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sportz truck tent on a ford truck

Napier Sportz Truck Tent Review

The camping tradition is always changing, and truck tents are gaining a lot of popularity due to their versatility and increased comfort over their traditional counterparts. Napier Outdoors prove this with their Sportz Truck Tent, which allows you to sleep in the bed of your truck, for a more comfortable night in nature.

It uses a blend of quality fabrics and poles, with a fine attention to detail for a well-rounded outdoor shelter. Windows and vents keep the interior at the proper temperature, while their mesh screens keep bug bites from ruining your camping weekend. The shelter is also waterproofed, coming with a rain fly and durable tarp floor to stave off wet weather.

Various standard truck tents can only hold 1-2 people, but the Napier Sportz allows for this model to be connected to their Sportz Link tent, which expands the sleep space to hold up to 4 additional campers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We dive in and explore everything this tent has to offer.

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Napier Sportz Truck Tent Review

Napier Sportz Truck Tent

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Our First Thoughts

A well-built truck tent will always be a solid recommendation from us, as their portability allows you to set up camp virtually anywhere, and their comfort level being a huge step up from sleeping on the ground.

The Sportz Truck Tent takes truck shelters to the next level, allowing for campers to connect a secondary tent to it. We think this is a great option for families, as you can now have the parents in one tent and the kids in the other.

You can also zip up the truck tent’s door, using it as divider for privacy when you need a break. In addition, Napier tents are well-built, use durable materials and can standup to all kinds of weather.

By throwing a mattress in your truck tent, you will have a luxurious sleep space that rivals your bedroom at home, and you can even access your truck’s cab while inside the tent, making it an even more attractive option.


Dome Truck Tent


Dependent on Model


23 – 26 lbs.


5.7 – 5.8’ Center Height


Full Size / Compact: Sleeps 2

Truck Bed Sizing

Between 5’ – 8.2’ Dependent on Model

Seasonal Use

3 Seasons (Spring / Summer / Fall)


Rain Fly with Taped Seams

1200mm PU Coating


Shell / Rain Fly: Polyester Taffeta

Floor: Polyester Oxford

Fiberglass & Steel Poles

Polyester Mesh Windows

Extra Features

Rear Access Panel

Gear Storage / Holders

Expandable Carrying Bag

Can Connect to Sportz Link Tent

Overview of Features

  • Dome Truck Tent Available in Multiple Sizes
  • High Quality Materials
  • Color-Coded Poles for Easy Setup
  • 4 x 4 Awning with Height Adjustment
  • Waterproof with Taped Seams (Fly & Floor)
  • Excellent Ventilation Throughout
  • Storm Flaps on Windows & Vents
  • Rear Panel for Access to Truck’s Interior
  • 9 Straps for Stability
  • Compatible with Sportz Link Attachment for Additional Tent


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Sportz Truck Tent assembled

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GOLD QUALITY – Perfect Fit Every Time

Not all trucks are created equal, with some being bigger than others. It’s for this reason that Napier offers their Sportz Truck Tent in multiple sizes, tailoring it to your specific pickup. When selecting the tent, you should consult their sizing chart, which has measurements according to truck bed size. Take note that all measurements provided are with the tailgate closed, so purchase accordingly.

There are 6 different models to choose from, to fit small, medium, and large pickups:

  • Full Size Long Bed (8’ – 8.2’ bed length)
  • Full Size Regular Bed (6.4’ – 6.7’)
  • Compact Regular Bed (6’ – 6.1’)
  • Full Size Crew Cab (5.5’ – 5.8’)
  • Mid-Size Crew Cab (5.4’)
  • Compact Short Bed (5’ – 5.2’)
Napier Sportz Truck Tent Sizing Chart

You Can Utilize this Chart to Check Compatibility with your Vehicle

All models have a center height of 5.7’ or 5.8’ for plenty of headroom and easy maneuverability when you are inside the tent. They’re also form fitted to the truck bed, resting comfortably on the side walls to give you more interior space.

9 straps are included which hook onto the underside and the wheel wells of your truck, ensuring a taut tent for excellent stability in windy and stormy conditions.

Napier has also designed the STT with a 4 x 4’ awning for use over the entry door. The additional 16 square feet come in handy when you need to escape the sun’s rays, and two telescoping arms prop it up while allowing for height adjustments.


SILVER FEATURE – Expertly Crafted

This truck tent is no slouch when it comes to build quality.

The frame is comprised of a mix between fiberglass and steel poles. 6 fiberglass poles are shock-corded for simple connection and collapsing, also lightweight and flexible while providing a strong frame for the tent. The entry uses an additional 2 fiberglass poles to shape its arch, and 4 steel poles let you customize the height for the entry’s awning.

Covering the frame is polyester taffeta blue and grey fabric. This material is extremely popular in the creation of tents for car and backpack camping due to its light weight. Polyester maintains a good amount of fabric tension even when wet, so it won’t sag on you in the rain. It also breathes well and affords a bit of UV protection.

Sportz Truck Tent bed liner

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The water-resistant rain fly is also crafted from polyester taffeta. This is used for its slightly rigid composition which makes it easy to pitch, and the fact that taffeta lends itself well to waterproofing.

The tent’s floor is made from a thicker polyester oxford, giving it a rugged durability as it will be flush with your truck’s bed for long periods of time. Poly oxford floors last for years, so this tent won’t need fixing anytime soon as long as you take care of it. Covering the window and door openings is a layer of dense polyester mesh, and a poly taffeta storm flap.

The mesh is perfect for allowing air to cycle through the tent, while at the same time keeping mosquitoes out and letting you enjoy the views. As for the storm flaps, they can be rolled back when not in use, or you can use them to regulate ventilation, combat wet weather, and give you privacy.

BRONZE HIGHLIGHT –  Secondary Tent Connection

If you want more room for family or friends, the Sportz Truck Tent can be expanded by connecting the Sportz Linkz, which is a traditional dome tent for use on the ground. If you are worried about privacy, you can easily zip up the truck tent’s door which will act as a barrier between the two shelters.

A sleeve corridor allows you to move between the two tents, and shock-corded fiberglass poles make for a quick 10 minute set up of the 8 x 8’ addition. 64 square feet and a 6.5’ center height provides plenty of headroom with space for up to 4 additional campers.

Sportz Truck Tent framework

Staking it down and attaching the guy lines will give it excellent stability during high winds, and there is high quality polyester taffeta and polyethylene found throughout the tent.

A 1200mm hydrostatic head rain fly keeps water outside, and taped seams ensure no leaks are present. 3 mesh windows are included on this tent, giving lots of ventilation while keeping bugs from disturbing you.

A large D-door has awning support, and like the windows and vents, also has a storm flap to zip up when it rains. The interior includes storage pockets and a lantern holder, and at 17 lbs., it’s a lightweight tent that can be easily stored and transported using its expandable carrying bag.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Sportz Truck Tent canopy extension

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The Napier Sportz Truck Tent is loaded with features. Let’s take a look at what this outdoor shelter can offer you.

A Size for All Trucks

You needn’t worry about whether or not the tent will fit your truck bed because it absolutely will. The only thing you need to figure out is your truck bed’s size, and then purchase the corresponding tent. Napier offers this model in 6 different sizes, so all truck owners can enjoy it.

Additionally, there is a ton of space inside the tent, as it uses the entire square footage of your bed and has over 5.5 feet of headroom at its peak. This makes it simple to get in and out, move around, and sleep peacefully with no obstructions.

Flexible & Functional

This tent has 3 windows, and a large door that work together to add flexibility to the shelter in key performance areas. They are all covered in dense mesh for keeping out bugs while still allowing you to enjoy your surroundings.

Sportz Truck Tent interior

Additionally, this mesh cycles air in and out of the tent so you have excellent ventilation at any time. Napier also includes zip-up storm flaps on all of these openings. These will help keep you dry in rainy weather, and you can use them to regulate airflow. Next to the windows are adjustable side wall vents that can be used when the tent is sealed shut.

Access Control

Adding further flexibility is the access panel on the back of the tent. This window is lined up with the truck’s cab window, so you can get into the truck while inside the tent. This makes storing gear and food so much easier, as you can easily reach things when you need them.

Sportz Truck Tent meshed storage

It also makes charging your devices simple by running a cable from the truck’s charging port. This port can also be used to power an electric fan or heater if you don’t want to use the car’s built-in heat / air conditioning.

3 Seasons

The tent is marketed as 3-season for spring, summer, and fall. While there are no thermal insulation features included on the tent, it performs well when the temperature dips down, although we would recommend dressing warm on those cool nights.

Sportz Truck Tent material

It’s also fully waterproofed for camping during the rainy season. The included rain fly uses buckles to easily attach to the tent, its coated in a 1200mm water-resistant agent, and has taped seams for added protection. The tent’s rugged, polyester oxford floor provides a moisture barrier, lining the bottom and walls of the truck bed. Like the fly, the floor also has its seams taped to keep water from leaking in.

Interior Accents

The STT has some nice accents in its interior, starting with a large D door that makes getting in and out of the tent easier than some other models. Adding a large mattress and pillows will add a touch of luxury, and there are storage pockets and a gear loft for storing the essentials you need with you at all times.

Additionally, a hook at the tent’s peak can be used to hang a light or lantern, illuminating your sleep space at night. High-quality zippers operate the windows and doors smoothly for seamless experience.

Aggressive Expansion

With room for only 2 people in the truck bed, Napier allows you to expand the shelter by attaching it to their Sportz Linkz tent. This gives you a secondary sleep space that can hold more people (up to 4), and is a perfect solution for families. The tents use a connected sleeve, and you can also close up the STT’s door for privacy and separation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which size tent will fit my truck?

You will have to consult Napier’s sizing chart to find out which tent works for your truck. They have multiple sizes of the Sportz Truck Tent model, so you should have no problem finding the perfect fit.

Are the measurements with or without the tailgate down?

Napier measures the length of their tents to the size of your truck’s bed. This does not include any additional length provided by the tailgate being down.

Can I access the truck’s cab with this tent?

Yes, you can. It has a window on the back of the tent that allows you to easily access the cab for storing gear, crank the A/C or heat, and charge your devices.

Is the awning a separate purchase?

The awning is included with this tent. It’s a nice inclusion, providing shade on hot summer days.

What is the warranty term on this tent?

Napier Outdoors provides a 1-year warranty on this tent. It covers any material defects that may arise during the manufacturing process.


Conclusion on the Napier Sportz Truck Tent

This tent is clearly a winner. Not only will you get a functional tent with plenty of comfort options, but the retail price is more than fair. You can use it virtually anywhere you park your truck, in spring/summer/fall, and it even has an optional tent add-on. With those features alone, its hard not to see the value this tent can offer you on your next camping trip.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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