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7 Practical Tents for Camping with Dogs

7 Practical Tents for Camping with Dogs

When we are out camping with our dog or pet, it’s not like being with another camper or child for example. We need certain features that really stand out, and that will actually improve the experience, not hinder it. We have compiled a list of 7 tents for camping with dogs that dog owners feel would better improve our camping experience, whether it’s campsite camping, hiking for a day or 2, or backpacking.

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Additionally, we need a tent that has us in mind, a real tent for dog owners. One that is practical for the trip, but also safe and offers top-notch protection from the elements. 



Note: Bear in mind these tents are strictly for camping with your dog, if you want a tent that is only for your dog, then check out our dog tent article, which covers all those types in a thorough guide. 


Best Tents for Camping with Dogs Reviewed

Best for dogs that are used to sleeping near or beside you, or if you simply want the comfort of seeing your companion at all times.

1. Coleman Steel Creek with Screen Room

Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent

Coleman Steel Creek Dome Tent

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This is an excellent choice for camping with your dog, so it will take a position at the top of our list. This durable tent from Coleman has an integrated screen room, which is perfect for creating a homely environment for your dog. With more than enough space for a dog bed or small camping cot, a sleeping area is easily created.


Featuring a screened room integrated as a front porch in appearance, but is fully enclosed. The enclosure also features a fine mesh material that is very effective in keeping bugs at bay, giving the pooch a trouble-free rest.


The tent is well ventilated and features windowed awnings that allow the breeze to pass through the tent and escape through the roof or door if unzipped. This is great for airing out the tent in the morning, as there may be an odor after a day or 2.


Employing the fast pitch system from Coleman it is very easy to set up, using color-coded poles and parts to guide you through the setup. The center hub is directly attached to the frame and it will pull up together in unison. Then you simply hammer in the stakes and attach the reflective guy lines to secure. 

Size and Extras

This model comes in at 10 x 9 with the screen room at 10 x 5 in total. The center height is just around 5.8 feet, it’s lower than a cabin tent due to the dome design. However, the dome has additional benefits against the wind, allowing it to glide over the tent aerodynamically. 

They also have a darkroom version available of the same tent. If you or your dog are particularly sensitive to the sun, or you plan to camp in the summertime in a hot area, you can consider this one instead.

Key Features:

  • Large Screen Room
  • Ventilated and Windowed 
  • Durable Polyguard Fabric


2. NTK Indy GT XL FT

NTK Indy GT XL FT Outdoor Dome

NTK Indy GT XL FT Outdoor Dome

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Our next choice is from NTK with a sleek and modern tent with some cool features that make it compatible for camping with  dogs. A screened room that also turns into an awning with a few easy changes, creates a cool chill-out area during the hot afternoons. 


Manufactured as a 6-person tent it provides a healthy amount of space for camping with family and dogs. The total floor size is 14 x 8 feet with a huge center height of 6.2 feet. Which is higher than the Coleman, but less protective from the sun than the Dark Room


Utilizing 190T polyester fabric it is deemed waterproof, and also comes with a rainfly that has a 2500mm water rating. This level of protection from the rainfly creates an excellent water-resistant tent. The polyester has been coated with polyurethane which also helps to protect from water penetration and UV rays.


The interior has a large door in a D shape that also consists of a fine mesh which will work to keep bugs and mosquitos away from you and your pooch. Inside you will find a storage pocket that is also mesh, this can help to stop the buildup of condensation in the corners of the pockets.


They boast that the micro mesh is usable in the Amazon Rainforest, however, we are yet to test this! There is also an anti-fungal material used in the flooring, so you won’t need to worry about morning moss and mildew building up over time. Lastly, it’s a fire retardant with a CPAI-84 rating.

Key Features:

  • Fire Retardant
  • Bathtub Design
  • Screened Room and Awning


3. Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Check Prices Here

With 3 color choices and being one of the best-selling family tents in the 8-person range, let’s find out more about this model and why it’s perfect for camping with dogs.


Featuring a meshed roof vent this allows the heat and stuffy air to escape through the ventilation. This is very important, especially if you have a few bodies in there, things can get stuffy really quickly. With the vented roof plus meshed material used on the screen room area, you will have no problems clearing out any odors.

Front Awning

The enclosure is made up of a fine-meshed screen that keeps out bugs and mosquitoes, then the windows roll up to enclose the whole area to keep out the rain. The windows don’t meet the top rainfly incredibly well, but to fix this you can add Velcro to secure them tightly together.


There are 2 pockets integrated into the interior of the tent. This is a useful feature for keeping important possessions off the ground or tasty treats away from doggo. A duffel bag also comes free with the purchase so you have somewhere to store the tent neatly and tidily after use, make sure to air it out and dry it before stowing away. The tent area has a coverage of 98 square feet with an additional 60 square feet for the screened room.

Key Features:

  • Large Front Awning
  • Meshed Roof Vents
  • Fully Waterproof


4. Juniper Lake Instant Tent with Annex

Juniper Lake Instant Dome Tent with Annex

Juniper Lake Instant Dome Tent with Annex

Check Prices Here

What we most like about this tent is that it covers the necessities, at a reasonable price. Instant setup, storage, and protection are all you really need for a basic tent to camping with dogs. Let’s put it under the microscope.


As a dome tent, it has a lower center height than others but performs better in windy conditions, given the natural aerodynamic value of the dome shape. A 4-person lightweight model, compact in dimensions and a breeze to set up. It sets up within a minute because the framework is all pre-attached, so you just have to pop it out and extend the framework outwards until you hear the click. 


With an annex feature built into the design, we have a perfect area for the dog to use as a sleeping area, which is separated from where you sleep. Giving enough space for a medium-sized dog bed at best, it would work well for average-sized dogs. 


The WeatherTec system works to protect the tent from water penetration and UV rays. Additionally protected by a waterproof rainfly, which will help to keep the interior and annex sections dry during rainfall. 

Key Features:

  • 60 Second Set Up
  • Annex Feature
  • Numerous Storage Pockets


5. WEANAS Backpacking Tent

WEANAS Professional Backpacking Tent

Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent 2-4 Person Camping Tent Lightweight Waterproof Windproof Two Doors Easy Setup Double Layer Outdoor Tents for Family

Check Prices Here

This versatile backpacking tent from WEANAS is an excellent choice for small ventures into the wild with your dog. Utilizing an awning attachment creates an extra shaded area that is perfect for a dog bed or cot to sit in.


Not only this but it’s fully waterproof and has excellent ventilation so you can sleep soundly on hot summer days. The tent comes in 3 different sizes and 3 color variations, it’s an economically priced tent so I’d personally go for the largest regardless, the additional space are worth it when camping with dogs. 


This tent is full of useful features for pet camping, one of those especially is its ultra-lightweight. Given that the frame is made up of aluminum rods, it’s an insanely easy carry at only 6lbs for the largest size. An affordable tent for backpacking with suitable features for dogs.

Key Features:

  • 3 Sizes and 3 Color Choices
  • Economically Priced
  • Lightweight at 6lbs


6. Andake 1206G

Andake 1206G tent

1206g ultralight and portable one-man tent, easy to carry and store.

Check Prices Here

The lightest tent for dog owners on our list is the Andake 1206G and yes if you have guessed it, the 1206g really represents its weight, at around 2.5lbs it’s an ultra-lightweight backpacking tent that has excellent compatibility for camping with dogs. 


The double-walled tent is protected well, so it’s not as flimsy as you may suspect for an aluminum frame tent. The hydrostatic rating is impressive, reaching 3000mm. Utilizing ripstop in the membrane to make the fabric tougher than usual, additionally.


The material is silicone coated to further protect from rain and abrasions while on the trail. The whole package is very well priced as well, as it comes with a free flysheet, internal mosquito netting (which is fantastic for our pets), and all poles, ropes, and pegs.

Key Features:

  • Tunnel Design
  • Ultra-Lightweight 2.5lbs
  • 3000mm HH


7. Timber Ridge 8-Person Tent

Timber Ridge 8 Person Tent

This Timber Ridge 8-Person Log Cabin Tent provides superior shelter in the wilderness.

Check Prices Here

It can be clearly seen on this model that it has 2 separate compartments, a perfect opportunity to share rooms with your dog on your next camping trip. With 2 large rooms, 3 windows, and a year’s warranty to boot, it’s a great option.


The 2 compartments look great and employ a sleek, modern aesthetic. The front has 2 large doors in a D shape, which meet in the middle and the fly is also fully removable. Additionally, its seam is sealed, ensuring a tight and rigid cover.


Its dimensions are 14 x 8 feet for its base size and the center height at the middle peak is 6.2 feet high, this is generous but also expected as an 8-person tent. It has 2 rooms which are separated by a central divider, which can also be attached and detached when necessary.


Backed by a warranty to protect you from any damaged or defective parts on the tent. So make sure to check your order over intricately upon arrival, so you can claim your return if you do happen to find a fault.

Key Features:

  • Great Beach Tent Option
  • Large Double Rooms
  • Breathable Polyester Material


Buyers Guide: How to Choose a Tent for Camping with Dogs?


Size is crucial for a comfortable camping environment. To avoid spatial issues you need to take into account the size of your dog, the amount of gear, and how many people are going. You want to aim for a larger size than there are people. So if 4 people, get a 6-person tent and so on.



Look for a tent with a meshed roof of some kind, this will really help to create better circulation. Not only will this keep fresh air coming through but also clear any odors out. Secondly, a window or large door will also help when it gets really stuffy. With a door unzipped and a mesh rooftop, this is the perfect A-B needed for circulation, allowing hot air to exit.



Of course, being waterproof is a basic necessity. Look for tents that utilize Polyethylene, Polyguard, or a durable form of Polyester. I would also recommend using a waterproof spray prior to your first use. Coat it on during your first test set up at home. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and will add longevity to the tents.



Checking if the ground floor is waterproof on the tent is also key, it will stop the damp coming up through the material. This is crucial because sometimes the screened rooms come without a floor. Check that the ground material is the same quality as the tent. If there is any differentiation you can use a camping tarp to floor the screened room, creating an impenetrable ground cover.



A convenient assembly is also ideal. A pop-up or instant tent is of course very convenient and set up instantly. Although if it’s security over the speed you’re after, then consider a traditional tent pole set up.



Camping with dogs will require extra items going in your camping gear. For this reason, we will require some additional storage or storage space. Screened rooms make an excellent choice regarding this matter as its shelters and covered 24/7. Additionally, extra storage pockets on the interior of the tent and dog tent would be ideal. So you can store its playthings, treats, and other toys and trinkets away safely.


Screened vs Porch vs Annex: Which one for camping with dogs?

Screened Rooms

Are extensions onto the main room of the tent that extends from the doorway of the main hub? Named a screen room because the side panels generally consist of a fine mesh. Which is great for air circulation and keeps the mosquitoes and bugs out.

The room itself usually has waterproof flooring, but not always. You can use additional tarp flooring if there isn’t one. The sides should also have roll-up covers for mesh panels, to stop any water penetration coming through the top. Probably one of the most secure tent models for dog owners and our preferred choice



Porch tents tend to be slightly elongated in comparison to the screened rooms, allowing for more space underneath. There is usually room for a few chairs and a dog tent bed, camping pet cot, or dog tent. However, note that porches do not have any sidewalls or meshed panels.

For this reason, they make excellent shelters during good weather, but if rainfall approaches you will need to move inside. They are convenient as you can pass through without zippering a door over and over, allowing the dog to run freely in and out of the shade. The issue is, that the head height is generally low, making an awkward entry point. 



An Annex is integrated into the tent’s framework and is found internally inside the tent. This is much more close-quarters than the other 2 methods as it’s built-in. For this reason, you will find your dog sleeping close by and benefiting from exactly the same protection as you.

Much like a screened room in protection, if not better in some cases, depending on the quality of the tent. This is convenient for sliding a nice dog tent bed into the annex area, creating a personal sleeping area for the pooch. The only issue could be the awkward designs that the tents can appear to be when utilizing an annex.

Make sure it has a secure frame and strengthened materials in the cover. Also, the smaller tents have a lower annex height. Things could get cramped with a 2-4 person model, so aim for a bigger one if you are going with the annex.



So there you have it, 7 tents for dog owners that have been meticulously selected with just you and your pooch in mind, the priority. With any of these models, you will have extra space that is perfectly suited for your pet, which goes far beyond the structure and dimensions of regular tents. 

Also fully waterproofed, and with a bit of extra waterproofing spray, they will be sure to last all 4 seasons. 

See you next time, 

Happy Camping! (woof)



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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