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Best Pop Up Tents for Camping - Reviewed and Full Guide

12 Best Pop Up Tents Reviewed in 2021

Manufacturers managed to create lightweight, waterproof, portable pop up camping tents with an innovative coiled spring design for an insanely quick pitch. This was greeted with open arms by campers worldwide, as you know full well, the ‘pitch’ can send a shiver down the spine of even the most veteran of campers.

With a pop up tent you can be pitched securely within 60 seconds in most cases. Today we’re going to showcase not just the best pop up tents, but also the top quality choices for each capacity level.

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Here you will learn what your best choices are and discover the fast pitch tent that suits your needs. We’ve also included insightful camping tips and tricks on how to pitch, fold and reinforce your tent for improved sustainability.

You may already know that some privacy shelters also come in pop up designs, however we wont be covering them in this list, please check our pop up toilet tent and pop up shower tent lists for those, as today we will only be covering camping tent models. 

12 Best Pop Up Tents for Camping Reviewed

1. Quechua 2 Seconds Pop Up Tent

Small White Pop Up Tent

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This is the latest model from a running design named ‘2 Seconds’. The 2 Seconds range is quite well known in the camping community and has a respectable reputation at that.

Set Up

This waterproof pop up tent from Quechua is sleek, stylish and really easy to pitch. It has a fast set up staying in line with what we are looking for in a Pop Up Tent. Without wind it’s able to free-stand, which is useful in garden or covered camping situations. Our favorite feature is the ‘Easy Guide’ system which does actually help the coiled frame to guide itself back into position, easier than some other models.


 It comes with 2 side panels that are extendable and fixable by using guy ropes on the sides. The whole flysheet in the rear area, the sleeping area, can be lifted from the inside by tugging on the inner rope. This actually creates a really pleasant sleeping experience with a well-circulated sleeping room. It does a good job of reducing condensation, this can be a tricky natural occurrence to eradicate, but it does a great job of that with the air circulation.


Staying in top quality with a Ti0² coated fabric packs a whopping UPF 50+. This is pretty good protection for a pop up when we compare it to other models. However, as much as it is good. Please remember that an open door can let in a large amount of UV rays, so be responsible and use sun cream when necessary (mother style rant over)


Lab tested with the entire tent subjected to 200 L / m² / h for 4 hours. They are also field-tested, however, its polyester 2000mm PU-coated flysheet and polyethylene groundsheet seemed to withstand the test very well. Probably due to all its seams being sealed with heat-bonded strips. There is a breathable polyester area under the flysheet, which stops contact with water droplets from condensation. This is effective and stops any water residing on the inside of the flysheet.

Wind Resistance

Placed in a wind tunnel and exposed to winds mimicking strong outdoor conditions. Impressively this model can resist wind speeds of up to 50km/h which is gale force 6, obviously with all the guy ropes secured properly, but still habitable.  

Special Note

Benefiting from a technology named ‘Fresh and Black’ it keeps the tent really cool, even in pretty hot weather. The interior is also extra-dark, it gives it a black out effect, which is amazing for inducing sleep and resting well. It’s probably one of the most elegant white pop up tents I’ve ever seen, they are not too common, and this one’s a beauty.

Note: Check out our Quechua 2 Seconds Review for a closer inspection.

Key Features

  • Easy Pitch and Folding
  • Blackout Technology
  • 2000mm Water Rating


2. Ayamaya Pop Up Tent

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent with vestibule

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A true pop up tent, the Ayamaya throw to pitch tent is one of the best selling models to come out of 2020. A familiar design, but with awesome performance which can be pitched and staked within minutes. 


Sold as a 4-6 person pop up tent, we would strongly suggest using it as the former. 6 people crammed like sardines is never a comfortable experience in our opinion, especially when we have our ice coolers and backpack storage space needed. 3-4 campers would equate to a comfortable and non-stuffy sleeping environment with plenty of extra space for your gear. 


Seriously well ventilated with double doors, one the rear and one on the front, opening both up allows for a quick clear-out of odors and stuffy air. Furthermore there are hooded vents evident on each end of the tent, which allows for air circulation to pass through while the doors are zipped up. The vents are meshed too, which stops any unwelcome bugs sneaking in while you’re trying to air it out. All the doors and windows are double panelled, the first panel is meshed, the second is full nylon for 100% privacy. 


Probably the most important feature is the waterproof rating on pop up tents, they tend to be somewhat vulnerable to rain given the focus on a fast pitch, however not with the Ayamaya tent. The groundsheet is backpacking tent worthy, with a 4000mm waterproof rating, due to the PU coated oxford groundsheet. Equally impressive is the rooftop which has a PU coated polyester top which holds a very respectable 3000mm water rating. 

Note: For more information check out our Ayamaya Pop Up Tent Review for a more in-depth breakdown of this tent model. 

Key Features:

  • Impressive Water Rating for Groundsheet and Roof
  • Very Well Ventilated
  • Front and Rear Doors


3. Gazelle T4 Pop Up Tent

Gazelle t4 review

Check Prices Here

Gazelle has a really great product here and it’s plain to see from the high volume of 5-star reviews and positive experiences from users. Posing as one of our first decent pop up family tents, with big spacious rooms and sturdy framework, let’s see what all the fuss is about.


The frame is considerably rigid because they have used metal hubs and only solid fiberglass in the manufacture of the structure. This makes it really resistant to strong winds, it will not bend and bow in these conditions.

It is indeed sold as a pop up tent, so it does make the list, however, it doesn’t explode out of the package like some of the other models. Yet, you can still set this up in under a minute, its incredibly easy fold out system is just as simple. Probably a little less frightening as well!


It builds 78 inches high and the pitch size is 94 x 94 inches. That’s a floor space of around 61ft sq. One thing that is worth mentioning is the collapsed size. This measures in at 8 x 8 x 67.5 in inches. Packed up its actually quite tall, around 5 ft. This of course can be a small concern being a portable tent with that height, however if you can tie it to the roof-rack or have an average-sized car. In our opinion, it’s a small price to pay for a family-sized tent.


They have taken the initiative and used durable zippers in the form of YKK zippers, which performed well under some heavy testing. Another nice feature they have integrated on the Gazelle T4 is a rainfly with attached poles. You insert the poles into the corners prior to extending the roof, then it will all erect together in unison.

A nice tip, whip it off on a cool evening for a bit of star gazing, that was a nice touch we used ourselves. The rainfly is also waterproofed with taped seams, which comes with each version of the tent. Lastly, a removable floor is included, which makes keeping the floor clean a breeze.

Colors, Sizes, Price

Sizes, to summarize they have 3,4 and 8 person tent models. So, for example, this 4 man is available in both green and orange and should cost around $240 last we checked. 

Note: For our full review on all the Gazelle Pop Up Tents, their full line, check out our full review page. 

Key Features

  • Unique Design
  • Removable Floor
  • Spacious Interior 


4. Gazelle T4 Plus Pop Up Tent 

Gazelle T4 Plus 4-8 Person pop up tent

Check Prices Here

It is advertised as 4-8 capacity, but it would be honestly huge for 4 campers, their actual 4 person pop up tent would be sufficient (see above). For this you can comfortably fit 6+ in here plus have room for a ton of gear. The design is very spacious and feels like your own forest cabin. 

Set Up

Fast and efficiently. We had this beast up in around a minute to a minute and a half. It’s quite amazing actually to see such a big model still able to work effectively as a pop up design. The hard work by the engineering team at Gazelle has clearly paid off, bravo. 

Dimensions and Colors

More Orange, the T4 Plus is only available in orange. As opposed to the T4 which is available in Green also! Folded out the Gazelle T4 Plus stands at roughly 94 x 168 in inches and the fold up size is 11 x 11 x 63. The best part is the center height at 78 inches, the tallest tent in the list. Lastly, it packs a decent floor space with these large dimensions, of 110 square feet.


Packed up it stands about 5 ft tall which may be quite long for smaller cars. We attached it underneath the roof-rack with a tarp wrapped around it, that worked well. It can fit in the trunk too if you have the space available, or lay along the floor in the back of the car. Fits snugly into the free duffle bag that comes with the purchase, which is around 63 inches. The weight of everything packed into the carry bag is about 47 lbs.


Additionally, it comes with a free rainfly and 18 tent stakes included and of course the duffle carry bag previously mentioned. Like most Gazelle model, it has a detachable floor, which is great for large groups as it may soon start to collect dirt and debris. Detach and shake it off outside to alleviate this problem and stay clean, then simply hook it straight back up again.

Gazelle T4 Plus vs CORE 9

When you look at the 8 Person Gazelle pop up tent in comparison to other similar tents in size and capacity, we’ve found it to have interesting details. 

Gazelle T4 and CORE 9 person tent dimension comparison

Every inch of space counts. The T4 Plus does indeed have larger item dimensions than its competitors. Quite significant when compared to the CORE extended dome tent. Admittedly, there are many more factors in comparing tents, but judging size and head height, it comes out on top.

The T4 Plus is more expensive in comparison, but this is due to the quick set up. As opposed to the CORES which are conventional. We pay more for convenience, as with most things.

Key Features

  • Best Largest Pop Up Tent 
  • Detachable Floor
  • Big Center Height


5. Teton Sports Outfitter XXL

One Person pop up tent

Check Prices Here

The 1 person pop up from Teton Sports did a great job with their Outfitter XXL model, with an array of cool features, sleek design and waterproofed material. We would fully recommend this model as the best single pop up on the current market. I personally love the design on this one too, its one of the only pop ups that has real mountaineering and backpacking feel in the design.


It has a unique pitching method, unlike other models we’ve seen. You unpack the tent, then you use a drawstring method, pull the string and keep 1 hand on the base and it literally drives the tent up into position as you pull the drawstring. It’s really simple and a very interesting take on the pop up design.


Over 84% of the user reviews have fallen into the 4 and 5 star categories, we second this. We would score it a 4.5, only missing out on some scoring due to interior size, we think it could’ve afforded to be slightly bigger inside. Teton Sports did use great workmanship here its clear to see, with a rugged taffeta and an inner tent made from micro mesh.

Star Gazer

To be honest, a lot of tents have this as a feature, but it has never made more sense than in a small pop up tent when you’re out alone in the wilderness. This is literally the best time to star gaze, when you’re in peace and quiet. Kick back on your sleeping pad, and enjoy serenity in the well-ventilated interior while gazing up into the nights’ sky via the full meshed rooftop.

The Camping Cot

As mentioned before, it is possible to attach a camping cot, for different camping scenarios. Such as beach, hunting and forest camping etc, whereby it is quite important in some cases to be off the ground level. For this you will need a cot, luckily they designed this 1 person pop up tent directly for this. You can attach the cot easily with loop and toggle fasteners or can be simply hauled beside you in a utility cart.

Teton Sports Camping Cot
Stay off the ground with the custom-built Camping Cot

There are 6 secure points that lock on to the cot, securing it safely. Remember, the cot must be slightly over-sized to allow the tent to secure itself correctly. 


Single door effectively positioned on the side, this makes for great access being able to get up and roll out of the bed straight outside. The door is also U-Shaped and you can fold this away when it’s not in use. A welcomed feature is the bungee vestibule, which is built-in. This contributes to the waterproofing of the tent by keeping water droplets away from your sleeping bag or camping pad.

Note: Check here for a full review on the Teton Outfitter Quick Tent.

Key Features

  • Versatile with Additional Set-Up Options
  • Well Ventilated with a Mesh Roof
  • Waterproofed Material


6. Toogh Flip Pop Nylon Tent

toogh pop up tent review

Check Prices Here

We loved the sleek design on this 4 person pop up tent from Toogh. It provides excellent value with free rainfly and a robust carry bag. Let’s have a look at it in more detail.


Just launch it into the air and marvel as it takes shape immediately. Secure tent stakes and voila, you’re good to go. It folds well also, to a small thin size. It comes with a decent-sized carry bag that can be carried on your shoulder or fixed underneath your roof rack for example.


An awesome feature is the reflective guy lines making them easily visible in the evenings. Ventilation is also decent, which we will touch on next. The tent stakes are aluminum which keeps the weight down. Side pockets are also included, keeping things like phones, gadgets or any other expensive tech off the ground sheet is always welcomed. The Fly sheet is worth mentioning, it’s a quality piece, fully waterproof and tested to 1500mm.


The inner tent is ventilated well which is attached to the fiberglass poles. Having 2 windows on either side plus a rear vent creates a good breeze. The mesh windows also do a fine job of keeping out those creepy crawlies.


The carry bag is tough and rugged, made of canvas and comes complete with folding instructions for the pop up tent, so be sure to grab this before setting off.

Dimensions and Weight

This can fit 2 people nicely with a length of 92.5 inches by 56.3 inches, reasonable for 2 average-sized people, plus a little bit of gear. Secondly, the floor of the Toogh is sturdy with a 190D Oxford 3000mm floor to keep you dry as a bone. Combined with the portable carry bag and tent pegs, it weighs in at a humble (3.4Kg) 7.5 lbs. When folded, of course the size is significantly reduced at 34″ x 3″. To note that the fly sheet is waterproofed with 190T polyester PU coating.

Special Note

Being flame retardant is so crucial these days, what with all the portable stoves and campfires on site. Dangers are lurking on every corner. The fabric is flame resistant and meets high standards at CPAI-84. This allowed for peace of mind when trying to doze off with my dog laying beside me. 

Note: We also have a Toogh Tent Review guide which features more intricate details and images. 

Key Features

  • Heavy Duty Canvas Carry Bag
  • Various Color Choices
  • Free Rain Fly


7. Coleman Galiano Pop Up Tent

Coleman 4 person pop up tent

Check Prices Here

Well, no pop up tent review would be right without including the good old Coleman! Here is the first of 2 in the same product line we will review. This model comes in 2 person and 4 person designs.

The Pitch

Tried and tested this is a legit pop up tent that erects instantaneously. It has a very simple mechanism, you take it out and boom, it will fire out into its shape thanks to the coiled framework. It packs up really well also, a few simple folds and its back to its original position. 


The Coleman pop up tent is well protected in a manner of ways. Firstly, its fire protected which is awesome for having peace of mind when camping with family and friends. Camping can be a treacherous activity if you are ill-prepared, having a fire retardant tent at least alleviates one of these potential issues.


Its inverted seams helps to resist strong weather conditions, it achieves this by keeping those needle holes away from the outside, enclosing them inside the tent. This simple reversal does have a positive effect. The door is also manufactured with a zipper cuff made from resistance material, this adds extra protection to the door and door lining from rainfall etc.


The frame is a sturdy one for a pop up tent. Usually, pop ups are subject to a bit of vulnerability on their frames. However, this model manages pretty well considering. It’s engineered in a way that makes it wind responsive. This is by having new redesigned tent poles and ‘guy-out’ triangles. 


Welding style technology has waterproofed the floor lining. Equipped with 2 storage pockets with a fair amount of depth. Perfect for keeping your prized possessions safe. The rain-fly is also versatile, its possible to position it in various areas, so you can find the right level of protection and ventilation to suit you.


It measures in at 27.2 x 1.5 x 27.2 inches and weighs in at 6.41 pounds, that’s a really lightweight pop up tent when you compare it to other models. Easy for hiking or trekking with this strapped to your back. The center height is measured at nearly 3 foot, approximately 2 ft 11 inches.

Note: Check out our full review on the Coleman Galiano Fastpitch Tent right here.

Key Features

  • Economical Price
  • Ample Storage
  • Fire Retardant


8. FiveJoy Pop Up Tent

3 person pop up tent

Check Prices Here

This pop up tent from FiveJoy is indeed sold as a 1-3 person camping tent, however with the deep interior, we feel it fits well as an affordable 3 person pop up tent.

Interesting Design

Access on both sides with double doors, which is uncommon in the smaller pop up tents. However, all the more welcome as this contributes to better ventilation. Additionally, the flaps on the sides are made from nylon which is prolific for breathability. 


The FiveJoy comes complete with a cool little hang loop, that is perfect for attaching camping lamps or lanterns. Storage Pockets are also present, again perfect for keeping those little possessions out of harm’s way and up off the ground floor.


Firstly they’ve made it with tough seams that are durable and long lasting against weather. The zippers are equally strong. We had no issues while adding a bit of force to our opening and closing of the tent. Its polyester material is water resistant by way of PU coating.


Definitely makes a great casual camping tent, suitable for solo, duo or small family camping trips. It’s also resistant to the sun so it is possible to use it on the beach or at the park, however its not the most beautiful option for the beach. They do have a nice Camel-colored option which might be okay, but I might be tempted to choose a proper beach canopy for seaside trips.


Guy lines and tent stakes are included in this purchase. We suggest that you use a rainfly overhead and also a tent tarp under the tent, to complete the protection for this option. Unfortunately, this model didn’t fare well during our heavy rain test. For stronger tents, I would recommend Gore-Tex or Quechua and for ones more inclined for the beach you can check out the Zomake Pop Up Tent

Key Features

  • Easy Pop Up Pitch
  • Large Double Doors
  • Meshed Windows


9. HuiLingYang Pop Up Tent

HuiLingYang 4 person pop up dome tent

Check Prices Here

We found this to be a great addition to our 4 man list, the pop up dome tent from HuiLingYang. Another great example given its spacious interior and good water-resistant properties, let’s see why it made the list.


This model measures up at 114 x 78 x 51 approximately. When packed away its basically a 3 foot disk which is about 38 inches in diameter. Opened, around 6.5 x 9.5 feet and roughly 4 foot high, this is slightly taller than the Coleman, but shorter than the Gazelle for standing height.

Sold as a family tent, we tested with an average size cot. They do fit but you need to be a bit crafty with the positioning as it isn’t as tall as the Gazelle for example, which fits a cot comfortably.


It automatically pitches itself once out of the carry bag, we were set up in seconds. No instructions needed, it will do all the hard work for you with an instant pitch, just attach your pegs and ropes and you’re golden. Folding is easy enough, follow the tips in our guide at the bottom to get this right first time. Insert it back into its carry bag and your done, it’s that simple.


It has double doors on either side which is perfect for keeping air circulating and clearing out any stale odors. The doors are also made of nylon which is a great material to block any view, which provides adequate privacy.

Colors and Warranty

There are 6 colors in total available, our personal favorites are the Green and Khaki models, reminiscent of a similar model with superior waterproofing, the Ayamaya Pop Up Tent with Vestibule. You will also be pleased to hear that this tent comes with a 1-year warranty, this is effectively a guarantee to protect you from any non man-made mishaps.


Note that the manufacturer has warned against using this in extreme weather conditions, while backpacking for example. So better stick to the beach, garden or localized camping spots with the family.

Note: For the full lowdown, check out our full review

Key Features

  • Wide Color Variety
  • Meshed Wide Windows
  • Good Value for the Size


10. Wnnideo Pop Up Tent

Wnnideo 5 person pop up tent

Check Prices Here

This model from Wnnideo has been well received and works well as a larger fast pitch tent for families. Let’s have a look at some of the features. 


The arched design creates aerodynamic protection against stronger winds.  Complete with double doors, this offers better air circulation when compared with its single door counterparts. Especially ones with arched doors like the Wnnideo, which are very similar to the Night Cat Pop Up Tent. Moreover, this is a pop up tent with meshed windows on either side, meaning privacy and insect protection.


Primarily the material is polyester which has been made with a water-resistant membrane. There were no further details yet from the manufacturer regarding its actual HSH rating. Interestingly though, the fabric has had some UV protection added, this makes it a great choice for a group of children or a small family. The fabric is also elasticized, which works to prevent breakages under pressure.


We had it up and staked within a few minutes, it has a pre-attached hub which guides the whole framework upwards together. The frame is made of lightweight fiberglass, which is easy to carry. In a classic dome shape, this creates a more compact tent that can pitch under foliage and more secrete areas.

Colors, Size and Dimensions

Mainly Green in color, however there is some variation in the larger models. Regarding measurements it’s pretty generous, standing with a 10ft x 8ft footprint, you can definitely squeeze in 5-6 people.  It weighs around 9lbs, for a 5-6 person that qualifies as a lightweight pop up tent in our books.

Anything Else?

 The 6 mesh panels that surround the tent provide excellent ventilation and stargazing opportunities. Not only this, you can benefit from all-round protection from mosquitoes in all entrances.

Key Features

  • Compact Dome Design
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Good for Remote Camping


11. Oileus XL Tent

Oileus 5-6 Person Pop Up Tent

Check Prices Here

The Oileus is a great, economical pop up tent to consider for camping fishing and small family camping trips. Waterproof, lightweight and sets up within minutes, it covers all the key factors and more. Let’s look closer. 

Pitch and Package

After unpacking, it bursts into its full shape. Fasten and secure with the included tent stakes (a generous 14) and your instant shelter is ready. Putting it away however was a little more tricky, folded up its around 4 ft in circumference. They do have some great videos however on the product page, showing how to fold it properly.


 Opened up it sits at 114 x 79 x 51 in inches, approximately. That’s enough room again for a decent-sized group, plus a moderate amount of gear. They also included 2 storage pockets with this model, they are 10 x 10 in inches, which is a generous size and can easily fit your important gadgets etc. 


Double doors that are screened, meshed windows positioned on each side of the tent. This gives the ventilation and insect protection sorely needed with the bigger tents. The large storage pockets were a nice feature we haven’t seen in other models, which is important when traveling in bigger groups, the need for extra storage becomes more apparent. Also, it has a large mesh skylight window, which is great for stargazing in the evenings.


With an impressive waterproof rating of 3000mm, it will survive well in heavy rain. This stems from the 210T diamond-patterned, polyester waterproof fabric that is used in the manufacture. Beware, again we recommend this for casual use, as does the manufacturer. Extreme campers and backpackers should look for something a bit more suited to harsher conditions.

Key Features

  • Good Value Bundle with Freebies
  • High Waterproof Rating
  • Large Storage Pockets


12. Tangkula Portable Tent

Camouflage Pop Up Tent

Check Prices Here

For people after quite a niche product such as a camouflage pop up tent, we found one which had pretty good features.  The portable camo from TANGKULA has a beautiful color and really blends into the countrysides tones excellently well. Traditionally yes its a pop up hunting blind, but we feel its better than some of the conventional camouflage tents.

Pitch and Dimensions

Does the job perfectly and sets up within 2 minutes, stakes and all. You will notice the shape of the Camo tent is very spacious, inside and out. The pitched measurements are  61 x 59 x 63 in inches and is suited for 2-3 people. It’s quite a generous center height for a 2-3 person pop up as well. It also qualifies as a lightweight pop up tent, being only 9lbs in weight.


The interior is well ventilated because of its mesh windows. Additionally, the material for the tent is waterproofed also with 150D Oxford and PU coating. Meshed windows work well as insect prevention, keeping the interior bug fee.


Yes it can serve as an effective blind during hunting season, with port holes all around the tent. But hey, if hunting isn’t your style, let’s turn that into another advantage. We can be within nature, undetected, with a whole range of vision. Time to get the camera out and practice those snapshots!

Guarantee and Freebies

They do offer a warranty on the pop up. If there are any missing pieces or defect parts, or even the tent itself, you can send it back for a replacement free of charge. It does come with a free carry bag for portability, also it has tent ropes for free. you can use the additional tent ropes to secure the tent further.

Key Features

  • Excellent Photography or Hunting Tent
  • Water-Resistant
  • Effective Camouflage Pattern


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? 

Hopefully, we have it covered down here below.

What is a Pop Up Tent?

They are an instant pitch tent that utilizes a coiled spring in its framework. The coiled spring, when unpacked, bursts out and expands the tent simultaneously. As the tent’s fabric is attached, it pops up in unison and takes shape instantly. Pop up methods are used in various different models of tents, from ground tents to roof top tents.

How Do I Pitch a Pop Up Tent?

All you need to do is remove the easy to set up tent from the carry bag and WHOOSH! It will explode out setting itself up automatically. However, there is some work you will need to do, albeit minor. You will still need to peg down each corner of the tent, similar to a conventional tent. Then, tie ropes to secure these pegs further, providing adequate stability.

How do I Fold a Pop up Tent?

The main issue people have is in folding the different sections. We must fold different parts into place, however being coiled it can be almost spring-loaded at times. It does have a tendency to fly back to its original position, if not held correctly, which can be frustrating.

A few tricks we picked up from copious amounts of folding were;

  1. When folding make sure you leave the door open, this lets the air escape quickly when you’re folding it up.-
  2. If it has a carry bag, take care when putting back in, you will need to release your grip to get it back in, so be sure the tent is in the ‘mouth’ of the bag before releasing.
  3. If it has a ‘strap’ make sure once folded you lock it in-between your legs before wrapping the strap around it, to stop it popping out again.

Are Pop Up Tents Waterproof?

Generally speaking yes, but not as much as proper backpacking and hiking tents.

Pop up tents, like conventional tents, will be indeed made with a fabric that at least contains some kind of waterproof membrane. Coated with a water repellent substance that will help to block water droplets, thus providing some form of proofing.

However, the quality definitely differs between models and sadly, price.

Having waterproof properties means they can also be used as utility tents in other designs, such as toilet tents and shower tents when we are camping.



All in all, they make an excellent, economical and reliable quick pitch tent for various camping situations. From festivals, to fishing trips to full family getaways with the T4 Plus for example.

If you have had previous difficulties with setting up and packing away, then these easy set up tents are for you.

If your question isn’t here? Feel free to drop a comment below or email us from the ‘contact us’ page.


Resources and Sources

How the coil works in a Pop Up Tent


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  1. Hello. I have checked your website and i wanted to say thank you for this article, it helped me to choose my next festival tent for Glastonbury here in the UK, big love!

    1. Wow glad to hear that, yes pop up tents are perfect for festivals due to the speed of set up. Nobody wants to faff around for an hour with tent poles when your favourite band is on stage. Have a blast!

  2. Hey great job with this article it was pretty extensive and i just about got through it on my lunch break haha

    By the way what’s the difference between the T4 and the T4 Plus? The Gazelle ones, my buddy said he had a T3 or something? But i don’t see it on your list.

    1. Hey Sim. Ah yes the T3 is basically the 3 person model of pop up tent from Gazelle. It comes only in a light green color. The T4 has 2 color choices and the T4 Plus is only orange.

      Now colors aside, the T4 Plus is a huge pop up tent in comparison to the T4. the T4 is for 4 people but the T4 Plus can hold up to 8 and has a massive screen room beside it.

      I would prefer this for a 4-5 person family and use the extra room for storage.

      Hope this helps

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