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Zomake Pop Up Tent Review

This pop-up beach tent from Zomake is making waves with its fast pitch and affordable price. It looks like a well-designed multi-person tent, but how well does it perform is the question we pose today, and answer.

It is one of the better selling budget pop up tents on the market, but for those with a keen eye will have noticed the abundance of similar tents with just another brand name slapped across it.

This does tend to happen, quite often, with cheap tents that tend to be below 50-70 dollars, and as prices go up, brands diversify and product better quality tents with unique designs and patents. 

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In these cases we tend to focus on if there is any material quality difference, shipping location and time and the reliability of the brand or company selling it. With the latter taken into account, Zomakes pop up is probably the best of a bad bunch, not to say its a bad tent, but you catch my drift. 

We put it under the microscope in our latest in-depth review, for our list of best pop up tents check out our dedicated article. 



Zomake Tent Review

light blue - Zomake Tent

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This tent is geared toward families that are looking for a tent to use on the beach and light camping excursions. In that respect, we think it’s a great little sun shelter that will pique the interest of many as it sets up fast and weighs next to nothing.

If you have a young family, you will probably love the UV protection it affords your kids, while it also caters well to beach-goers that hate paying for a chair and umbrella. Additionally, we feel it can be a decent summer camping tent as well, but you will have to be mindful of using it only in perfect weather conditions.


Pop Up Dome


7.9 x 5.9 feet (47 sq. ft.)


5 lbs.


40” Center height


3 – 4 People


$64.99 USD


2-3 Season


1 Minute Setup Time


Shell: 190TPU Polyester

Floor: 210D Oxford Polyester

Frame: Fiberglass Poles

Pack Size

31.5” Circular Case



Available Colors

Blue, Light Blue, Green

Overview of Features

  • Pops Up in Seconds for Quick Shelter
  • Can Fit A Queen Mattress
  • Has 50+ UV Protection
  • Large Doors and Windows
  • Excellent Ventilation Throughout
  • Sunroof Can Be Open or Closed
  • Comes in Multiple Colors


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

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GOLD QUALITY – Discus Pop-Upius

Always a crowd-pleasing feature, this tent is pre-assembled so you don’t have to wrestle with it, and it pops up out of its storage bag for a virtually instantaneous pitch. While some pop-up tents have legs that need unfolding, and hubs extended outward, this tent wants to save you those precious seconds.

Zomake Tent interior

It uses a circular design so you literally just need to toss it in the air like you are competing in Olympic discus throw. Ok, maybe it’s not that dramatic, but tossing it up in the air will allow the circular frame to pop the shelter into shape, and you can stake it down immediately. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

SILVER FEATURE – Sunroof Views

Zomake designed this tent with a nice mesh ceiling that can allow for light to come in during sunny days, or unobstructed views for stargazing on clear nights.

Zomake sleeping area

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As this tent does not have a traditional rain fly, they’ve designed a small removable tarp to cover the mesh skylight with 6 hook and loop points. You could also leave it connected on one side and roll the tarp back, as taking it on and off all the time will probably become irritating.


At a 31.5” diameter, this tent compacts down to a small enough size for anyone to transport it easily. It is pretty impressive as this shelter normally stands 47 square feet x 40 inches high.

Zomake Tent dimensions

Its small carrying case allows you to bring it anywhere really, and when you are finished using it, the slim case won’t take up much room in even the most cramped of storage spaces. 


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Protection from Above

As this tent is geared for using at the beach, Zomake has outfitted it with a layer of 50+ UV protection to help shield you from the sun’s harmful rays.

The tent uses 190T polyester fabric for a sturdy and durable material, with 210D moisture proof Oxford on the tent floor. While it can stand up to a light sprinkling of rain, it won’t hold up in a torrential downpour, as it was designed as more of a sun shelter than a multi-climate tent.

Cozy Quarters

47 square feet gives you a pretty good amount of interior room, and a 40” center height means you can sit up in the shelter and adequately move around. Zomake says 3 to 4 people can fit inside, but we would recommend 2 to 3 max. You will still be plenty cozy but will need some open so you aren’t on top of each other, especially if you are fitting a queen mattress or a few singles in there with you.

Let the Breeze In

There is plenty of ventilation in this model. In addition to 2 large D doors on the front and back of the tent, there are 2 large side windows as well as a sunroof/skylight feature. The doors and windows have a secondary mesh layer that helps vent the tent, and they can be unzipped and rolled back for a more dialed in setting. The sunroof comes with a tarp that can be removed to reveal the tent’s mesh ceiling, which helps to keep air moving up and out of the shelter.

Zomake Tent setup instructions

Follow these simple steps to pitch and fold after use

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this for backpacking?

While it is lightweight and sets up fast, it wasn’t designed for backpacking, and there would be no way to stuff the tent into a pack. Its primary use is for the beach, and light summer/spring camping.

How does this tent perform in the rain?

The tent can stand up to a light misting, but it probably won’t stand up well to heavy wind and rain. If you do intend to use it in inclement weather, coat the tent in waterproof sealant before you use it.

Is it well-ventilated for use on the beach?

Yes, there are two large doors, two large windows, and a sunroof that use a layer of mesh to keep air flowing well. They can also be zipped closed to adjust how much air comes and goes.

Is this tent outfitted with mesh or clear plastic windows?

The windows on this tent are covered in dense mesh to help keep bugs from entering.


Our Final Thoughts

Taking a hard look at this tent, you have to consider what its intended use is for. While it won’t be winning any tent-of-the-year awards, it was designed solely as a sun shelter for the beach, and in that regard it works perfectly.

It shields you from the sun’s rays with is UV protected shell, and if the tent gets too hot you can easily unzip the windows and doors to cycle air.

Throw in a quick pitch time with a decent square footage, and for under $100 you get a tent that is perfect for beach days, or camping on sunny summer days.


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