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10 Best Waterproof Pop Up Tents

10 Best Waterproof Pop Up Tents Reviewed for 2021

Whether you’re a keen camper, or just need a quick shelter for a fun beach camping trip, a waterproof pop up tent is one of the most convenient tents on the market. Pop up tents for camping are so popular because of their fast and easy set up. As their name suggests, they literally pop out of their bag, removing the assembly process completely.

Most of them (if not all) are freestanding, so you don’t even need guylines and stakes to keep them upright. When it rains and you’ve just arrived to set up camp, you’ve got an instant shelter that sets up in virtually seconds. Being waterproof is just another huge advantage, because you can trust that you’ll stay comfy and dry all night long.

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Portable and functional, there is an overwhelming amount of waterproof pop up tents for sale currently, so we’ve decided to construct this list to show you the best ones on the market. We’ve chosen models that certainly aren’t cheap $40 pop ups, rather we’ve ensured to keep a healthy range from affordable to a little more expensive. Our choices serve as proper camping tents, so that your next outdoor adventure can be completely hassle-free with these top pop up tents.

Top 10 Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tents

1. Gazelle 30400 T4 Tent

Gazelle 30400 T4 


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One of Gazelle’s most popular models, this sleeps 4 people with a tall 78” height for extra headroom. 61ft² of floor space leaves lots of space for storage, especially with the patented wall hubs. These hubs stretch out the walls, instantly creating a more spacious area without adding to the overall weight.

6 tight-weave mesh windows and a full-mesh roof allow plenty of air to come through, while keeping insects away. A removable floor lets you clean with ease, and the rainfly is also detachable to give you control over when you need more ventilation. The fly has unique corner awnings, which provide added shielding from water leaks.

Check out our Gazelle Pop Up Tent Reviews for a more in-depth view of this and its other models. 


  • Fast 90 Second Pitch
  • Water, Wind, Mildew Resistant & 50+ UV Protected
  • 2 Large D-Shaped Doors for Easy Entry & Exit


2. Quechua 2 Seconds III Fresh & Black Waterproof Pop Up Tent

Quechua 2 Seconds III Fresh & Black Waterproof Pop Up Tent

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This model has a very streamlined shape that sits close to the ground, making it perform well in high winds with the right heavy-duty stakes and guy ropes. Suitable for 3 people, it’s a good size for couples or even one person. With a waterproof rating of 2000mm, the PU coated polyester fly and 120g PE groundsheet provide high protection to keep things dry inside.

As well as great weather resistance, the interior has full blackout material to block a high amount of sunlight. To avoid overheating, the outer material is a very light grey, and 2 large side panels cover mesh windows for extra ventilation. The large D-door is covered by a small canopy and can fully close when it’s raining.

Check out our Quechua Fresh and Black Tent Review for more info on this particular model.


  • Full Blackout Interior Blocks Light
  • High 2000mm Waterproof Index
  • UV 50+ Protection


3. Toogh Waterproof Camping Tent

Toogh Waterproof Camping Tent

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A classic dome shape, with a twist. This tent from Toogh has rather straight walls that provide a more spacious feel. The heavy-duty centre hub connects all the poles, making set up a piece of cake as it simply extends and locks into place. At 10 lbs, it’s not as heavy as most 4-person models out there. The carry bag is quite large though, so we recommend it for short trips.

Instead of a rainfly, both the front and back doors can fully close without anything left exposed. The peak has a mini sort of fly, that also allows some ventilation when everything is closed. The outer material is a durable 210D Oxford with a silicone fabric, and the groundsheet has an incredibly high rating of 10,000mm made from 210T polyester.

We have a Toogh Pop Up Tent Full review on our dedicated page. 


  • High Waterproof Ratings 3000mm Tent & 10,000mm Flooring
  • Huge T-Style Doors Provide Easy Entry & Exit
  • Front Door Doubles as Awning


4. Gazelle 26800 T4 Plus Waterproof Pop Up Tent

Gazelle 26800 T4 Plus

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Another from Gazelle, this is a much large model with a capacity of 8 people. It’s the perfect size for a family or group of 4, with a 90 second pitch for ultimate convenience. It’s ideal for summer due to the large number of mesh panels and openings. It feels extremely airy inside, increasing the spaciousness.

PU coated 210D Oxford polyester ensures a waterproof column of up to 2000mm, protecting from mild to heavier rainfall. The tub flooring prevents easy leaks and is also removable for effortless cleaning. It’s made from thick 300D Oxford weave, also with a 2000mm rating.


  • Speedy 90 Second Set Up
  • 2 Massive Mesh Doors & 5 Mesh Windows Create Airflow
  • Tall 78” Height & Large 110ft² Floorspace


5. Mobihome Water Resistant Family Camping Tent

Mobihome Water Resistant Family Camping Tent

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Our next pick is an extended dome style which is a huge hit with families due to its roomy space. Optimal for camping in warmer months, you’ve got a complete mesh roof with several mesh panels that promote airflow. At a 55” center height, it’s enough to kneel comfortably, with the dome shape performing well in winds.

In terms of water resistance, a combination of the sealed seams, 120g PE robust floor, and 68D 190T polyester rainfly provides protection from light rain with a 1500mm rating. The carry bag is also watertight, made from 150D PU coated Oxford fabric, and a rating of 600mm.


  • Fast 1 Minute Set Up with Middle Hub
  • Sealed Seams & Fully Taped Rainfly Prevent Leaks
  • Lightweight 14.3 lbs for Large Capacity


6. Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Tent

Blue Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Tent

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This model is extremely similar to the previous one from Quechua on our list. The main differences are that this version is slightly taller, providing a little more room and it is a 2 man as opposed to 3. This also has the darkroom feature, with dark fabric lining that eliminates 99% of sunlight.

The front entrance stretches across the whole panel, making it easy to get in and out and pack everything into the tent. for additional leakage protection, the front has a minimal awning.

At 7.30 lbs, it is rather lightweight, and could easily be taken backpacking or hiking with the weight shared. Popping up in just a couple of seconds, you can set it up in the rain and dark without any hassles.


  • Super-Fast 2 Second Pitch
  • Rear Flysheet Lifts from Inside for Convenience
  • 2000mm Waterproof Rating Shields Moderate to Heavy Rain


7. Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent

Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent

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Fit up to 4 people in this traditional dome tent from Night Cat. Fully waterproof, it protects from up to 2500mm of rainfall, thanks to the 190T PE fabric that is also PU coated. You’ll also find waterproof taping on every seam. As well as the built-in flooring, you receive a bonus thick tarp for increased leakage security.

Great for warm conditions, the cool thing about this is that the fly doubles as a canopy. When using the full tent, double doors create a cross-airflow effect. The centre hub creates an automatic pitch, as it uses an innovative hydraulic pressure mechanism making it easier and faster. After spreading it out, it pops up in literally seconds, streamlining the set up completely.

For more info have a read of our Nightcat Pop Up Tent Review on our other page. 


  • 2500mm Waterproof Rating Protects Moderate Rainfall
  • Detachable Rainfly Doubles as Pavilion
  • 2 Vast Doors Encourage Ventilation


8. Coleman 4 Person Waterproof Pop Up Tent

Coleman 4 Person Waterproof Pop Up Tent

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Resembling somewhat of an extended dome, this pop up from Coleman has a rapid 10-second pitch. As well as waterproof polyester materials, the fully taped floor seams keep you extra dry, even when the ground underneath is soaked. A minimal rainfly only sits on top, but it covers the openings, so you’re well-guarded from precipitation.

For a 4-person capacity, the 7 lb weight is great, as we think you could even take it backpacking or hiking on quick trips. Festivals are also a good idea with this tent, as it won’t occupy lots of space on the campsite, but you’re still getting a good amount of room inside.

We have more info on this tent on our Coleman Galiano Tent Review page. 


  • 10 Second or Less Pitch
  • All-Mesh Roof & Side Openings Add Ventilation
  • Handy Storage Pockets


9. Ayamaya Waterproof Pop Up Tent

Ayamaya Waterproof Pop Up Tent

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Another extended dome on our list, this has a unique side entrance with a large D-door. With the entire frame pre-connected, it pops instantly into its full structure. The rounded bag is easy to carry and is nice and flat to store with ease. With rear hooded vents and 4 windows, there is increased airflow which reduces humidity.

High quality materials consist of long-lasting 190T polyester for the tent, and 210D Oxford fabric for the floor – both are also PU coated. Overall, you’ve got high waterproof ratings, keeping you dry in heavy rains. Heat sealed seams in all areas provide even more coverage against moisture leaks.

Our full Ayamaya Tent Review is right here, for those who want more info. 


  • High Performing 3000mm-4000mm Waterproof Rating
  • Double-Layer Design Prevents Condensation
  • Small Front Vestibule for Storage & Pets


10. Ubon Waterproof Pop Up Tent

Ubon Waterproof Pop Up Tent

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We’ve chosen this model from Ubon as a great affordable option for very casual camping trips in mild weather. Both set up and take-down are speedy, where the structure simply pops out and folds down into a large circular carry bag in under a minute. Another ideal model for warm weather, there are 2 huge mesh doors and 2 windows at the peak of the roof that create heaps of airflow.

Good quality 190T polyester fabric prevents water seepage. Even though there is only an extremely minimal fly at the centre of the roof, both doors can be fully closed when it rains. Other weather resistance includes full UV 50+ protection. With the strong ropes and stakes provided, it’s stable and secure in winds.


  • Fully Closable Doors & Mini Rainfly Offer Moderate Coverage
  • 190T Waterproof Polyester
  • Bonus 4 Ropes & 7 Stakes Included


How to Choose a Waterproof Pop Up Tent


When on the hunt for your own model, there are several materials that you should look out for. 190T+ polyester is often used as the main body material kinds of pop out tents, due to its waterproof properties. 120g+ polyethylene (PE) is frequently found for the flooring, because it’s more robust than polyester. 210D+ Oxford polyester is one of the best you can find, as well as if its silicone coated – these will provide top moisture protection.

A PU coating is also very common and adds to the waterproof rating. It creates a guard over the fabric that stops leaks from getting through. Of course, you should always check the waterproof rating (measured in mm) to know the level of rain the tent can withstand before leaks can occur.   

Waterproof Elements

There are several other elements you should take note of, other than the materials used.

Sealed seams are definitely something to look out for. It means that the stitching is sealed, so water can’t seep through the minuscule needle holes.

The rainfly is also important. While most models on our list don’t have a full coverage fly, look out for small awnings over doors and windows. These will encourage rain to slide off and away from the openings which adds more security, even if they are already covered with panels.

A tub-style groundsheet is different from regular flooring because it has raised sides. This prevents ground moisture from easily creeping up and into the tent.

Only one of our choices came with a tarp already but consider getting a footprint to go under your tent. It gives so much additional security from leaks, plus it stops scratches and holes forming if you pitch your tent on rough surfaces.


This is an important factor when shopping for any tent. Ample ventilation is crucial for reducing condensation. This will help you to sleep better, as well as creating a much more comfortable experience overall.

Condensation and humidity can cause a build-up of mildew, which can begin to affect the strength of the fabric and seams. The weakened fabric and seams could lead to your tent losing its ability to protect from rainfall, leading to leaks.

Design & Style

There are different pop up designs out there. While all are pre-assembled, some come with a centre hub that makes it a little easier to extend the poles. The amount of time it takes will also differ depending on the size.

How many people are you camping with? Are you backpacking or car camping? No matter what the written capacity is, you should bring about half the amount of people to camp in order to have room for storage and to move around. The style will depend on what you prefer. If you want to stand up, a cabin or tall dome is best. Regular domes and tunnels will perform best in high winds (depending on how you stake it down, of course).


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Set Up a Pop-Up Tent?

Some come with a middle hub system, that pops the poles out once you lift it up and click it into place. Others are more of a folding process, where they literally shoot out of their packaged form into an assembled tent.

How Much are Waterproof Pop Up Tents?

They may be a little more expensive than regular pop ups, due to the waterproof properties. It really depends on the brand and quality of materials. Low-end ones can go as low as $40-$50, while the higher-end ones can go over $200. There will be a difference in quality and performance, but there are some great affordable options out there.


Conclusion on Waterproof Pop Up Tents

When picking the best waterproof pop up tent for camping, it’s important to realize that it won’t be the most stable or long-lasting when compared to other styles. However, pop up tents provide one of the easiest forms of set ups.

They come in so many different sizes and capacities, and there are endless designs – from backpacking to family camping, pop ups cover it all.

While some of them are known for being flimsy and lacking a long lifespan, there are models out there that are specifically designed to hold up well in rain and wind.

Many of them are highly portable, making them easy to chuck in the car or in a backpack. For casual campers and vacation trips, tents that pop up are a great way to go.


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