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5 Best Hiking Boots for Women

Best Hiking Boots for Women

Whether you are traveling to the backcountry or hitting the local trails, a good hiking boot or shoe is essential for comfort and safety. Today, we are reviewing the best hiking boots for women.

Many of these boots are specifically designed for women’s feet, while others are offered in men’s and women’s options. It can be challenging to find a boot that fits just right. We explore five of the best options available online here.

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1. Vasque Breeze Lt GTX

Vasque Breeze Lt GTX 


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As one of the leading manufacturers of women’s hiking boots, Vasque offers a wide range of products catering to various outdoor activities. The Breeze Lt GTX is designed for women looking for lightweight hiking boots with reliable support and stability. 

The boots offer a good fit with a breathable design that ensures feet remain comfortable during hikes and other outdoor excursions. Let’s take a closer look to see what the Vasque Breeze Lt GTX has to offer: 

Fit and Comfort 

One of the most impressive aspects of the Vasque Breeze Lt GTX is the comfortable fit. The Vasque Breeze is a lightweight hiking book focusing on comfort, using lighter materials to avoid aches or strains during those longer hikes or when navigating rugged terrain. 

A chunky outsole and midsole provide great cushioning for rougher terrain, especially around the heel and ankle. While not the thickest underfoot, there is more than enough support for comfortably walking on rocky and jagged areas. 

Another nice feature is the cushioning on the tongue; While it may not appear like much of a feature, the extra padding helps keep the top of the feet comfortable, an area that is often overlooked in hiking footwear. 

So, with plenty of support on the midsole and outsole and excellent padding on the tongue, expect to wear the Breeze Lt GTX for long periods without any discomfort. 


Support and Traction 

While choosing best hiking boots for women balancing comfort with appropriate support is critical. The Breeze Lt GTX comes with a Vibram® Litebase with Megagrip compound outsole, providing good traction while remaining lightweight.

Because the women’s hiking boots are so light, they remain comfortable (as discussed above), while the robust outsole tread gets lots of traction on all surfaces, wet or dry. 

The boot also features a dual-density compression-molded Enduralast EVA midsole, offering excellent shock absorption while supporting the underfoot. This boot has excellent support for a hiking boot with such a low weight.

Water Resistance and Durability 

The Breeze Lt GTX offers quality water resistance that keeps feet dry in most wet conditions. The Gore-Tex membrane is a highly water-resistant mesh material that is also breathable and resistant to abrasions. 

There is also a TPU molded yarn mesh around the ankle portion of the boot. The molding improves the structure and support of the ankle area while offering the same durability as the upper material. 

These materials are incredibly lightweight, especially compared to leather, found on the same section of many hiking boots. It is also a breathable material, keeping feet cool and comfortable during hikes. 

While it is hard to determine the long-term durability of the boots without using them for several years, all signs point towards them lasting for some time. They keep most water out and have yet to show signs of wear and tear after rigorous underfoot testing on rocky terrain.


Lightweight women’s hiking boots often sacrifice support and durability, but not the Breeze Lt GTX that is why it is considered to be one of the best hiking boots for women. It offers the lightweight feeling of trail runners with the stability and support of a good hiking boot.


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2. Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GORE-TEX

Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GORE-TEX

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The Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GORE-TEX offers the lightweight comfort of a trail runner shoe with the robust support of a hiking boot. So, if you are looking for plenty of support without dragging around heavyweight, these hiking boots are well worth consideration. 

Fit and Comfort 

The X Ultra Mid 3 GTX offers a secure fit around the feet and ankles, using extra padding around the mid-cut ankle collar. Thanks to the quick lace-up system, fastening them is quick and easy, which offers a snug fit without feeling too tight. 

The upper portion of the boot is not made from a breathable material, although it certainly does not feel too hot or uncomfortable when walking for extended periods. The material is flexible, so the boots don’t feel too rigid or require much breaking in time. 

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Support and Traction 

While not the tallest hiking boot, it does offer good support for its size and weight. The padding around the ankle ensures minimal rolling, which is helpful for those hikes on rockier and uneven terrain. 

Don’t expect the support to be as robust as a high ankle hiking boot, but it is impressive for the size and weight. 

The X Ultra Mid 3 GTX also comes with an EVA foam midsole, a top-notch shock absorber to help keep you stable and pain-free on those rockier routes. EVA is lighter than polyurethane, so while slightly less durable, it does offer firm support and lots of flexibility for maneuvering your feet. 

The Advanced Chassis is an exciting addition to the support system, a thick material between the midsole and outsole. The chassis offers excellent support while remaining lightweight for flexible movement, allowing for improved motion control on those tricker surfaces. 

The best hiking Boots for women boot also feature a SensiFit Foothold, an additional support structure that runs from the midsole to the lacing system. This helps make the lacing system feel more natural around the shape of your feet. When you lace these boots up, your feet will feel snug, secure, and stable. 

Water Resistance 

The X Ultra Mid 3 GTX features a GORE-TEX (GTX) membrane around the upper of the hiking boots. This is a water-resistant material that keeps feet dry from virtually all water you encounter on a hike, whether it’s light rainfall, puddles, or stream crossing.

GORE-TEX is extremely reliable, a common material on many hiking boots. It helps to keep out water from snow, rain, and crossing streams. Of course, given the mid-ankle height design, you will want to be careful before 


A few features on the X Ultra Mid 3 GTX make it a durable boot for hiking. This includes a chunky rubber toe cap, along with a thick and robust outsole that withstands shocks and impacts from anything you encounter on a trail. 

The stitch quality is high, which is vital for the longevity of any women’s hiking boots. Seams show no signs of wearing after a few hikes in rugged conditions, which is a good sign the shoes will last for many years. 

While the synthetic upper material is not as durable as the tough leather found on many hiking boots, it still appears strong enough to handle most conditions. 


The Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GORE-TEX is an excellent choice of women’s hiking boots for many situations. 

Those looking for boots that offer the right balance between weight and durability will like what’s on offer here, with a robust pair of lightweight hiking boots that are built to last. 

A snug and secure fit offer excellent stability and comfort without feeling too heavy or cumbersome. Salomon has a reputation for producing superior-quality hiking boots, and the X Ultra 3 Mid GORE-TEX continues that trend. 


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3. Vasque Women’s Talus Xt Mid GTX

Vasque Women's Talus Xt Mid GTX

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Vasque is one of the best-known manufacturers of women’s hiking boots, offering products that cater to all outdoor activities. The Talus Xt Mid GTX is a robust mid-cut hiking boot for women that provides excellent support and water resistance.,

A boot built to withstand the wear and tear of short and long hikes, let’s take a closer look at the Talus Xt Mid Gt to see what it has to offer: 

Fit and Comfort 

The Talus Xt Mid GTX is a mid-cut women’s hiking boot available in multiple widths. The standard size does offer a spacious toe box that people with wider feet will appreciate. Better still, there are wider options available, which is good if regular boots tend to feel too tight around your feet. 

It uses a standard lacing system that includes metal hooks for simple but effective lacing. A catch holds the laces in place when tied, doing an excellent job of keeping them secure as you navigate outdoors. 

All in all, the fit is secure without feeling too tight. The boots are lightweight, although still heavier than hiking shoes, trail runners, etc.  

Support and Traction

Vasque uses its patented Vibram® MegaGrip technology on the outsole of the Talus Xt Mid GTX, offering exceptional traction in all conditions, wet pr dry. 

This thick tread offers excellent traction on most surfaces, even in conditions where lighter footwear often struggles. This makes the Talus Xt Mid GTX great for those fall and winter hikes!  

The midsole is made of molded polyurethane (PU), which is heavier than EVA but more durable. It provides fantastic support and stability, absorbing the impacts of rocks and other debris you encounter during a hike. 

Despite being made from a thicker material, the midsole is not too rigid, offering enough flexibility for efficient navigation. The boot comes with mid-cut ankle support, so anyone that tends to roll their ankles will appreciate the additional support at this section. 

Water Resistance

A big selling point of the Talus Xt Mid GTX is the Nubuck Leather material across the boot upper. It is durable leather with a Gore-Tex membrane. The addition of Gore-Tex makes the boot water-resistant.

Walking through streams, puddles, and high is not an issue as the boots keep out virtually all traces of moisture. Of course, as a mid-cut boot, make sure not to submerge your feet too deep!  


Nubuck leather is an incredibly durable upper material, providing high resistance to abrasions, so the boots certainly handle the wear and tear of a hiking trail. The mesh around the upper is also abrasion-resistant, so the shoes are built to last, especially the rugged polyurethane outsole.  


The Vasque Talus Xt Mid GTX is a great choice of women’s hiking boots for anyone seeking the right balance between comfort and durability. The boot fits comfortably, offering space around the toes, so you have extra space to wear thick socks or if you have wider feet. 

The traction is excellent in wet and dry conditions, while the soles offer ample protection and support. A stylish leather outer also provides additional durability and insulation, with the boots being highly resistant to water. 

A versatile boot suitable for year-round activities, expect the Talus Xt Mid GTX to withstand all conditions while keeping feet dry and comfortable which makes it one of the best boots for women.


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4. KEEN Women’s Elena Hiking Boot

KEEN Women's Elena Hiking Boot

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When it comes to the best hiking boots for women, sometimes less is more for many people. While thick and robust hiking boots are suitable for those longer hikes where you face more challenging conditions, not everyone has these requirements for their outdoor footwear.

The Elena Hiking boot from KEEN is perfect for less demanding hikes and outdoor activities. These boots offer the right balance between comfort and performance.

Let’s take a closer look at the Keen Women’s Elena Hiking Boot!  

Fit and Comfort 

Elena hiking boots emphasize comfort. These mid-cut boots have a fleece lining and KEEN WARM insulation technology, using charcoal bamboo to provide excellent insulation. This means your feet remain warm and cozy, with insulation rated at an impressive -25°F/-32°C. 

Also, the insole is made from Luftcell air-injected polyurethane (PU), offering comfortable padding inside of the boot. Lacing is quick and easy, with options to fasten laces at multiple levels using the metal hooks, letting you quickly find the right fit for your activities. 

Simply put, this boot is incredibly comfortable! While great for less demanding outdoor excursions, it is also an excellent choice for day-to-day use, especially during winter. 

Support and Traction 

KEEN Elena hiking boots are more of a hiking shoe, as they feature a basic outsole that is not recommended for long hikes with more demanding conditions. 

These are more of a lifestyle boot with features that make it great for light hikes and general outdoor activities.

For example, the all-terrain rubber outsole offers decent traction, yet it is thinner than most hiking footwear. If you compare the thickness to other hiking boots, you will notice the padding is a bit thin, especially on trails with lots of rocky outcrops and loose debris. 

The midsole is thicker and made from an EVA rubber, which offers good support and flexible movement. 

Feet remain well-supported on less demanding hikes, and the traction should work fine in moderate conditions. Just don’t expect them to function on the same level as a pair of robust hiking boots. 

One benefit of this design is how lightweight the boots are. It offers excellent support for such a light boot, being an upgrade on lighter hiking footwear like trail runners. 

Water Resistance 

The Elena hiking boot is made from a waterproof leather material with moisture-wicking lining, keeping feet dry from light rain and snow. This material is unique to KEEN footwear, known as KEEN.DRY, offering a nice balance between being waterproof and breathable. 


The upper of the boot is made from a patented leather material, which is resistant to water and provides excellent airflow. Leather is one of the most durable materials available for a women’s hiking boot, as it withstands wear and tear better than synthetics. 

There is also an anti-odor treatment inside of the boots, helping to keep them fresh and hygienic for longer, further improving durability. 


The Elena women’s hiking boot from KEEN is a great option for lighter hikes and outdoor activities that don’t require the most robust boots. 

Lightweight and comfortable, these will be perfect for those long winter days where you want something to keep your feet warm and dry. 

Good stability and durable material mean the best hiking boots for women and will withstand more demanding conditions, while the stylish design makes them versatile enough for day-to-day use. 


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5. Salomon Women’s Vaya Mid GTX Hiking

Salomon Women's Vaya Mid GTX Hiking

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One issue finding the best women’s hiking boot is the lack of products designed specifically for women. Any good women’s boot usually has a male alternative, highlighting how few hiking footwear products are designed solely for women. 

The Vaya Mid GTX from Salomon is a welcome change from the norm, being one of the few hiking boots that are available exclusively for women. As a result, the boots are ergonomically designed with women in mind. This means a more reliable fit and proper support for your average female! So, let’s take a closer look at the Salomon Vaya Mid GTX to see whether they deliver the goods!

Fit and Comfort

As mentioned, the Vaya Mid GTX is a true women’s hiking boot. It is designed exclusively for women, so the fit and comfort tend to be much better than your average unisex boot. 

The fit offers plenty of space around the toes, making it a good choice for anyone with wider feet or those that wear chunky socks. 

The mid-cut design includes a soft collar, so there is excellent padding around the ankle for added comfort. This is good if you tend to roll your ankles or are carrying a midweight pack. 

Sensiflex technology means the boot has two stretch panels, which help to offer more natural flexibility. Feet aren’t restricted by a rigid material -the material provides plenty of space to maneuver on different terrains. 

Furthermore, the OrthoLite® insole provides excellent cushioning around the soles, keeping feet comfortable during those long hikes. 

Support and Traction 

Vaya Mid GTX features a unique Contagrip® outsole, a thick material that includes lug pattern treads. This results in quality traction in most conditions, although it often functions best on hard-packed trails rather than softer packed trails. 

An EVA foam midsole offers excellent shock absorption, again highlighting its suitability for hard-packed trails. EVA is much more flexible than polyurethane midsoles, so the support doesn’t come at the expense of flexibility. 

Also, the boot has a mid-cut design, meaning there is a decent amount of support around the ankle portion. This includes thick padding for comfort and stability, minimizing the chances of rolling an ankle. 

Water Resistance 

The upper section of the boot is made from a GORE-TEX membrane, one of the best materials for keeping hiking boots dry. The material is resistant to light rain and snow, while you can walk through shallow streams without any moisture passing through the shoes. 

As always, avoid streams and puddles deeper than ankle height, as the water will pass through due to the mid-cut design. 


The upper is made from a durable synthetic that is water-resistant, while the unique OrthoLite® insole is more durable than other types. These materials offer impressive durability for a hiking boot, even if walking trails with more challenging conditions. The upper also utilizes a stitch-free design to improve durability further.  


Anyone seeking reliable women’s hiking boots should undoubtedly consider the Salomon Vaya Mid GTX. One of the best hiking boots for women designed with the female anatomy in mind, the boot provides an ideal fit that is lightweight, breathable, and very comfy. 

Excellent traction and support make it a good choice for year-round hikes, especially those on hard-packed trails.


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Several of these boots are available on Amazon Prime Wardrobe. Of course, Amazon has a good reputation for returns and customer service. However, Amazon wardrobe will allow you to order the shoes and try on the fit and function for a few days first. This is a great program for checking out all sorts of outdoor gear because you can be sure that your product will fit just right!



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