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Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent Review

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent Review

Campers who own a truck and are looking for a more luxurious way to camp should seriously consider going the route of the truck tent. If you’re someone that likes to spend money on top of the line products, and wants a tent that will last for a very long time, this canvas truck tent from Kodiak is the ticket.

More durable than most of its competitors, it uses high-quality canvas for a rugged tent that combats wind, rain and even snow with ease. While it commands a higher price than other truck tents, its warranted with its premium build and longevity.

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Multiple windows and a large door keep it vented at all times, and it includes a special cab access window so you can easily get into the truck while inside the tent. It sleeps up to 2 people and has over 5 feet of uniform headroom, making it easy to move around in.

With silicone-sealed duck cotton canvas, and a strong steel frame, you can rest easy knowing nothing will get into this quality truck bed tent, keep reading to learn more about this top model from Kodiak.




Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent Review

Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent 2020

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At first glance, we wondered two things: how well will the canvas perform when wet, and is the lack of a tent floor going to be a deal breaker. The knock-on canvas tents are that the material can cause water to bleed through, soaking the inner walls of the tent.

Not only does Kodiak use canvas with a very tight weave, but they’ve also treated it with a silicone-based waterproofing agent so no moisture seeps in. As for the missing tent floor, if you need something to line your truck bed, you can pick up a cheap tarp or blanket that will work just the same.

We like how Kodiak has designed this so watertight that there is no reason you even need a tent floor. Additionally, we love how it can be used year-round, although we would recommend not letting heavy snow build up on the canvas. There are many more things to talk about with this truck tent so let’s keep going.


Tunnel Shaped Truck Tent


Fits Full Size Trucks (Long Bed) 8 ft.


46 lbs.


5 ft.


Sleeps Up To 2 People

Seasonal Use

4 Seasons

Cab Access Window





HydraShield 100% Cotton Duck Canvas

¾” Steel Frame

Mesh Windows

Extra Features

Storage Pockets, Lantern Hook

Front and Rear Awnings

Carrying Bag (47” x 10.5” x 10.5”)

Overview of Features

  • Tunnel Style Truck Tent
  • High-Quality Build & Materials
  • Uses Entire Truck Bed Space
  • 5 Foot Height
  • Superior Fabric Using 100% Cotton Duck Canvas
  • Steel Tubes & Rails for Clamping Frame
  • Fully Waterproof
  • 5 Mesh Windows for Ventilation
  • Cab Access Window
  • Multiple Straps for Stability
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
kodiak canvas truck tent sizes

The 3 available models and their truck sizes

What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

The main selling point of this tent is the use of canvas as its main fabric. But that is just one of many high-quality features Kodiak has included in this tent. Here is what we love absolutely love about it.

kodiak canvas truck tent outdoors

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GOLD QUALITY – Unleash The Beast

Using Hydra-Shield 100% duck cotton canvas means you are getting your money’s worth right off the bat. This superior fabric excels over polyester and nylon tents in a few ways. It has a tight weave that makes it not only waterproof, but breathable, and it can stand up easily against rain and snow.

Canvas is also extremely durable, which means it will outlast cheaper tents with polyester or nylon construction. This tent also upgrades the frame composition. Most tent manufacturers are going with fiberglass poles for their lightweight and flexible properties, but Kodiak fashions theirs with premium ¾” steel poles.

kodiak canvas truck tent interior

They give the tent its tunnel shape, allowing for a uniform amount of headroom throughout the interior. The poles lock and hook onto 2 steel rails which rest on top of the bed, which are then clamped down for an ultra-secure fit.

Straps are also included to further secure the structure to your truck. Coupled with the canvas, the poles and rails make for a heavier tent at 46 lbs., but their premium build pays off substantially in the long run.

The tent also has dense, no-see-um mesh windows to keep the bugs out while letting the air in. There are 5 windows around the tent, so you have no shortage of venting points, making for a comfortable interior temperature at all times.

SILVER FEATURE – Hail Hydration

Unlike most tents, this one doesn’t include a rain fly, and yet it’s still waterproof. So, how does it keep you dry?

The Hydra-Shield canvas technology waterproofs this truck tent with a combination of its tight weave and silicone-based treatment. This makes it impervious to water penetrating through the fabric. Canvas is also a breathable fabric that works to keep the interior temperature stable.

Wicking water has long been a concern regarding canvas tents, which results when moisture from the outer surface bleeds through to the inner surface. With the silicone coating, Kodiak canvas does not have this problem.

kodiak canvas truck tent framework

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They’re watertight and the treatment will last a long time, so you shouldn’t ever have to re-treat it. Also, with less moisture hanging in the air, you will be more comfortable inside the tent, and there will be a reduction in the buildup of condensation on the inner lining of the tent.

Adding to the water-resistant nature are dual awnings that are incorporated into the tent’s design: one on the back and one on the front. The front awning extends out over the large entry door, and also has side awning protection, so the rain can’t get in no matter which angle its falling at. The rear awning is smaller in proportion to the rear window size, but it also has additional side wall protection.

Finally, the windows and doors come with storm flaps. These can be rolled up and pinned back if you want to let light and air in, or they can be zipped shut for an impenetrable fortress against moisture.


Rounding out our top highlights is the convenient cab access window on the rear of the tent. This style of camping is all about jacking up the comfort levels, and having easy access to your truck’s cab will make things so much easier for you.

This window allows you to utilize the truck’s bed to its maximum potential, as you won’t have to store any extra bags, shoes, food, or gear inside the tent with you. You can leave all of that stuff in the cab and just open the window and grab what you need when you need it.

kodiak canvas truck tent internal shot

The cab can also be used as a power source for charging your devices. You can run a cable from the front of the truck right to the window, so you don’t have to far to reach when you need juice for your phone, tablet or computer.

Some campers will even use the access to power to add string lights to the tent’s interior, or attach an electric fan/heater. When the weather gets hot, you can crank the truck’s A/C and open the cab window to help cool down the tent, while cool nights can be warmed up using the vehicle’s heat the same way.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

There is no shortage of details to discuss when considering the Kodiak Canvas truck tent. Here is a concise re-cap of what you need to know.

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Dependable at All Times

This is a tent that you will probably never have to replace. A strong frame and high-quality canvas make it extremely durable, and Kodiak designed it to outlast most of its competitors. It can hold up to windy conditions, rainstorms, and even snow. All doors and windows use high-quality YKK zippers (the most durable available), protecting your tent from snags and zipper failure. Kodiak even offers a limited lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy your purchase with peace of mind that if anything goes wrong, they’ve got your back.

Sturdy Setup

Once attached, this canvas tent isn’t going anywhere. It uses heavy duty rails that clamp to the truck’s bed, and multiple steel poles firmly lock onto them for a frame that can withstand the most inclement of weather. The canvas shell uses Velcro hooks to attach to the frame, and it stretches over the open tailgate for a snug fit on your truck. Due to the steel rails this tent uses, setup can be a bit tricky for 1 person (though not unheard of). However, it will be easier if you have a helper to put it together, and will also keep your setup time to a minimum.


So Many Windows

Not only do you get a large entry door, but this tent has 4 additional windows that can be used in a variety of ways. First, all the openings have a mesh screen. This dense, no-see-um mesh will keep mosquitoes out of your tent and let air into it, all while you enjoy the views. Second, with so many open areas, cross-ventilation will never be a problem. Third, you can regulate how much air comes and goes by zipping up the storm flaps, which also protect you when it rains, and provide privacy when you want it.

Extra! Extra!

Inside the tent you will find storage pockets for keeping your essentials nearby, and an overhead hook that can be used to hang a lantern or light from. Kodiak has also included a window for access to your truck’s cab, making it more convenient for you to get to your gear or charge your devices. Double awnings in the front and back of the tent provide increased wet weather protection, and a 47” x 10.5” x 10.5” carrying bag is compact to store and transport the tent with ease.

Price Is Right

We won’t sugarcoat it: this is not a cheap tent. What it is though, is a highly durable tent that will last years longer than most other truck tents. This is because its uses high-quality materials in the canvas and steel poles. Heck, even the zippers are high quality! The inclusion of a lifetime warranty is another reason for the premium, but we think it’s almost underpriced for what you get in return.


Frequently Asked Questions

kodiak canvas truck tent red truck

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Does the tent have a floor?

The tent does not have a floor, but it is so well built as a “canopy” style design that you won’t have any problems with water leakage. If you do require a floor, we suggest putting down a tarp or moving blankets to line the truck bed.

Can this tent fit any size truck?

This tent is meant for large trucks with a long, 8 foot bed. Kodiak does make 2 other versions of this tent: a 6 footer that fits short beds (5.5 – 6.8 ft.), and a mid-size model for compact trucks (5 – 6.5 ft.).

Can I drive my truck with the tent attached?

The tent is clamped and strapped to the trucks frame, so it won’t be going anywhere. But our concern would be the tent ripping/tearing from the frame, or the frame bending when the truck is moving. For these reasons, we wouldn’t recommend driving fast, or long distances with the tent attached.

Is the mesh dense enough to keep mosquitoes out?

Yes, it is. This is a high-quality tent, and it uses no-see-um mesh so you don’t have to worry about getting bitten by bugs.

Does this tent have an awning?

The tent has 2 awnings! One on either side. The awning over the entry door is extended more than the rear awning, to cover the size of the door. The rear awning is smaller but provides a good amount of shielding to the tent’s high window.

What is the warranty term on this tent?

Kodiak provides a limited lifetime warranty on this tent. It covers any problems due to manufacturer error.


Conclusion on Kodiak Canvas Truck Tents

The Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent is nothing short of a beast. If you want the best type of truck tent that money can buy, you’re looking at it. With high-end materials, and a ruggedness to withstand all kinds of weather, you’ll have a tent that you can use for a very long time. We wouldn’t hesitant to recommend it to anyone that frequently camps in their truck, or those that are just looking for a step up in luxury.



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