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night cat pop up tent reviews

Night Cat Tent Review – Pop Up Model

The Night Cat 2-4 person pop up tent is the focus of today’s article. With a hydraulic mechanism aiding setup for a pitch time of under 60 seconds, and an affordable price tag, we wanted to see for ourselves how good the materials, functions and features really are.

Especially when compared to the other Pop Up Tents we Reviewed, this helps us to see if the value is fair. We will check out all the specifics that are important to know before buying a tent, and we will also explain each good feature in a practical way, that shows you why its actually useful, or not in some cases. 

Read on for a closer look.

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Night Cat Tent Review

Night Cat Tent blue

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The Night Cat is a fun and functional tent that we think would benefit up to 3 campers at once. Solo campers could use this as a luxurious shelter, couples would have more than enough room, and parents with a small child would also get a lot of use from it.

Its fast pitch will be attractive to 99% of the camping community, and it has enough bells and whistles built in that you won’t feel as though its missing any vital features. We think those looking for a multi-season tent won’t disappointed in this gem.


Pop Up Dome


7.9 x 6.6 feet (52 sq. ft.)


11 lbs.


55” Center height


2 – 4 People


$79.99 USD


3 Season


1 Minute Setup Time


Shell / Fly: 210D Oxford Polyurethane

Footprint: Polyethylene Tarp

Frame: Fiberglass Poles

Pack Size

33.5” x 6.7” x 6.7”



Available Colors

Blue, Green

Overview of Features

  • Pop Up Tent With 1 Minute Setup Time
  • Spacious Interior for Multiple Mattress Sizes
  • Includes Heavy Duty Polyethylene Footprint
  • Allows for Fast Fly Setup
  • 3000mm+ Waterproof Coating
  • Large Doors on Opposite Sides for Easy Entry/Exit
  • Excellent Ventilation via Mesh Doors
  • Comes in Multiple Colors


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

GOLD QUALITY – 1 Minute Instant Tent

When a tent can be fully pitched in under a minute, its sheer convenience makes it hard to declare a more deserving top feature. This fast pitch tent is attractive for inexperienced campers that need a shelter but are intimidated by assembling a more traditional model. If you do have camping experience, but dread the idea of putting together your shelter, a pop up tent is the way to go.

night cat tent setup instructions

After removing the pre-assembled tent from its storage bag, place it on provided tarp and unfold the legs. You will then pull up on the hub mechanism located on top of the tent, essentially “popping up” the shelter. The remaining setup consists of guying it out and staking down the corners of the tent. It should take you no longer than a minute to have it up and running, which is ideal when you are pitching in the dark, or when the weather isn’t cooperating.


As Night Cat has included a heavy duty footprint (which is an awesome bonus feature), it will not only protect the floor of your tent from moisture and wear, but you can also use it with just the rain fly (as the tent shell can be unhooked from it), for an even faster, bare-bones setup.

night cat tent framework

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This fast fly setup is ideal for just relaxing in the shade when the bugs aren’t an issue, and can give you better views of your surroundings, as you will only have a canopy over your head. A lot of people will use this type of setup if they are on a beach, giving them a good balance of sun and shade.

BRONZE HIGHLIGHT – Rain Outside, Sunny Inside

Any tent that is worth its salt has to have a good waterproofing system so it can be used in multiple seasons and climates. The shell and rain fly fabric used on this tent is coated with a 3000mm anti-water agent, keeping rain from spoiling your time outdoors. Night Cat has also sealed the seams of this tent and provided zipper covers on the doors, ensuring water wont leak through tiny cracks in its design.

night cat tent details

This is for the 2-4 person model, also a smaller version available

Additionally, the inclusion of the waterproof polyethylene footprint tarp adds an extra level of protection. The tent floor also has a bathtub design, and when used in conjunction with the tarp you should have no issues with ground water seeping into the shelter.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

night cat tent green model

Also available in green

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Vital Ventilation

When it comes to 1 to 3 person tents, the interior space is about half the size of large group camping shelters, so proper ventilation is of vital importance in these models. With 2 large screen doors, you get plenty of air flowing into the tent without the accompanying bugs. As these doors can zip shut, you can regulate the ventilation to your liking.

Multi-Mattress Master Suite

A single-room shelter means you will spend most of your time inside this tent sleeping or relaxing. While it can theoretically fit a king-size mattress, a more comfortable configuration is a queen mattress or multiple single mattress pads.

These smaller mattresses will give you a bit more room to move around, as a king mattress will span the entire floorspace and might not be ideal for most people.

Ingenious Interior

With slightly more than 50 square feet of interior, 2 adults + gear can fit inside this tent nicely, or if you have a small family, parents + 1 child is also a good configuration for using this tent. While it is advertised as a 4-person tent, you might end up sleeping on top of each other with that many people in the tent at one time.

Additionally, the interior is lined with storage pockets, high-quality 2-way zippers, and a ceiling light hook that all aim to enhance your camping adventure.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this tent include a footprint?

A footprint tarp is included. It is placed between the ground and the underside of your tent to protect the floor from wearing out prematurely.

How much does this tent weigh?

The 2-4 person model is relatively lightweight at 10 lbs., making it easy for anyone to carry and set up.

Is this tent waterproof?

It is! The tent uses 3000mm rainproof 210D oxford polyurethane on the rain fly and shell, while the footprint tarp is made from waterproof polyethylene. Night Cat also seals all seams, so no water leaks through small cracks.

Can the tent fit in my car’s trunk when it’s in its storage bag?

It should. It measures approximately 34” in length, so it should easily fit inside the trunk of any vehicle.



Our Final Thoughts

Although we feel a few improvements could be made, Night Cat has done a fine job providing a functional, no-nonsense tent.

The low ceiling height can be an issue for taller campers, and some users have reported small leaks during heavy rain, so we would recommend spraying it down with some tent sealant before your first use for additional protection.

Having said that, the inclusion of a heavy-duty footprint is more than welcome, so you don’t need to hunt for the proper size and make another purchase, and it is well-rounded enough with a quick pitch to impress even the most seasoned of campers.


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