idea was born.

Why don’t we form a group, an informational page, using all of our experiences and know-how. We could touch way more bases and get much more reviews out there, be more diverse than my interests alone, but still covering everything outdoor and camping.

We loved the idea. 

And The Tent Hub team was born.

After some investigation into the online world, we noticed the outdoor market is absolutely flooded with gear and equipment. From unknown brands, pop up e-commerce stores and the like. How could you possible know, as a new camper, what is quality? What has value?

Well, you wouldn’t. 

We also noticed there was somewhat of a gap, regarding tents and related products, furthermore real key information, useful information for users.

A lot of websites were just dipping their toes in, giving reviews, but were not very informative neither helpful. We couldn’t feel the passion or love for camping there.

That’s where we come in.

We wanted to actually give practical knowledge to new campers and if we could, existing campers.

A group of people working together

We got to work.

In our free time we rounded up the best products around, through our own knowledge, market research and also word of mouth.

We bought with our own money 90% of the products you will see on this website, the other 10% are already owned by us or someone closely connected with our group (friends, family etc)

We do not and will never accept free products from any company or brand for biased reviews. its simply not worth it and goes against the whole reason why we chose to do this.

When i was sitting at home recording little videos of my personal gear, it wasn’t because i was expecting a paycheck in the future, i was just proud to own them. I wanted to show people and it was my passion.

How we do it?

So as we mentioned before we buy the products you see with our own money, or at times its possible to borrow from friends and family for reviewing purposes.

At least 2-3 members of the team will take part in the reviewing process, so to get a good diversity of opinion on the product itself.

Following that it will be tested, if the company boasts waterproofed sidewalls, we will camp it in the rain. If its abrasive resistant fabric, we’ll ‘accidentally’ drop it or drag it along the path to see if its legit.

We challenge the advertisements and if it stays true, it will have passed an important criteria in the review process, but not all.

We will cross reference all user reviews with manufacturers descriptions for verification. Any deviation in this will be noted and tested by ourselves to verify.


One of the things we put a lot of work into for each article, is out FAQ. We believe this to be one of our strong points.

We endlessly research questions in many areas, to find out what you, the users, are really asking.

Secondly, we will also tell you what we feel you need to know before buying, when using and how to maintain.

We answer these questions in depth with lots of tips, ideas, warnings with crucial information closely related to each topic.


We plan to keep reviewing as much as possible, a lot of the team have families and jobs, but together we will make this a success and strive to create informative pieces that can stand the test of time, serving the camping community.

More and more equipment is being released and people will need that friendly face who’s going to give you an honest answer if its good and even more so when its not.


We consider ourselves a community and welcome people to engage with us as much as possible.

We would love to hear from you in the comments section at the bottom of our posts, a share on social media or tell a friend by word of mouth.

We appreciate all of this as we are not a large company and don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to pump into advertising.

We are the little people working for the little people.

Work with Us

Lastly, if you also feel like you share a passion for this kind of thing, like us.

Please do get in touch with us via the contact us page.

We would love for you to help us build our community, if you have some ideas or stories, get in touch with us.

Either way, we hope you hear from all of you guys in one way shape or form.

As always its been a pleasure and….

Happy Camping!