Researcher and Editor

Emma Severin is a writer, content creator, and full-time animal lover. When her head isn’t buried in her laptop working, you’ll probably find her playing with her pet rabbit, on a walk exploring outdoors, or practicing her French. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Literary Studies and Professional & Creative Writing, Em took the leap and decided to write full-time. She is a proud Aussie, having lived in Melbourne up until her early 20s, before moving to France for a 3-year adventure (the croissants are tempting her to stay a tad longer). She takes great pride in her writing, as it’s been her dream career since before she even started school. She’s found a unique touch by taking inspiration from real-life experiences and blending them into her writing – part of the reason why she adores travelling and fulfilling her adventurous spirit. Just as she looks for best-quality products on her pursuits, she genuinely loves helping others find exactly what they need when setting off on their own adventures.

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