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8 Best Emergency Radios in the USA and worldwide [2021]

8 Best Emergency Radios in the USA and Worldwide [2021]

Let’s face it; radios are old-fashioned, and to some people, it is outdated.

But, they are one of the most reliable emergency kits you can have in your toolbox, especially if you love backcountry travels or you stay in an “isolated rich man’s Island.”

It pays to have in hand one of the best emergency weather radios when extreme blackouts hit. And you are cut off from the rest of the world. Having one of our recommendations would help you stay informed and guide you to make high-end survival decisions. 

If you love camping, traveling, or exploring wildlife, emergency radios are for you.

We’ve carefully selected the best eight emergency radios in 2021. Each of our recommendations is the best-rated emergency radio recognized and loved by many.

Top 8 Best Emergency Radio In 2021 You Should Buy Right Now

1. Kaito KA500 Multifunction Survival Radio

Best Emergency Radios

The most extensive and appealing feature of this radio is its gravy power sources. Unlike other emergency radios, Kaito KA500 comes with six power options. Doesn’t that tingle your fancy?

The 6-way powered radio comes with a mini hand crank generator, solar panel, and compartment for 3 AA batteries.

It has a well-fitted range of AM, FM, 2-band shortwave, and seven pre-programmed NOAA weather channels.

The radio also works as an optimized backup charger for your electronic devices. The in-built NiMH rechargeable battery pack is made from resilient, impact-resistant, and water-resistant ABS materials.

At today’s price, this radio costs less than $50, which makes it a reasonable safety measure good for you.

The ground-up build materials and methods make this radio a reliable option in extreme emergencies. All its parts are made of quality materials and are undoubtedly built to last. An example is the thick ABS plastic specially designed to absorb shocks, resist heavy impact, and keep water out of the system.

The radio also portrays high-end performance and is well equipped with quality emergency features like a quick dial that help you tune in and out of all available seven NOAA weather bands. As a tourist, or someone who loves countryside picnics and outskirt camping, you’ve got to love the Kaito KA500.

Key Benefits of the Kaito KA500

  •       The radio is perfectly built to resist shock and water.
  •       It provides a 6-way power that leaves you with many classic choices should the need arise.
  •       Has up to 7 NOAA weather bands that can prove helpful anywhere in the world.
  •       It’s an affordable emergency option for anyone with low budget

The Not-So-Good of Kaito KA500

  •       Some consumers report that it has a wiggly USB socket on some units.

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2. Sangean MMR-88 Emergency Hand Crank Radio Sangean MMR-88 AM/FM/Weather+Alert Emergency Radio. Solar/Hand  Crank/USB/Flashlight, Siren, Smartphone Charger yellow : Electronics

Looking for the best emergency radios with short waves? Look no further!

Sangean MMR-88 emergency hand-crank radio is a sleek choice. The radio is compact. Just enough to fit into any emergency kit you will be packing. But don’t let the small size fool you because the Sangean MMR-88 has a ton of features that would take your breath away. Oops! It just did!

Sangean MMR-88 makes all the significant differences you need during any emergency. It has very efficient shortwave frequencies, which would ideally pick up radio signals that are miles away.

The radio is powered by a hand-crank dynamo, solar panel, and DC, similar to what you find in powerful led lamps and buzzers.

The radio is fully equipped with a powerful digital tuner with reset stations that receive all the known available. A weather channels and reports.

The Sangean MMR-88 should make it to your emergency kit toolbox because it is reliable and ridiculously affordable.

For a radio that costs way less than $65, it’s a surprise to have fancy options like powerful led lamps in addition to its durable battery life.

Let’s talk about the emergency buzzer, which produces a long-ranging audio signal that calls people’s attention to your location when you need help. The radio comes with a handy screen that makes it possible for you to operate the radio easily. The screen also serves as a visual alert in case of an incoming emergency broadcast.

Key Benefits of the Kaito KA500

Here’s the ticker; a hand-crank generator can be located at the back of the radio. It powers a strong rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can also charge any gadget or device that supports a USB port.

Key Benefits of the Sangean MMR-88

  •       It’s affordable for everyone
  •       There are handy buttons for quick access to many features.
  •       It has a powerful led lamp which comes in handy in very dark places.
  •       There’s a loud audio buzzer that you can use to call the attention of rescuers
  •       It has multiple power sources.

The Not-So-Good of Sangean MMR-88

  •       The Display Screen is notably dim

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3. Eton Sidekick Eton Ultimate Camping AM/FM/NOAA Radio with S.A.M.E Technology,  Smartphone Charging, Bluetooth, Giant Ambient Light and Solar Panel,  NFRX5SIDEKICK : Everything Else

This radio is fully packed, just like every other radio that makes our recommendation. Eton Sidekick has small unique luxuries like Bluetooth, a led lamp, and a profound speaker.

It’s also unique portable weather and emergency radio we’ve found.

Suppose you are looking for a good emergency radio that you can use for entertainment. At the same time, it still stands as a reliable emergency radio, then Eton Sidekick is the right pick for you.

It is one of the few reliable emergency radio models I found that’s well enabled with Bluetooth and an aux-in port. The Eton sidekick has unique and the best-known speakers amongst hundreds of tested emergency radios.

Additionally, the back panel also functions as a 5-by-5-inch led reading lamp. 

The Eton Sidekick is the best emergency radio, and it can pick up impossible long-range signals of AM/FM, weather band radio, and NOAA weather alerts. It also can pick up hyper-local and customizable Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) alerts(it’s rare to find emergency radios that can do this).

In conclusion, the Eton sidekick can resist water and is strong enough to survive hard falls. The radio also features a USB charging port you can use anytime. 

Key Benefits of the Eton Sidekick

  •       Can pick up long-range radio signals
  •       Has a usable led lamp
  •       It’s very portable

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4. Midland ER310

best Weather radio made in usa in 2021

The Midland ER310 has a wonderful radio reception rate like the NOAA early-warning notifications whenever it arrives, and also the hand crank that efficiently rejuvenates the radio anytime it goes off.

ER310 is a compact radio and it’s very durable. You also get a unique led lamp and charging port you can use.

The Midland ER310 is by far the best emergency weather radio because it offers greater and better signal reception, a brighter led flashlight, and as well as effective recharging options that can keep the radio going.

The charging option includes solar-enabled and hand-cranking. The ER310 is a good signal receptor, and it receives NOAA extreme-weather alerts. It provides timely notifications that are significantly loud and visible so you can’t miss any vital warning you’d need.

The ER310’s compactness makes it easy to carry, and use.

Key Benefits of the Midland ER310

  •       Midland ER310 can pick up long-range radio signals
  •       Has a durable led lamp
  •       It’s a compact emergency radio.
  •       Has a hand crank that helps charge the battery.

The Not-So-Good of Midland ER310

  •       It’s not the cheapest option you’d find.

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5. Crane Skywave Pocket Radio

This emergency radio promises a 70 hours runtime on batteries, a remarkable 400 memory presets, and an all-around compact weight.

You should love the crane skywave pocket radio. This radio contributes significantly to outdoor safety in extreme emergencies. Interestingly, it costs less than $100. Crane skywave pocket radio only costs $90. Its ability to pick up and tune into the aviation band makes it an excellent choice of radio for emergencies.

Aviation band setting is one thing to be proud of. Still, the Skywave makes it possible for the radio to tap into AM/FM stations, shortwave radio stations, and significant weather alerts.

The digital LCDs come with a backlight and dedicated presets that let you swiftly dial your favorite and preferred stations. There’s also an additional auto-scan feature that picks the strongest signal and stations for you.

Cranes skywave doesn’t offer the flashlight-led feature, but it has the most reliable emergency features, which are strong reception signal, long-lasting battery life, and compactness that makes the radio easily usable.

Key Benefits of the Crane Skywave

  •       Crane Skywave provides better ground coverage of the aviation band.
  •       It’s lightweight and effortless to carry
  •       Long-lasting battery

The Not-So-Good of Crane Skywave

  •         No alternative power source

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6. FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

 Emergency Weather Radio

The FosPower emergency radio is the size of a clenched hand fist. The device is so compact that it feels comfortable to hold while cranking the radio for more power or holding it in anticipation of a weather forecast.

In addition, the FosPower has a solar panel to keep it going. The huge advantage that this radio has is its battery power, capacity, and multi-recharge options.

In a blackout or emergency, having a FosPower gives you a shot at survival. This radio has an excellent and elongated signal reception range.

Key Benefits of the FosPower

  •       FosPower gives you better ground coverage of shortwaves radio signals.
  •       It is lightweight and effortless to carry
  •       Long-lasting battery
  •       Multi recharging option.

The Not-So-Good of FosPower

  •       Absence of flashlight
  •       Absence of siren or buzzer for emergencies.

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7. RunningSnail Emergency Radio

Buy RunningSnail Emergency Crank Radio,

RunningSnail is the portable emergency radio choice for light packers, and it has lots of viable unique features.

For example, this radio has a beautiful led lamp display feature with three unique lighting modes that can be useful in varying emergencies. With it, you can flag down help and rescuers when you are in dark, cold, lonely, and scary places. Alternatively, you can use it to lighten your home when lights go out.

The radio operates on a powerful 4000mAH battery that can keep the radio going for hours non-stop.

Key Benefits of the RunningSnail Emergency Radio

  •       RunningSnail gives you better ground coverage.
  •       It’s lightweight and easy to carry
  •       Long-lasting battery
  •       It has a multi charging options

The Not-So-Good of RunningSnail Emergency Radio

  •         Solar charging takes too much time

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8. Aiworth Emergency Solar Hand-Crank Radio

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio - Aiworth AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio,  Portable Survival Radio with LED Flashlight,Cell Phone Charger, SOS Alarm  for Home and Emergency : Electronics -

The Aiworth has an excellent rating on amazon because people love this radio. You will too!

First off, the Aiworth emergency solar hand crank radio has all the Seven NOAA weather stations you’d need. It also comes with the AM/FM channel options to help keep you properly informed regardless of your location.

Like some of our unique recommendations, Aiworth comes with a flashlight and an SOS alarm which comes in handy in emergencies. And when things get back to normal and cool, you can use the bottle opener for a downpour of cold beer.

 Key Benefits of the Aiworth Emergency Radio

  •       Aiworth provides better ground coverage of the aviation band.
  •       It’s lightweight 
  •       Long-lasting battery

 The Not-So-Good of Aiworth Emergency Radio

  •         No external USB support

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Nobody ever prays for the worst, but it’s preferable to stay prepared for the worst. And right now, I just handed you eight options to pick from. What’s your choice? 


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