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Firstly, if you prefer to camp with your dog in your tent with you, then check out our Tents for Dog Owners article.

However! If you are looking for a super cute miniature dog tent that is designed for your pooch and can be used in conjunction with your larger tent, then look no further.

Not just a playful pet shelter, they have some worthy designs and materials that can hold their own outdoors and in adverse weather conditions. 

Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent
  • Editors Choice Best Tent For Dog Owners
  • Coleman Steel Creek Screened Tent

Small pup pop up tent
  • Best Pop Up Dog Tent
  • Lumsing Pup Tent

SUPERJARE XLarge Outdoor Canopy Dog
  • Best Canopy Dog Tent Cot
  • SUPERJARE XLarge Dog Cot

Jespet Portable dog Playpen
  • Best Pet Playpen for Camping
  • Jespet Pet Playpen

These models are most useful when your dog is already used to sleeping outside, in a kennel or in its own room, a dog tent will facilitate this in a camping environment. 

Protective also, sheltering your dog from natural dangers like mosquitoes, creepy crawlies and the suns harmful rays, among others.

Best Dog Tent Reviews

Lumsing Pet Tent Review

Lumsing Pet Tent for Dogs

Check Prices

This looks so cool! Like a military tent for dogs, stand to attention as pooch parades around the campsite strutting its stuff. Really well ventilated with zippered doors and roll up windows, it will create a breathable and fresh interior for your dog. Not only this but the breathable mesh material used will also keep bugs out and keep it cool during hot weather.

The material used is no joke either, with a 210D polyester cover, this is waterproof and will protect your dog during any rainfall. The frame is super light as it utilizes fiberglass for its framework, just weighing a few lbs. at best.

It’s really well protected from moisture, dust and UV, which is what we want in a pet tent, protection is vital. The dimensions are 45 x 32 x 27 for length, width and height respectively, so it’s perfect for other smaller pets like cats, hamsters and the like.

  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 210D Polyester Cover
  • Water and UV Protected
  • Well Ventilated
  • Economical
  • Being fiberglass and of this size, the frame may be quite fragile, don’t use in harsh weather

Cool Runners Pop up Dog Tent Review

Cool Runner pop up tentCheck Prices

A sleek, stylish and quality pop up dog tent enters our list from Cool Runners. This dog tent sets up in seconds given the spring loaded mechanism inside the framework. No tools or instruction manuals needed, its good to go once its out the box.

1 size and 1 color theme so its pretty restricted in that area. It stands at 47 x 47 x 32 in inches, so its suitable for small-big sized animals, but nothing too huge. 

It’s just as easy to fold down as it is to pitch and comes with a free carry case for storage, not a bad dog tent by all means and shows good quality in the design and materials used.

  • Sleek Design
  • Ventilated with Roll Up Windows
  • Rain Fly Included
  • Free Carry Case
  • Fast Pitch and Pack
  • Higher end pricing

FrontPet Portable Pet Tent Review

FrontPet Portable Pet TentCheck Prices

It’s not a pop up dog tent but it does employ a very quick and easy setup which entails a 1 step process only. Additionally it works really well with all manner of pets, cats, rabbits as well, due to the crate style design, its really secure with no windows.

The side panels are all meshed panels so you wont have any issue with poor ventilation due to the lack of windows. 

May appear slightly cage-like but this is because they are focusing on protecting your pet during the night time, from outside dangers. 

  • Robust and Strong
  • Secure Crate Style Design
  • Meshed Side Panels
  • Free Rainfly
  • One of the heavier models on the list


Best Choice Products Canopy Dog Tent Review

Best Choice Products Canopy DogCheck Prices

A miniature canopy tent! This is also an awesome little product that can be used for your dogs while camping or any outdoor activity. Firstly a camping cot, it offers a raised and protected area for your dog. Keeping them off rough or hot surfaces, protecting their paws and feet. Likewise if there is wet weather, keeping them off the cold, wet floor is equally important, to avoid sickness.

With the ventilated mesh cot bed, this will allow air to pass up through from underneath, creating a cool environment for your dog. Ultra lightweight yet sturdy steel frame, comes with a travel bag so it’s easily carried with the rest of your camping gear. The canopy tent cover above works to provide a sun protected shelter, in a cool canopy tent like aesthetic. This is also detachable, so you can use the cot bed alone when its bed time. 


  • 99lb weight capacity
  • Steel Frame
  • Travel Bag
  • Being a canopy style its not enclosed

Lightspeed Outdoors Mini Pop Up Tent Review

Lightspeed Mini Pop Up Beach TentCheck Prices

This is a really nice option for a larger pet or if you have a couple pets to shelter. This pop up tent from Lightspeed is excellent for a temporary shade, whether it’s from rain or sun, it will shade your pet effectively.

Geared towards use under the hot sun it has a great UV protection rating and a UPF of 50+, which combined with the pop up method of assembly, you can have instantaneous protection as soon as you arrive at the beach or campsite. Small inflatable tents are often used on the beach, but in this case we loved the pop up model.

Dimensions wise it’s around 7 x 3.5 x 3.3 in feet for width, diameter and height respectively. This also packs down to a small and compact size within the carry case, which only weights around 3 lbs., thus easily implemented into your gear.

  • UPF+50
  • Pop Up Assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Large Sheltered Area for Pets
  • Not for use in rainy weather

Jespet Pet Playpen Review

Jespet Portable dog PlaypenCheck Prices

Another different design but effective for the same purpose as a dog tent, it kinda reminds me of a gazebo design. The pet playpens provide a personal space for your dog to relax. Play and sleep within a 61 x 30 inches generous space, which will be ample size for most dogs and pets.

Perfect to take on the next camping trip, the playpen comes with 2 doors for easy entrance and exit and the cover is meshed also to allow for proper ventilation. You could even use a tarp over the top to make it waterproof if necessary.

Made with 600D Oxford Fabric it uses quality materials and the side panels are also made with protective fabric to prevent water penetration. This also provides a smooth and non-stick surface so they are easy to clean, you can blast them with the hose and let them dry out before packing away.

Also utilizing some storage pockets on the side-panels, there are 2 in total, perfect for storing your pet amenities.

  • Ventilated Mesh
  • Double Doors
  • Side Storage
  • Durable Oxford Fabric
  • The top is vulnerable as it’s only meshed, will need a cover or shelter above

GigaTent Pet Tent Review

GigaTent Pet PopUp TentCheck Prices

With a simplistic and fast pop up assembly, it’s perfect for camping with your dog. The feature we like most about this is the foam pad, which offers a comfortable area for the dog to sit and sleep, this almost alleviates the need of buying a dog bed. You can just add a thick blanket to the foam bed and it will suffice.

Manufactured in 3 different sizes, this is the middle sized tent, however they do also have a larger option in addition to a smaller one. 34 x 34 x 40 in inches are the measurements for this model and will fit most average sized dogs.

With one large door which is zippered and another important feature, the mosquito mesh nets to stop the bugs disturbing doggo, it’s a great choice tent for dog owners.

  • 3 Size Models
  • Mosquito Mesh Nets
  • Pop Up Design
  • Foam Pad Floor
  • Go steady with the zipper, it’s not as durable as a real sized tent

SUPERJARE Outdoor Canopy Review

SUPERJARE XLarge Outdoor Canopy DogCheck Prices

If you’re looking for a larger option of canopy tent for dogs, with a larger base for your dog to lay on, this is ideal. Made with strong fabric, the 1680D Oxford Fabric will work well to protect your dog from rain and UV rays alike.

Not only this, with the increased dimensions it utilizes a steel frame, which has been well designed and can hold over 100 pounds in weight, up to around 120 max before the frame may start to bow. The material is breathable so it won’t create a stuffy environment when the canopy is fitted to the base, it will be breezy and cool.

The steel frame is also scratch/bite resistant, being steel, so you don’t need to worry about the durability of the frame diminishing. It will stay strong and of value way past its price tag. A carry bag is also included for easy storage and portability during travel.

  • Large Dimensions
  • 120 lb. Weight Capacity
  • 1680D Oxford Fabric
  • Steel Frame
  • Not suitable for rainy weather unless put under additional sheltering, canopy/tarp for example

Winterial Outdoor Pop Up Pet Tent Review

Winterial Outdoor Pop Up Pet TentCheck Prices

It comes with a free foam pad for you dog to rest on, so this creates exceptional value for its price tag. It may not be the most durable dog tent out there, but it’s definitely a well-priced temporary choice with some cool features.

Measuring up at 64 x 30 x 29 in inches for length, width and height respectively it has an elongated tent design which is suitable for even larger dogs. The foam pad is 2 inches thick and will fit into the interior base tightly. 

At 2.6 lbs. in weight, it’s about as much as you can expect from a pop up pet tent, nothing special here and not too heavy either. The assembly follows a 1 step process whereby you just need to throw up up in the air and it will fold out accordingly, in the same way you can fold it back up again like a coil and place it back into its storage bag.

  • Easy Pop Up Assembly
  • Elongated Design
  • Free Foam Pad
  • Free Storage Bag
  • Not very waterproof and without rainfly, use in wet weather with caution

Little Dove Pet Teepee Tent Review

Little Dove - Pet Teepee Tent

Check Prices

If you’re looking for a super cute and unique option for camping with your pet, you could try this Teepee Pet tent from Little Dove. Albeit not as rainproof as the pop up dog tents. Given that the cover is made from cotton canvas as opposed to poly or oxford fabric, they look amazing and offer premium level comfort for your pet.

We wouldn’t suggest sticking these outside the campsite completely open, only unless the weather is brilliant. However if you are expecting some difficult weather, like heavy rain or unbearable heat, you will need to take measures to protect the teepee. 

It’s very convenient with machine washable material, so you can keep it pristine all year round. The poles are made from pine wood and the whole aesthetic generally is extremely authentic, with a Native American design, making for some excellent photo opportunities with doggo. 

  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Traditional Design Great for Photos
  • Pine Wood Poles
  • Cotton Canvas Fabric
  • Vulnerable to the elements if left alone

Pettom Dog Cat Tent Review

Pettom Dog Cat Camping TentsCheck Prices

Next up is a real dog tent from Pettom, with all the features of a traditional tent, this is great for taking camping with your dog. With some more robust features like the tarp flooring which is water resistant and tough. Then the top is made of a 210D polyester fabric which is easy to clean and protected from rainfall and sunlight, protecting your pet inside.

It’s insanely easy to set up with a pop up assembly method, great for throwing open when arriving at the campsite or beach, to provide an instant cover for your dog. The frame is fiberglass so it’s insanely light and you won’t notice it within your gear.

Metal stakes come with the tent which can be used to secure it tightly to the ground and the mesh windows create a breathable environment internally, while the meshed panels stop the mosquitoes. Dimensions wise it’s around 45 x 35 x 28 in inches for length, width and height respectively.

  • Fast Pop Up Assembly
  • Lightweight Fiberglass
  • 210D Polyester Cover
  • Durable Tarp Flooring
  • Fiberglass is generally vulnerable to strong winds

Alcott Pup Tent Review

Alcott - Pup Tent

Check Prices

This simplistic pup tent from Alcott is a great option for a quick trip or outdoor event whereby a shelter is required for your dog. Manufactured as a one size fits all tent, it is suitable for the majority of dog sizes. At 32 x 42 x 30 in inches, for width, depth and height respectively you can measure up and see if it will suffice.

It’s super lightweight as well, weighing in at only 1.5 lbs., it’s possibly the lightest dog tent in our list. In addition it has a waterproof base which will stop water encroachment form the bottom up. The windows are meshed which provides 2 things, ventilation by allowing air to pass through and circulate into the tent. Secondly this provides some bug protection, from mosquitoes for example.

  • Waterproof Base
  • 5 Meshed Windows
  • Ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • Being such a lightweight tent don’t expect it to hold up in strong weather conditions.


What is a Dog Tent?

A dog tent is a miniature sized tent that has been created specifically for dogs or other pets. Utilizing many of the features of a normal tent but on a smaller scale. They are generally waterproof, lightweight and simplistic in design and assembly. The difference in price will be apparent in the design and features of the tent. Ranging from the cheaper, more vulnerable, novelty options that will need sheltering and protection themselves. 

How to Fold a Dog Tent?

Most of them follow the same design as Pop Up Tents and Instant Tents when it comes to assembling the dog tents. One instant method comes with a simple pre-attached framework that can be extended outwards usually from the center hub. The pop up method is even easier and commonly found among pet tents. A convenient process whereby you just unpack it out of its carry case, throw it into the air and the framework will spring outwards automatically.

How to Clean a Dog Tent?

A pretty simple task as long as it’s water resistant, it will be even easier if you use a portable rinse kit for example and just blast it clean with a pressured spray. The breathable material will allow for a fast drying out, just hang it from a try or lay it on a dry surface for an hour or 2.

2 important things to remember when cleaning your dog tent:

1- do not pack it away until it is completely bone dry. A damp tent stuck in its carry bag will produce mold and mildew over time, which will diminish the quality of the tent.

2- do not use any cleaning product that is high in chemicals, this can alter the protective coating that was applied during manufacturing, thus losing its resistant properties. Try to use a tent friendly cleaning product for the best results.


You should not rely solely on the dog tent to protect your dog while camping. Dog tents can range in quality and yes the more expensive models have many features similar to a large tent, however ideally we wouldn’t leave our dog out in one all night, especially during troublesome weather.

Dog tents do provide however an excellent place for the dog to use as home while on a camping trip.

If you have enjoyed this article or found it useful please share on your social media page to help spread the word and educate our fellow dog owners on how to camp with our trusted companion.

For more doggo goodness be sure to check out our outdoor dog bed and top tips for camping with dogs articles right here at The Tent Hub.

Until next time, happy camping!

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