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10 Best Outdoor Misting Fans for Camping

10 Best Outdoor Misting Fans for Camping

There comes a time when the heat of the summer just gets a little too much to handle, which is why outdoor misting fans have become such a staple for many who enjoy outdoor living and entertaining.

Picture it: the sun is beating down, birds are chirping, you’re ready for your barbecue, but there isn’t a single gust of wind in sight. Even if you’re shaded by an overhead covering like a gazebo or patio, things can still get extremely hot and sweaty if there isn’t something to cool you down.

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Misting fans for outdoors can not only lower the outdoor temperature in the vicinity of use by several degrees, but also humidify and create a refreshing experience full of misty, cool air. You’ve probably seen them at restaurants or cafes. 

To choose the best outdoor misting fan for you and discover more about how they work, keep reading for our top 10 list and guide. Obviously these might not be the best for keeping your tent cool, but definitely will offer a calming and refreshing outdoor experience in the heat. 

1. STANLEY 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan

STANLEY 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan

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Our first pick is a best seller on the market, equipped with 3 rapid airflow speeds, a rotating head, and an integrated circuit breaker. Measuring just over 12 inches at its largest, it’s a small, yet powerful model that can be used on worksites, in a garage, for outdoor entertaining, or even in the house.

The pivoting head lets you move the direction of airflow from the ground to as high as the ceiling. In addition to the built-in circuit breaker that prevents overloading, you’ve got dual industrial outlets. This means you can charge your phone or some power tools while it’s hard at work cooling everything down.

Along with the misting feature, you can use it as a regular fan to dry things off or ventilate a tight space. Airflow ranks it at over 400 CFM (cubic feet per minute) on high speed. Move it around effortlessly thanks to the large carry handle.

Key Features:

  • 3 High Velocity Air Speeds
  • Wide Rotating Angle & Carry Handle for Transport
  • Dual Integrated 120V Outlets & 10ft Power Cord


2. Geek Aire Battery Powered Misting Fan

Geek Aire Battery Operated Misting Fan

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Geek Aire’s model has an industrial look, sitting low to the floor and taking up less space. This also means that it’s more compact, so it’s portable to take for different outdoor events. At 13lbs it’s not as heavy as some traditional industrial fans.

Water comes out of 3 nozzles and sprays at a length of 11.5ft. Swivel the main head up and down 360° to aim the mist in various directions. For added safety measures, the entire model is IPX4 water resistant, which means it won’t get damaged from splashes of water. It’s also resistant to UV rays and rust. Another cool added feature are the anti-sleep feet, which are useful for wet surfaces.

Triple blades have a powerful force, pushing airflow at 2300 CFM. Using a single detachable battery, you can get 2-10 hours of runtime. This means you can purchase more batteries and continue detaching and reattaching the charged ones to enjoy endless use.

Key Features:

  • Fast-Charging Detachable Battery
  • Powerful Airflow 2300 CFM Rating
  • Slim & Low-Profile Compact Design


3. RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Misting Fan with Bucket

RYOBI 18-Volt ONE+ Misting Fan with Bucket

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RYOBI is a well-known brand among many laborers on worksites, but also produces various home and garden products. This model fits onto a 5-gallon bucket or connects to a regular hose while sitting flat on the ground. At 14.88 inches in height and 12.25 inches in width, it’s a portable solution that you can take to sport events, garden parties, parks, and everywhere in-between.

Use it as a regular fan, or switch on the mist function with dual brass spouts on either side of the head. The control board is easily accessible right on the front, protected with plastic casings. It comes with 2 buttons, both with high and low settings, for the mist and pivot feature.

A 1.5Ah lithium-Ion battery is included with the fan and runs for up to 3.5 hours. We like that it’s part of the whole ONE+ System where more than 125 tools are compatible with the same battery platform.

Key Features:

  • Multifunctional Base Connects to Bucket or Hose
  • 5 Hour Runtime 1.5AH Lithium-Ion Battery Included
  • High/Low Speed Settings for Mist & Blades


4. Ergodyne Portable Outdoor Misting System

Ergodyne Portable Outdoor Misting System

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Perfect for tents or canopies, this is a misting device without a fan. It consists of a 2-gallon tank made from a heavy-duty plastic material, and an extended rubber tubing with 8 brass-plated nozzles. 8 looping straps along the tubing attach to the inside of tents, fences, or other structures. 

The high-performance pressure pump has a large-sized handle to allow thick gloves to pick it up and move it around. For safety, there is a locking pressure-release valve – the locking system is hassle-free to use with a push down and twist system.

With a 10ft x 10ft reach, it can bring temperature down by 30°F. The vapor is super fine, making it more comfortable. What’s more, you can angle the spouts in any direction. We appreciate that you can either attach it to the tent before filling with water, or it fill with water first.

Key Features:

  • Extra Fine Mist Produced from Brass-Plated Jets
  • Reaches a 10ft x 10ft Surface Area
  • Heavy-Duty Plastic Chamber & 25ft Food-Grade Tubing


5. Iliving ILG-250 Fan Misting Kit

Iliving ILG-250 Fan Misting Kit

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The last pick on our list is this kit from Iliving. It’s made for a universal fit, meaning it can attach to virtually any brand or type of fan. Basically, it turns any fan you already own into a personalized misting system at any time. Ideal for either outdoors or indoors, it’s constructed with stainless steel and malleable nylon tubing.

With a 200 PSI pump, it’s can produce just over 3 gallons of water vapor in one hour. The power comes from a 120V 45W battery, so it’s designed to prevent overheating. You’re provided with all essential fittings needed for installation, including a hook that directly connects to a faucet. 6 high-pressure nozzles fit onto the front of your fan, plus they’re anti-drip to avoid puddles on your floor.  

Key Features:

  • Attaches to a Wide Range of Standard Fans
  • 6 Anti-Drip Nozzles with High-Pressure
  • Solid Stainless Steel Build Includes All Necessary Parts


6. CoolZone by Sunheat CZ500 Misting Fan

CoolZone by Sunheat CZ500 Misting Fan

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Our next choice for a standing fan is this model from CoolZone by Sunheat. It features a water tank that is built-in, but you can also connect it to your hose through the outlet. Powered by an AC adapter, there is a remote control that requires two AAA batteries.

The biggest highlight for us is the movability of this design. 4 wheels can be found at the bottom and let you roll it around with complete ease. Since it weighs 20lbs, the wheels are a must-have feature for us. The head can oscillate and tilt, which you can control using the simple push buttons.

Other than the remote control, you’ll notice 6 controls on the structure, including one labelled ‘mosquito repellant’ to help you rid those pesky visitors. Some other standout qualities include the built-in speakers, Bluetooth compatibility, user-friendly LCD display, and an optional anion setting that helps cleanse the air.    

Key Features:

  • 4 Wheels for Effortless Portability
  • Bluetooth Technology & Integrated Speakers
  • Optional Anion Function Sterilizes Airflow


7. Dynamic Collections Fan with Misting Kit

Dynamic Collections Fan with Misting Kit

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For those who are looking for something a little different, this model from Dynamic Collections offers a unique vintage take on regular standing fans. Ornamental faux rope has been wound around the bottom pole area, and it’s complimented by an eye-catching bronze finish to the metal. Due to the design and construction, it is quite heavy. That’s perfect for withstanding strong winds, but go for something lighter if you need it to be portable.

Equipped with 3 speeds, it has a high RPM (revolutions per minute) rating of 1280 and goes down to 900 RPM at the lowest setting. We like that the misting kit is detachable, because you can attach the kit to other fans as well.

With the oscillating head feature, you can create a wider berth of airflow. Along with that you’re able to adjust the height from 40 inches to 51 inches using the telescoping pole. For increased safety, it has a GFCI plug that indicates any electrical danger, and an ETL Wet Listed rating. This means it is specifically designed to handle wet conditions, despite the various electrical parts.

Key Features:

  • UV Resistant & ETL Wet Listed for Safety
  • Detachable Misting System Connects to Multiple Fans
  • Vintage Design & Heavy Base Adds Stability


8. Arctic Cover Bucket Top Misting Fan

Arctic Cove Bucket Top Misting Fan

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Our second-last model can be used on the top of water buckets, or through a traditional hose connection. It contains a rechargeable 18V battery, which is protected from water with a special plastic casing. The base can either sit on a bucket top, or flat on the ground without needing to change or configure anything.

With a RYOBI ONE+ 18V battery, you get 2.5 hours of runtime on a high setting, and 7 hours on low. To choose your settings, the fan and water pump misting features are separated by clearly marked push buttons. It’s a straightforward high-low design. Being cordless, it’s easily portable to take on camping trips, picnics, outdoor sports, and so on.

Key Features:

  • Fits on 5-Gallon Bucket or Regular Hose
  • Rechargeable 18V Battery with Water Protection
  • Pivoting Head & High-Low Switches


9. NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan

NewAir AF-600 Outdoor Misting Fan

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Classic and sleek, this model from NewAir is a tall standing fan that can be chosen with either 500 ft/s (feet per second) or 600 ft/s. It can cool down the surrounding area by 59°F at most, even in open spaces. A stainless-steel construction prevents rust or deterioration from being exposed to the elements. The bronze coloring is a nice touch, as it isn’t a usual color we’ve seen before.

In addition to the wide ft/s range, it has broad oscillation coverage of 600 square feet. Several safety features include a GFCI plug that senses any faults, and a seepage prevention feature that turns off the blades if there are any leaks.

For simple installation, it comes with user-friendly instructions and connects with a standard garden hose, which is 0.75 inches. The speeds are a cinch to adjust, using a cool vintage pull-string on the back. Alter the height in just a few seconds, and control how much mist goes through with the special water valve.

Key Features:

  • Slim & Lightweight Stainless-Steel Build
  • 3 Fan Settings with Oscillating Head
  • Leakage Prevention Feature with GFCI Plug


10. SPT SF-18M45 Oscillating Misting Fan

SPT SF-18M45 Oscillating Misting Fan

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This next model is ultra slim to fit anywhere in the house or outdoors without taking up much room. The fan blades measure 18 inches for a wide airflow reach. The switch board is straightforward to use, with two simple buttons to control oscillation and misting functions. Besides oscillating, you can also adjust the head to tilt up and down.

You’ve got 3 speed settings on a separate interface of buttons, and they’re clearly labelled so you know which speed you’re getting each time. To produce some mist, it connects to any standard sized faucet or garden house. 3 nozzles made from brass are UV and rust resistant, thus having a longer lifespan. The height is fully adjustable, reaching 54 inches at its tallest.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-Use Push-Button Controls
  • UV & Rust Resistant Brass Mist Outlets
  • 3 Blade Speeds & Adjustable Height


How to Choose the Best Outdoor Misting Fan


This will depend on personal preference, and also the kind of area where you’re looking to install the fan.

Standing fans are some of the most common – they are tall, usually adjustable, and can reach a broad amount of space in terms of air and mist. Most are oscillating and have a heavy-duty base that prevents anything falling down. These aren’t as portable as some smaller models.

Compact floor fans typically sit quite close to the ground, and some can even be mounted on a wall. They are generally portable (depending on the weight) and work great for jobsites, camping, or indoors.

Then, you’ve got the kits. These are external systems that attach to a universal range of fans.

Other aspects of design to consider include:

  • Range of speed settings or mist adjustments
  • Materials, like strong ABS plastic and rubber tubing
  • UV or rust resistance
  • Oscillating or tilting head


The use can refer to how you’ll be using it, and also ease-of-use. In terms of how you’ll be using it, consider if you need something for both indoors and outdoors, or just one. If it’s for indoors, look for a model where the vapor function can be turned on and off. If it’s for outside as well, then it should be made from durable materials and be rustproof and weatherproof.

Think about what type of connection it needs (like, does it attach to standard garden hoses), how simple it is to assemble, and whether you need an external part like a bucket.

Power Type

Where do you need to set it up? Will it be close to an outlet? Or are you keener on some rechargeable batteries? These are the questions to ask yourself before making a purchase, because you should think about if you’ll need an extension cord or whether you can easily buy a new battery. Cordless models are easier to transport.

Mist Coverage

You can measure this like regular fans in terms of the amount of airflow. Typical measurements include CFM (cubic feet per minute) and Ft/s (feet per second). Some versions give you RPM ratings, which refers to the revolutions per minute – this evaluates the amount of turns throughout one minute. Your choice should depend on the size of the space you need covered by water spray and air.


How does an outdoor misting fan work?

They work by using condensation and evaporation, which is best used in an environment with dry heat. When the fan pushes out mist, it evaporates within the hot air, taking the hot air molecules away at the same time.

Who uses an outdoor misting fan?

There are plenty of advantages to using these types of fans, compared to regular versions. People use them to cool down the air around them at a much faster rate than a simple fan would. Instead of circulating the same hot air and pushing out a warm breeze, the mist creates a cooling and refreshing effect, almost like an air conditioner.

Some common additional uses include:

  • To repel insects
  • Humidify air to prevent skin drying out
  • Some have an ion function which helps sterilize/purify the air – this usually works by generating negative ions through the airflow, thus reducing pollen, bacteria spores, and dust.

How do I make a misting fan?

If you’d rather DIY your own, you can use a misting kit, which is a high-pressure system that connects to standard fans. A misting ring also works – it’s tubing that also attaches to regular fans, either with zip ties or special clips.


Conclusion on Outdoor Misting Fans

Having your own outdoor misting fan is kind of like having your own outside air conditioner, only much cheaper to assemble and run. They help to lessen the risk of heatstroke and can be used in countless places – cool down the air on a boat, in an RV, camping in a tent, at outdoor sporting games, picnics, backyard BBQ’s, or on your deck. Before choosing your own, remember to think about where you’ll be installing it, whether it needs to be portable, and the size of the zone you need to cool down.


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