Edward Cranmer

Managing Editor

The man who keeps the cogs turning here at The Tent Hub and one of the original founders of our group. Edward has travelled to over 19 countries including Canada, Thailand, Germany, UK, Laos and Malaysia. Borneo being one of the biggest highlights, spending time with the Orangutans and taking on multiple hikes up Mount Kinabalu, the highest peak in SE Asia. Not only is he our resident pro, with vast Copywriting, Editing, Content Writing and Marketing knowledge, but he is our In-House SEO Specialist and product researcher. His real world experience using camping products out on the field gives our outdoor blog that all important human touch, and a certified trust factor. Aside from the technical aspects, he spends most of his free time going on small camping trips with his daughter and introducing her to the great outdoors, to nurture an interest. When he's not doing that he would be canoeing, hiking or working out on the rowing machine.

Posts by Edward Cranmer:

Marmot Tungsten Tent Reviews 1-4 Person [Plus UL and Hatchback]

The Marmot Tungsten line is a series of lightweight tents designed to maximize space, without compromising on weight. This line also comes in the Tungsten Ultralight tents and the Tungsten Hatchback tents, but today we’ll be mainly focusing on the original line, with a brief touch on UL series. These freestanding tents are well-loved by…