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Ayamaya Pop Up Tent pitched outdoors

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent Review for 2021

Today we review the Ayamaya 4-6 person family tent that has an instant pitch setup. Designed as a dome-shaped pop up, it has some clever features sprinkled throughout its large frame, and its reasonably priced for a tent of its stature, which quickly made it one of the best selling pop up tents online.

Receiving notoriety online with its positive performance on the field, at a glance, this looks to be a really well performing pop up tent. Which is pretty hard to find in the myriad of cheap festival tents and privacy tents.

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Easily spotted due to its unique color theme, equally available in the common green theme, but we love this khaki version. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look.

Update 2021: They now have 2 new colors coming in, the Applegreen and Blue. We love the Applegreen so far, a vibrant uptake on the traditional camping green color of previous models. The blue is much more on the lighter and brighter side too, making both these options pretty easy to spot on a crowded campsite. 

Ayamaya 4-6 Person Pop Up Tent

Ayamaya 4-6 Person Pop Up Tent

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Our First Impression

Comfortably sleeping a family of 4, we think this is the perfect size tent for this amount of people, and any more would feel over overcrowded and borderline claustrophobic. While its center height doesn’t allow for full upright mobility, we don’t feel this is a make-or-break issue when considering this tent, as there is still plenty of room to move around freely.

One of our favourite features is the really high quality waterproofing that’s been integrated. Very similar to the Quechua Fresh and Black Tent and the Gazelle Pop Up Tents, this is a fully waterproof pop up tent, which are very rare to find on the market. 

With 4 color choices, an almost instantaneous pitch time, and an attention to detail when it comes to its functional features, we think any serious camper would love to get inside this tent for a long weekend or two.

Tent Details


Pop Up Dome


12.5 x 8.5 feet (106 sq. ft.)


11.9 lbs.


53.5” Center height


4 to 6 People


$149.99 USD


All Season


1 Minute Setup Time


Tent & Rainfly – 190T Polyester

Floor – 210D Oxford

Poles – 7mm Fiberglass 


3000mm Integrated Rain Fly

4000mm Floor


Pack Size

34.65” x 34.65” x 1.18”


2 Year Limited Warranty

Overview of Features

  • Can Be Setup in Seconds
  • Large Interior for Multiple Mattresses
  • Entry Area / Vestibule Space for Storage 
  • 4 Season Camping
  • Integrated Rain Fly & Superior Hydrostatic Head
  • Multiple Venting Points for Increased Airflow
  • E-Port Access
  • Available in Multiple Colors

What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

ayamaya pop up tent with vestibule

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Pop up tents have the distinct advantage of going up in seconds.

In the case of the Ayamaya, it is housed in a circular carrying case that resembles a cymbal bag. While many pop up tents require you to unfold the tent and push out the hubs to make the frame “pop up” like the Nightcat Pop up tent or the Toogh Pop Up Tent, this model is even easier. In fact, you might actually be fighting to keep it from taking shape as you remove it from the bag. Once removed, all you have to do is literally toss it up in the air like you are pizza chef, which is the same design as the Zomake Pop Up Tent

ayamaya pop up features

The flexible circular pole design will automatically spring the tent into shape. All that’s left is to secure the structure to the ground with the provided stakes. The rain fly is integrated so you won’t need to spend any extra time attaching a tarp over the tent. Those who head to their campsite after work love pop up tents for their quick pitch, as most of the time the sun has gone down when they arrive. Pop up tents are also valued for their quick pitch during rainstorms, as no one wants to spend their camping trip soaked to the bone.

SILVER FEATURE – Stay Dry Inside

While this tent uses an integrated rain fly, don’t be fooled by its simple design. It has some serious waterproofing. The Ayamaya is designed with a double layer of fabric, with a pocket of air in between. This not only helps to eliminate condensation from building up inside the tent, but also ensures you have more than just a thin piece of fabric between you and stormy weather.

ayamaya tent sizes

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The entire structure is coated in 3000mm waterproofing, to help bead moisture and quickly roll it off the tent. Additionally, all windows and doors have a zipper and Velcro cover to seal things up tight. They also have zipper cuffs to keep moisture from seeping in the smallest of cracks, and heat-sealed seams are included throughout for the same purpose.

As for the tent floor, a 4000mm waterproof Oxford groundsheet helps keep water from soaking the base of the shelter. While this is a high-quality floor, we always recommend investing in a proper footprint for you tent to prolong its longevity.


Most tents can perform well in 3 of the 4 seasons, Ayamaya’s design allows for this tent to be used year-round, this is probably the main purpose we would choose this over the Hui Lingyang tent, if money wasn’t a factor of course. The double layer of fabric that makes up the shell helps to trap warm air inside the tent, as there will be less heat transference.

pop up ventilation

While the durable floor and waterproofing make it able to stand up to the demands of colder weather. Although, it’s not built with any thermal materials, it is air tight, and wearing the proper clothes, having warm blankets, and bringing along a small heater will make camping in the winter with this tent completely possible.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Lots O’ Space

There is no shortage of space in this pop up tent.

Designed for 4 people, it can easily accommodate families, multiple mattresses, and small furniture with its 106 square feet of space. Ayamaya claims you can stuff 6 people into this tent, but we wouldn’t recommend any more than 4, as you will have more free space this way.

ayamaya pop up waterproofing

The 53.5” center height is a bit low compared to some large tents, but it is still easy to move around if not fully standing up.In addition to the spacious interior, there is a small vestibule room in front of the main tent that can act as storage space for your gear and shoes. If you need to sleep someone in it you can, and it will also act as a great place for your pet to keep watch over you.

The Air in There

Ventilation in this tent is very good. The doors and windows have a mesh layer that can be left open for air to flow through. 2 front doors work with an adjustable rear vent to effectively cycle air.

tent stakes and ropes | ayamaya

There are also ground vents that push air up and out the mesh windows for even more air flow. The windows and doors can also zip up for fine tuning the ventilation, or when you want some privacy in your tent.

High Quality from Top to Bottom

With a 190 poly taffeta shell, 210 denier Oxford floor, and 7mm fiberglass poles framing it, this tent ensures you are getting a lightweight, flexible, and durably crafted outdoor shelter. Additionally, waterproof coating is found all over and high-quality 2-way SBS zippers offer smooth operation at all times.

Pop up interior tent

Rounding Out

Storage pockets, gear lofts, as well as a port for you to run electrical into the tent are included as interior features. In addition to the provided guy lines and stakes, Ayamaya gives you a nice carrying case for transporting and storing the tent easily, as it compacts down to fit into small storage areas around your home.

pop up carry case


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on this tent?

Ayamaya provides a 2-year limited warranty on the majority of their products. It covers manufacturer defects but not regular wear and tear use.

What are the dimensions of the carrying case?

When packed up, the case is relatively small at around 34.6” in diameter, and 2 inches thick.

Does this tent come with a ground sheet?

The tent has a very durable 300D Oxford poly floor. It does not come with a footprint for the tent to rest on. We would highly recommend picking one up as a footprint will greatly increase the longevity of the tent floor, as it acts as a barrier so the floor isn’t directly on the ground.


Our Final Thoughts

This tent has a lot going for it, and at times has a few surprises up its sleeves.

Its large interior is enough space for most families or groups, and the design takes the traditional challenges that tents can pose (i.e. condensation build up), and answers them in innovative ways (i.e. double-layers). If its still not really agreeing with you, I’d suggest taking a look at the Coleman Galiano Review we have, its slightly smaller, but much better for remote camping or just for 2 campers. 

A quick pitch, excellent waterproofing, and built to perform in all seasons, this is a tent that has a lot of upside, and might be the only one you will need for the foreseeable future.


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