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Hui LingYang Pop Up Tent Review

Hui LingYang Pop Up Tent Review

Today we are looking into one of the top-selling pop-up tents currently on the market the Hui Lingyang Pop up tent Review.

This particular model has pretty good reviews across the board and some interesting features, so we thought we’d put it under the tent hub team’s watchful eye, and offer our readers an in-depth view of all the notable features, and the hidden ones. 

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It has recently been sent to our inbox so many times with camping season looming, so we just had to review it for our readers and see for ourselves if it’s as good as the Coleman Galiano or the Gazelle T4 pop up tent for example. 

In this article, we will be sure to confirm all of its features – both the ones from the official details, but also the ones we noticed, good and bad, and see if it can really meet up to our standards of a top pop up tent.

Hui Lingyang Pop Up Tent Full Review

Let’s dive into the full review, here we overview the 2 sizes of tent available, 4 and 6 person models. 

4 Person Model

Hui Lingyang Pop Up Tent


Check Prices Here

Size: 114.2 x 78.7 x 51.2 inches

Weight: 9.6lbs

Capacity: 4 Person

Colors: Army Green, Blue, Blue-Hybrid, Yellow


6 Person Model

Hui Lingyang Pop Up Tent 6 person model


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Size: 150 x 102 x 53.5 inches

Weight: 13.4lbs

Capacity: 6 Person

Colors: Original Green, Blue


What We Think

Upon our first try at assembling the tent we noticed a similarity between this and the Ayamaya pop up tent, that we instantly found that it is one of the easier tents to set-up, even if it is your first time. The tent comes with steel rods and light-weighted material and with such clear instructions that one person is enough to assemble it.

the dimensions Hui Lingyang Pop Up Tent

Compacts down to Under 40 Inches

This also makes it ideal for scout trips for young boys and girls, as it doesn’t take any particular strength to lift it. Much like the Zomake pop up tent and the Nightcat tent, it’s suitable for 3 seasons guaranteed, however unsure if it would stand up to winter camping. 

Well protected with water-resistant fabrics, heat-sealed seams like the Quechua Blackout Tent, and a vented rainfly keeping the water away.

Electrical cord access Hui Lingyang Pop Up Tent

Easily Thread a Cable Through the Access Port

At the same time, it has great ventilation, so even during the bad weather, when all the openings are closed, the interior is still breezy due to the ventilation.

It’s pretty spacious, good for up to 6 people, however, I’d strongly suggest taking no more than 2-3 in the 4 person and 3-4 in the 6 person, purely for gear space and mobility inside the tent. 


spacious Hui Lingyang Pop Up Tent

Spacious Interior with Enough Space for a few Camping Pads

All in all, not a bad choice both for a family vacation or festival – but maybe not for remote camping, due to its large size and the weight that isn’t really heavy, but it doesn’t beat an ultralight or even lightweight tent so it doesn’t match up well for backpacking or hiking in our opinion. 

storage pockets and zippers Hui Lingyang Pop Up Tent

Large Storage Pocket Inside

The only flaw that we can notice is that, despite being waterproof, the tent still isn’t suitable for the worst of weather. If the storm comes, it is better to use extra cords and stakes to secure the body for additional stability, and it is recommended to coat it with waterproofing spray, just to make sure that no water gets through.

However, bearing in mind the price of the tent, this is to be expected. 

Detail overview

  • Interior: 12.5 x 8.5 feet
  • Height: 54.5”
  • Weight: 9.6lbs – 13.4lbs
  • Price: $99-$139 (Discount/Sale Dependant) 
  • Footprint: 56sq ft+
  • Color: Green, Blue, Original Green, Army Green, Yellow, Hybrid Blue
  • Capacity: 4-6 person
  • Season: 3 Season (Pushing it with 4, could be done with extra waterproofing, but wouldn’t suggest it)
  • Tent fabric: 190T polyester

Features Overview

  1. Easy set-up
  2. Spacious
  3. Mesh ventilation window
  4. Bug-proof
  5. Water-resistant fabrics
  6. Heat-sealed seams
  7. Electrical Card Access Point

Our Personal Favorite Features

Fast Set-Up

Easy set-up with metal rods and light material

Definitely the biggest advantage of this product is its quick and easy setup. Even if you don’t have much experience in camping and outdoor life, the instructions are so well written that you can’t possibly make a mistake. We can go as far as to say that instructions aren’t even necessary for someone who is a camping veteran – everything is logically placed and the poles are pre-assembled. Also, when you’re done erecting it, the tent stands strong and firm and for a layman it would probably be hard to believe that it is assembled by hand. All in all, for a semi-experienced camper it shouldn’t take more than a minute to do a full setup.


setting up the Hui Lingyang Pop Up Tent

Open 1 in step, fold in 7

Good Ventilation

Mesh ventilation window

The Hui Lingyang Pop-up tent has a large mesh window on both sides, which provides flawless ventilation while also being insect-proof. The hot air is allowed to leave the inside of the tent, so the air stays clear even during the hottest days. Additionally, there are ground vents that allow cold air to enter the tent and provide freshness and cooling. Of course, all those windows can be closed during bad weather, to ensure that the water can’t get inside.

the inside Hui Lingyang Pop Up Tent

Meshed Windows and Breathable Material

The Durable Floor Material

190T polyester

The feature that usually goes unnoticed is the durability of the floor material. It is made out of same material as the rest of the tent, but don’t let that fool you. It is pet-resistant, as the dog can walk and even slightly jump in it without any damage.

Even if you put it on a bit uneven surface you still won’t have any problems with your sleeping bags; the floor won’t scratch. We used a metal tent bed inside of it, just to test the endurance of the floor, and it didn’t leave a mark.

waterproof materials on the Hui Lingyang Pop Up Tent

Robust Materials Keep the Elements at Bay

Tent Overview

Tent Type

This is a bigger kind of tent, great for families or a group of campers. It is durable and spacious, which makes it great for 3-6 people who won’t feel crowded in it. It is also good for all seasons, as it is waterproof and resistant, with a firm, durable floor.

Instant Set-up

With this tent, you won’t waste any time on setting it up. It is designed with pre-assembled poles which allow you to just pop everything in place, without worrying that the sun will set down while you still haven’t set up your sleeping spot. Also, it is adapted so that one person can assemble it without too much hassle.

Electrical Cord Access Port

This tent comes with an electrical port that you can plug into an outside power source, so that you can power up any electrical device inside of your tent. The port is protected from water so it isn’t easily damaged. At the same time, it is fully closable when not in use, which provides additional protection.

Weather Protection System

The tent is made of a double layer of waterproof fabric, which makes it great for all four seasons. It is protected from rain and any outdoor influence, as integrated rainfly keeps the water from getting inside.

Child Friendly

Of course, no child should go camping unsupervised, but if you are planning on sending your little ones on a scout trip, this is one of the best tents there is. As we have stated a number of times, it’s easy to assemble so it can be a nice learning activity for a small group of children to set it up.

It is firm, and as such, it won’t easily break or fall, which makes it rather safe. Also, it is spacious enough to hold multiple children without them feeling crowded, and with enough space inside for kids to enjoy some calmer indoor activities such as playing cards.



All in all, if you are a fan of group activities or just a fan of camping – both as a hobby and professionally – this is a great tent for you. It is big enough for most of casual group needs, safe enough for most weather and you won’t need an engineering degree to assemble it, which is an annoying flaw of many otherwise good tents.

Also, it is modern-technology friendly, so if you are worrying how can you go a few days without your favorite iPad, this tent has got you covered.

All in all, if you are a family person, a camping lover or a professional hitchhiker that prefers to go on a group adventures – this is a tent for you. also check out the Toogh pop up tent review if you want to check out something similar, but with a different design. 


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