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19 Best Inflatable Tents | Blow Up Air Tents for Camping

I was once very skeptical about Inflatable Tent in general, but you may have arrived here for the same reason I have written this article.

We’ve become intrigued by ever convincing performances and positive user reviews. In fact, the first tent to appear in space was an inflatable, courtesy of Vango and other air tents have picked up various camping awards in 2018.

They’ve gone from strength to strength, solidifying their place in the camping world. With this, an abundance of manufacturers has entered the fray, in a bid to claim their piece of the pie. With this in mind, we believe the future of the Air Tent among campers, is bright.


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This creates an issue for consumers, how could you possibly choose from over 200-300 models? To the untrained eye, this is a difficult task with many dangers and pitfalls afoot. Our team has set to work, meticulously testing and researching numerous products with intricate criteria, to filter out the treasure from the trash.



19 Top Air Camping Tents Reviewed

1. Vango Odyssey 600

Vango Odyssey Airbeam 600SC Review

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The Vango Odyssey line is a top quality line of inflatable tent that have performed excellently well in the field. Their Odyssey 500 hit the stage a while back and did so well, they went on to develop the 600 and now the 600SC. We like this model as it suits families very well with the sun canopy, awning attachment and large dimensions.


This is a very easy pitch tent as far as inflatables go, it has less preparation needed and you can get straight to work with pumping it up via its pressure valve. A rough estimate is around 8 minutes from the car to fully pitched. A cool feature on this tent is the air beams that replace tent poles in traditional tents are pre-bent, this provides additional strength in the design, making the whole structure more rigid.


The flysheet has been manufactured with a high-quality polyester which has an insane Hydrostatic Head rating of 4000mm. You can rest assured no water will penetrate this material, as long as there are no rips and tears. The Protex 70 Denier material is also fire retardant, so you don’t need to worry about sparks and embers lighting up your tent.


The Odyssey line has a patented tensioning system named the Vango TBS II, you will see this appear in many of their models and helps to improve the stability by using a tensioning band system to pull and hold the framework in place.

Note: For a more in-depth look at all of the Vango Odyssey Airbeam Tents, check out our full review guide. 

Key Features

  • Solo Set Up
  • Top Quality Materials
  • 4000mm HH Rating
  • Screened Room
  • Repair Patches Included


2. Heimplanet The Cave

Heimplanet The Cave Inflatable Tent

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This air tent is prolific among backpackers, hikers, cyclists who camp and any outdoor enthusiasts with an affinity for cool stuff. With insane resistance to winds, it has the perfect design for remote camping in extreme conditions.

Simplistic Set-Up

The Cave has the ability to set up within 60 seconds, given that you have a decent pump with a high PSI. The main reason for its fast set up, is that the whole frame has been put together as a unit. All attached and working together in unison, the whole framework will stand and erect together in one motion.

Geodesic Design

The unique design mainly derives from its Geodesic structure, which is not so common in tents, especially air tents. The reason for its stability is due to the ratio of fabric to volume, it’s an efficient structure. This ‘principle’ is known as IDG among Heimplanet, which means Inflatable Diamond Grid and they have conveyed this principle in the design of all their tents, including The Cave and Fistral.


Including a Multi-Chamber system that easily inflates the tent, however, it also serves another purpose. It allows the frame to be divided into chambers that are separated from each other. This is a safety feature, because if one part suffers a problem or deflation, the other sections that are separated will remain inflated and support the tent. Giving you time to repair without panic.


The inner tube or TPU has an airtight bladder feature, which keeps the air in for longer periods. They are protected from the outer shell which is made from durable polyester, high quality double layered air beams.

Note: we have a full review for the full range of Heimplanet Air Tents on our other page. 

Key Features

  • 5000mm Water Column 
  • Patented Safety Feature
  • Futuristic Geodesic Design
  • Incredible Wind Tolerance 
  • Perfect for Remote Camping


3. Quechua Air XL

Quechua XL AIR III Review

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This series has 2 models that have performed outstandingly well among American and European markets. The Air XL series maintains the pop up method of set up, but utilizing air beam supports instead of fiberglass and aluminum.

Fast Pitch

With the air pressure valve integration, this allows for a fast set up, especially if you use a high pressure pump. The valve fully opens allowing air to enter quickly, in the same respect upon deflation, the air can escape just as easily.


Designed with ventilation panels built in, fly sheets and attachable side panels, to create air circulation. The rear sheet in is cord operated, so you can raise the sheet by pulling the cord down, like blinds on a window.


The Polyester fly sheet and the Polyethylene ground sheet both passed testing, achieving a 2000mm hydrostatic head rating. Protected internally by an inner tent shell, this keeps you away from the outer layer which can accumulate condensation.

Key Features

  • Waterproof Tested
  • UV Protected SPF 30
  • Inflatable Pop Up Design
  • Well Ventilated 
  • 2 Size Options


4. Heimplanet Fistral

heimplanet fistral review

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Similar to The Cave, with the same technology and familiar geodesic design. However, you will notice that the Fistral has a smaller framework resulting in smaller dimensions. This is a 2 man air tent as opposed to the 3 man Cave model.


Also utilizing a very futuristic style design, helping tolerate extremely high wind-speeds. Due to the high aerodynamic value of the tent, strong winds will glide straight over it and the air beams will bend in the wind, not break like poles.


A backpackers dream as far as air tents go, super lightweight at 5.5lbs, a 2500mm water column, 5000mm groundsheet, allowing sustainability in heavy rain. Secondly, with a low bearing height, it allows you to get pitched in secret and remote environments, off the trail.


The head height in the center is 112cm with a 45 square foot ground area. The overall height is 132cm with the interior measuring 31 square foot. In total the pack size is 34x20x20 in cm.

Key Features

  • Lightweight at 5.5 Lbs 
  • 2500mm HH Flysheet
  • 5000mm Groundsheet
  • High Tenacity Polyester
  • Utilizes Geodesic Design 


5. Coleman Valdes 6XL

Coleman Air Valdes 6XL

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The Air Valdes series has been received excellently well by campers and picked up an award for innovation back in 2016 from Camping World, for its blackout bedroom feature. Coleman has marked their place in the inflatable tent market with the Valdes 6L and 6XL. 

Set Up

Amazingly, the huge 6XL can be set up alone by a single person. Connect your pump to the valve and begin, the valve is a high pressure valve which allows air intake much faster than standard valves. It also speeds up deflation. The inner poles will erect quickly, due to the durable inner tubes (TPU) in the framework, which are protected by a durable Polyester shell, inflating with force unbroken.

Blackout Bedroom

An award winning innovation completely blocks 99% of sunlight from penetrating any of the sleeping rooms, creating a dark, sleep inducing environment. It also decreases the temperature by up to 5 degrees internally. Additionally, while it blocks the sunlight, it absorbs it, later using the energy to warm the tent.

XXL Bedrooms

An additional benefit are the bedroom sizes, they are huge. Possibly a clever ploy by the company to integrate their large Double Air Mattress into the sales, but we aren’t mad. May as well sleep like a king or queen in these over-sized rooms.

Note: For the full lowdown on the Coleman Valdes Tents and Air Valdes Tents, check out our dedicated review. 

Key Features

  • Fire Retardant 
  • Durable TPU Inner Tube
  • Blackout Bedroom Technology 
  • 4000mm HH Rating
  • XL Sized Rooms


6. Berghaus Air Tent

Berghaus Air 8 Tent

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We were impressed by the standard of this tent and the quality is in sync with what we are used to from their clothing line. For starters, their HH rating is higher than many of the other models and the TPU’s are of the highest quality around.

Inflation and Deflation

The Air 8 is very easy to set up due to its pressure valve system allowing for smooth air flow in and out of the air tent. The deflation process is also very simple with a touch button that begins deflation. The bedroom is also pre-attached to the framework so there is no additional connecting or construction needed during the pitch.


The Berghaus Air line also has TPU integrated into all of the models. Protected from the top and the bottom by way of a flysheet that has been seam sealed and fully taped, additionally a durable and heavy duty groundsheet lies beneath.


There are storage pockets inside all of the bedrooms, not just one. A heavy duty carry bag also comes with the tent, which has wheels integrated onto the base. This is helpful as the 8 person air tent has a 70lb weight when packed.

Note: For more details check out Berghaus Air Tent Reviews which covers all models from 4-8 plus their Air Shelter. 

Key Features:

  • Ideal Family Air Tent
  • Various Sizes 4-8 Person
  • 6000mm HH Rating
  • Storage Pockets in All Rooms
  • High Performance TPU Beams


7. Ryno Tuff Air Tent

Ryno Tuff Camping Tent

Check Prices Here

A decent, economical choice of air tent that is suitable for up to 2 people. Presented as a 4 person, we feel the space will suffice for 2 adults, plus gear comfortably. 


Fire retardant fabric is used throughout this tent and it also has a water rating of 1000mm. Which is respectable but will not hold up in very heavy rain, for casual camping it will work well. Utilizing polyester taffeta it is quite durable and lightweight to boot. 

Air Tubes

Using 4 large inflatable tubes from each corner, that erect the tent when inflated, holding the structure in place. You pump these in minutes with a foot pump or high pressure version, without too much hassle. Very convenient. 


With 8 x 8 dimensions, it is reasonably spacious and has a 5 foot head height, so you can pitch it under remote locations, trees, etc. However, marketed as a 4 person tent, we don’t feel an 8 x 8 can fit 4 adults with gear and beds comfortably. You’re better off using this as a 2 person tent for efficiency. 

Key Features

  • Fire Retardant Fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Set Up
  • Best Air Tent Under 100
  • Waterproof


8. Neumayer Inflatable Tent


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For a large family camping trip, the XXL Fiji is an excellent choice. One of the largest inflatable tent on the market that utilizes an easy set up with quality materials. 


Manufactured with 100% Polyester for the tent material, providing a waterproof but breathable function. The groundsheet is made with more robust material, in polyethylene and the water rating for this tent is 4000mm, which is above standard. 


The framework consists of 2 TPU inner tubes and various polymer frames, which helps to keep the tent inflated and sturdy. Additionally, you can tie down with the steel tent pegs and polypropylene guy ropes. 


In a dome design it can easily sleep up to 6 people, given the spacious interior. Very well ventilated with 5 meshed vents, which restrict insects also. Pitches easily enough but will require more than one person, due to the size of it. 3 sleeping cabin areas feature inside, separated by dividers, allowing for privacy.

Key Features

  • 4000mm Water Rating
  • Durable TPU Frame
  • 3 Cabin Sleeping Areas
  • 5 Meshed Vents
  • Polyethylene Ground Floor


9. Moose Outdoors Inflatable Tent

Moose Outdoors Inflatable Tent


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Probably the cheapest air tent on the market, is this model from Moose Outdoor. A simple design for small groups, its a good choice for backpacking trips. Sets up very easily with an air pump and can be up and ready within 3 minutes. Additionally, it can deflate even faster, taking seconds to exert the air due to the wide valves. 


Utilizing a Ripstop material for durability it also includes an impressive waterproof rating of 3000mm, for the tent and ground floor alike. The material isn’t so dense, so it can breathe, withstanding wind speeds of up to 33mph.  The measurements are 10.5 x 9 x 4 roughly, although they market it as a 4 man tent, we would suggest using it as a spacious 2 man, with extra space for gear. For the best performance. 

Key Features

  • Simple Set Up
  • 3000mm Water Rating
  • 33mph/53kmph Wind Rating
  • Attachable Ground Sheet
  • Cheap Priced Air Tent


10. Vango Taiga 600 XL

Vango Taiga 600 XL

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A large 6 person Airbeam tent from Vango, the Taiga has a unique aesthetic design with a quick pitch guidance system, a perfect choice for holidays and trips away with the family. 


The improved XL version has larger living spaces than any other models, plus you can benefit from new porch area. The additional area can be used as a canopy shaded area or as an entry point, depending on how you use both front and rear doors. The canopy area is also extendable with the use of support poles.


Utilizing durable TPU’s for the inner tubes, it inflates very quickly and easily due to the airspeed valves, allowing air to flow through from a high pressure pump safely. It also uses TBS II like some other Vango models, which helps to strengthen connection points, keeping the structure solid in windy environments.


Fire retardant material, breathable meshed inner rooms, large carrying bag and sewn-in groundsheet are just a few of the notable features. It’s very well ventilated with darkened sleeping areas, vented windows and flooring and the whole pack weighs around 30kg.

Key Features

  • Lights-out Technology
  • Vented Roof and Floor
  • Breathable Interior 
  • Quick Pitch System
  • Fiberglass Porch Area


11. Vango Capri 600XL

vango capri 600xl pitched

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An ideal choice for family camping groups who need spacious rooms and an easy going time when setting up. The Capri 600XL is the largest in this line of model from Vango.


Utilizing pre-angled beams, this means it creates more direct space inside as opposed to an arc structure. Angled beams create cabin style rooms which we know has more interior space when compared to dome tents. The shape is also aerodynamic, beneficial in strong winds.

Lights Out

The interior features dark fabric which reduces sunlight, cooling the room and providing a more relaxing atmosphere to sleep in. The windows are also diamond clear, so when light is needed, you can get clear visibility from sunlight. 


Stability stems from the TBS, which are internal connection points. These support the beams in their position and prevent erratic movements in winds, which can cause breakages. After use they can be easily disconnected and stowed away in the carry bags. 

Key Features

  • 4000mm Water Rating
  • Diamond Clear Windows
  • Dark Fabric Interior  
  • TBS Stability Feature 
  • Airspeed Valves (faster inflation/deflation) 


12. Outwell Vermont XLP

Outwell Vermont XLP

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The older model of the 7SA but actually still providing modern qualities, with a more attractive price tag than the newer high tech models. 


The tent is totally sealed with double wiring, this provides additional sealant and will prevent nay water penetration from filtering through vulnerable parts. The ground floor is removable and you may be pleased to know its of a tub design, providing more comfort and space while inside. 


Utilizing a patented safety feature, the Wind Stabilizer System from Outwell ensures excellent protection against winds and heavy rainfall. Protecting the joints and the air beams will flow with the wind, rather than resisting it. 


Beautiful panoramic windows surround the entire tent, due to the Gothic style design of their air tents. You can sit back and relax inside and admire the views, even on rainy days. 

Set Up

An incredibly easy set up operation, inflating quickly with the airspeed valves. Secured by tent stakes into the pegging points, which are adjustable, giving you versatility in pitching positions. Lastly, attach the guy ropes to add stability to the frame, they are also self-luminous also, alleviating any trip hazards. 

Key Features

  • Self Illuminating Guy Ropes
  • Unique Gothic Design
  • Removable Tub Floor
  • Double Wired Seams
  • Panoramic Windows


13. Zempire Aero Air Tent

Zempire Aero TXL

Check Prices Here

A true cabin style air tent, the Aero TXL is a spacious family tent with enormous internal living space, sleeping up to 6 plus storage. 


Utilizing vertical walls and a tension ridge design, this creates a cabin effect, increasing the size internally with increased head height. Additionally, there is an awning attachment at the front, providing further shelter to be used. 


The windows are large and made of PVC, allowing light to pass through, so its not too dark and dreary inside. The awning floor is also removable, so its easier to keep clean and shake off. 


You can create up to 3 bedrooms with the dividers, or 2 plus storage space, depending on your group size. The fabric is blackout in the bedroom areas to stop the morning sun and provide a cooler environment for sleeping. 


Storage pockets can be located internally, which helps to keep important things off the ground and organised. They are also meshed preventing condensation and insects, in the case of storing food or medicine. 


An impressive 5000mm water rating supports this model and the fabric is fire retardant and UV protected, perfect protection for family camping.

Key Features

  • 5000mm Water Rating
  • Fire Retardant Fabric
  • UV Protected
  • Canopy Awning Attachment 
  • Storage Pockets


14. Kampa Hayling 4 Air Pro

Kampa Hayling 4 Air Pro

Check Prices Here

A great choice for smaller groups or families that require something a bit more compact, but still pitches as quickly as others. The Hayling from Kampa fits the bill perfectly. 


A true air tent that utilizes Airframe technology to pitch within a minute or 2. The wide valves are compatible with all air pumps universally and allow efficient air flow during setup, also during deflation. 


A 4 person tent at best, you probably wouldn’t fit more than that in here. For best results perhaps 2-3 person and use the rest as storage would be ideal.


There is a sewn-in groundsheet which has been sealed around the edges to prevent water leakage. There is also a meshed insert located on the side, to prevent mosquitoes and bugs, etc from entering. Additionally, a large canopy resides over the front entrance, for extra shade and shelter. 

Key Features

  • Large Front Canopy
  • Fast Set Up
  • Compact Design
  • Sewn-In Groundsheet


15. Kelty Sonic Air Tent

Kelty Sonic Air Tent


Check Prices Here

A compact air tent that comes with a free air pump to get you started immediately on your camping trip. Included with a high volume floor pump, combined with the efficient design of the Kelty Air Pole line, you can have this tent set up within minutes. Then secure with guy lines and stakes for security. With an integrated fly, you don’t need to attach various accessories, it all comes ready assembled, just pump it up. 

Dual Valves

It has 2 points of inflation as opposed to the usual 1, this allows for a faster deflation when its time to pack up and go. Additionally, if you have 2 pumps, it can inflate twice as fast. 


No fiberglass or aluminum poles included in the framework at all, so in cases of high-wind you can rely on the air beams to bend with the wind rather than try to resist it and break.  You can benefit from a cool interior due to the great air circulation in this tent. Due to the high and low vent system, creating a cycle, bring in new cooler air and pushing out old warm air. 


A quality fly sheet utilizing 68D polyester has a respectable water rating of up to 1800mm, that goes for the walls and other areas of the tent as well. Not as high as some of the premium tents, but still respectable for a smaller, compact model. 

Key Features

  • 1800mm Water Rating
  • Dual Valves
  • Free High Volume Pump
  • Easy Set Up


16. Outwell Corvette 7 Air XL

Outwell Corvette 7 Air

Check Prices Here                     

An elongated, large family air tent that can sleep up to 7 in its large spacious rooms in a Gothic design. The Gothic influence comes from Outwell’s Danish heritage, they have integrated their Scandinavian roots into the design of all their tents. Giving an unforgettable appearance which is unlike any other air tent you will find on the market.

Night Sky Ceiling

Utilizing a cover that protects you from UV rays and also can reduce the heat internally, due to the material having a heat protective coating. Useful on hot summer days when camping with the family.


The tunnel design, gives it an elongated effect with huge interior space. The tunnel is divided up into 3 room areas, giving you privacy, tall tent head height, and different possible sleeping arrangements.


The quality of protection on the XL is insanely high, with a Hydrostatic Head rating of 5000mm, higher than the Vango and the Coleman. The groundsheet is a double-layered Polyethylene fabric with a hydrostatic head rating of 10,000mm. This can ensure you stay dry from the ground up no matter the weather.

Key Features

  • 5000mm Water Rating
  • 3 Rooms
  • Unique Gothic Design
  • Cooled Internal Rooms
  • Tunnel Design Shape


17. Vango Illusion 800XL

Vango Illusion 800XL

Check Prices Here

In traditional Vango colors, the Illusion 800XL is a perfect air tent for those going on extended holidays, longer camping trips and need something robust enough to endure any conditions. 


The flysheet is made of premium Polycotton fabric which provides an excellent waterproof rating over the whole roof of the tent. It also reduces the interior temperature, cooling in the hot sun. 


With the over-sized SuperBeam framework, you can hang various accessories and equipment from the ceiling without concern of the tent bending. 


There is also a convenient side awning, providing extra shade for some tables or chairs, or a place to store shoes when you are entering the tent.


Panoramic windows allow for great views from inside the tent, also providing significant lighting during the afternoons. Additionally, the bedroom space is huge due to pre-angled breams creating a cabin style interior, as opposed to a dome shape. 

Key Features

  • Panoramic Windows
  • Polycotton Flysheet
  • Sewn-In Groundsheet
  • Large Cabin Style Rooms
  • Over-Sized AirBeams


18. Vango Homestead 600XL

Vango Homestead 600XL

Check Prices Here

The luxurious Homestead from Vango is best suited for those of us searching for the cutting edge in their new air tent, with attention to detail and all the bells and whistles. 


Utilizing expensive Polycotton fabric for the flysheet, this provides an outstanding waterproof rating which can withstand heavy rainfall, preventing water penetration even in vulnerable areas, like seams and zippers. It also helps to regulate the temperature within the tent, blocking UV rays and heat as much as possible. 

Standout Feature

The SkyTrack II technology is a new feature that provides multiple areas to hang camping accessories, something which is often overlooked in air tents, due to their sub-optimal frame strength. However, the Homestead uses SuperBeams that are 30% bigger than average AirBreams, thus able to support much more weight. 


A sewn-in groundsheet is included that is fitted tightly and seam sealed, keeping insects from encroaching, along with other nuisances. Additionally, it prevents unwanted drafts at sleeping level. Circulation will come in at appropriate levels via the vented windows and breathable tent material. 

Key Features

  • SkyTrack System
  • SuperBeams (30% Bigger than standard)
  • Sewn-In groundsheet
  • Premium Polycotton Flysheet
  • Pre-angled Beams for Stability 


19. Kampa Studland Air Pro 8

Kampa Studland 8 Air Pro 8

Check Prices Here

An enormous air tent from Kampa that takes precedence at any campsite. Boasting some of the largest dimension on our list, when you need absolutely the biggest, Studland is for you. 


Capable of sleeping up to 8 people, this 6 berth air tent is a monster. Divided up internally into 3 separate sleeping areas, there is also space to arrange a 2 berth inner tent for storage, living area or additional bedrooms. The head-height stands at 7.3 feet which creates the spacious environment inside and the total pack weight is around 50kg.


There are 2 doors located on the side of the tent, allowing for a fixed entry and exit points, also it helps to create circulation in such a big tent. A sewn-in groundsheet keeps the ground clean and the 2 side doors are fully meshed to keep out mosquitoes and other bugs. A 3rd door is present which has an integrated canopy, providing extra shade externally.


The materials are superbly made, with a waterproof rating of 6000mm its well above standard and can withstand heavy downpours. All windows included airflow vents, when combined with all the access doors, you will have no issue keeping the tent cool during hot days. 

Key Features

  • 4000mm Water Rating
  • Airflow Vent Windows
  • 6 Berth Inner tents
  • Quick Pitch System
  • Darkened Bedrooms


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Inflatable Tent and How Does it Work?

An Inflatable tent, uses air to fill support beams known as Air Beams. They do not employ traditional tent poles in its set up, so no more fiberglass or metal framework to deal with. Inside the beams are inner tubes, like bicycle tires, known as TPU’s, these provide stability and are the framework of the tent. A durable, thick inner tube is the core f a quality air tent. The majority of the inflatable tent should have a TPU integrated into the design.

What is the Best Inflatable Tent?

Vango has always been at the forefront of the inflatable tent movement, they even had one of their tents put in space. Which is a phenomenal achievement, you would agree. As they gained more popularity, more brands emerged and existing companies began to design their own models.

Respectable brands to look out for as well as Vango are Outwell, Kelty Mach, Berghaus, Easy Camp (their Hurricane Series) and Quechua.

Heimplanet has also created an amazing lightweight, backpacking version, as opposed to the large family designs which are so common.

Are Inflatable Tents Strong and Stable?

Yes. You might assume that because it’s inflated with air it might not stand strong. This isn’t true, in fact air tents have unbelievable strength against even the strongest of winds. The key to their strength is that they are malleable in wind, whereas pole tents aren’t able to bend with the wind, they try to directly resist it. If the wind speed picks up high enough, it will just snap and break.

Air beam supports can’t snap or break, they flow and bend with the wind, this results in much higher resistance to strong winds. Obviously not comparable to a solid structure like a car canopy or garden canopy and gazebo. However, they definitely have their place for outdoor extremities.


We had a lot of fun writing this piece and we hope you enjoyed reading it to.

It’s clear, inflatable tent have really come along way and may have overtaken there traditional pole tent counterparts in many ways, much like the tarp has in many ways. With this in mind, we truly think they are worth a try. Perhaps you could find the perfect set up for family camping with an air tent by your side.

Until next time…Happy Camping!

Resources and Sources:

How to Set Up an Air Tent Properly


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4 thoughts on “19 Best Inflatable Tents | Blow Up Air Tents for Camping”

  1. Totallу what I was looking for, my buddy had told me about air tents and he was using a Skandika for a recent family trip, man it was the mutts nuts. Was jealous and wanna go for a Vango or Coleman model myself, what say yee tenthub?

    1. Haha, that’s a very tough call both Vango and Coleman have extremely top quality lines of air tents. Vango probably has superior numbers and variations of models compared to Coleman, as Coleman spread themselves thinly over the WHOLE camping industry. Whereas Vango are a bit more isolated and pinpoint their efforts on their inflatable tent line. If you want the best of the best perhaps go with Vango, if you want a top quality model for family camping, Coleman. They are both at the top of their game so you can’t go wrong with either.

  2. Hello. I just wanted to say what a magnificent job. I did not expect air tents to have such depth. I’m more used to seeing those cheap blow up ones for $50 that don’t last a night on the campsite. I’ve got my eyes thoroughly on that Vango model now, what a beaut. This is a fantastic article.

    1. Yeah that is the common misconception to be fair. People, especially if you’re of age like myself, you will have grown up with the cheap blow up models of the past, thus the bad reputation they have gained. But things have changed and the technology has definitely come a long way. Glad you found the article interesting, hope it helps with you air tent camping adventures 🙂

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