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The Mountain Ultra range from Teton have 4 tents in total all in varying sizes. They function in the same manner as each other and are manufactured with the same design and material, albeit in slightly bigger dimensions. We found great value in the 1 and 2 person instant tents, especially when compared with other similar sized models on the market.

The 3 and 4 person instant tents are also of good quality, however are met with more competition from the likes of CORE, Coleman and Ozark Trail. 

Mountain Ultra Tent Review

Mountain Ultra Tent Review

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If you want to go it alone this time around or with a small group, then these instant backpacking Dome tents from Teton Sports are a fine choice. They come free with a lot of goodies such as footprints and rain fly’s. They are some of the easiest tents to pitch in the whole range of small Instant Tents and are definitely some of the best lightweight tents for camping, hands down. Other notable features are in our full review below. 


The innovation is apparent in this little beauty. Literally only has 1 pole in pitch so it is essentially an automatic tent. It sets up in an extremely fast and effective manner. The rain fly has also been modified somewhat, the vents which have been built in are ‘cut away’ vents. This allows for a more effective air flow system throughout the tents interior, and it works. Freestanding, as most are to be fair, allows you to maneuver the tent in any position desired. Even after it’s pitched, before guy-lining of course. Lastly, the tent floor has also had some adaptations. It curves up the side of the walls, as opposed to ending where the wall meets. This just adds further protection to wet, and stops any water droplets building up on the ‘lip’ so to speak.


You may be pleased to know that this model actually comes in 4 sizes. 1-4 man options. It’s a great model for all sizes, the quality doesn’t change even with increased frame sizes. We feel Teton have really nailed a good thing here and hammers the competition in the 1-3 person Instant Tent category. Having four sizes we thought it would be easier to see this visually, so here is a comparison table.

Mountain Ultra dimensions comparison table

As you can see the trail pack weight stays considerably low even with the bigger 4 person Instant Tent sizes, this helps the backpacking tent to stay portable and lightweight.

What we love

The frame is made of aluminum poles which makes it so lightweight,  around 2kg. That’s easy even for long hikes and treks. Exactly what you need when hiking it alone, or within a group of no sharers. Plus they last much longer than their fiberglass counterparts and safer to boot.

Mountain Ultra Inner Mesh

A micro meshed inner tent even keeps out dreaded midges and mosquitoes which are the biggest pain when camping out in the U.K. It has reinforced heat taped seams, similar to the Vango air tents, which are proven to keep out water droplets and the tent floor is great. It’s a bathtub floor which has been waterproofed thoroughly. Also, the 2-4 person models come with an additional door, which is a great addition, helps to keep the tent organized and ventilated.

Free Stuff

As stated before it comes with a free footprint to keep it protected on whatever surface you decide to sleep on. The rain fly is a clip on one which is a nice touch, easily attached and detached. The carry bag is also thrown in, the weight varies of course depending on the size of tent you buy, but it’s around 3-8 pounds throughout all sizes. We found the 1 person model to be around 3-3.5 lbs, for trail weight. Lastly, the micro mesh tent is included also, as mentioned above it has a very fine mesh which keeps out all kinds of bugs. It’s a ‘limited’ lifetime warranty which basically protects you against any defect or non-man made issues. All in all they are pretty generous with this bundle and it’s very affordable.

Poncho Time

It’s worth mentioning, in true Teton Sports fashion, there are additional goodies you can buy to go with your purchase. Previously in the form of cots and pads. This time, the multi Tarp Poncho! In all seriousness, this is pretty cool. It can be used as a Rain Poncho to keep yourself dry and, well, highly visible in bright yellow. Because fashion is key in the wild right? Bears respect swagger and are less likely to attack. Fact.

Teton Sports Rain Poncho

Woodland Fashion Show

More usefully, can be served as a Tarp Poncho, this is really cool. You can hook it up to some nearby trees or walls to create a shaded or sheltered area for gear or to take some respite.

Teton Sports Tarp Shelter

Get creative and create multiple shelters.

Lastly, it’s also possible to attach it to the tent pole to create a cool tent like shelter, if it’s raining from different angles or you just want some quiet time.


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Sleeping Bag

Teton Sports Ultralight Mummy sleeping bag

$49 on Amazon

They have an additional sleeping bag that is fully compatible with the mountain ultra line. It’s additionally lightweight and provides an insulated sleeping area. Perfect for cold nights on the trail. Aptly named the ‘Mummy’ it completely cocoons you with microfiber insulation, for a pleasant sleep. If you are camping with your dog it can provide warmth for the pair of you. 



  • Great Model Line 1-4 Person Available
  • Clip on Rain Fly Vestibule
  • Very Fast to Pitch and Secure
  • Waterproofed and Bug Free with Micro Meshed Inner Tent



  • Availability, nearly all sizes are low in stock.


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Out of the thousands of backpacking tents to choose from, the Mountain Ultra range is definitely worth a look. With top quality features, a simplistic set up and a price tag that doesn’t break the bank. It may be a great choice for beginners and short trips away.

What’s your opinion on this tent? Let us know on the comments below. 

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