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best camping chairs with footrests

8 Best Camping Chairs With Footrests in USA and Worldwide [2021]

Good camping chairs should make you feel good, but that’s not always the case. I’ve heard of many bad camping experiences caused by procuring unfit camping chairs. 

But why choose the worst option when there are lots of soothing alternatives that’ll guarantee comfort during camping?

Have you ever been in a private jet or a massage parlor?

The furniture in those environments looks perfect. Sitting is fun, and chairs like that would make you reminisce on a joyful life. You’d feel on top of the world. 

After much consideration, I’ve got a list of the eight best camping chairs with footrests you can buy today. 

Before I uncover the eight best camping chairs with footrests in 2021 that are suitable for your outdoor camping plans, wouldn’t you like to see a proper buyer’s guide that interests outdoor campers like you?


Must-have Camping Chairs Features: A Complete Buyer’s Guide 

Camping chairs are majorly not well represented, and they are generally known for the discomfort they offer. But that’s not the truth about all camping chairs. 

Some exceptional camping chairs are excellent choices and wouldn’t break your bank because they are ridiculously affordable. 

But, how can you identify these best choices amongst the slums of bad camping chair decisions? What are the must-have camping chair features that make a camping chair comfortable and worth buying? 

How can you be sure of what makes each of our recommendations stand out?  

Well, let’s find out!



Most camping chairs are made from thick but light clothing materials. As a result, it’s durable enough for use and light enough for backpackers. Since the materials still play a vital role in how much comfort you can derive from any camping chair, you must make a perfect pick. 

Most reliable camping chairs have their legs made from high-quality aluminum steel, which would help give a balanced weight to support ratio that helps ensure the chair stays balanced when in use. 

Before deciding which best camping chairs with footrests’ material is suitable for you, you’ve got to know how you intend to use the camping chairs. If you are a seasonal or cross-country camper, it’s in your best interest to choose materials with closed cell padding because of their ability to resist water and stay dry in very wet conditions. 


Camping chairs are designed with a maximum weight capacity. If you are a bigger camper or weigh more than average, there are more comfortable and suited camping chair options. You have to check the weight capacity feature of a camping chair before purchase.

Camping Chair Design

Like any other fancy camper’s toolset, the camping chair has much eye-catching variety, and the design options include: 

  • Two Legged Camping Chairs
  • Three Legged Camping Chairs 
  • Rocker & Gliders
  • Camping Chairs with Canopies 
  • Low Chairs 
  • Classic camp chairs 
  • Scoop Chair

Two-Legged Camping Chair

Some camping chairs have two legs for support, and they can tilt a little to help you balance with your two feet as support. Though the chair can be fun to sit on and rock, pitching it too far backward may cause the chair to tip over with you on it. It’s not entirely a wrong choice, but chairs in these categories don’t make my cut for the eight best camping chairs with footrests.

Three-legged Camping chairs: 

These are by far the simplest camping stools you’d find. Though some have backs that can keep you well-rested, they are still not as stable as a four-legged camping chair.

Rockers and gliders

You can kick back and have a slight rocking and gliding on these types of camping chairs. They are made for the fun of rock and gliding, which you can add to your evening camping to-do list.

Camping Chair with Canopies 

Some of our recommendations have the canopy and footrest option, making them perfect for hot afternoon camping rest.

Low Chairs

These are sturdy camping chairs on sand or any uneven surface because they are more stable and balanced than higher chairs. They are the best option for outdoor concerts and shows.

Classic Camp Chairs

Classic camo chairs are four-legged camping chairs, usually accompanied by straight back and flat seat tops. They are generally affordable and comfortable camping chair choices.

Scoop Chairs

A roundup term for chairs that lack a distinctive back and seat. It’s a fantastic compromise that can provide ample comfort not usually expected from a lightweight camping chair.

Best 8 Camping Chair With Footrest: Must-Buy For Seasoned Campers 

1.     JEAOUIA Camping Chair with Footrest

best camping chairs with footrests 2021

Key Features

Dimension LxWxH : 20.5 x 20.5 x 16.2 inches 

Materials: Polyester 

Item Weight: 8.4 pounds

Seven in every ten campers love the JEAOUIA camping chair because it’s durable and sturdy. It can support more than 180 pounds without tipping over. The JEAOUIA offers top-notch quality 600D polyester material at a very affordable price. The materials make the chair water-resistant and perfectly sturdy.

This camping chair offers maximum comfort, all thanks to its adjustability. Also, the chair can be compactly packed, which makes it easy to move and light enough to carry. 


  • Equipped with very adjustable armrests and footrest that guarantees comfort
  • Has a handy cup holder
  • Made from very durable materials.
  • It’s very comfortable.
  • It’s affordable and cost way below $100


  • Has a weight capacity that cannot exceed 250 pounds.

Order from Amazon


2.     METKIIO Portable Camping Chair 

best camping chairs with footrest in USA and UK 2021 

Key Features

Dimension LxWxH : 45.6 x 0.05 x 38.2 inches 

Materials: 600D Polyester 

Item Weight: 9 pounds

The METKIIO portable camping chair is quite similar to JEAOUIA. It offers a similar cupholder, durable enough to stay sturdy and balanced when in use.

METKIIO has 600D high-quality material, making it water-resistant and breathable for comfortable use at any time of the day. This camping chair comes in a foldable cylinder-shaped bag that can house the camping chair to keep it compact and moveable. 

Most users love this camping chair, and it is a choice pick for seasoned campers who love the outdoor relaxing experience. Some of the other advantages of this chair include:


  • The chair is adjustable for comfort, and it has a modified armrest and backrest for total comfort.
  • It’s made with 600D polyester.
  • It has a cup holder that could hold a full cup of coffee.

Order from Amazon


3.     GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Directors Chair

best camping chairs with footrests | Buy GCI Outdoor 3-Position Reclining Director's Chair, Side Table, and Ottoman Online in Turkey. B00P2XZHNU

Key Features

Dimension LxWxH : 21.5 x 24.4 x 40.6 inches 

Material: Breathable nylon mesh and polyester fabric

Item Weight: 9 pounds 

Weight Capacity: 250 pounds 

For picnic, fishing, or hunting, GCI outdoor 3-position chair is the best fit. It has a sturdy and well-grounded four feet that give the chair its ability to hold up 250 pounds weight capacity. 

An ottoman fold feature makes the chair fold differently from other popular chair folds. This is a Slim-fold design feature in addition to the suitable footrest that compiles to the comfort of this camper’s delightful chair. GCI camping chair also has a foldable side pocket table that can serve as a cup holder or mini-table for hold your phone or magazine

The chair comes in a breathable nylon mesh and polyester fabric material that makes the chair water-resistant and also very comfortable to use in hot weather. 


  • Made from two quality materials
  • Has a suitable cup holder.
  • The chair is foldable and light, which makes it ideal for a light backpacker.


  • Side pocket holder cannot hold hefty materials.

Order from Amazon


4.      GCI Pod rocker Collapsible chair with Sunshade : GCI Outdoor Waterside Pod Rocker Collapsible Rocking Chair with SunShade : Sports & Outdoors

Key Features

Dimension LxWxH: 39.25 x 9.25 x 8 inches 

Material: Aluminium and polyester 

Item Weight: 6kg 

Weight Capacity: 250 pounds

Like every GCI pod, the rocker collapsible comes with a bit of extra eye-catching features. In this case, it’s the Canopy which is also known as sunshades. 

The Pod rocker collapsible has rock-solid aluminum legs, which keep the chair very sturdy and strong, especially while in use. The additional sunscreen would help protect you on harsh sunny days, which are usually inevitable during camping. 

Other enjoyable features keep this camping chair on the winning list of my top 8 best camping chairs with footrests.  It’s another best camping chair with a footrest.

The top seats are structured like a sling to make it fun to sit on and stay well-rested. 


  • It is suitable for campers of all ages.
  • The GCI is comfortable to use.


  • The package weight is quite heavy.

Order from Amazon


5.     Seatopia Camping Recliner 

Seatopia Camping Recliner camping Lounge Chair, Backpacking Folding Chair with Headrest, Footrest and Storage Bag for Outdoor Camping, BBQ, 300lbs Weight Capacity : Sporting Goods

Key Features

Material: 600D oxford fabric

Item Weight: 9 pounds

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

The 5th camping chair with a footrest that makes our list is the Seatopia camping recliner because it’s a very comfortable camping chair built with a suitable headrest and footrest to help you stay comfortable on this camping chair. 

It also has a convenient design that can hold your belongings and even coffee cups. The thrill is that you can have this chair set up without extra tools. Seatopia camping chair has a whooping 300 pounds weight support capacity, making it the ideal rest chair for heavy campers.

In addition to guaranteeing wildlife camping comfort, it’s also a perfect choice for outdoor activities like fishing, self-driving tour, and any other restful garden activity or date.


  • Dynamic design
  • Suitable for holding extra belongings and properties.


  •       Weighs more than a regular camping chair.

Order from Amazon


6.     Xgear 2 in 1 Camping chair with Footrest XGEAR 2 in 1 Camping Chair with Footrest Recliner Folding Chaise Lounge Chair (Footrest Can Transform to Side Table) Extra Stable, for Beach, Fishing, Picnics, Hiking : Sports & Outdoors

Key Features 

Dimension LxWxH: 59 x 21 x 30 inches 

Material: Aluminium and polyester 

Item Weight: 9 pounds

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

The Gear has a unique design with the 59 x 21 x 30 dimension, which keeps it solid through the dynamic use of the camping chair. It’s also a well-fitted 2 in 1, which means the footrest is detachable for multipurpose use.

The footrest can also be used as a camping stool, side table, or foot lift. It has a broader space for better comfort suitable for giant people. The backrest is uncommonly adjustable to either 90° more ideal for reading and 145° more ideal for a good nap. 

Unlike some camping chairs, the Xgear requires no assembly; it’s a straight-up open and close camping chair ready for use that is why it is listed in the best camping chairs with footrests.


  • It has multipurpose use. 
  • The chair is quite affordable.
  • Has up to the 1-year warranty 


  • Too many functionalities 

Order from Amazon


7.     KABOER Camping Chair with Footrest

Buy KABOER Portable Camping Chair with Footrest Mesh, Folding Reclining Chair Heavy Duty Lounger for Camping Fishing Beach and Picnic(Hawaiian Leaves) Online in Indonesia. B08LZH14T7

Key Features

Dimension LxWxH: 7.09 x 9.84 x 30 inches

Item Weight: 11.88 pounds

Materials: High-quality oxford fabric

The KABOER has an ergonomic design with multiple comfort functionalities. As a result, you can adjust the chair at 90° for better reading comfort and at 145° for nap comfort. Legs are conversely made from strong, reliable aluminum metal to keep the chair balanced while in use. 

There’s no need for assembly because the chair comes fully assembled and ready for use. It is made from high-quality breathable oxford fabric that would keep you comfortable and relaxed while using this camping chair. 

These chairs are also built to last, and they are travel-friendly and can be made compact for ease of movement.


  • Dynamic for use.
  • Can support a large weight 
  • Built to last


  • Slightly heavy to carry.

Order from Amazon


8.     KingBO Oversized Zero gravity chair : KINGBO Oversized Zero Gravity Chair, Lawn Recliner, Reclining Patio Lounger Chair, Folding Portable Chaise, w Soft Cushion, Cup Holder, Adjustable Headrest, Support 500 lbs. (Black) : Patio, Lawn & Garden

Key Features

Dimension LxWxH: 70 x 28 x 30 inches 

Item Weight: 9 pounds

Weight Capacity: 500 pounds


I love the Kingbo because of its unique strength and heavy-duty design that keeps the chair fit for any outdoor camper’s use. It is well balanced on four-rod solid steel that makes the Kingbo usable for outdoor camping. 

This chair has a quite insightful ergonomic design that makes it durable while the foldable footrest is in use. 


  • Suitable for dynamic multipurpose use.
  • It’s very affordable and compact.
  • It can support a whopping 500 pounds.


  • It’s slightly heavy for a light backpacker.

Order from Amazon

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We just covered the best camping chairs with footrests you can get today. These are by far the best options for you because they are pretty affordable and sturdy for use.

You can have yours delivered to your doorstep right now. I have made my pick amongst the best selling offers we have in today’s market. So, be rest assured and make a pick right now!


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