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Best Berghaus Air Tents Reviewed - Air 8, 6XL, 6, 4XL, 4, Air Shelter

Berghaus Air Tent Reviews – Air 8, 6XL, 6, 4XL, 4, Air Shelter

A top brand in the UK and across Europe, Berghaus specializes in outdoor apparel but also have an excellent line of air tents, with a variety of different of models in their lineup.

Their inflatable design makes them easier to pitch compared to traditional pole tents, and they come with a pump, manometer, and repair kit should you encounter any structural damage while out in the bush.

Given the generous variety in size, we have a few air tents to cover in this review. We also include the XL models which people tend to gloss over, but they are well worth the extra space/features when you’re camping with extras, whether that be little humans or additional camping gear.

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We will start with the Berghaus Air 8 and move down through the Air 6XL, Air 6, then onto the Air 4XL and Air 4, before finishing with the Berghaus Air Shelter, for those who aren’t exactly sure of its purpose. 

These tents are built with high-quality in mind, and aim to mix the comforts of home with functional features required for camping. In this article we will look at the Berghaus Air Tents, and see how they stack up against Vango, Coleman, and Outwell inflatable camping tents.

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1. Berghaus Air 8 Inflatable Tent

Berghaus Air 8 Inflatable Tent

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The Air 8 tent from Berghaus is one of their largest models, with a floor space that measures 750 x 300 cm, and a 215 cm height for easy maneuver. Weighing 30 kgs, its tunnel-designed with a centralized living area and 2, 210 x 280 cm bedrooms on each end.

There are also 2 large D-doors, offset on the front and back of the shelter, allowing you entry and exit from any side and increased air circulation. Berghaus employs a low to high ventilation system on the Air 8, and all vents are adjustable for precision air flow.

Able to sleep up to 8 people, the bedrooms have optional divider curtains and can be zipped shut for privacy. Plenty of natural light is provided from large windows, and the interior has functional features like gear lofts, ceiling hooks, cable routing, and an E-port for powering your devices.

This highly durable tent is composed of breathable polyester, and a thick ground sheet. Protecting you from moisture is a 6000mm hydrostatic head, taped seams, sewn-in floor, and an awning over the front door for roll-off protection. If all this isn’t enough, the Air 8 can be expanded by attaching Berghaus’ Air Porch for added luxury.

Key Features

  • 8-Person Inflatable Tent with Double Sleep Spaces
  • Superior 6000mm Waterproofing
  • Increased Shade with Air Porch Add-On


2. Berghaus Air 6XL Inflatable Tunnel Tent

Berghaus Air 6XL Inflatable Tent

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The Air 6XL is slightly shorter in length but almost double in width when comparing it to the Air 6, and it comes with a front porch for shaded relaxation. Standing 215 cm high, you can walk through this tunnel tent easily, and even fully stand up in the bedrooms.

The living space is so large it rivals a Tokyo apartment, and has plenty of light from the many windows and doors. The sleep space measures 420 x 215 cm and can be divided into 3 with curtains if you wish. These separate spaces all have their own zip up doors for privacy and can also be ventilated using their mesh vents in unison with the vent on the rear of the tent.

Like all Berghaus tents, superior waterproofing is present on the 6XL. A thick groundsheet in the living and sleep spaces has taped seams and is fully sewn-in to eliminate any ground water from seeping in. Additionally, the exterior shell is coated in a 6000 mm hydrostatic head and the doors are designed with awnings to keep rain away from the entry points for a dry camping experience.

Key Features

  • 3 Compartment Inflatable Tunnel Tent
  • Sleeps Up To 6 People with Separate Bedrooms
  • Waterproof and Fire-Resistant


3. Berghaus Air 6 Person Tent

Berghaus Air 6 Person Tent

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Covered in a 70 Denier fly sheet and 185T polyester interior, this is a high-quality 6-person shelter that works well for families or groups. Meeting European safety standards for fire-resistance, this blue tent has a reflective strip, illuminated guy lines, and outlined doors so you can always find you way back to it.

The 6-sleeper is great for families, with a 730 x 230 cm footprint and 217 cm height for plenty of space inside. Two doors allow access to the central living area, which branches off to produce two sleep spaces on opposite ends of the tent.

The sleep spaces have plenty of storage and are lined with darkened walls to help keep light from flooding in early in the morning. Light and air enter the tent through adjustable windows and vents, and superior waterproofing can be found throughout the structure.

Keeping you dry is a combination of an exterior 6000mm hydrostatic head, sewn-in groundsheet, and taped seams. The entire structure can be closed up when inclement weather hits, making it easy for you and your fellow campers to enjoy your trip without fear of moisture creeping in.

Key Features

  • 6 Person Inflatable Tunnel Tent
  • Dual Sleep Spaces on The Ends
  • High-Quality Materials & Waterproofing


4. Berghaus Air 4XL Tunnel Tent

Berghaus Air 4XL Tunnel Tent

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Measuring 605 x 310 cm and standing 205 cm tall, the 4XL model is tunnel-designed, providing a covered porch, living area, and large bedroom space for up to 4 people. Weighing slighting over 28 kg, it stores in a 85 x 58 x 49 cm wheeled carrying case, and includes a double-action pump for quick inflation.

Two entries allow you to come and go as you please, and windows surround the tent to allow light in while you enjoy the views. Mesh doors to keep bugs out and work with adjustable venting points to circulate air. The shelter can be fully closed when wet weather hits and premium waterproofing (6000mm hydrostatic head, taped seams, sewn-in floor, door awning) ensure a dry camping trip.

The bedroom can be divided with a privacy curtain, and each side has its own entry door. The walls are also darkened to keep morning light from flooding in so you can sleep easy. The Air 4XL also provides plenty of storage and organizational pockets to help keep the interior tidy at all times.

Key Features

  • 4 Person Inflatable Tent with Porch
  • Can Be Configured For 1 or 2 Bedrooms
  • Premium Waterproofing During Wet Weather


5. Berghaus Air 4 Inflatable Family Tent

Berghaus Air 4 Inflatable Family Tent

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Designed for small families or couples who prefer a bit of luxury, the Air 4 is an inflatable tunnel tent with separate living and sleeping quarters. It can sleep 4 bodies side by side, but less people will provide you a more comfortable experience. The sleep spaces can be split with a divider curtain and their doors can be closed for additional privacy from the living space.

The living area can be accessed by a front or side door, and there’s plenty of windows and mesh provided to keep light and air flowing effortlessly. With its smaller size, inflating this tent is quick and easy, and it comes with poles for the side-door awning, which helps direct rainfall away from the entry.

Speaking of which, rainfall won’t get into this bad boy as it has a 6000 mm coating on the exterior fly, as well as taped seams and a durable, fully integrated floor. Mesh doors keep any bugs from entering the shelter, and you’ll find various storage organizers, pockets, light hooks, and a power port for replicating all the comforts of home.

Key Features

  • Inflatable Dual-Room Tunnel Tent
  • Sleeps Up To 4 In Dividable Bedrooms
  • Superior 6000 mm Waterproofing


6. Berghaus Air Shelter

Berghaus Air Shelter

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The Air Shelter is a 300 x 300 cm day tent that can be used while camping, in your backyard, or during outdoor events. Unlike Berghaus’ air tents, the Air Shelter is designed with a single beam, meaning there’s only 1 inflation point for a fast pitch.

It stands tall at 2.2 meters (over 7 feet), and can easily hold a large table and chairs for relaxing under. It uses the same materials as the air tents, and has taped seams and a 6000 mm hydrostatic head for high-end waterproofing. There are 4 doors on the shelter – 2 have over-sized windows, and 2 have mesh panels with optional curtains. All doors can be fully rolled up to let light in and air flow.

Additional light streams in through ceiling skylight panels, and the shelter meets European safety standards when it comes to fire-resistance. Weighing slightly over 11 kg, this is a great addition for your camping adventures, and it comes with its own pump and its own 75 x 35 x 34 cm storage case.

Key Features

  • Open-Concept Day Tent for Shaded Relaxation
  • Protected Against Rain and Flame
  • Single Valve Design for Quick Pitch


How to Setup Berghaus Air Tents

Setting up a tent involves a lot of moving parts. The inflatable nature of Berghaus tents make for a quicker pitch time, but they still require you to follow a certain protocol to get the tent up and running. Our quick guide helps you master putting this tent together, so you can spend more time camping and less time putting it together.

  1. After setting up your footprint (optional but highly recommended), remove the tent from its carrying case. Unroll it, unfold it, and loosely stake down the 4 corners.
  2. Attach the combination hose/manometer to the pump. Move yourself to one end of the tent. This allows you to inflate each beam as you make your way to the opposite end.
  3. Locate the inflation valve on the air beam. Remove the valve cover and push the middle pin until it extends out.
  4. Hook up the hose and inflate the beam to 4.5 PSI. Inflating past this number could result in damage to the tent, so be careful. Once inflated, replace the valve cover to keep air from escaping.
  5. The end you started at will have multiple guy lines. Secure them to the ground.
  6. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the remaining beams as you make your way to the other end of the tent.
  7. Assemble and attach any poles that come with the tent for framing out awnings.
  8. Make adjustments and fully stake down the tent’s 4 corners.
  9. Secure the remaining guy lines to give the tent added stability.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to purchase a pump separately?

You do not. Berghaus air tents come with a pump as well as a manometer. This will allow you to inflate the tent to the proper PSI so you don’t over-inflate and damage it.

Can the bedrooms be divided?

Yes, they can. The bedroom areas are designed with a divider curtain that is optional. You can use this curtain to separate the sleep space and give campers some privacy at night time.

Does Berghaus provide stakes for these tents?

Yes, stakes are included with Berghaus tents. They are for use with soft ground, so if you are pitching the tent on hard stone ground, we suggest picking up a set of large rock-style pegs.

Do I need to use a footprint with Berghaus tents?

You should invest in a footprint for these tents. Berghaus provides a very high-quality and durable floor with their tents, but protecting it even further with a footprint will pay off in the long run, saving you money from having to buy a new tent sooner than later. Footprints also protect the floor of the tent from dirt and bugs, making for a cleaner and quicker pack-up when you breaking down the tent.

Is there any expanding in Berghaus Air tents?

Yes, Berghaus makes an Air Porch that can be seamlessly attached to any of their air tents. It gives you an additional space measuring 345cm x 360cm, and has all the same high-quality features as their tents. It is meant to be used as a shaded porch, but you could use it as a living space, storage area, or even another bedroom.


Conclusion on Berghaus Air Tents

The inflatable Berghaus tents deliver a high-end shelter that will last for many years if used correctly and cared for properly. While not the cheapest tents on the market, the price tag they command is justified. Everything you need is included with these tents, affording you convenience and peace of mind when you are using them.

With their multi-room, configurable design, these tents are great for family camping, and can be added onto with the Air Porch for an expanded living space. Meeting European safety standards, they have high-quality fabrics and superior waterproofing, while providing tons of natural light and constant air flow for a highly recommended outdoor shelter.


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