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20 Best Coleman Camping Tents You Must See - Reviewed

20 Best Coleman Camping Tents You Must See for 2021

After being founded back in 1900 and establishing themselves as one of the biggest players in the game, Coleman’s manufactured the best Coleman camping tents that are very popular and reliable within the camping market as a whole.

From heating up camping stoves for soldiers in WWII, to illuminating the first evening football game with their own lanterns, Coleman has undoubtedly stood the test of time. They specialize in sports and outdoor equipment, with a particular knack for camping gear, and are notorious for delivering high-quality equipment at affordable prices. They’re also widely known as a family camping brand since many of their products are perfect for casual campers and serious adventurers alike.

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Today we’re breaking it all down. We’ve sifted through each and every model to bring you the best Coleman tents on the market today. You’ll discover a huge range of models that suit all kinds of needs, like family camping with the Coleman Tenaya Lake, to backpacking with the Coleman Hooligan, to outdoor events with the Coleman Octagon or The Blackout. From dome to the cabin, pop up to instant pitch, we’ve covered it all.

Let’s get into it.

The 20 Best Coleman Tents for Camping – Reviewed

1. Coleman WeatherMaster Outdoor Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster Outdoor Tent Review

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Sizes Available: 4p, 6p, 8p, 10p

Weight: (4p) 30lbs, (6p) 32lbs, (8p) 39lbs, (10p) 31lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Summer Camping

The WeatherMaster line is a super livable 3-season range that’s another excellent pick for family campouts. It comes in four capacities, all the way up to a 10 person size, but there are some differences between each one.

The 4p, 6p, and 8p feature a side screen room, while the 10p has no screen room and instead is more of a traditional tunnel tent. The 4p and 6p are very similar in design, except for a difference in shape with the D-door of the 6p. Even though the 8p has a side screen porch, it has a full-coverage fly, rather than partial-coverage like all the other sizes, and it comes with a fan and lighting system. Another key difference between the 8p and the others is the height – all other sizes have a peak height of 80 inches compared to 74 inches with the 8p.

Now let’s briefly look at some similarities throughout. Each model has the WeatherTec System to keep things dry inside, and they’re all made of 75D polyester taffeta with 1000D PE flooring. Fiberglass poles are used for the framework and each size has detachable room dividers.

Key Features:

  • Removable Dividers to Customize Rooms
  • Large Screen Room Perfect for Dining or Storage (Applicable to 4p, 6p, 8p)
  • Auto-Closing Rigid Hinged D-Door
  • Full Mesh Roof Increases Ventilation

Popular Questions:

How many doors does each size have?

The 4p, 6p and 8p have one front D-door plus one opening on the side the leads from the screen room into the main tent. Since the 10p needs to accommodate more people, it’s got one front hinged D-door as well as a regular zipper door at the back.


2. Coleman Octagon Family Tent

Coleman Octagon Festival Tent Review

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Weight: 45lbs

Sizes Available: 6p / 8p (Ideally used with 6 people but can fit 8)

Ideal For: Family Camping, Festival Camping, RV Camping, Car Camping, Summer Camping

Also known as the Coleman Octagon 98, this is one of our go-to choices for long-term summer trips or outdoor events where we’re looking for the comfort that comes with near-vertical walls and improved headroom.

One of our favorite things about this tent is that it isn’t your typical cabin shape. The octagon form is not only super modern but has a bit of a heads-up over cabin designs in terms of wind resistance since it has more of a rounded shape.

A massive hinged D-door at the front puts a smile on our face. It feels just like a regular door in the home, and you barely need to bend your neck to get in and out – a huge plus when you’re moving gear and beds in and out.

Key Features:

  • 360° Views with Mesh Paneling & Rainfly with Curtains
  • Massive Hinged D-Door Enhances Structural Integrity & User-Friendly
  • WeatherTec System with 2000mm Waterproof Rating
  • Hassle-Free Color-Coded Pitch

Popular Questions:

Can I use it for glamping?

This is an awesome tent for glamping because it provides a lot of the creature-comforts glampers are looking for, like almost-vertical walls, enormous living space (like an open-plan design), a rigid hinged D-door, and 360° mesh views. It can even fit two queen-sized airbeds, boosting comfort levels even further.

What is the Octagon BlackOut version like?

The overall size and design are the same; however, the BlackOut version uses their BlackOut Bedroom Technology. It not only blocks out 99% of daylight, but also protects from UV rays, keeps you 5° cooler throughout the day, and 1° warmer at night. With this version, you can still remove the fly and have 360° views, and you can use it as a mesh gazebo while dining to keep the bugs away.

One other significant difference is that the BlackOut version has a waterproof rating of 4500mm, compared to 2000mm with the regular one.


3. Coleman The BlackOut Tent

Coleman The BlackOut Tent Review

Check Prices Here

Sizes Available: 3p, 4p

Weight: (3p) 11.2lbs, (4p), 14.6lbs

Ideal For: Festival Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Family Camping

The BlackOut series is specifically designed for camping at festivals, with certain features that have been included to ensure a smooth, comfortable and convenient festival experience. BlackOut Bedroom Technology lets you sleep in until all hours of the morning.

At 4500mm for the waterproof rating, the flysheet is designed to ensure that you stay warm and dry inside, plus a UV guard provides SPF50+ protection. The inner canopy is made from breathable polyester and ultra-fine mesh which work with adjustable vents to reduce condensation – a welcome thought when you’re heading inside the tent after hours of dancing and partying.

Easy installation is a huge necessity for festivals, especially if you’re caught in bad weather or arrive at night. An X-shape 2-pole framework takes just 10 minutes to pitch, plus a striking flysheet color makes it easy to spot on the field. We love the front screen room which is super handy for storing dirty shoes or bags, leaving the sleeping area comfy and clean.

Key Features:

  • High 4500mm Waterproof Rating & UV Guard Robust Polyester Fly
  • Convenient Front Screen Room Storage for Dirty Items
  • 5° Cooler During the Day & 1° Warmer at Night with BlackOut Technology

Popular Questions:

How many doors does it have?

Each size has one front door, or two doors when you include the front screen room. Both doors are huge, stretching almost the length of the whole wall. You can also roll back both door flaps and tie them away to allow a more effortless entry and exit.


4. Coleman Coastline Deluxe Tent

Coleman Coastline Deluxe Tent Review

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Sizes Available: 4p, 6p, 8p

Weight: (4p) 29.8lbs, (6p) 39lbs, (8p) 61.7lbs

Ideal For: Car Camping, RV Camping, Family Camping, Festival Camping

“Deluxe” is certainly an apt name to describe the Coastline series, as it takes the term creature-comforts to a whole new level. This large-scale luxe family tent boasts an easy-pitch tunnel design, three versatile sizes, customizable space, and full head-height throughout.

Ideal for 3-season trips, the 4p takes around 25 minutes to set up using robust fiberglass poles. We’ve always loved the option of customizable rooms, so the removable curtains in each bedroom space are a top feature for us.

Each size has a roomy central living area, large enough for family-sized table and chairs, while the 4p has one bedroom, and the 6p and 8p have two. Another highlight for us is the darkened bedrooms which give you the freedom to wake up past sunrise.

Key Features:

  • Extremely Spacious Tunnel Design with Removable Room Curtains
  • High 3000mm Waterproof Rating with PE Groundsheet & Taped Fly
  • Darkened Bedrooms Reduce Morning Light
  • Mesh Panels & PVC Windows with Self-Rolling Covers

Popular Questions:

Does it hold up in high winds?

Apart from strong fiberglass poles used for the framework, the tunnel design is more aerodynamic than a cabin shape, as the wind can flow easier along the rounded walls. Keep in mind, though, that when the front door is perched as an awning, the overall structure won’t be as stable in high winds – simply make sure that all doors are closed firmly if you’re experiencing tough conditions.

Does it have good ventilation?

While there are several PVC windows in the central living area, you’ll find some vents located on the roof at either end of the tent (on all sizes). These are adjustable so you can customize ventilation levels when needed. There are also some mesh panels at the entrance to each bedroom, so you can leave those open to get a cross breeze.


5. Coleman Connectable Tent


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Sizes Available: 3p, 6p

Weight: (3p) 15lbs, (6p) 28lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Festival Camping, RV Camping, Car Camping, Summer Camping

Family camping at its finest, the Coleman Connectable range is pretty much like a moving home. It’s a perfect choice for big families or huge groups of friends who are camping for a lengthy period of time, like on a summer vacation.

The most notable highlight is definitely the configurable nature of this line. You can completely customize your living, sleeping, dining, and storage experience based on your needs as a group.

It comes in 3p and 6p options, where you can connect each size to each other to accommodate any sized group. There is also a bundle available with both the 3p and 6p in the same pack. Make a separate dining space, private sleeping areas, gear storage zone, or living area – the possibilities are endless.

Key Features:

  • Fully Customizable Rooms Using Zippered Connection Points
  • Rolling Privacy Doors & Storage Pockets Throughout
  • Removable Rainfly & Door Awnings Shield from Mild Rainfall

Popular Questions:

What is the assembly process like?

It’s quite a speedy process since the poles are pre-attached to each other, there are fast-fit feet and clips, and there is a pole hub in the center that makes connecting the poles together completely hassle-free. Even though these are large cabin-like shapes, pitching can be done by just two people.

How weatherproof are these tents?

The WeatherTec System is in full force here, with sealed seams, a wind-strong frame tested in winds up to 35mph, cuffed zippers, and welded flooring. Also, the rainfly forms small awnings over the doors using brow poles, pushing the stream of water away from the doors and windows.

We’ve seen some hesitance about the zippered attachment points that connect multiple tents, as it can seem like that’s an easy spot for leaks. However, we’re pleased to see that each zipper has fully enclosed connections that form a watertight seal, keeping everyone and everything dry.

Can I use these tents on their own or do they have to be connected?

You can definitely use these individually. The connectable feature is optional, but it’s extremely convenient to have when you’re camping with friends or other families. For instance, you could separate your sleeping area from everyone else’s for the night.


6. Coleman OneSource Tent

Coleman OneSource Tent Review

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Sizes Available: 4p, 6p

Weight: (4p) 14lbs, (6p), 21lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Festival Camping, RV Camping, Car Camping

“One System…One Source…Power Anywhere.” Here we’ve got the OneSource – a highly innovative and contemporary line loaded with features that revolve around one interchangeable and rechargeable battery system.

The whole OneSource line doesn’t just include 4p and 6p tents, as it also includes a variety of rechargeable products, like LED lanterns and flashlights, a Bluetooth wireless speaker, a rotating fan, airbed pump, and customizable string lights.

The battery docking station gets attached to an interior gear pocket, with a zippered pocket securely holding the cable, making charging the lithium-ion battery quick and easy. Each tent comes with one fan, built-in LED string lights, and one charging dock with one battery.

Key Features:

  • 1x Fast-Charging Dock, 4800 mAh Battery & Fan Included
  • Built-In LED String Lights Provide an Ambient Overhead Glow
  • Mesh Windows & Removable Rainfly with Door Awning & Kickstand Vent

Popular Questions:

How does it hold up in bad weather?

There doesn’t seem to be any info on the exact waterproof rating for this line, however we do know that it uses their WeatherTec System. This means it has reversed seams, welded corners with a bathtub floor, protected zippers, and a wind-strong frame.

Based on these protective measures, we assume the rating is somewhere in the ballpark of 1500mm to 2000mm, however this hasn’t been confirmed. We haven’t seen any negative feedback in terms of leaks, but just to be safe, we recommend using these tents in low to mild rainfall, as they’re not specifically made for heavy rain.

How long does the battery last?

Each charging dock has a quick charge-time of 2 hours, although you can charge the batteries using a 1 amp USB output with a charge-time of 5 hours. The batteries can be recharged from any USB port, like vehicles or outlets, universal portable chargers, or other OneSource batteries.


7. Coleman Hooligan Tent

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent Review

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Sizes Available: 2p, 3p, 4p

Weight: (2p) 8.8lbs, (3p), 11.57lbs, (4p), 12.61lbs

Ideal For: Backpacking, Hiking, Remote Camping, Kayak/Canoe Camping, Bike Camping, Motorcycle Camping

Starting off with the Hooligan, this is a big hit with backpackers who don’t mind comprising a little on the weight for added comfort. It is not an ultralight line, but you do get a full coverage fly, tons of mesh paneling for increased airflow, and large vestibule space on all sizes.

There are some significant differences between each size in terms of design. 2p has a small vestibule and almost-vertical walls, while 3p has a whole front screen room that doubles as a vestibule and sleeping area, able to fit 3 camp pads. 4p is more similar to the 3p, as it also has a screen room, but has a larger main area to account for one more camper.

Perfect for 3-season trips, we love the big rear kickstand vent on the two larger sizes, plus the side vents, as you get tons of airflow despite the full coverage fly. On the 1p we appreciate the back window addition, which lets sunshine and air in, but can be completely zipped up to protect from rainfall.

Key Features:

  • Full-Coverage Fly, Vast Mesh Paneling, WeatherTec System
  • Large Rear Hooded Vent on 3p & 4p
  • Breezy 1-Pole Setup (2p) & Fast 10-Min Setup for 3p & 4p

Popular Questions:

How does it hold up in rain?

This line appears to do quite well in mild to medium rainfall levels. It’s constructed with thick PE flooring and a coated polyester canopy, combining anti-wicking thread and the natural waterproofing ability of polyester to keep you dry up to 1000mm.

With help from Coleman’s famous WeatherTec System, these tents also have protected seams, a wind-resistant frame, zipper cuffs, and bathtub floors that sit higher above the ground to prevent leaks from puddles or splashes.

How many people can fit inside these tents?

In our opinion, the 2p is perfect for a solo camper who likes that little bit of extra space for stretching or storing gear away from the vestibule. It’s a little snug for 2 people, but the straightened walls do create more height for added roominess.

3p is a good choice for a couple, as they can store gear in the large screen room, making the main area super spacious. 4p is also ideal for two people but can fit 3 sleeping bags comfortably with a little space in between.


8. Coleman Skydome Tent

Coleman Skydome Tent Review

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Sizes Available: 2p, 4p, 6p, 8p

Weight: (2p) 8.7lbs, (4p) 11.5lbs, (6p) 16.3lbs, (8p) 22.4lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Festival Camping, RV Camping, Car Camping, Motorcycle Camping, Summer Camping

Sleek, simple, and modern, the Skydome tent line consists of freestanding dome construction, ridiculously easy setup, and tons of headroom. It’s quickly become one of our favorite picks for family camping because it has near-vertical walls, which give way more headroom than what we’re used to with some other dome styles.

Equipped with a wide door, organizing your interior space (bringing air beds inside) is effortless since you don’t have to squish everything through a tiny door. The rainfly isn’t full coverage, but it does have an awning over the door for added protection.

Despite the lack of full coverage, you can fully close the door panel, and the rainfly creates side vents that allow a breeze to flow through the underside mesh. Quick note: There is also a darkroom version that utilizes their Dark Room technology, which blocks light and reduces heat.

Key Features:

  • Assembly in Under 5 Mins with Pre-Attached Poles
  • 20% More Headroom Creates Roomy Interior Space
  • Wide Door with Cover for Simple Entry/Exit
  • Darkroom Version Available (Blocks 90% of Exterior Light)

Popular Questions:

Is this a 3-season line?

We think these are suited mainly to summer and spring trips, but they could definitely be used in the fall if temperatures aren’t dropping too low. Since the fly is half-coverage and there are large mesh panels on two sides, this line won’t keep you as warm as you need to be in cold temps, unless you’ve packed a ton of winter gear. In terms of waterproofing, we came across a fellow camper’s video review that used the 4p in a 3-day rainstorm – we were super pleased to see that everything was bone-dry inside.

How is the setup under 5 minutes?

This line comes with pre-attached poles – all you need to do is extend them from corner to corner insert them into the pockets, and connect the clips. The two smaller sizes could be assembled by one person, and the two larger ones need no more than two people.


9. Coleman Ridgeline Plus Tent

Coleman Ridgeline Plus Tent

Check Prices Here

Sizes Available: 4p, 6p

Weight: (4p) 22.9lbs, (6p) 26.9lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Festival Camping, RV Camping, Car Camping

Another top pick for long-stay vacations, the Ridgeline is an extended dome tent line with stacks of room for sleeping, living, and storing your gear. On either side, you’ve got two rooms, which can both be used as sleeping areas, or one for sleeping and the other for storage.

Each room has a zippered foldable curtain to give you privacy when you need it. With bedroom and roof vents, you can easily control airflow using the kickstand feature – super important when it comes to reducing condensation.

For mid to large capacity tents, we find that the weatherproofing is impressive. Equipped with WeatherTec features, it has a high 3000mm waterproof rating, robust groundsheet made from tough PE, fire-retardant and breathable polyester fabrics, and a strong fiberglass framework.

Key Features:

  • Large & Roomy Living & Sleeping Areas with 80.7” Peak Height
  • Removable & Robust PE Groundsheet for Easy Cleaning with 3000mm HH
  • Roof & Bedroom Adjustable Vents for Customizable Airflow

Popular Questions:

How long does it take to pitch?

Both sizes take around 20 minutes to pitch, of course depending on your experience level. Two people are needed set up either size, and there are some elements that are color-coded, making the process straightforward and simple to follow.

How many doors are there?

There are two opposite-facing doors on both sizes, and they can be found in the center living area. Not only are they wide-stretch doors, leaving plenty of room to get in and out without bumping into others, but they can be lifted and perched into mini awnings using the poles that are provided.


10. Coleman Flatwoods Tent

Coleman Flatwoods Tent Review

Check Prices Here

Sizes Available: 4p, 6p, 8p

Weight: (4p) 11.3lbs, (6p) 17lbs, (8p) 21lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Festival Camping, RV Camping, Car Camping

Our next pick is ideal for entry-level campers who need something simple, comfortable, and protective in low to mild conditions. One of our favorite things about this line is that each size has just 2 poles that make up the framework, making set up highly convenient and fast.

Suitable for 3-season camping, a few highlights that stand out for us include the large amount of ventilation, the WeatherTec System with sturdy materials, and the vast amount of space.

The flysheet is only half-coverage, but there is an awning that pushes water away from the door seams. Pre-attached cord on the fly and several tabs on the groundsheet give you more options to stake it down, increasing the stability significantly.

Key Features:

  • Rapid 10 Min Pitch with Simple 2-Pole Framework
  • Dual Large Mesh Panels with Half-Coverage Fly Enhances Airflow
  • Offset D-Door Keeps Sleeping Bag or Airbed Out of Walkway

Popular Questions:

Does it come with a bag?

Each size comes with an expandable carry bag, making packing the tent away fast and seamless. It’s quite compact, for reference the 6p packs down to 2’L x 8″H x 6″W, however, the weight confirms that these are not suitable for backpacking, hiking, or even bicycle camping.


11. Coleman Crestline Tent

Coleman Crestline Tent Review

Check Prices Here

Sizes Available: 2p, 3p, 4p

Weight: (2p) 6.2lbs, (3p), 10lbs, (4p) 13lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Festival Camping, RV Camping, Car Camping, Remote/Survival Camping

For weekend trips away, festival fun, or remote camping out in the depths of the wilderness, the Crestline series is an easygoing, budget-friendly range packed with straightforward features for the modern camper.

You’re getting full-coverage protection from the PU-coated flysheet, vestibule storage space, speedy pitch times, and a high waterproof rating of 3000mm. We think these are perfect for 3-season camping, as you can trap some heat inside with the full-coverage fly, but get plenty of airflow through adjustable vents and a mesh roof.

Other notable features that make this range stand out for us are the strong fiberglass poles, the handy PE doormat for muddy shoes; double-layer mesh door, interior pockets, and a zippered e-port that lets you run power inside.

Key Features:

  • Thick PE Groundsheet & Breathable PU-Coated Fly with 3000mm HH
  • Convenient Ring-and-Pin Pitch with Clips, Ties & Velcro Pieces
  • Front Storage Vestibule (2p, 3p) Double Vestibules (4p)

Popular Questions:

Can I use it for backpacking?

We don’t recommend using the 3p or 4p sizes in this line for backpacking, trekking or hiking. Although, it could be possible to use the 2p if you’re able to share the load with someone else. At 6.2lbs, we don’t think it’s light enough to carry solely in your gear, so make sure you can share some weight with a buddy if you’re planning on carrying it on your back.


12. Coleman Juniper Lake Instant Tent

Coleman Juniper Lake Instant Tent Review


Check Prices Here

Sizes Available: 4p

Weight: (4p) 13lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Festival Camping, Camping with Pets

The Juniper Lake tent is one of our top picks for those camping with pets. One of the first things that stands out for us is the ultra-modern design with the side-facing vestibule. You can use it as a sleeping place for your dog or as a storage spot, plus you can pull down the curtain flaps for privacy.

A good choice for cool weather camping, the low-profile dome shape means it can hold up well against winds, and reduced mesh paneling ensures that you can trap more heat inside to keep warm at night (we still suggest bringing winter-specific gear if camping in cold temps). Set up takes just 60 seconds thanks to a pre-attached framework.

Two easy-reach pockets sit on opposite sides for personal storage, just below the rear window that has a cover for adjustable airflow.

Key Features:

  • Wide Front D-Door & Side Annex Perfect for Pets
  • Equipped with WeatherTec System & Rainfly with Door Awning
  • 3 Mesh Windows with Adjustable Curtains & Screen Roof on Vestibule
  • Durable PE Tarp Flooring

Popular Questions:

What size dog would fit inside?

As a 4 person capacity model, small and medium sized dogs would fit comfortably inside – probably nothing bigger than a Labrador or small Golden Retriever. The D-door is quite wide so dogs in this range would easily fit through.


13. Coleman Steel Creek Tent

Coleman Steel Creek Tent Review

Check Prices Here

Sizes Available: 6p, 8p

Weight: (6p) 19lbs, (8p) 25lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Festival Camping, Summer Camping

Bug-free lounging, straightforward pitch, long-lasting Polyguard fabric – the Steel Creek range is a great fit for weekend trips away, summer vacations, or festivals. The front screen room/porch is definitely the stand-out here, with 10ft x 5ft (6p measurements) of insect-free space to relax, cook, or use as storage or sleeping space when it isn’t raining.

As part of their Fast Pitch range, there are several elements that make set up an absolute breeze. Shock-corded poles provide stability and are pre-attached to the top hub, and there are no sleeves which means clipping to the inner tent saves tons of time. Fast Fit Feet replace the traditional ring-and-pin system, again saving a great deal of time.

Side mesh windows with zippered panels let you control air circulation, plus the half-coverage fly allows plenty of air to flow through when needed.

Key Features:

  • Under 10 Min Pitch with Shock-Corded Poles & Pre-Attached Hub
  • Large Front Screen Room Provides Bug-Free Space
  • Partial-Cover Fly with Window Awnings & WeatherTec System
  • Expandable Carry Bag for Fast & Easygoing Packing

Popular Questions:

How many people can fit inside?

Consider downgrading the capacity for both sizes, as the capacity is based on campers also sleeping in the screen room section. This isn’t always ideal, as the screen room door is not covered by the fly, and 6 or 8 people would feel pretty crammed if all sleeping in the dome area. We suggest 3 to 4 people for the 6p and 4 to 5 for the 8p.


14. Coleman Tenaya Lake Lighted Cabin Tent

Coleman Tenaya Lake Lighted Cabin Tent

Check Prices Here

Sizes Available: 6p, 8p

Weight: (6p) 19lbs, (8p) 32lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Summer Camping

The Tenaya Lake line is like a mini version of a home. Ample cabinet space, a giant hinged D-door, and an open-plan interior make this truly one of our favorite cabin designs we’ve seen. Not to mention the modern neon accents and vivid teal coloring which stand out on the campsite.

Other than the bright coloring, the biggest highlight in our opinion is definitely the closet space. The 6p comes with dual floor closets, fitted with mesh shelving and curtains, while the 8p has one full-sized closet with tie-back panels, shelving, and a bar for hanging clothes. Another difference with the 8p is that it comes with an integrated LED lighting system, offering an ambient overhead glow.

Ideal for warm-weather trips, each model features a full-mesh roof and multiple windows to achieve a comfortable cross breeze. The fly only protects the roof, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to camp somewhere with heavy rains.

Key Features:

  • Ample Cabinet Space with Closable Curtains & Shelving
  • Streamlined Set Up with Color-Coded Poles & Central Hub
  • Full-Size Hinged D-Door for Effortless Entry & Exit
  • Full Mesh Roof Enhances Airflow


15. Coleman Evanston Tent with Screen Room

Coleman Evanston Tent with Screen Room Review

Check Prices Here

Sizes Available: 4p, 6p, 8p

Weight: (4p) 16.5lbs, (6p) 19.4lbs, (8p) 25.1lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Festival Camping, Summer Camping

There have been some different versions of the Evanston line, but this range with the screen room is a top pick in our books. For family camping or group trips with friends, having that additional porch space is a huge advantage, especially when you want to chill, cook, or play games in a bug-free area that’s separate from the sleeping space.

The 6p and 8p have the same sized screen rooms (10ft x 5ft) but the 8p has a larger floor area of 15ft x 12ft compared to 10ft x 9ft for the 6 man. A 4p version was created, measuring 9ft x 7ft in total, but it has a larger inner D-door, triangular-shaped windows, and the side pockets are on the ends rather than on the side walls.

One of the biggest differences between the Coleman Steel Creek line and this one is the pitch – these models have a conventional assembly rather than a Fast Pitch. That isn’t a disadvantage though; in fact it means these models are slightly sturdier since the poles run through sleeves as well as use clips, rather than clips-only.

Key Features:

  • Roomy Front Screen Room with Tough PE Groundsheet
  • Sturdy Conventional Pitch Takes 15 Minutes
  • Integrated WeatherTec System & Half-Coverage Rainfly

Popular Questions:

Is there enough air ventilation?

Quite a bit of airflow comes through this tent, which is why we believe it’s ideal for summer trips. You’ve got three windows plus mesh panels on the inner door, as well as a mesh roof at the peak.

Since the fly has awnings over the windows and a gap at the rear, air circulation is adjustable by zipping back the curtains on the two side windows. The back window doesn’t have a curtain, so you’re always getting a decent amount of air flowing through whether the fly is on or not.


16. Coleman Montana Tent

Montana Tent Review

Check Prices Here

Sizes Available: 6p, 8p

Weight: (6p) 17lbs, (8p), 24lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Summer Camping

The Montana line is surprisingly affordable for what it is, which is why we had to include it on the list. Budget-friendly, spacious, sturdy, and comfortable, these models are a hit with families for casual campouts or summer trips.

Apart from the obvious capacity variance, the 6p and 8p have some significant differences. For starters, the smaller size has a zippered D-door while the 8p has a hinged version. Both are extended dome styles, with side brow poles adding a wealth of interior volume, but the 8p stretches out further leaving more central living and storage space.

Set up takes around 15 to 20 minutes for both sizes and consists of 4 poles for the main structure. After that, additional poles need to be installed to create the awning of the fly, and the 8p requires one more pole for the hinged door.

Key Features:

  • Simple 4-Pole Set Up with X-Shape & Sleeves for Enhanced Stability (Not Including Fly Poles & Hinged Door Pole on 8p)
  • Full Mesh Roof Plus Dual Rear Vents Increase Airflow
  • Highly Durable Polyester 75D Fly & Integrated WeatherTec System

Popular Questions:

Is there any way to prep the rainfly to prevent leaks?

Leakage problems often have more to do with improper assembly than with the tent itself, particularly when it comes to this model line which features 1000D PE flooring and the WeatherTec System throughout.

Make sure that the Velcro straps are secured properly on the poles, and use guy ropes to increase tension by pulling the fly away from the walls. We’ve found that water can leak through when the fly touches the tent, regardless of the efficiency of the sealants.


17. Coleman Red Canyon Tent

Red Canyon Tent Review

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Sizes Available: 8p

Weight: 22.4lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Summer Camping

The Red Canyon keeps things simple with a low-profile extended dome shape, half-coverage fly, and a broad classic D-door in the front. One of our favorite things about this tent is that it seems so unassuming from the outside. It actually has three spacious rooms inside, with two removable dividers that attach to the side walls.

Each bit of space is maximized in this model thanks to this three-room format. You could use one side room as gear storage and the other for sleeping, or if there are 4 campers, use both sides as bedrooms and the center for living, dining and storage. We love the versatility.

Along with of a full-mesh roof, a rear lower adjustable vent, and a half-coverage flysheet with dual awnings over the windows. That’s also what makes it one of our go-to summer tents since there is so much ventilation throughout.

Key Features:

  • Tons of Ventilation with 4 Windows, Mesh Roof & Ground Vent
  • WeatherTec System Protects from Mild Rainfall
  • 10-20 Minute Set Up with Conventional Ring-and-Pin Pitch
  • Spacious Dome Design with 72” Height

Popular Questions:

How many airbeds fit inside?

It can fit 3 queen-size airbeds side to side in this model; however, we wouldn’t recommend doing so as there would be little to no room left over for gear. Try reducing the capacity to 4 or 5 campers rather than 8, which will give you heaps more livable space and storage room.


18. Coleman Instant Cabin Tent

Instant Cabin Tent Review

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Sizes Available: 4p, 6p, 8p, 10p

Weight: (4p) 18.2lbs, (6p) 24.9lbs, (8p) 39lbs, (10p) 42lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Summer Camping

For those who love the speed and ingenuity that comes with an instant pitch, the Instant Cabin is a top choice. In 60 seconds your whole tent is assembled right before your eyes, leaving way more time for organizing your sleeping space and gear or hanging out with your fellow campers. It’s also a great option if you might pitch at night or when it’s windy and raining.

All sizes except for the 10p come with solid-fabric roofs and no rainfly – the fly is sold separately. We’ve actually found that it holds up well in low to mild rainfall thanks to the WeatherTec System with taped seams, so we recommend getting an additional fly if you’re planning on camping in heavier rain conditions.

The windows are a highlight for us because they create such an airy, roomy experience when fully opened. You get beautiful 360° views and loads of airflow. Near-vertical walls leave plenty of stretching room

Key Features:

  • Super-Fast 60-Second Pitch with Pre-Attached Poles
  • Double-Thick PolyGuard Walls Keep You Warm in Winds
  • Weathertec System Provides Reliable Leakage Protection

Popular Questions:

Why does the 10p version look different?

The 10p has the same overall cabin shape, but there are some big differences between it and the rest of the line. It’s part of their DarkRoom series, which means that the fabric blocks 90% of sunlight and reduces heat by 5° during the day. A hinged door rather than a zipper door, mesh roof instead of solid fabric (hence the included rainfly) and the neon accents that illuminate at night.


19. Coleman Galileo Tent

Galileo 5 Tent Review

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Sizes Available: 4p, 5p, 8p

Weight: (4p) 26.2lbs, (5p) 34.8lbs, (8p) 45lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Summer Camping

Being a little more on the pricey side, we consider this line as more of a premium range than anything else. That’s because you’re getting massive amounts of room in a tunnel design with customizable interior space.

The two smaller sizes feature a front porch area with bedroom space at the rear. If you’re at full capacity, you can use the front part for sleeping, but we always recommend camping with half the capacity, so this front space is perfect for bug-free dining and storage. The 8p is significantly larger and instead has a central living area with the bedrooms at two opposite ends.

Despite the large sizes, the set up is surprisingly simple – even the largest size has just 5 poles and takes around 15 minutes to pitch. A unique feature we noticed is the mesh pole sleeves. In addition to ensuring smooth pole insertion, they reduce wind resistance far more than solid fabric, making the whole structure highly aerodynamic.

Key Features:

  • XL Panoramic PVC Windows with Rolling Covers for Privacy
  • Simple Set Up Tunnel Structure with Ring-and-Pin Pitch
  • High 3000mm Waterproof Rating & Robust PE Groundsheet
  • Customized Sleeping Arrangements with Room Dividers


20. Coleman Galiano Pop Up Tent

Galiano Pop Up Tent Review

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Sizes Available: 2p, 4p

Weight: (2p) 5lbs, (4p), 7lbs

Ideal For: Family Camping, Car Camping, RV Camping, Festival Camping, Summer Camping

Lightweight and spacious, the Galiano line is another one of our preferred picks for festivals, but it’s also a popular choice for casual vacations or summer campouts. Set up truly couldn’t be more seamless – the pop up style means that it literally pops up straight out of the carry bag since the poles are already attached to the canopy material.

While the lightweight nature of each model suggests they could be used for backpacking, the pack size is far too large to do so. In saying that, it is actually one of the best designs for storage since it is so flat when packed away. A small but handy feature we noticed is the elastic strap that prevents the tent from popping out when you’re putting it back into that bag.

A massive front entrance makes getting in and out seamless, while a full mesh roof and ground vent create a comfortable airflow. Two internal mesh pockets are handy for storing easy-reach items, like your phone, flashlight, or drink bottle.

Key Features:

  • Extremely Fast 60-Second Pop Up Pitch
  • Sturdy Fiberglass Poles & Low-Profile Design Ensure Wind Resistance
  • Half-Coverage Fly with 2000mm Waterproof Column & Taped Seams

Popular Questions:

Could I fit camping cots inside?

We don’t think camping cots would fit very well inside either size. The main reason for this is because the curvature of the walls makes it difficult to maximize space, so you’d be left with barely any leftover room for gear storage or living space. Also, if the cot touches the tent material it could lead to condensation. We suggest using sleeping bags or camping pads for the most comfortable experience. For reference, the 2p measures 7.6ft in length and 4.5ft in width, while the 4p measures 9.2ft x 6.6ft.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Coleman Tents Made?

Coleman is part of an American global manufacturer called Newell Brands. A lot of their tents are made in the USA, and their headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois, although there are some models that are made overseas, like in China.

If you’d like to know exactly where each tent comes from, always check with the manufacturer. Often times, the tent descriptions will state if that particular model was made in the USA.

Where Can I Buy Coleman Tents?

Since they are one of the biggest camping companies in the world, you can buy their tents from heaps of different places. Here are several of the most popular spots where you can find them:

  • Coleman’s official site
  • Certified sellers
  • Camping retailer stores
  • E-commerce giants like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Target, and so on.

Are Coleman Tents Good?

Their tents are some of the most widely-known, trusted, and most used in the whole outdoor camping community. They’ve gained this reliable reputation through using great quality materials, creating modernized designs, comfortable living spaces, and keeping things simple when it comes to set up.

Over time, we’ve come across many campers who have used these tents for years and years – a testament to their long-lasting quality and craftsmanship. One of the many strings to their bow is their incredible variety. Their selection is absolutely huge, ranging from dome tents to cabins, to tunnels, to even octagons.

Another huge factor that makes them excellent tents is the price range. There are options available to suit everyone’s budget, from pricier high-end models to more budget-friendly options that are perfect for recreational camping.

In our opinion, it’s important to take this brand for exactly who and what they are. Their tents aren’t made for extreme conditions; rather they’re one of the leading brands in the world of 3-season family camping, keeping comfort and quality at the forefront of their minds.


Conclusion on the Best Coleman Camping Tents

Timeless, family-oriented, simplicity – three words that so perfectly summarize the best Coleman camping tents on our list. This brand has always been at the top of our radar for camping gear, but they especially excite us when it comes to tents. It’s clear to see that they offer some of the most convenient, comfortable, and user-friendly models on the market.

After dissecting each model, we’ve noticed a trend in modern upgrades, family-friendly features like hinged-doors and screen rooms, design versatility, and expanded interior space for a more comfortable experience all-round.

We’ve made sure to include a huge variety of models for all kinds of scenarios, whether that’s family camping, outdoor events, backpacking escapades, fishing trips, or anywhere else the outdoor adventurer desires. What’s more, we’ll be keeping this article updated every few months upon new tent releases, so keep your eyes peeled!



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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