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Air Valdes 6XL tent pitched in a field

Coleman Air Valdes Tent Reviews – 6XL, 6L, 4, Deluxe

The Coleman Air Valdes Tents are an extremely popular line of inflatable tents that cater to a more luxurious and reliable camping experience. These tents are designed to hold between 4 and 6 people, and have multiple rooms, making them a perfect shelter for families.

Today we will look at the various models and sizes in the Air Valdes range including the Air Valdes 6Xl, 6L and 4, then moving into the Valdes Air Blackout and Air Deluxe tent models. So there should be something for everyone in here with some better insight into the features and functions of the tents. 

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Unlike some competitors, they include a pump, as well as a manometer for precision inflation of the shelter’s air beams. They also stand up extremely well to high winds and rain, which is essential for any 3-4 season tent.

Roomy, and mixing form with function, they provide a well-rounded shelter that will keep campers of all ages happy, the reason behind it being placed highly on our best air tents list. Let’s take a closer look at their lineup.

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Coleman Air Valdes 6XL

Coleman Air Valdes 6XL

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The Fastpitch Air Valdes 6XL tent is the upgraded version of their 6L model and considered one of the best inflatable tents of its time. Expanding its size for a more luxurious camping experience. Most features are the same but it is a wider shelter, allowing for 2 additional people in the larger, 95 square foot sleep space.

This area can be used with 3 optional dividers to sleep up to 6 campers. The bedrooms also have fully blacked out walls to keep out early morning light, and can be fully removed if you want to utilize the entire tent as a covered living space.

The 114 square-foot front porch is covered with an awning for enjoying nature in the shade, and a hinged door gives campers access to the living area, which measures 133 square feet.

This room has a side door and plenty of light from multiple PVC windows, all of which can be covered with curtains if you require privacy. The door has a mesh layer that allows you constant airflow, while keeping bugs from entering the shelter.

While its an inflatable tent, the 6XL uses a few poles to form the porch and hinged door. Tunnel-designed with enough height to walk around in, the tent is fashioned from polyester, with the exterior getting a 4500mm polyurethane coating for high-end waterproofing.

All seams are taped and a bathtub PE groundsheet is fully integrated to keeps water and bugs from creeping in.

Hooks for lights, gear lofts for storage, and E-Port access for charging your devices can all be found inside the shelter. Coleman includes a large carrying bag that the rolled-up tent can fit into, making it easy to transport and store once you get home.

Key Features

  • 6 Person Inflatable Tent for Family Camping
  • Upgraded Size Compared To 6L Model
  • Functional Design for All Types of Weather


Coleman Air Valdes 6L

Coleman Air Valdes 6L

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Coleman’s 6L Air Valdes is tunnel-designed, feature-heavy, and provides a lot of space for up to 6 people. Just shy of 60 lbs., its a huge tent by any camper’s standards, and is divided into 3 compartments for family or group camping.

An awning shades a 77 square foot porch area, you can easily fit a table and chairs in the 113 square foot living space, and the 63.5 square foot bedroom compartment can be used as 1 or 2 rooms with its optional divider. The bedroom can hold double mattresses, and also has blackout walls for a restful sleep. It is designed to hold 4 people, while 2 more can sleep in the living area.

This tent uses inflation technology to stabilize the shelter and give it a 10 minute setup time, although poles are used to frame the porch area and the front hinged door. No-see-um mesh is found on this door as well as a side entrance, working with adjustable ventilation points to circulate air.

Walking through the shelter isn’t an issue, and a bathtub-designed PE floor can handle any amount foot traffic. Waterproofed with a 4500mm hydrostatic head, the tent uses polyester fabrics throughout, and is further protected against fire as well as UV light.

This bedroom of this tent can be removed for use as a large living space, and light shines in through PVC windows that can be closed up with privacy curtains. The interior has gear lofts, ceiling hooks, and an E-port to run power into the tent. When its time to head home, the tent rolls up, compacting neatly into its 31” x 23” x 16” carrying bag.

Key Features

  • 4-6 Person Inflatable Tent Ideal for Families
  • Highly Functional and Versatile
  • High-Quality Waterproofing Throughout


Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes 4 Person

Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes 4 Person

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Made to withstand heavy winds and rain, the Coleman Valdes 4 Air BlackOut is a great choice for small families, providing luxurious comfort. It comes in a wheeled carrying bag, and inflates using the included pump after you’ve staked it down. The air frame is composed of TPU tube in a PE140 sleeve, and covered with a layer of 150D oxford for protection.

Inside this tunnel tent is 48 square feet of living space, and a 78-inch height makes it easy to stand up and walk around unobstructed. Further past this area are the bedrooms, which can be used as a single compartment, or split in two with an included divider curtain.

This area measures 63.5 square feet and has blackout walls for a “lights out” sleep. The walls also help to cool down the sleep area, and using the mesh door and vents help circulate air further.

Just outside the bedroom is a vertical gear loft that you can use for housing your essentials, and ceiling hooks in the living space give you a spot to hang a light for nighttime illumination.

The tent uses durable polyester and nylon mesh, and also provides water, fire, and UV protection. The exterior has taped seams, a 4500mm hydrostatic head, and works with a fully integrated bathtub floor to keep the inside dry at all times. This is a great option for families up to 4, or even couples that want a bit more space and flexibility in their outdoor shelter.

Key Features

  • 3-Room, 4-Person Inflatable Tunnel Tent
  • Temperature Controlled with Blackout Walls
  • Well-Protected With 4500mm Waterproofing


Coleman Valdes Tent Reviews

Coleman Valdes Deluxe 6XL Air Blackout

Coleman Valdes Deluxe 6XL Air Blackout

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Large living is the name of the game with this 3-compartment, 6-person behemoth. A massive 301 square foot shelter that accommodates large families and groups, the Deluxe 6XL model is the larger version of Coleman’s Deluxe 4XL.

Both tents are the same length, but the 6XL sports a wider frame that allows for the addition of 2 more campers in the sleep space. The high tunnel design makes it easy to stand upright and walk through unobstructed, and doors on the front and side make it easy for everyone to come and go as they please.

There’s plenty of light and ventilation throughout, and the bedroom compartment has black-out panels for blocking light and controlling the interior temperature. The tent comes with some nice bells and whistles such as an E-port for running power, ceiling hooks for hanging lights, and gear pockets to keep your essentials nearby.

Mainly crafted from polyester for its durable and breathable qualities, the 6XL also has premium waterproofing features: a 4500mm hydrostatic head on the exterior, taped seams, and an integrated polyethylene floor with rainskirts. Definitely one to consider if you want large luxury.

Key Features

  • Massive 301 Square Foot Inflatable Tent
  • Superior Protection Against Water and Fire
  • Large Bedroom Sleeps Up To 6


Coleman Valdes Deluxe 4XL Air Blackout

Coleman Valdes Deluxe 4XL Air Blackout

Check Prices Here

A fully enclosed, 3-compartment inflatable tent, the Deluxe 4XL tunnel model has 215 square feet of space and 85 inches of height to accommodate campers of all sizes. Weighing 67 lbs., the tent unravels from its carrying bag and can be pitched in about 10 minutes.

It comes with everything you need to secure it to the ground, with Coleman also providing a pump and manometer for precise inflation. The tent has front and side door access, multiple PVC windows for light, and a rugged polyethylene floor in the living and bedroom spaces.

Up to 4 people can sleep in the blackout-walled bedroom, and an optional divider curtain offers privacy for guests. Doors include a secondary layer of no-see-um mesh to ensure air flows effortlessly, while simultaneously keeping bugs out.

Waterproofing the outer fabric is a 4500mm hydrostatic head with taped seams for maximum protection. The breathable polyester shell is also flame retardant, and the interior is designed with temperature control to avoid overheating. Additionally, all windows can be covered up, and gear pockets as well as light hooks are included inside the tent.

Key Features

  • 215 Square Foot Inflatable Tent
  • Separate Porch/Living/Sleep Spaces
  • Premium Waterproofing for Bad Weather



Inflatable Tunnel Tent


4XL: 4 Person

6XL: 6 Person


4XL: 215 sq. ft. total

6XL: 301 sq. ft. Total


85” (7 ft.)


4XL: 67 lbs.

6XL: 85 lbs.




3-Season & 4 Season

Assembly Time

Approx. 10 Minutes


Fabrics: PU-coated Polyester, No-See-Um Mesh

Floor: Polyethylene

Pack Size

4XL: 31” x 23” x 19”

6XL: 31” x 23” x 21”


4500mm Hydrostatic Head (Exterior)

Bathtub Floor

Taped Seams

Extra Features

Ceiling Hooks / Gear Lofts / E-Port

Fire-Resistant / UV-Resistant


Packing Away the Air Valdes Tents

Like all inflatable tents, the fastpitch Air Valdes models are extremely user-friendly when setting them up. However, packing them away can be trickier. Coleman provides an oversized transport bag, but if you don’t know the proper way to repack this type of tent, you’ll wonder how it ever fit inside! By following our quick guide, you’ll be a pro in no time.

  1. Start by unzipping all the doors and windows on the tent. This will ensure no air gets trapped inside.
  2. Depending on the Air Valdes model you own, it will come with shock-corded poles for framing the porch and hinged door, or the side door awning. Remove these poles as you won’t get very far with them still attached to the structure.
  3. Open the valves on each of the air beams. This will let the tent do 90% of the work by naturally deflating.
  4. This step is slightly controversial, but works well when done right. Remove your shoes and gingerly walk on the air beams to help push out any remaining air. Again, be very gentle so you don’t damage the tent!
  5. Fold the tent up. We recommend folding it inward and matching it to the width of its storage bag.
  6. Roll the tent, squeezing out any remaining air as you go.
  7. Unroll the tent and roll it one more time. This will be a tighter roll now that all the air is out of it.
  8. Insert the compacted tent into its carrying bag.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Air Valdes tents include a pump?

Yes, a pump and a manometer are included with these tents. The manometer will give you an accurate PSI readout, so you don’t over-inflate the tent’s frame, which could potentially damage it.

How do I inflate the Air Valdes tents?

Inflating the Air Valdes is relatively easy using the manometer, pump, and #2 nozzle adapter that are provided. Start by loosely staking down the 4 corners, and work from the back of the tent to the front. Open the valve on rear air beam and push the center pin in so that it extends out. This will allow you to connect the pump’s nozzle. Once the rear beam is inflated, guy out the back of the tent and repeat the inflation process for the remaining beams.

Are they difficult to unpack and set up?

As with anything new, you will have to familiarize yourself with how the tent works before set up will become smooth. However, it is not too difficult at all. With our above guide, and a little bit of practice, you will be able to pitch the tent easily.

Do I need to use a footprint with Air Valdes tents?

It is advised to always use a footprint with any tent you are using. While these tents include a durable polyethylene groundsheet, they are also designed to be walked in and lived in more than your average tent. A footprint will keep the bottom of the tent from quickly deteriorating, prolonging overall tent life.


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