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10 Best Camping Tents with Awning and Canopy Extensions

10 Best Camping Tents with Awning and Canopy Extensions


Extra protection, while you’re camping, is always welcome, and one of the best ways to do this is with camping tents that extends with a built-in awning. It creates a kind of canopy extension that provides additional shelter when you don’t want to sit cooped up inside the tent, but would like a bit of enclosure from bad weather while outside.

You’re able to enjoy your surroundings without worrying about the elements like rain showers, light winds, or more importantly, the beaming hot sun during summer holidays.

Camping tents with a canopy attachment are great family tents, and for everyone else, no matter if you’re a beginner or outdoor expert.


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With a simple set up as most are already integrated, you won’t need to fumble around with instructions or tricky pole setups. 

Extending the length of your shelter without having to manually install a whole new structure, they are perfect for family camping and setting up dining areas with camping tables, or storage space for bikes and muddy boots. 

We have handpicked and reviewed 10 of the best camping tents with awnings, allowing you to make an educated choice for your next camping venture.



10 Best Camping Tents with Awnings

1. GEERTOP Portable 4 Season Tent

GEERTOP Portable Tent with Awning

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Another backpacking model, you can create a huge canopy space using your own poles for trekking or big long sticks. If you decide to go with sticks, we recommend using some guy ropes to keep it extra steady. Stretching out so far means you have more freedom and space to set up your camp, use a table and chairs, and stay shielded from any light conditions.

This classifies as 4 season accommodation because the design is so versatile. Warmer weather is no problem as you can remove the outer fly and keep open the two massive entrances. At night time when it can get a little cooler, simply zip them up and the 4 mesh windows will work well for letting air get inside.

This is paired with the upper screen vents that let humidity escape as it escalates. For harsh winters, the flysheet has a waterproof index of 3000mm with taped seams 210T polyester so nothing can get through, even small amounts of snow.


  • 4 Season Use
  • 5000mm 210D Oxford Fabric Floor
  • 2 Vestibule Spaces


2. Ozark Trail 11 Person Camping Tents with Awning

Ozark Trail 11 Person Tent with Awning

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This sets up instantly thanks to the pre-installed framework made of strong poles and steel stakes. Across the big mesh front doors, you can set up the vast overhanging shade cover using the rainfly. This lets you place some camping chairs and a table to relax and soak up nature while protected from the sun.

You can also use it as a cover for your gear during the day if you need the whole interior for something else. Without the fly, the roof is fully screen mesh.

Hidden behind is a separate back room that tapers down for a cozy sleeping space. This is a fully private room that is great for a group of campers who aren’t familiar with each other and need their own space.

The rest of the interior has a layout of two other rooms that are isolated using a middle divider. Several hanging loops can be found that allow you to hang lanterns to create interior lighting. A large carry bag with an ergonomic handle helps you carry it out of the car and to the campsite with ease.


  • 76” Height
  • 6 Mesh Panels
  • 3 Separated Rooms


3. Ayamaya Pop Up Camping Tents

Ayamaya Pop Up Tent with Awning

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This features a vestibule that doubles as an overhead enclosure. The pop-up design requires no assembly at all and is one of the easiest ways to install a tent. Throw it in the air and it will pop right into shape. No inserting of poles or draping of materials, everything is already done for you.

For slightly heavier weather, it comes with stakes and loops for guy lines so you can fasten it to the ground. Two mesh windows are placed on either side, and they can be covered from the outside or kept open with the rollable covers. A rear vent remains hooded so breeze can circulate while it rains, and you’ll stay dry inside.

Heat-sealed seams on the fabric makes it more waterproof. Double layering with a gap between the inside and the rainfly ensures that condensation droplets can’t get inside.

To carry it around there is a bag that is quite large in diameter, but it can leisurely sit on your back like a backpack. For shorter camping adventures, you could take this to stay overnight while hiking as long as you have someone else to carry other supplies for you.


  • 150” L x 102” W x 53.5” H
  • Versatile Vestibule Converts to Awning
  • Fast Pop-Up Pitch


4. KAZOO Outdoor 4-Person Camping Tents

KAZOO Outdoor 4-Person Camping Tent

Check Prices Here

This takes minutes to assemble with a 2-pole crossover design. The framework is made from sturdy 9.5mm fiberglass poles which are made to be lightweight whilst strong. To make the sun and rain protector, simply use the provided support rods with the supplied guy lines so it won’t fall after a gust of wind. For a dome structure, the sides are quite tall which gives you more room to feel comfortable.

Holding up against rough weather isn’t a problem because of the durable materials. The inner fabric is a B3 tightly woven mesh and 190T polyester. These combine to make a breathable, yet impenetrable structure.

For further protection, the rainfly and floor are both 201T ripstop polyester which is specially made to resist tearing. Packing down to 22 x 6 x 6 inches, it can fit into most average-sized backpacks or camping bags with ease. Weighing 12.6 lbs, it’s slightly too heavy to take backpacking or hiking, but you could share the load with someone else to take it on short trips.


  • Breathable Polyester & Mesh Construction
  • 95” L x 86” W x 57” H
  • Multi-functional Vestibule


5. Slumberjack Adult Day Break Tent

Slumberjack Adult Day Break Tent

Check Prices Here

Let’s begin with a nice basic dome tent for those on a budget. It’s a 6-man shelter that is great for 2 or 3 people to sleep inside with room to spare. We think 1 person could set this up smoothly because it’s a straightforward 3-pole construction. A large canopy can be created using your own trekking poles – 2 are required to keep it upright.

If you don’t have these, you could surely use some long sticks, just make sure they’re thick enough to hold it up. It extends off the full coverage rainfly, which shows that it’s versatile for all kinds of weather. With the fly removed, the entire structure is meshed for air ventilation.

The overhead shade turns into a vestibule when everything is closed, giving you extra space for big luggage, so you can have more room to move around inside. Raised flooring stops dirt, dust, and water to enter, keeping your sleeping area clean. The side walls are quite vertical which is great because you don’t have to hunch down.


  • Fibreglass Pole Framework
  • 104” L x 129” W x 71” H
  • Heavy-Duty Carry Bag Included


6. NTK Indy GT XL Dome Camping Tents

NTK Indy GT XL Dome Camping Tent

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Perfect for a family of 4, we’d consider this a hybrid between a dome and a tunnel tent. Set up is effortless and can be finished in a few minutes when done by 2 pairs of hands. The poles are a simple lift, extend, and lock design which makes them nice and compact for transporting around with you.

They clip onto the rest of the structure using heavy-duty hooks, and cross over once for stability. A strong connection is kept through the high-performing bungee and galvanized steel parts.

The unique design of this one creates quite a large front porch area in front of the rest of the tent. A groundsheet is included to cover the bottom of the overhanging cover, which makes it ideal for storing dirty shoes and gear, so it doesn’t ruin the inside.

Hooded vents line the top section of the sleeping room to promote airflow and prevent condensation which can build up from body heat.


  • 2500mm Waterproof Rating
  • Awning Can Convert to Vestibule
  • 4” L x 74.4” W x 96” H


7. Sportz SUV Tent with Screen Room

Sportz SUV Tent with Side Awning

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This one is interesting because it’s compatible only with an SUV truck. It’s sort of like a 3-in-1 because you have the private sleeping space, a big screen room area, and a long upper canopy. There are basically 2 porches because the screen room and cover can both provide the advantages of a deck.

You have one that is fully covered and has multiple uses, including a sleeping area for dogs, storage for dirty gear and shoes, and even a relaxing area away from most of the elements. The simpler overhang provides a more open feel and would protect from mainly light rain and some sun.

The structure attaches to the back of your SUV with a tight sleeve that resists wind from seeping through. A combo of steel and fiberglass makes up the structure so it can withstand mild to moderate conditions while maintaining a light weight. There is over 7 feet of headroom which creates large interior space, and it can be seamlessly set up by one person.


  • Can Standalone as a Ground Tent
  • Simple Yet Sturdy 3-Pole Framework
  • No-See-Um Mesh Windows


8. Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Tent

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We thought we’d include a deluxe version because everyone deserves to splurge at least occasionally. Made from high-quality 100% cotton duck canvas, this tent is as durable, lightweight, breathable as they come.

We think this would work very well for hunting camping trips, road trips, fishing adventures, and other outdoor activities that need a highly durable shelter that will hold its own against lots of rain, wind, and even some snow. The hanging cover stretches out quite far to provide great shade.

The frame is a flex-bow which means it’s sturdy, yet not too stiff that it would blow away or fall apart. It’s used with canvas because it keeps the material taught so that no sagging can occur. A 1 person set up is convenient for traveling on your own, even though this is large enough to fit 4 people.

We see this as sort of a mini-cabin due to the very high side walls and flattened roof. The ceiling peak reaches 6.1 feet so most people can walk around comfortably. Big D-shaped doors let you get in and out without squeezing yourself sideways, and 4 windows are no-see-um mesh for lots of ventilation.


  • 70” x 50” Sized Awning
  • Customizable Storage Pockets
  • Additional Funnel Vents for Airflow


9. Hasika Teepee Double Layered Camping Tents

Hasika Teepee Double Layered Tent

Check Prices Here

This large teepee model has a significantly large protruding cover that is shaped like a half triangle for extra shade coverage. It can be tied down for increased stability if it’s windy, making it versatile for any weather. To keep any bugs out during the hotter months, the entrance has light mesh doors that can be closed completely or left freely open.

This gives it a light and breezy feel which is perfect for summer. For further protection from rough climates, the canopy comes back down and is used as part of the full coverage rainfly. This gives you the freedom to use it in both warm, mild, and cold weather as you can adjust the ventilation accordingly.

The inside is quite roomy as the base is large enough to fit 4 to 6 people. While people are sleeping inside, humidity and moisture build-up is reduced because of the roof vent that allows all hot air to escape as it rises.

The entire structure can be used without the raised bathtub flooring. You can set it up with just the rainfly as a makeshift canopy on its own, whilst still having the loose part of the fly raised for extra shelter.


  • 4 Season Use
  • 3000mm Waterproof Oxford Cloth Base
  • 5mm Aluminium Frame Bars


10. Topnaca Backpacking for Camping Tents

Topnaca Backpacking Tent for Camping

Check Prices Here

Another affordable dome structure, this is ideal to take with you on backpacking, hiking, mountaineering, canoeing, and other outdoor intense activity trips. It’s lightweight and packs down in a small pouch with handles that you can clip to your bag or it’s small enough to fit inside.

We’d classify this as suitable for 3 seasons because it has big mesh openings on the inner part, and a full coverage flysheet that goes over the top.

The sunshade system is part of the fly and can be set up using 2 trekking poles or large sticks. Double doors allow you to sit outside under this shield without crouching your neck or sitting on the cold ground. Materials are made up of several high-quality textiles.

These include a 210T polyester rainfly and inner section, thick B3 nylon mesh, and a floor sheet of 150D anti-tear Oxford cloth. Each fabric has a PU coating layer which assists with wind and water resistance for a comfortable stay.


  • Budget Price
  • 5 lbs Ultra lLightweight
  • 4000mm – 5000mm Waterproof Index


How To Choose a Camping Tents with Awning

How Much Shade Do You Need?

Depending on the style of tent, the size of the overhang will differ greatly. Some have huge rectangular shapes that sit several feet from the front opening. Others take a more subtle approach, protruding gently over to create a small amount of protection.

You need to think about where you’re going and how much coverage is necessary. Sometimes you can adjust the amount of overhang you need, which is great as it gives you the control over how much sun you want to soak up.

If you’re traveling to a place known for rain, perhaps one that sticks out quite far and wide is your best bet. Backpackers who want this feature should probably look for ones that double as a covered vestibule so it’s versatile and easy to adapt to changing conditions.

Ease of Installing

Apart from the usual assembly process, the method that is supposed to be implemented for setting up the sun shield should be noted. We’ve found and shown you in our above list that some come with their own poles or rods for sticking it up and off the ground. However, there are some that require additional help to remain propped up.

Most trekkers or hikers bring their own walking poles, so this won’t be a problem for assembling the overhang in a stable way. Those without can easily use some long thick branches that have fallen onto the ground to set things up. Just make sure to use some sort of guy line roping to keep them upright.

Protection Levels

There are multiple factors that go into deciding which tent with a porch you need, but we think the amount of protection and the methods used are very important. Here are some summarized properties you should look out for when choosing the right one:

  • It should be made from thick and durable materials, namely the rainfly as this is what most overhanging shields derive from. Nylon or polyester with a high-density rating (D) above 100D for great protection. A high thread count (T) also means unbeatable protection, as well as durability and strength. Even silicone coated nylon or added PU layers are amazing for weatherproofing.
  • While they don’t necessarily defend from heavy rain or wind, waterproofing is integral so that nothing will drop down to know, even if it’s a light shower. We’ve often mentioned a waterproof index or rating, ending in “mm”. This measurement describes how much moisture can last on top of the fabric before it will leak through. For example, a tent with an index of 3000mm will hold up against 3000mm of water until it will have leakage.
  • A different shape than just a regular rectangular sunshade can be more effective at repelling things like water droplets, sand, or dust. One of our options had a triangular slanted eave that is great for this purpose.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Camping Tents Awning and What Can You Use It For?

They are an additional extension connected to camping tents, usually at the entrance, that provides shade and protection from other elements like small rain showers, UV rays, and a bit of wind.

You’ll generally find that they are built into the outer rainfly, and can be easily set up using provided rods, your own trekking poles, or sometimes even tree sticks. Here are some examples of what you can use them for:

  • As extra space that you can’t get with normal tents.
  • You can set up some foldable chairs and a table and relax in the wilderness whilst staying close to your belongings.
  • Assemble your campfire underneath (being mindful of the smoke and flames) for a cozy undercover dinner.
  • During the day, you can store your dirty clothes, shoes, toys, and other things while they dry or to remind yourself to put them away later. It’s a handy spot that’s covered so you don’t have to worry about the inside of your camping tents getting messy.
  • They generally open the spaciousness of your camping tents drastically so you can invite other campers over and have a picnic out of the sun, but still within nature.


Are They Stable?

Provided that you set them up correctly, they can be very sturdy in most climate conditions. Most of them can be lowered when winds start to pick up so there’s less risk of things flying away. If you’re worried about the structural integrity, you can always bring along some extra guy lines (or use the ones given to you if they came with your camping tents) and fasten it down.


Are They Waterproof?

Unless you’ve had to purchase one separately, camping tents that already come with them have them installed within the outer rainfly. The waterproofing level of this fly will determine how water resistant it will be, so take note of this as you usually won’t find a separate rating.


Is an Awning and Screened Porch the Same?

These are not the same, and we’ve simplified the reasons why so you can get a better understanding in a brief form.

  • An extended roof maintains a completely open area, with no walls or screens on the sides. It gives protection only from the top and provides a spot of shade and shielding from very light rain. These are more closely related to proper canopies that you might see at events like weddings or outdoor parties.
  • A screen room or porch is an all-enclosed room as the name suggests. Usually constructed with all mesh and perhaps a fabric bottom, you can usually open some sort of door to let air breeze through. These will protect you from slightly more than light wind and rain, depending on if it has a roof or not. There is more use for these spaces, making them slightly more expensive. Some common uses include as a dog pen, a place for removing messy clothing before entering, and a play or relaxation area.



Get your next tent with a shaded area to stay protected and comfortable on your upcoming trip. It’s worth it to purchase a tent with this additional extension because it gives you so much more freedom. Sit and gaze at the beauty of nature all day without being directly exposed to harsh conditions and use it as extra storage space before the sun goes down. Keep reading to discover our ultimate guide on awning camping tents.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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