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Vango Odyssey Tent Reviews Airbeam 400-800

Vango Odyssey Tent Reviews Airbeam 400-800

A top of the line brand of outdoor shelters, Vango Odyssey AirBeam tents are some of the most sought-after for their ease of use and inflatable technology. These tents are available in various models and sizes, with some employing tunnel designs, and others sporting large multi-functional awnings.

Various tent capacities in the Odyssey line offer variety for different family sizes, ranging from the Odyssey 8 man tent down to the Odyssey Air 400. We have reviewed these and also everything in between, the Odyssey 600, 500 and even the Villa and SC variations.

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This should give you a good idea visually of the different designs, plus an overview of the specifications allow you yo pinpoint your need, whether its square footage, weight, height or design features etc. 

While the AirBeam technology makes inflating and pitching a speedy process, some models of large tents still require a traditional pole frame for stabilization. This makes the Odyssey lineup a versatile one.

These tents stand up well to the elements, are comfortable, and cost-effective for a long-term investment. They are a top range of inflatable tents for a reason, and we break it all down for you in this article.

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Vango Odyssey Tent Reviews

1. Vango Odyssey Airbeam 600

Vango Odyssey Airbeam 600

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Standing 6.6 feet high and providing 2-3 separate spaces, the Odyssey 600 from Vango is a reliable tent that can sleep up to 6 sardined campers in the sleep area. We like the dual front and side doors on the 97.5 square foot living compartment, making entry and exit simple for everyone at any time. The flap from the front access can also be propped up with tent poles to provide a small awning over the entrance.

The main living area has a clip-in polyethylene floor which is great for not tracking in wet weather, and having it pool on the floor of the tent. As it rolls back, you can drain your wet clothes on a small area of grass for a clean interior.

The bedroom area has its own zippered entry, and can be used as a single room, or split using a provided curtain. The floor in this 81 square foot area uses sewn-in polyethylene to keep water from leaking in. Looking at the materials, Vango uses their Protex Shield fabric, and Powerflex fiberglass poles. This give the tent durable 70D polyester and a lightweight, flexible frame for years of use.

The fabric is also waterproofed with a 4000mm hydrostatic head, and its fire-resistant as well. If inclement weather hits, Vango’s Tension Band System allow you to stabilize the tent with multiple bands. With clear PVC windows, as well as mesh openings, this tent stays warm, allows plenty of light, and provides more than enough ventilation for everyone.

Key Features:

  • 2-3 Room Tent Great for Small Families
  • Optional Clip-In PE Floor for Cleaner Interior
  • Can Use Tent Poles to Make Entry Awning


2. Vango Odyssey Air 500SC

Odyssey Airbeam 500SC

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Another Vango model in the lineup of Odyssey inflatable tents, the Air 500SC is an upgraded version of the Air 500 and Air 500 Villa models. The main differences are a larger living area as well as an extended entrance complete with a large, 4-foot awning.

This allows you to store boots and gear outside of the tent without fear of anything getting soaked, and it also provides some sun protection if you wish to sit outdoors. The living compartment has 75 square feet of space, while the sleep area measures 67.5 square feet for a triple-space shelter.

The bedroom has a zippered entry for privacy, black out walls to combat early morning light, and can be divided in half if parents want to sleep separate from kids. Set up of this tent is smooth and quick, with the included air pump inflating the shelter in seconds, and the guy ropes and corners staking down easily. These pitch points work with the interior tension bands to keep the tent taut at all times.

Covering campers is Vango’s patented 70D polyester Protex fabric which has 4000mm waterproofing, and is fire-resistant as well. The shelter sports taped seams so there no leaks, and the living area has a clip-in groundsheet for you to use as needed. Ideal for 3-5 campers, we think this is a great choice for small families. It has plenty of ventilation, zip up flaps for privacy, multiple entry points, lots of room to move around, and enough interior bells and whistles to keep campers happy.

Key Features:

  • Large Awning Over Entry
  • Larger Living Space Compared to Air 500 / Villa Models
  • Premium Multiple Waterproofing Features


3. Vango Odyssey 800 Tunnel Tent

Vango Odyssey 800

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Vango’s Odyssey 800 model is a vis-a-vis tunnel tent that we feel is a great option for families or large groups of friends. Well-designed and sporting multiple living compartments, it has a spacious interior that gives you roughly 230 square feet of total floor space. At 50 lbs., its pretty lightweight for a large tent, and the 6.5 foot peak height ensures the majority of campers will be able to move around easily while inside.

Dual king-size sleeping pods are designed for housing up to 8 campers, and they come with rollup divider curtains if you wish to further split the space. These pods also have their own optional entry curtains, allowing for 1, 3, or 5-room configurations. There is a door and vinyl window on each side of the tent for easy entry to the main living space, and a decent amount of ventilation is present throughout.

Vango uses their patented Protex Shield fabric all over this tent. It consists of 70D polyester for a strong yet lightweight material, and is both fire and water-resistant. With no provided rain fly, there is a generous 4000mm Hydrostatic head on the fabric, and taped seams work with a sewn in groundsheet to further keep water from sneaking in.

The interior of the tent is simple but it includes a center hook for hanging a light, and there are gear pockets throughout for keeping your essentials close by. Vango also includes a large duffle bag that makes re-packing, transporting, and storing the tent a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Configurable For 1, 3 or 5 Rooms
  • Large 230 Square Feet of Space
  • Excellent 4000mm Waterproofing


4. Vango Odyssey Airbeam 400

Vango Odyssey Airbeam 400

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Couples that are looking for a functional tent that can be pitched in a matter of minutes might really like the Air 400 Odyssey model from Vango. Using their AirBeam technology, the tent comes with a pump that inflates the shelter’s “frame”, eliminating the use of traditional tent poles.

The curved design gives you more interior space, and you get 6.7 feet of peak height headroom to stand up without crouching. While you can fit 4 people in it, 2 is a more ideal figure when it comes to comfort. A large mesh door opens up to a 55.5 square foot living area, and a secondary zippered door give access to an additional 63.5 square feet of room where you can sleep.

This sleep space is large enough for a king-size mattress, has “lights out” walls for a darker interior, and can be split with a privacy curtain. The living area has multiple clear vinyl windows, as well as mesh bug protection that doubles as venting points, and everything can be zipped shut for privacy.

The tent is outfitted in Vango’s patented Protex material, which consists of durable 70D polyester that’s coated in a 4000mm hydrostatic head for premium waterproofing. A sewn-in floor works to further keep water from spoiling your outdoor adventure, and a large duffle case is provided for simple transport and storage.

Key Features:

  • 2-4 Person Fast Setup Inflatable Tent
  • Plenty of Light and Airflow
  • High-Quality Waterproofing Throughout


5. Vango Odyssey Air 500 Villa

Odyssey Air 500 Villa

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The Odyssey Air 500 Villa lightens the load and makes for a quicker pitch time using Vango’s AirBeam technology. This replaces traditional fiberglass poles with nothing but air. An included double-action pump allows you to inflate the tent in seconds, and by coupling the interior tension bands with the exterior guy lines and stakes, you get a surprisingly sturdy structure that can be used in all types of weather.

The tent comes with a small awning for a sheltered entrance, and it has multiple clear vinyl windows with optional privacy flaps. With 131 square feet of total interior space, it is separated as a living area with a sleep space. The queen-sized sleep space can further be divided if you prefer, and has blackout walls to minimize light levels for a comfortable rest.

Dual doors provide in and out privileges, with one of them being outfitted in full mesh for increased ventilation and bug protection. The Air 500 Villa also employs a low to high venting system to keep the interior breathable while simultaneously staying warm.

Protex 70D polyester gives the shelter a lightweight and durable fabric that is resistant to both fire and water. A high-quality 4000mm hydrostatic head coats the fabric, keeping rain out in the heaviest of downpours. Inside the tent you get storage pockets in the bedrooms, the ability to hang a light from ceiling clipping points, and a fully sewn-in ground sheet to keep the floor dry and warm at all times.

Key Features:

  • Quick-Pitch Inflatable Tent Ideal for Small Families
  • Excellent Waterproofing and Ventilation
  • Designed with Entrance Awning for Additional Protection


Odyssey Pole Tents vs. Odyssey Inflatable Tents

Most tents take a traditional approach in their construction, which use a fabric shell attached to a fiberglass or steel frame. As the outdoor industry evolves, so too does the design of outdoor shelters, with comfort and convenience being the top priorities when developing a great tent. It is for these reasons that Vango’s Odyssey tents not only has traditional pole tents, but also inflatable tents.

In some respects, the Odyssey inflatable tents offer campers a level of convenience that their pole tents can’t match, but they both have advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some home truths regarding air tents in general.

  1. No frame, so you spend less time assembling and pitching the tent.
  2. Requires you to travel with a pump, which can be heavier than a fiberglass tent frame.
  3. Generally speaking, smaller than pole tents. This is because they’re limited in size when it comes to maintaining a sturdy structure.
  4. Both options are pretty stable, but the AirBeam inflatable tents have more “give” in windy conditions due to their air filled poles, that flow with the wind, rather than resisting it.
  5. Air tents tend to be more expensive due their setup convenience and cutting-edge technology.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Odyssey models are inflatable?

Vango makes a few different sizes of their inflatable Odyssey AirBeam tents. These would be the Air 400, Air 500, Air 500SC, Air 500 Villa, Air 600, and Air 600SC.

What is the tunnel tent feature?

The tunnel tent feature refers to the design of these Odyssey tents. They have a front door (sometimes with an accompanying side door), and 2 rooms that you can walk through like you are inside a tunnel.

Can I stand up in the Odyssey tents?

This depends on the tent height, as well as your own height. For the most part, Odyssey tents have a peak height that caters to those under 6’5”, so the majority of campers should have no problem standing inside these tents.

Do Odyssey tents come with stakes?

Odyssey tents include everything you need to pitch it – including stakes. We would, however, recommend upgrading them. The provided stakes aren’t terrible, but a set of heavy-duty stakes will secure the tent better and they will also last longer.

Should I use a footprint for Vango tents?

We recommend it. While the Odyssey tents come with sewn-in and/or clip-in polyethylene groundsheets, using a footprint with any tent will prolong the life of the tent, so you can enjoy it for many years.


Conclusion on Odyssey Air Tents

Whether you’re partial to the Odyssey blow up tents, or their traditional pole tents, Vango designs all of their shelters with increased functionality and enhanced comfort for your outdoor experience. Odyssey tents provide plenty of warmth and light, yet they can regulate the temperature easily through an abundance of venting options.

Additionally, the waterproofing features are of high quality, using a premium hydrostatic head rating, taped seams and PE floors to keep the interior dry. Available in a range of sizes and designs, this lineup ensures outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy these tents, no matter your camping style.


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