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Types of Snowboards:Here’s what you need to KNOW in 2021

There are many outdoor activities to be tried in colder climates, especially areas where snowing is a common occurrence, from sledging, skiing, and snowboarding to ice skating and even ice fishing. All of these are bound to leave you panting, breathless and chilled. I mean, one has to take advantage of the snowfall, though, right?

Out of these, snowboarding is a fun activity that numerous people take part in worldwide. Many enthusiasts travel to different countries to glide across the perfect snowboarding venues and experience the absolute thrill that comes with it. While the cold may chill some of us to the bones, the frigid breeze and soft, smooth snow are dreams for many. 

Types Of Snowboards

In the snowboarding industry, three main types of snowboards are commonly used. These include the Freestyle, Freeride and Alpine boards. Keep reading to find out how they’re different from one another and which one might be suitable for your snowboarding expedition! 

Freestyle Snowboard

As evident from the name, the Freestyle snowboards are meant to perform tricks in snowy terrains. These boards are lighter and more stable than the other two but are not suitable for fast cruising. They further might be twin tip or direction twin, depending on your preference. Whether it’s half pipes or large jumps and flips, the Freestyle Snowboards got you covered!

Freeride or All Mountain Board

Among the various kinds of snowboards available, the All-Mountain boards are the most popular. Coming in a directional shape, the freeride snowboards are excellent for all kinds of terrain, which is why they make up for over fifty per cent of the snowboards sold worldwide.

Carving, Alpine, or Race Board

The Carving or Alpine boards are the ones most suitable for experts and professionals. They are slimmer and used for quick turns, carvings and stability along with high speed. 

Some Great Snowboards To Splurge On

Now that you know the main types of snowboards, let’s see which ones in the market are worth the money!

Freeride 110 Beginner Level Snowboard

Offering a wide range of stunning graphics, the Freeride Beginner Snowboard is the best option if you’re learning to snowboard. It measures approximately 110 cm in length and can help you in getting down the basics of snowboarding. This snowboard is also made of composite material that adds durability and allows better manoeuvring in snowy terrains. This snowboard also features built-in food pads for improved grip. 

Salomon Sight Men’s Snowboard

The Salomon Sight snowboard is a directional twin board that is a popular choice for freeride snowboarding. The unique design and material offer increased durability and better control for landing. Salomon has been playing in the French alps since 1947, making them experts in snowboarding. The extruded base offers effortless glide, easy turn initiations and improved edge to edge transitions. 

Camp Seven Redwood and Summit Men’s Snowboard

The Camp Seven Redwood is a Freestyle snowboard that professionals often use to accomplish challenging tricks in the snow-topped mountains during their ride. Even on the iciest trails, the strategically placed rocker zones in the tip and tail prevent catching during tough half pipes. The core of the Redwood has been upgraded to the ultra-light and responsive Dual Density with Edgelock, which gives the centre of the board an extra pop. 

Flow 2021 Gap Unisex All Mountain Freestyle Snowboard

The all-new shape and design of the Flow Unisex Snowboard give effortless snowboarding a new meaning. Built using the highest quality materials such as poplar combined with beech reinforcements in the nose and tail, the Flow 2021 gives snowboarders the optimum lightness, pop, responsiveness and durability. 

Capita Outerspace Living Men’s Snowboard

If you’re going to spend the holidays in the mountains, the Capita Outerspace Men’s Snowboard will be your best friend. Whether it’s gliding down the snowy peaks at a slow pace to enjoy the surrounding nature or whizzing through the terrains to get that adrenaline rush, Capita has got you covered. Made from a unique blend of fibreglass and magic bean resin, this snowboard offers you reliability, speed and strength like no other! 

System Timeless Summit Men’s Snowboard

Built around the most robust core System with Edgelock, full tip to tail poplar and high-density stringers running just outside the centre of the board, the System Timeless Snowboard allows easy driving and manoeuvring in all snowy terrains. Not only that, the full-length base pad provides a plush and comfortable footing even in the choppiest of trails. 

Why Snowboarding?

If you’re planning to spend your winter vacations outdoors, snowboarding is the perfect activity to experience the most nature has to offer. Not only can you have the ultimate fun on the snowy slopes, but you can also take your friends and family with you. The best part? Most snowboarding venues have smaller slopes that beginners can use to practice and learn. So you can take your friends and kids with you who are interested in learning this winter sport.

The best part about snowboarding, apart from being an enjoyable activity, is that it is also very healthy! Yes, you read that right. Snowboarding can burn tons of calories just by gliding across smooth snowy slopes. Many experts consider it a type of cardio because it gets your blood pumping and your heart rate up. I mean, what’s better than burning those calories we indulge in over the holidays while also having great fun!

The United States is lined with snowtopped mountains that offer the most stunning views and even better ski resorts from California to Maine. Not only that, you can make your snowboarding trio a family vacation so you can enjoy it to the fullest with all your loved ones by your side! 

While snowboarding is a thrilling adventure, numerous health benefits come with this sport as well. Some of these include: 

Improving Heart Function

Snowboarding, like any other sport, is a full-body workout in itself. As you glide down the sparkling snow, your hearts working overtime to keep the blood pumping throughout the body. This exercise improves cardiac functionality while also keeping you warm. If you’re going snowboarding in the holidays, don’t think you’ll be skipping the workout!

Burning Calories

All of us are guilty of overindulging in the holidays. The total calorie count skyrockets while we’re on vacation, from the roasted meats and gravy to puddings, pies and drinks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your favourite foods! While spending time in the mountains, snowboarding can help you burn off the excess calories and stay in top shape while also eating anything and everything. While it may not seem like much, snowboarding can get you sweating even in subzero temperatures!

Increased Core Strength And Balance

When it comes to rigorous, few sports surpass snowboarding. When you glide down the mountain, you need exceptional balance and strength to manoeuvre your snowboard, control its speed and follow the pathway. Balancing is one of the most challenging and most crucial parts of snowboarding. It needs your core muscles to work overtime and are sure to be sore after a vigorous snowboarding session.

Improving Range Of Motion

Snowboarding makes use of every single muscle there is in your body. When all these muscles coordinate and provide the perfect balance, only then can you snowboard with ease. Engaging your core muscles, locking your knees and using your arms to balance involves your entire body in the process, which helps in improving flexibility. Not only that, but snowboarding is also great for getting that leg workout in. It helps keep your joints in good shape and reduces the risk of knee damage over time. 

Boosting Mental Health

Snowboarding is known for releasing endorphins or happy hormones. As your body engages in rigorous exercise, the cold breeze and the fantastic views improve mental clarity and elevate mood. Additionally, snowboarding needs sharp focus and hence also helps in improving concentration ability. Being outdoors and close to nature, especially when joined by friends and family, has proven to reduce stress and anxiety. 

Enhancing Self-Esteem

Snowboarding is a demanding sport. While it may take you time to get the hang of it, the sense of achievement that comes with completing a peak is unparalleled and can be a booster for your self-esteem. The only thing better tha snowboarding is snowboarding with your friends and family. Research has proven that group activities help form new bonds and strengthen the old ones. You can also split up into teams and turn the exercise into a small competition; who knows, maybe you’ll find your slope mate too!

While all the benefits of snowboarding are well and good, how does one decide where to go. Which areas offer the best snowboarding venues and family-friendly resorts where you can have fun and also relax? Let’s find out!

Top 5 Snowboarding Spots In The US

America is full of snowy peaks that offer the best snowboarding locations to people with all skill set levels. Snowboarders can take advantage of the United States’ numerous peaks, whether they are in California, Vermont, or New York. Most of these also offer world-class resorts with all the amenities, so you don’t have to compromise your comfort. What are the best locations to go snowboarding? Let’s find out!

  • Telluride Resort, Colorado

Enveloped in the mountains of Colorado, Telluride offers one of the best snowboarding venues in the country. The Ute Park and Prospect Bowl slopes are quieter and less crowded, which gives beginners privacy to learn at their own pace. Not only that, if you’re a seasoned snowboarder, the Palmyra Peak will give you a challenge that will get your blood pumping! 


  • Mammoth Mountain, California

Every snowboarder’s dream comes true at Mammoth Mountain. The vast expanse of snowtopped peaks and the white terrain sparkling in the sunshine, it doesn’t get more perfect than Mammoth mountain. Located at a whopping 11,053 feet above sea level, this Californian destination offers snowboarders 3500 acres of snowboarding landscape. Glide down the giant elevations, leaving a wake of snow dust behind and get that adrenaline dose you crave! 

  • Mount Bachelor, Oregon

If you like scenic views while snowboarding, Mount Bachelor should be your next destination. In the Deschutes National Forest, Mount Bachelor offers both experts and beginners a variety of snowboarding terrain. Whether you’re just learning or are a pro at snowboarding, this hidden gem of Oregon will have you completely immersed in nature and make you appreciate the beauty of these giant peaks. 

  •  Whiteface Mountain, New York

A famous snowboarding destination, the Whiteface Mountain in New York has held the Winter Olympics not once but twice! The terrain here is perfect if you’re looking to get the adrenaline rush that comes with thrilling twists and turns. Not only that, the 86 miles of sparkling snow at Whiteface Mountain offer numerous slopes to be explored by the amateurs as well as those who want to relax and let loose. If you have friends interested in learning how to snowboard, this is the perfect spot to show them how it’s done!

  • Park City Mountain Resort, Utah

One of the largest ski resorts in the country is Park City Mountain. Boasting over 7,300 acres of terrain complete with over 330 trails, 14 bowls, a huge Olympic-sized halfpipe and up to eight terrain parks, this ski resort is snowboarders heaven. The sparkling white sheet of thick snow covering the mountains allows snowboarders to hone their skills along various trails. While primarily suitable for experts and professionals, the Park City terrains may be a little tricky for the beginner. However, if you’re serious about learning, the Ski and Snowboard School offers individual and group lessons so you can make the most of your holidays! 

Now that you know about some of the best snowboarding spots in the United States, choosing a location that suits your needs and skill level is easy. But did you know there are different types of snowboards depending on your skill level and terrain? Well, let’s see what they are and how you can choose one for yourself!


If you’re looking to take up a new activity that will keep you in shape while having fun, snowboarding is for you. Explore the snowy terrains of the United States with the type of snowboard you want so you can experience the thrill of gliding down the mountains at full speed!


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