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KingCamp Melfi SUV Tent Review

KingCamp Melfi SUV Tent Review

A versatile tent for SUV camping is the Melfi SUV Tent from KingCamp. One look at it and it’s easy to see why it grabs the attention of those that are camping with their family or a large group.

However, as we know from the Compass model and other KingCamp products, they don’t focus on budget models, oh no. They are generally upper priced on the market, due to the fact they really try to create something special and new on the market.

As opposed to some other brands (who shall not be named) that like to replicate whats already out, KingCamp do evidently like to push beyond the norm and provide a better experience. However, this always comes with a price. 

This can sometimes make or break a customer’s purchase, no matter how good it looks, but for those teetering on the edge, you may need a bit more specific information before diving in. 

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We wanted to do an in-depth examination to find out what makes it so great, and if it functions at a high-level, truly earning the title of one of the top SUV tents on the market. Justifying that price tag.



KingCamp Suv Tent Review

Melfi SUV Tent – Our First Thoughts

KingCamp Suv Tent

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At first glance, it doesn’t matter your level of camping experience, this looks like a sweet tent to enjoy the outdoors in, with its dual extended awnings and mammoth square footage leading the way.

We think it’s an ideal SUV tent for family camping, or those that enjoy camping with a large group of friends, as you get plenty of room to accommodate 6 adults. Parents will probably enjoy this the most as they can sleep in the SUV cargo space, zipping closed the curtain when they want some privacy and a much-needed break from the kiddos.

If you are the type that doesn’t really enjoy the “natural” aspect of nature, the words “screen room” will be music to your ears, which will let you enjoy camping without dealing with sunburns and bug bites.

Important Specs at a Glance


SUV Tent with Screen Room


Tent: 9.5 x 9.5 ft (90.25 sq. ft.)

Screen Room: 9 x 6.5 ft (58.5 sq. ft.)


6.5 ft.


38.8 lbs.


Up to 6 Adults


2 People, 15 Minute Setup Time

Fabric & Materials

Outer Tent / Rain Fly: 190T Polyester

Inner Tent: 180T Polyester

Floor: Polyethylene 130 g/m2


Interior Features

Gear Pockets

Ceiling Hook

Wire Threading



Shock-Corded Fiberglass + Steel


PU 3000mm


Spring / Summer / Fall

Carrying Case

150D Waterproof Oxford, 28.3” x 13.8” x 13.8”


2 people sat inside suv tent

Overview of Features

  • SUV Tent Connects to Your Vehicle
  • Large 90 Square Foot Interior
  • 58 Square Foot Screen Room
  • Fire-Resistant Coating on Fabric
  • Double Awnings Using the Fly
  • 3 Large D-Doors
  • 3000m Waterproofing
  • Comes with Duffel Storage Bag


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Suv Car


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Even though the Melfi Plus has many attractive features, converting your SUV cargo space to a sleep space is the number one reason people purchase this tent. The connectable sleeve allows you to wrap it over the SUV’s hatch, with elastic bands and a series of straps keeping it in place. The elastic band is an ideal design to perfectly secure the sleeve to many different SUV models. While they will all generally be the same size hatch, it is still nice to know you are purchasing a compatible tent.

duv tent door extension

Setup Breakfast Under the Door Extension

The straps can be secured to your rims, while the roof rack will provide an attachment point on the top of the vehicle. Having the extra space from your SUV means you can either sleep in the car, or use it to store your supplies and gear, virtually eliminating all the back and forth campers do when they need to grab something they’ve forgotten. Inflating a mattress will make your sleeping in the cargo area more comfortable than if you had to use the floor of the tent for rest.


This SUV tent gives you two separate rooms: a main tent, and a secondary screen room. Both can be used however you wish, though most will use the main room for sleeping, and the screen room for lounging without the mosquitoes attacking. The screen room is big enough to fit multiple chairs, gear, and even a small table. Both rooms also have zip-up flaps that can be completely closed for privacy, separating the main tent and the vehicle, as well as the main tent and the screen room.

suv plus night time

When it rains the screen room can be shut completely for additional protection. During the days the weather is co-operating, you can fully open the entrance doors and prop them with upright poles to create two awnings. This gives you an extended tent that can shade you from the sun, and still allows you to stay outside and enjoy the views.


This tent has an outer layer which frames the structure, and is essentially a combination of rain fly, door covers, and awnings. The main tent is an inner layer that clips to the interior frame, providing a small cavity between it and the rain fly. This makes it harder for heat to transfer out of the tent (reducing condensation from building up), as well as keeping rain from soaking through the rain fly to the inner layer.

kingcamp suv tent at campsite

UV Protection Keeps the Heat Off

A 3000mm polyurethane agent is coated on the fly, and the main tent has a bathtub floor to help eliminate ground water seeping in. The screen room is also outfitted with a water-resistant polyethylene floor (which is removable for cleaning), as well as zip up flaps to eliminate water from pouring in through the mesh screens.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Suv Plus tent

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Larger Than Life

The tent has a large interior that can be configured in multiple ways and sleep up to 6 adults depending on your circumstances. The main tent has 90 square feet of space that holds a few mattresses, and the 58 square foot screen room can be used as a lounge, kitchen, tv area, or secondary sleep space. There is also 6.5 feet of vertical height so you won’t bump your head off the top of the tent.

Sweet Tents (Are Made of This)

The structure of the shelter uses a plethora of steel and shock-corded fiberglass poles, giving it a sturdy structure that is also flexible. This makes it an ideal candidate to stand up to high winds weather.

As for the fabric, the fly is made of 190T polyester, the inner tent 180T, and a polyethylene floor provides a durable bottom for you to walk all over.

Keep Em Out

There’re is plenty of mesh inside this tent that not only keeps the bugs out, but at the same time, keeps air flowing in. Each door has a top layer that can be zipped shut, helping to regulate how much air comes and goes through each chamber for precision ventilation.

Interior Features

KingCamp throws in a few extra features to make your time inside the tent a little more comfortable, with multiple gear storage pockets, and a ceiling hook that can be used to hang a light or lantern from. In addition to night illumination, you can always run power using your car’s battery as a source, letting you keep your devices charged or running electrical fans or heaters.

Kingcamp SUV tent setup diagram

A minimal Instructional guide can be demanding


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

 Suv Plus

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Can I use this tent without an SUV?

Yes, the connectable sleeve on this tent does not need to be engaged. It rolls back and ties up to the tent wall, and the opening on that side can be zipped closed to keep the outside elements from affecting the interior of the tent.

What SUV sizes with this fit?

Most, if not every SUV can be used with this tent. That’s what it was designed for. The connect sleeve uses elastic bands to wrap around your hatch, so you get a fair bit of play in terms of sizes that it can fit.

How many doors does this tent have?

The tent has 3 large doors to enter the screen room, as well as a zip-up curtain between the screen room and main tent. Getting in and out is pretty easy to do with so many options.

Do the doors and windows zip close?

All the windows and doors zip closed for an airtight structure. This can help protect you from wet weather, and they also act as regulators for venting the tent.


Conclusion on KingCamp SUV Tent

This is a pretty good tent, but there are a few concerning issues with its set up that can be problematic for some.

If you don’t like labor-intensive tents, this one may not be the ideal shelter for you, as there a lot of moving pieces: poles that needs to be assembled, multiple tent pieces that need connecting and staking it all down properly.

There are minimal instructions, so you will have to either use your know-how or watch some setup videos online. It is also a large tent that requires at least 2 people to set up. If none of that bothers you, then you might have a winner here.

It has a lot of space, a screen room that doubles as secondary sleep space, multiple awnings for providing shade (and an even larger square footage), and it connects to your SUV for a hybrid camping experience. Not too shabby!



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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