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9 Best Cube Tents for Modular Camping Pod Tents that Connect

9 Best Cube Tents for Modular Camping | Pod Tents that Connect

If you’re the type of person who enjoys social camping, but are tired of feeling cramped in tents you barely fit inside, then you are in luck.

A recent surge in the popularity of modular camping has made cube tents a hot commodity, with their spacious design providing a more luxurious option for modern campers.

The idea behind these shelters is to attach them together, creating a small colony of pod tents that keeps everyone in close quarters, simultaneously providing an abundance of indoor space while reducing the amount of outdoor space that is taken up at the campsite.


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They range in quality from budget brands that attach to canopies, to high-end glamping models like the cleverly named brand Qube, which provide instant pop-up shelter in a matter of seconds. They make for some of the best camping tents on the market, however, we are still left with a few posing questions.

With so many variations on the cube tent, how do you know which one best suits your needs?

This article serves to guide you through the wonderful world of connecting tents.



9 Best Connectable Tents for Pod Camping Reviewed

1. Coleman Connectable Tent Bundle


Coleman Connectable Tent Bundle

Check Prices Here

These connectable tents from Coleman are pretty cool if you are looking for something of excellent quality that can be endlessly configured and built out from the larger tent. With 3 connection points on the 6-person tent, it can be used as a common room or dining area, with the smaller 3-person tent connecting via zippers to provide you a private room for sleeping or gear storage.

Coleman Connectable Tent Layout Design

Pre-assembled poles aid in a fast pitch setup time, and roof vents work with large screened windows for excellent ventilation. If you want some privacy, you can zip up the doors and windows, and Coleman’s Weathertec system provides a sturdy frame that withstands 35 mph winds, inverted stitching, zipper cuffs, reinforced corners, and a taped and welded bathtub floor that work to keep water out.

A large D door makes entry easy, storage pockets inside the tent make sure your important things are always nearby, and an E-port flap allows you to run electrical into this tent.

Key Features

  • Large 6 Person Tent Has 3 Connection Points for 3 or 6 Person Tents
  • Weathertec Waterproofing System for Moisture Reduction
  • 2 Tents in 1 Connectable Bundle


2. E-Z UP Outdoor Camping Cube 6.4

E-Z UP CC10SLRB Camping Cube

Check Prices Here

Designed for use with a straight leg frame, the famous E-Z Up brand is known for having quick and easy setups, which make them the bestselling cube tent on the market. This square camper has dimensions of 111 x 111 inches, with a height of 76 inches affording ample space for even the tallest person.

You can fit up to 6 people in the tent, multiple mattresses, all your bags/gear, and even bring along your pooch who can use the pet door whenever nature calls. Large mesh windows, doors, and ceiling ensure proper ventilation throughout the cube, keeping you cool on the hottest of days.

The 10 x 10 popup is a separate purchase, and also comes in a 10 x 20 configuration, if you want an awning for some shade while you are sitting outside. The cube tent does not require any tools, and clips/hooks onto the popup frame in a matter of seconds, with adjustable Velcro side clasps making for a super simple setup.

A functionally-minded tent and constructed out of lightweight material, it blocks out harmful UV rays, has window flaps for privacy and wet weather, and the seams are stitched well and taped up throughout.

Heavy duty #10 zippers outfit the large door, an entry footprint helps keep dirt and mud from being tracked inside, the tub flooring combats rainy weather perfectly, and the tent has a bunch of pouches, pockets, shelves, and gear lofts to help keep everything organized and tidy.

Key Features

  • Bestselling Cube Tent with Space for 6 People (and 1 Dog)
  • Excellent Functionality and Designed for All Weather Types
  • Cannot Connect to Other Tents, Merely Pod Design


3. Eskimo Quickfish Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

Eskimo Quickfish Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

Check Prices Here

Available in a range of sizes, this portable hut keeps you warm and gives you anywhere from 67 to 84 inches of height with plenty of room for two to six people. It comes in a convenient double-strapped carrying bag, and unfolds quickly, giving you a pop-up tent in about a minute.

Designed with high-quality materials, the black roof draws in heat, while the insulated fabric does an excellent job holding it in, with double-sided YKK zippers outfitting the large door(s) for smooth, uninterrupted operation.

A 4-season tent that is perfect for the winter, it is outfitted with multiple adjustable vents that can be covered up for privacy or keeping bugs and bad weather out, and the detachable windows give you increased airflow inside the tent.

The structure is retained by fiberglass poles and metal hubs, providing a durable and long-lasting frame along with some heft to withstand light winds without anchoring it, although that is always recommended for optimal performance.

Great attention to detail has gone into the build quality of this shelter, with reinforced corner joints, high-quality stitching, and interior mesh storage pockets lining the inside of the tent. A bit more expensive than other campers of its kind, the portability, high-quality materials, and instant setup make this price tag warranted.

Key Features

  • Pop-Up for Quick, 1-Minute Setup
  • Excellent Material for Keeping Heat in Year-Round
  • Durable Fiberglass and Metal Frame Structure


4. E-Z UP Outdoor Camping Cube 5.4

E-Z UP CC10ALRB Outdoor Camping Cube 5.4

Check Prices Here

To be used with their angle-leg Dome and Vista shelters, this 80 square foot model is one of the best-selling E-Z Up tents available. With lots of height to accommodate anyone under 6’4”, it boasts a large enough interior to sleep five or six people, with bonus room (as well as a separate door) for your pet.

Weighing 14 lbs, connecting the cube to the shelter is simple with the heavy-duty clips, loops, hooks, and it comes in an assortment of colors (lime, red, blue, light blue) that you can choose from.

A waterproof and bug proof tub floor gives you a good ground barrier design, and there is no shortage of ventilation with its large-size screened windows, high-quality YKK zippered doors, and spacious roof vent.

A power pocket allows you to charge your devices, and the interior is decorated with various pouches and shelves for easy storage. The tent helps shield you from UV rays with its heavy-duty polyester fabric, and each door and window come with a privacy flap that doubles to keep wet weather out of your tent.

With a quick disassembly time, you can have your tent packed in its accessory bag and stored away in just a few minutes. E-Z Up includes an entry footprint so that you leave nature outside the tent, while inside you can hang lanterns or rope lighting on O-ring attachment points to give you a cozy camping experience.

Key Features

  • Top-Selling Cube Tent for 5-6 People (Not Connectable)
  • Durable Build with Many Bells and Whistles
  • 3-Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty


5. Gazelle Camping Hub

Gazelle T4 Pop-Up Portable Camping Hub

Check Prices Here

Everything about the Gazelle T4 pop up pod tent screams high quality. Unpacking it from the 68 x 8 inch over-the-shoulder carrying case, you can have it set up in under 2 minutes, complete with a removable rain fly which has fully taped seams for maximum protection against downpours.

The 210-denier oxford weave polyester fabric provides water resistance, wind resistance, and mildew resistance, and is also 50+ UV rated to shield you from the sun’s harmful rays. 30 lbs. in weight, this 4 to 6 person pop up cube tent has 61 square feet of living space, making it ideal for large mattresses while giving you additional space to store your gear.

Standing tall at 78 inches, 6 mesh windows with zip up flaps outfit the walls along with 2 large mesh doors, providing excellent ventilation, as well as in/out access. The windows and doors can also be fully zipped shut with rain flaps when inclement weather strikes.

Gazelle provides a strong and sturdy frame of fiberglass poles coupled with a metal hub to stand up to strong wind gusts, and high-quality YKK zippers outfit the tent for smooth operation. Moving inside, you get 2 side pockets, 4 mounted pouches, and a gear loft that all act as storage spots for your belongings, and the bathtub designed heavy duty polyester floor not only keeps water out, but can be detached to clean off any dirt that may accumulate.

While you will end up paying a premium over most other pop up pod tents, the T4 is extremely high quality, comes in sage green or sunset orange color options, and can be used in all 4 seasons for year-round use.

Key Features

  • High Quality Frame and Weatherproof Fabric
  • Durable Heavy-Duty Floor and YKK Zippers
  • Plenty of Windows and Doors for Excellent Ventilation


6. The Original-Authentic Standing Room Family Cabin Tent

The Original-Authentic Standing Room Family Cabin Tent

Check Prices Here

There will be no shortage of ventilation or light with this tent from Standing Room, which is equipped with 2 (or 4, depending on model) large D doors for easy access, and skylights for surveying the night sky. With 8.5 feet of headroom, you get an option with a ton of space for sleeping multiple people, and also allows you to connect a secondary tent for further expandability.

A full bathtub style floor coupled with a waterproof ceiling keeps you dry during downpours, and it will attach to any 10 x 10 canopy easily with a series of hooks and straps, giving you a sturdy frame and vaulted ceiling for extra weather protection.

A perfect tent for glampers, it can accommodate 4 people (more if you connect another tent to it), easily fits multiple large mattresses, and comes with a plethora of interior features – 4 pockets for storing your valuables, dual power sockets for charging devices or running an electric heater, a variety of hooks around the tent for hanging lights, towels or clothes.

Lightweight enough to transport and small enough when packed that it can be stored out of sight, the doors and windows can be covered up if you want to have a little bit of privacy, and at the price tag it is an affordable option for most.

Key Features

  • Excellent Multi-Person Connectable Tent
  • Lots of Interior Bells and Whistles to Satisfy Glampers
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


7. EasyGo Tent to Canopy Attachment 

EasyGo Tent to Canopy Attachment 

Check Prices Here

This model from EasyGo gives you a functional cube tent at an affordable price point. It attaches to any 10 x 10 canopy with Velcro tabs for an easy setup, giving you a four-walled outdoor shelter outfitted with 2 windows and 2 large doors for easy access.

6 to 8 people can fit comfortably inside, and with dimensions of 10 x 10 x 7 feet high, its vaulted ceiling makes it ideal for tall people. The lightweight material makes it ideal for transporting, it has good ventilation, and can withstand light wind and rain, but it’s not waterproof or designed to withstand harsher elements.

While it can get cool inside, you can run power into the tent for using an electric heater, and this also allows you to charge your phone/tablet/laptop.

The mesh designed windows and doors will keep out 90% of bugs (unfortunately it’s not no-see-um quality mesh), and a queen-size mattress fits it perfectly, allowing you enough room to walk around or add a small table to your living quarters.

A PVC floor helps keep moisture out, and door and window flaps can be zipped up for further protection against the rain. A great budget alternative, this unique option can be used in unison with a camper, or transforming any canopy or gazebo into a quick outdoor shelter.

Key Features

  • Quick Setup Tent for any 10 x 10 Canopy
  • Affordable with Spacious Design 
  • 30 Day Full Refund Guarantee


8. Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind

Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind

Check Prices Here

With plenty of windows for light and ventilation, this hub style ground blind is a great outdoor option for hunting or camping. Available in two patterns to seamlessly blend into the woods with mossy oak or realtree camo.

You can upgrade to the kickout version, giving you some extra storage space, or the zip-in floor version (to help keep the elements and critters out) for a few extra bucks.

Unpacked from its 42” x 8.5” carrying case, its standard footprint is 55 x 55, allowing you a good amount of room for moving around, with a height of 66 inches ensuring plenty of headspace.

It’s a very well built and rugged outdoor shelter that is designed to withstand the harshest elements, making it a great option in any season, and its spider hub frame allows you to have it up in a manner of minutes.

A D-shaped backside door makes entry and exit more user-friendly, and replaceable mesh windows that can be fully zipped up and adjusted for precise ventilation outfit each side for some excellent functionality.

Included with this blind are heavy-duty tie downs and stakes, ensuring it won’t blow away in extremely windy conditions while you enjoy being at one with Mother Nature.

Key Features

  • Dual Use for Camping or Hunting
  • Rugged and Durable Frame and Build Quality
  • Excellent for 4 Season Use


9. Ozark Trail 6-Person Connectent

Ozark Trail 6-Person Connectent

Check Prices Here

This 6-person Connectent from Ozark is a budget option that converts a 10 x 10 canopy into a fully usable outdoor cube tent. A giant mesh screen D-door on the front gives you a big entrance, and each wall has a similar size mesh window.

Add in a 98-inch vaulted mesh ceiling and you have a straight-walled cabin tent that gives you excellent ventilation. Designed for use for 2 or 3 seasons, the door and windows have zip flaps but it is not waterproof. Ozark advises you to seal the seams to help protect you from rainy days.

Lightweight at 11 lbs., there is a ton of space inside this cube tent, perfect for housing 2 queen-size air mattresses, multiple campers. as well as gear. To set it up, lower the canopy and attach the top of the tent to the canopy’s peak, building it out to the corners using the provided clips.

Once this is done, all you have to do is raise the canopy, tie the tent to the canopy legs, and stake it down for structural support – super simple! Ozark also provides an e-port flap in the lower corner of the tent so you can run electrical inside, and multiple pockets are included to house your books, devices, or anything else you want to keep nearby.

Key Features

  • Budget Option Converts Canopy to Cube Tent
  • 360 Ventilation with Mesh Windows, Doors and Ceiling
  • DIY Waterproofing by Sealing the Seams


Buyers Guide – How to Choose a Cube Tent?

When you are shopping for a multi-person cube tent, there are a few things you should know in order to make an informed purchase. Our buyer’s guide breaks down essential information when buying your next cube tent.


There are a few different kinds of multi-person tents – cube tents, Qube tents, and pod tents. Are they all the same thing? Not exactly.

A cube tent looks exactly like it sounds, like a cube. They are usually standalone tents. 

A Qube tent is a specific brand of pop-up tent that can be connected to other Qube tents for social or modular camping.

Pod tents are dome-shaped tents that connect to each other to form a small colony, like you see in movies where space explorers are living on distant planets.



Today’s tents are manufactured in a wide range of sizes. The average cube tent will allow you to connect it to a 10 x 10 canopy frame, which is usually a separate purchase. These will give you room for at least 4 people, and some models can accommodate anywhere from 6 to 8.

These tents are designed to house multiple large mattresses (think queen-size), small tables, camping gear, and even pets! With their vaulted ceiling design, tall campers will be happy know that anyone under 6’4” can move around without hitting their head.

Some cube tents can also be connected to each other, multiplying your living space, and the amount of people that can live inside them.



Setting up cube tents is very simple. Your choices will be either a cube tent that needs to be attached to a canopy frame for structure, or a pop-up tent that will literally “pop-up” out of its carrying case (eliminating the need for the canopy frame), and transforming into a shelter in under a minute.

The cube tents that attach to a canopy are done so with a series of hooks, ties, and stakes. The hooks will attach to the metal frame of the canopy, the ties attach to the sides or “legs” of the canopy, and the stakes are driven into the ground to give it a taught structure in case of high winds.

While it is more labor-intensive than a pop-up tent, setting up a cube tent is relatively simple and you can have it attached to a canopy in about 5 minutes.



The higher the quality of materials, the better the tent. Budget cube tents are financially attractive, but you will find they only perform well in certain types of weather conditions (i.e. only perfect summer weather), and their durability is usually called into question.

High-quality fabric that is resistant to moisture, wind, and mildew will make a huge difference, and will also keep in heat better than a thinner fabric when nights get cold. Some fabrics are also UV rated to keep the sun’s rays from burning your skin. No see ‘um screens use tightly woven heavy-duty mesh to give you a virtually impenetrable fortress against mosquitos and other airborne pests.

The frame of the tent is also something to take into consideration. As cube tents that connect to a canopy use hooks, ties and stakes, the quality of these will make a big difference as a heavier duty construction will be less prone to fail when you are out in the middle of nowhere.

Pop-up tents mainly use high-quality metal hubs and fiberglass poles to give you a long-lasting, and strong structure for years. High-quality YKK zippers should also be on your list of must-haves, as they are very durable and operate smoothly so you aren’t constantly snagging them when opening and closing your tent door.


Extra Features

Cube tents come with various interior options, but they more or less all offer the same things, just in a different way.

Ventilation is a huge concern as you don’t want to be suffocating in your tent (especially if you are keeping it warm with a gas heater), so you will find all tents have a combination of mesh windows, doors, and even ceilings to keep the air flowing freely.

The windows and doors will also have zip up flaps you can close for privacy or to keep rain from entering the tent. Door sizes will vary, but most will have one or two large doors that allow you to freely enter and exit the tent without having to crouch down and waddle like a penguin.

With the amount of traffic that will be coming and going, a high-quality floor helps if you plan on keeping your tent for a long time. Some will include an entry footprint outside the tent where you can store you boots (helping keep the inside floor clean), and other models will have a detachable floor that can be washed.

In any case, using a tarp or footprint under your tent is advised to get more mileage from your shelter.

Common interior features you will see include an assortment of storage pockets, pouches, and gear lofts. These can be used to house your personal belongings and devices, store books, hang clothes, lanterns, or anything else that you want to keep at arm’s length. A lot of tents will also include a small pocket where you can bring power inside, which is extremely handy if you need to run a small electrical heater, or want to charge up your devices.

Some manufacturers will also produce multiple colors of their tent, which caters more to the glamping crowd, but is still a thoughtful offer that gives you some flexibility in choice.



With so many different sizes, styles and brands available, the price of a multiple person cube tent varies greatly. Budget options can start as low as $70, with an average price being around $150. If you are looking for something high-end and with connectability, pricing will be north of $700.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Cube Tent?

A cube tent is a 4-walled outdoor shelter that looks like a cube. Depending on its size, it can accommodate anywhere from 1 to 8 people, and you can fit large mattresses and small tables in them while still having enough room to store gear and walk around. Cube tents are most commonly attached to a separately purchased 10 x 10 canopy shelter which gives them a support frame for structure.

Another style is the pop-up cube tent, where a frame made out of metal and fiberglass poles is built into the lining of tent. This frame helps it retain a strong and sturdy shape, and makes setup and collapse quick and easy.

Depending on build quality, you can find cube tents that will withstand strong winds and torrential downpours, making them an ideal shelter for all four seasons. Weatherproofed fabric, taped seams, excellent stitching and heavy-duty zippers are all hallmarks of long-lasting, quality cube tents.

Some cube tents offer connectability, giving you the option of creating extra living space by attaching tents together, which can accommodate more people if you are into social camping, or just give you more space to relax in.


What is a Qube Tent?

Qube is a popular tent brand. They are designed to resemble a cube, and their models fit 2, 3 or 4 people. Qube tents can connect to each other, allowing for expandability, and they are only available for purchase on their website. They are more expensive than most tents, and while they are of excellent quality, there are alternatives in our list that are just as good for half the price.


Why Should I Use a Cube Tent?

Cube tents offer a lot of comfort outdoors due to the amount of space they give campers. With the ability to connect to other tents and fit a lot of people, they are great for social camping, and are a modern take on spending time outside. By housing everyone closer together, the tent takes up a smaller footprint than if you had multiple small tents populating a campsite. If for nothing else, cube tents provide a new experience, as most people have only camped in small, 1 to 2 person tents.


Are Cube Tents Waterproof?

Good quality cube tents are waterproof, but depending on the model and brand, you may have to further waterproof them by taping up the seams so no moisture leaks in. Inclusion of a waterproofing spray is also recommended if you intend to use cheaper models during winter and rain seasons. The examples of ice fishing models are much more durable than the standard brands, as they are designed for much harsher conditions. 


How much are Cube Tents?

Prices of cube tents begin around the $70 mark, and can go as high as $800 in some cases. The best all-round cube tents will be somewhere in the $200-300 range, making them extremely affordable in the long run. The Coleman model being a good example of an all-round cube tent. 


How Do they Connect?

Connecting cube tents is done with double-sided zippers, ensuring a tight seal that won’t be compromised by wind or rain. In some cases, a small corridor or tunnel will bridge the gap, with the extra room making it easier to move between units.



Cube tents are an awesome way to bring together family and friends when you are social camping. With an abundance of interior space, high-quality materials, and expandability to create a tent colony, you can transform your camping experiences into something you will remember for years to come.


Resources and Sources

Why Camping in Groups Socially is Better for your Health



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