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hard shell roof top tent for sale

5 Best Hard Shell Rooftop Tents for Sale in 2021

We’ve done extensive research for you alone and we’ve confirmed the five best hard shell rooftop tents you should go for in 2021. Let’s get you started.

best hard shell rooftop tent for sale

Camping has changed tremendously ever since the first set of rooftop tents came into the market.

Our road trips are a lot different now with this innovation. You do not have to worry about looking for ground space to pitch your tent.

Now, you can set up your Rooftop tents above your truck, making your out-of-town retreats as smooth and seamless as you want.

From when they first came into the market to the present, rooftop tents have undergone different changes and versions. To make the most of your camping experience, you may have to do some research to discover which one matches your peculiar camping needs.

Today I’ll show you the five best hard shell rooftop tents for sale in 2021. This will be a guide for people looking for the best deals available in the market today.

Take your time and go through each review and come to a favorable conclusion. After all, your comfort is of the highest priority, so you can maximize your options as much you can.

Before we dive thoroughly into the hardshell rooftop tent reviews, we have few factors, including critical features that a standard hardshell rooftop tent should have. Working knowledge of these features would better refine your decision-making process.

Things to Watch Out For in a Good Rooftop Tent

All rooftop tents have specific qualities that distinguish them from others. If you want a good deal, it’s best to work within such qualities’ confines. We have detailed eight key features to look for in a standard rooftop tent:


We have tents made for one person, while there are those that can contain two people or more. It would help if you found out which one suits you best before making a purchase.

You’ll need to decide how many persons will be using the tent. If you have a partner, then going for a larger capacity rooftop is the best bet.

You should enjoy a better deal with that. But if you are sporting alone, there isn’t the need to spend any more money when you can get a single-serving tent.


Size is an essential factor when picking a hard shell rooftop tent. Hardshell rooftop tents often come in different shapes and sizes. Some can be pretty bulky and heavy by nature, while some weigh less than 100 lbs. Size plays a huge role for some campers, especially when dealing with huge hard shell rooftop tents.

Not everyone has the patience to set up and collapse a big tent at every interval. Hence, some campers may opt for a lighter rooftop tent. Huge tents may also incur more mileage and may be too heavy for your type of vehicle. Consequently, more lightweight tents may not be ideal for rough weather conditions with wild winds.


How easy is the installation process?

Will you require an extra hand while setting up your tent?

These are questions you may need to ask before considering a hard shell rooftop tent. Most rooftop tents will demand the combined effort of two people to have them set up.

However, we still have some easy ones for a person to set up. You only need to work with the options available and come up with one that’s most comfortable for you.


Always go for a rooftop tent made with durable materials. Consider things such as weather resistance since your tent will be out in the open most of the time. Wind, rain, and heavy sunshine are all-natural elements that will test the strength of your tent. Therefore, make sure this tent meets these standards to prevent unexpected mishaps in the future.


Mattress quality is a salient factor to consider. The thickness determines the level of comfort of the mattress. Thankfully, rooftop tent manufacturers prioritize quality, so most tents often come with excellent mattresses.

Nonetheless, you still need to make your confirmations before making your purchase. Alternatively, if the mattress doesn’t meet your standard, there are always many stand-alone tent mattresses available.


Annexes provide extra space and privacy, especially if you are going on extended trips. Some annexes are highly accommodating and may even enclose the ladder. They give additional rooms for stuff such as camping stoves or a portable toilet. If you are going away for an extended period, rooftop tents with annexes are great deals any day.

External Storage Facility

A rooftop with a bit of extra external storage support is always a great choice, especially if you will be carrying a lot of gear. Things to watch out for include storage racks and attachment points.


Five Best Hard shell Rooftop Tents

Here are the five best hardshell rooftop tents for sale in 2021.

1. Tepui Tents Hybox

The Tepui Rooftop Tent is a lightweight 155 lbs camp tent that comes with a three-inch cotton mattress. It is a 2-person capacity camping tent with dimensions 884″ x 55″ x 13″ when closed and 84″ x 55″ x 43″ when opened.

The Hybox is an exclusive line from the Tepui Rooftop tents staple because it is a hybrid product that doubles as a tent and a cargo carrier. Two adults can sleep comfortably inside this tent along with 23 feet of any camping gear you may be moving along with you. Its three-inch also mattress covers the whole ground space.

You can access Tenuta Tent Hybox from both ends when you need to get your gear like a cargo box. It’s just the perfect choice since you are getting the value of two at a single price point. This tent comes in very durable, scratch-resistant material, with a substructure made of aluminum. Another thing that makes the Hybox unique is its weight-to-strength ratio.

Its bulky nature comes with enough tenacity to hold it in place and withstand loads. The Hybox also has a quilted pad across the ceiling, which insulates the tents against sound with a durable exterior material that is highly water-resistant.

2. Bundutec BunduTop Super King

Bundutec BunduTop Super King is a super-advanced four-person capacity rooftop tent that measures 118″ x 63″ x 12″ in dimension when closed and 118″ x 63″ x 40″ when erected. It comes with a four-inch-thick mattress that’ll withstand the weight of 4 adults.

The Bundutec BunduTop Super King weighs around 176 lbs and is tough to withstand rough terrains and extreme weather conditions.

This rooftop camping tent has a rugged outlook with a luxurious touch. The closest in comparison you can get with the Bundutec BunduTop Super King is the Mercedez G or SL Class series. Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, this rooftop tent is the ideal retreat getaway for a small family of four.

The outer cover of the Bundutec BunduTop Super King is made of solid aluminum. It is a bulky rooftop tent that optimizes its utility features. One of its popular features includes a heat reflector that works to keep inside the tent cool during the day. It has an electronic push-button that works as a lever to lower or raise the tent to a desired height and size.

The Bundutec BunduTop Super King also comes with an interior LED system that provides lighting at night. Its outer-mesh materials have been vetted to withstand even the roughest climates like heavy rain, snow, and hail storms.

It is a rooftop tent that comes in 3 unique sizes for you to pick from. But the Bundutec BunduTop Super King remains the most extensive and most costly among the three of them. The other two are the basic King version and the Standard version, which are a lot cheaper than the Super King model.

3. iKamper Skycamp 2.0

The IKamper Skybox 2.0 is a four-person hard shell rooftop ideal for a small family camp experience. This tent weighs in at around 160 lbs with a 1.8-inch mattress thickness. IKamper Skybox 2.0 is bound 86″ x 54.5″ x 12.5″ in dimension when closed. When open, its measures 86″ x 82.5″ x 43.5″ in dimension.

What makes this tent unique is its extra-layered shell reinforced with fiber to keep it insulated from the chill of the night. A thick-layered interior complete with quilt material adds extra comfort. It also insulates campers from severe temperature conditions and noises as well.

The IKamper Skybox 2.0 is an improvement from the original Skycamp. It is quite compact, portable and light in weight. This tent can be set up for any type of vehicle, from small sedans to expedition trucks and four-wheel drives. IKamper Skybox 2.0 allows for extra additions to increase user comfort.

Lastly, you can set up and collapse the IKamper Skybox 2.0 in just a matter of minutes.

4. Autohome AirTop

The Autohome Air Top is one of the most luxurious rooftop tents you can find in the market today. It has some pecky touches that make it unique from other standard hardshell rooftop tents. Surprisingly, this rooftop is relatively affordable in comparison to the additional comfort it provides.

Weighing at 170 lbs, the Autohome Air Top measures 84.5″ x 65″ x 13″ in dimension when closed and 4.5″ x 65″ x 33″ when closed. It comes with a rubber three-inch density mattress and cozy pillows for extra cushion. This tent is best suited for a small family of four (two adults and two small children).

What also makes this hardshell rooftop a soft sell is its ultra fiber optic glass casing that comes in various colors to pick from. Its exterior is made of waterproof material and comes with rain covers and nets at all outlets round the tent to keep small insects from getting in.

The Autohome Air Top has five window outlets and can open 3 of them to let in light and air. This rooftop tent currently comes in three specs: small, medium, and big sizes. The size in review here is for the large version. Each version is available in the market at different price ranges.

5. TentBox Hard Shell Roof Tent

The Tentbox Hardshell is a high-performing hard shell rooftop tent that measures around 85.5″ x 49″ x 39″ in dimension when erected and 85.5″ x 49″ x 11″ when collapsed. Weighing in at nearly 144 lbs, the Tentbox Hardshell comes with a 2.5-inch thick mattress and can carry up to two adults.

This tent is portable and can be hauled by any automobile, from standard sedans to trucks. It has a simple design that makes up great functionalities. The Tentbox Hardshell Roof tent is great for couples who like to explore.

Setting this tent is relatively easy as you do not need an extra hand. It is one of the few rooftop tents with air struts to erect and collapse the tent automatically. You can have your Tentbox Hardshell set up within a 35 to 40 seconds time interval, making it one of the fastest time records. You can collapse the tent even in a much quicker time than it’d take you to set it up.


There you have it. I’ve just detailed the five best hard shell rooftops tents for sale in 2021. There are still other great rooftop tents available in the market today. But these five are some of the most sought-after, which explains why they made it into our list.

If you are searching for a hardshell rooftop that offers ease, durability, and luxury all in one bumper package, any of the five mentioned here will do just fine. You only need to work with your peculiar preference, itineraries, and budget constraints to create something that fits perfectly.



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