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Toogh Pop Up Tent Reviews for 2021

Toogh tents are by no means a Coleman, Ozark or Quechua in terms of pop up tents, but they definitely have a place in the budget pop up category. Performing well in the field, we felt they deserved a full review for their ability to make a functioning and reliable pop up tent, which is not easy by any means. 

The Toogh 3-4 person pop up tent is the outdoor shelter we will be looking at in this article. Not only does it look well designed, but it also comes in 2 color choices and priced to move. To be honest, the most impressive is how good it is as a waterproof pop up, it does really well in that area, which we look into more in our review below. 

Personally the design just feels a bit mechanical, to me its more of an instant tent than a pop up, with its pre assembled framework. 

But yes, it cant be denied it does set up seriously quick, it just doesn’t explode out the bag like a Zomake tent or Ayamaya pop up tent, it has a slower and more methodical approach to its pitch, like the T4 Gazelle for example.

What you will benefit from this though is added stability compared to the others mentioned. But how does it stack up against other pop-up tents of its size and caliber? Let’s find out.

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Toogh Pop Up Tent Review

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Our First Thoughts

The tent has an eye-catching dome design that is reminiscent of a tipi, and has enough space for solo campers, couples, or small families. Four adults would probably be a little crowded, so we would recommend keeping the number lower than that.

Its as bulky as the Gazelle Tents but they have a narrower ceiling, making it better for remote camping positions and also more aerodynamic than cabin walls. 

But it sets up quickly for a shelter that can be pitched in about a minute, which is a feature we think most people look for first when searching for a pop up. It’s a tent that offers a lot of bang for your buck, landing in a similar price range to the Nightcat pop up and the  and as long as it’s taken care of, should provide you a lot of years of use.


Pop Up Dome


7.9 x 6.8 feet (54 sq. ft.)


7.5 lbs.


53” Center height


3 to 4 People


$89.99 USD


3 Season


1 Minute Setup Time


210T Oxford Polyester

B3 Mesh

Pack Size

31.5” x 9.4” x 7”


3000mm Tent

10,000mm Floor

Available Colors

Dark Red, Dark Brown, Dark Gray, Gray Red

Overview of Features

  • Pop Up Tent With 1 Minute Setup Time
  • Spacious Interior for Multiple Mattresses
  • Integrated Rain Fly
  • 3000mm+ Waterproof Coating
  • Large Doors on Opposite Sides
  • Excellent Ventilation Throughout
  • Multiple Colors Options


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

pop Up side view | Thetenthub

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Leading the list of top features is the quick, pop up pitch time that this tent allows for.

While there are slightly faster pop up tents, this one is still pretty easy to get standing after removing it from its duffle bag case. After unrolling it, the frame’s legs unfold giving you a flat hexagon shape.

toogh's pop up assembly

At this point you raise the tent by extending the legs downward from the hub on the top of the tent. The rain fly goes over the hub and attaches to the legs easily, with the staking of guy lines and each leg all that’s left to secure the tent to the ground. That’s all there is to it. In under a minute you have yourself a tent!

SILVER FEATURE – High Grade Materials

Toogh constructs this tent with high quality materials that provide durability and longevity.

The tent’s shell and rain fly use 210T polyester, while the floor is covered in a slightly denser 210D. Polyester is a common fabric in tent making as it’s relatively lightweight, strong and stretchy, can be waterproofed easily, and is resistant to tears and abrasions.

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The frame is made of lightweight steel that is flexible enough to work with the plastic hub and joints for a dome shaped shelter. The steel frame also adds an element of ruggedness to the tent, lending to peace of mind that it can hold up in inclement weather.


Waterproofing this tent is a 3-feature breakdown. On top of the shelter will be the rain fly that is coated in 3000mm anti-moisture agent to deflect rain off the tent.

meshed storage | The Tent Hub

toogh tent

The floor has a mind-boggling 10,000mm waterproof rating on it, so you can be sure no water will seep in through the ground. The doors can also be fully zipped shut, and have zipper cuffs on then so no moisture seeps through tiny cracks.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

pop up blue

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Big Windows for Airflow

The doors of this tent have dual layers – one is the outer layer for privacy and rain protection, and the other is the inner mesh window layer. There is one door/window on each side of the tent, and when used with the mesh ceiling panels, air can flow freely whenever you need it to. The mesh will also keep the mosquitoes out while you sleep peacefully. A bonus tip: Zipping up the doors will allow you to regulate how much air is cycling through the cabin.

Focus Features

If you’d like, the front door can either be rolled up, or propped up with two poles to create an entrance awning. This can help shelter any gear or footwear from the rain or sun. When nightfall comes, you can use the hook that is fixed to the ceiling for hanging a light or lantern so you have illumination at all hours.

The Breakdown

As fast as this tent goes up, it can be easily collapsed in the same amount of time. Once it has been broken down, it neatly folds into itself, and rolls up to fit inside the over-sized duffel bag Toogh provides. Dimensionally, the bag is 31.5” x 9.4” x 7” which lends itself to easy transport, as well as easy storage once you get it home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this tent for use in winter conditions?

Ideally, this is a 3-season tent, but it does do a good job in winter conditions, with its excellent waterproof features, and build quality. If you are using this in the winter we would suggest dressing properly, having thermal gear, blankets, and a small heater to keep the interior warm.

Can a 6 foot tall person stand up in this tent?

They can, but not fully. They would have to take more of a “crouch-standing” position, as the center height on this tent is only around 5’5”.

What size mattresses can this tent fit?

You can use this tent with a queen size mattress, or two twin mattresses.


Conclusion on Toogh Tents

Toogh has made a pretty cool tent for family camping at a very attractive price. There is enough room for parents and kids to fit inside, and the entire structure has well thought out functional features with its water-resistance and efficient air flow design. While the center height and lack of interior storage pockets is a bit of a downer, the price is tough to beat, and it excels well-enough in the important areas for us to recommend it. A similar model with a faster setup would be the Hui Lingyang pop up tent, if this model doesn’t really match your criteria. 


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