Outdoor Specialist and Content Team

Mike is a multi talented member of our team, and definitely the one with the creative edge and artistic prowess. He is a brilliant photographer and captures his adventures throughout the world with his high powered camera. He's hiked through Canadian mountains, climbed mountains in the United States, Kayaked in South America and has travelled down the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam with locals. He is really out there and it shows in his work. He has a passion for writing and has become one of our top content creators and content strategist. He's always in the know when it comes to new releases in the camping industry, and has a keen eye for what works and what doesn't. With thousands of hours of product research and testing experience under his belt, he is a key component to our review process and his insight is well worth paying attention to. When he's not creating our top content in the camping and outdoors areas, you can find him out in nature catching the latest photographs and artwork for his travel and adventure blog.

Posts by Mike:

Berghaus Air Tent Reviews – Air 8, 6XL, 6, 4XL, 4, Air Shelter

A top brand in the UK and across Europe, Berghaus specializes in outdoor apparel but also have an excellent line of air tents, with a variety of different of models in their lineup. Their inflatable design makes them easier to pitch compared to traditional pole tents, and they come with a pump, manometer, and repair…