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9 Best Tents with Stove Jacks Built In

9 Best Tents with Stove Jacks Built In

While it may be tempting to try and DIY a stove jack into the wall of your own canvas tent, it is safer and much easier to get one that has a stove pipe hole already installed.

Canvas shelters are known to withstand much higher temperatures than regular tents, so you have the advantage of using them during 4-season camping when the weather gets increasingly cold.

Canvas tents with stove jacks are a huge benefit to any camper. If you’re traveling in extreme climates where it even snows, it’s so important to take the correct measures for staying warm.


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Big camping blankets, sleeping pads, and heavy-duty sleeping bags can only go so far. Installing a stove inside your tent is one of the best solutions for maintaining warmth and cooking hot food in intensely cold weather.

It reduces the risk of your body temperature dropping and keeps you and others safe from smoke staying within the tent. A dedicated hole allows any fumes to release and remain outside.

Plus, you can enjoy time sitting around the campfire without the risk of snow or rain putting it out.

We’ve compiled our choices with some of the best canvas tents you can find today. We’ve predominantly used this style of tent, as they are the most commonly used with stove jacks, due to their tough materials, fire retardant properties, and large internal structure.



Our Top Camping Tents with Stove Jacks List

9. PlayDo 4-Season Canvas Bell Tent with Stove Hole

PlayDo 4-Season Canvas Bell Tent with Stove Hole

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You can choose from a variety of sizes, there are several design options with divided stove holes, and there is also an option for a canopy extension that you can purchase separately. This is such a great additional part as it can heighten your camping experience, where you can enjoy sitting outdoors with some light shelter above you to protect from rain.

Set up should take around 30 minutes, depending on the size you get, and can be done by 1 – 2 people. This is a versatile model that allows different kinds of set up options. In colder weather, it installs normally with all walls attached. For hotter climates, you can remove the whole lower wall and just use the top covering as a kind of canopy.

There are plenty of great features within this tent. Starting at the peak, there are hooded screen vents that provide airflow when everything is closed. A rain cap is positioned over the front pole for protection, and the stove jack is located on the side wall, just next to the door. It is made with fire-resistant fabrics for enhanced protection. Screen windows line the lower edges for ventilation, and there are strong SBS zippers that hold up against long-term use.


  • 5-inch Hole for Stove
  • 100% Waterproof Treated Canvas Materials
  • Available in 5 Different Sizes


8. Stout Bell Tent with Stove Jack

Stout Bell Tent with Stove Jack

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Made from 100% cotton canvas for glamping or large group camping, this bell tent has a slightly more sloping structure than the previous bell models. It’s available in both 13-foot and 16-foot versions. Due to the more intense slope, we think this would hold up quite well against harsh winds.

Meeting industry standards, the stove pipe hole is 5 inches and is made to protect the canvas fabric. It can withstand very high temperatures so that nothing will burn or melt. When not in use, simply cover the hole with the flap to prevent moisture leakage when it rains.

With the double-wall edition, you can remove the outer canvas on the lower half, and just use the remaining mesh. This is a great option for summer as you can stay inside without overheating. The groundsheet is removable, which gives you the freedom to roll up the walls and use the top section as a canopy.

When everything is closed off, there are small mesh windows at the bottom and vents at the top with hoods to allow rain to slide right off.


  • 5-inch Stove Pipe Hole
  • Removable Groundsheet & Inner Mesh Wall Option Available
  • Spacious Interior Perfect for Glamping


7. OneTigris Smokey HUT Hot Tent with Stove Jack

OneTigris Smokey HUT Hot Tent with Stove Jack

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Perfect for taking on more intense camping trips, this is the best cheap backpacking tent with a stove jack. It weighs only 2.6 lbs, which makes it the ideal choice for hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, and taking on other strenuous camping activities.

You can set it up by yourself quite easily as it just has 1 pole for the center, plus the guy lines for added stability. Weatherproofing is provided through the thick 20D silicone-coated nylon fabric and waterproof treated seams. The tough YKK zippers are also waterproof so nothing will leak inside. 2 upper windows and a side entrance give good air circulation when the fly is on.  

It has a very traditional teepee shape and is appropriate for 4-season trips thanks to the full-coverage rainfly. The added hole for stove chimneys is just another awesome feature that makes it excellent for use in extremely cold climates. You could bring a small stove that wouldn’t take up much weight in your bag and use it to create warmth and cook food, without the risk of interior fumes.

A corresponding flap is provided to seal the chimney in. There is no tent flooring, so you may want to bring your own tarp or footprint to protect from the ground. 


  • Perfect Ultralightweight Backpacking Model
  • 8.6-inch Stove Jack
  • Highly Waterproof 3000mm Rating


6. Preself Tipi Tent with Stove Jack

Preself Teepee Tent with Stove Jack

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This 3-person tent has quite a spacious interior whilst remaining lightweight at 3.4 lbs. This makes it another suitable choice for backpacking and hiking, plus it packs down into a sack that can easily fit inside a bag. For harsher weather, the framework is made from durable aluminum stakes, and you also receive 4 strong guy ropes for extra stability.

Despite its lightweight nature, it is a great option for camping in intense conditions due to its sleek teepee shape and its simple yet firm structure.

The stovepipe is adjustable, making it easier to fit most chimneys inside without the risk of smoke leaking in. This opening is not fireproof; however, you can readily purchase an additional sleeve for the pipe or wrap a silicone sheet to protect it from touching the materials.

You can use this in 4-seasons as it has high wind-resistance and good waterproofing. While it doesn’t have a super high-water rating, 2000mm is still good for taking in moderate rainfall. 210T polyester makes up the outer material, and it is anti-tear which is handy for backpacking where conditions can be rougher.


  • Best Small Hot Tent with Stove
  • Fully Adjustable Stove Pipe Opening
  • Suitable For 4-Season Camping & Backpacking



5. Russian-Bear Yurt Tent with Stove Pipe Hole

Russian-Bear Yurt Tent with Stove Pipe Hole

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This premium hot tent comes with not only a stove jack, but also a stove itself. This stove has walls that are made from ceramic glass that is completely heat-resistant for safety. It has protective shielding on the bottom and sides, and the fire can be fully closed off for ultimate security. The stove vent is located at the top and has a protective, fire-resistant covering. 

The overall design goes very well with any outdoor environment, as it has a camouflage pattern and rests in a dome shape. A double-layer structure ensures great insulation during colder months, plus you can remove the inner section to keep cool during hotter conditions. Several ventilation spots can be found throughout, and they can be covered up with a 5-layer storm flap for extra protection.

Without the stove you can fit 5 sleeping bags inside, but we recommend using it for 2 to 3 people if you want more space. The framework is all metal for stability during winds, with tension rope hooks for added firmness.


  • Includes Stainless Steel Stove & Heat Insulated Flooring
  • Complete Fire-Resistant Fabric Withstanding 1200°
  • Highly Weatherproof with Full Coverage Outer Layer


4. WhiteDuck Canvas Wall Tent with Stove Jack

WhiteDuck Canvas Wall Tent with Stove Jack

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Another one from White Duck, this is a cabin version that is suitable for 8 people with a very roomy interior. As it’s quite a heavy-duty tent, all the poles come color-coded for a more streamlined set up. Installation can be done by 2 people.

This is a great shelter for weddings, parties, and other events, as it feels more like a home than a tent. The front section of the roof extends out to make a small awning for relaxing under, and the side windows are beautifully done with a traditional design. There is plenty of ventilation with lots of screened windows and a mesh doorway. Each opening has a storm flap, including the stove hole, so you don’t have to worry about leaks. These flaps are triple-layered for serious protection.

Heaps of multi-functional features can be found in this tent. Military-grade YKK zippers are super robust to withstand long-term use. For the windows, you’ll find PVC dipped mesh that is tear-resistant and stops insects from getting through. Each door has an additional buckle fastening system to keep everything protected during harsh conditions. All seams are double-stitched, and each corner has been reinforced for extra stability.


  • 5-inch Roof Stove Jack
  • Very Durable Aluminium Frame
  • Insulated Heavy-Duty Groundsheet


3. White Duck Premium Canvas Bell Tent with Stove Jack

White Duck Premium Canvas Bell Tent with Stove Jack

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This is one of the best of its kind due to its incredibly high-quality materials and design. It can be used in 4-seasons and even in warmer weather, as it has quite large mesh openings. 2 huge mesh panels are on the front entrance, and there are several netted windows scattered throughout.

This extra ventilation is a huge advantage for a canvas model as they can often get quite hot inside to withstand colder weather.

For the stove pipe hole, it is made from vinyl fire retardant material. This provides serious protection against extremely high temperatures so that the hot pipe doesn’t come directly in contact with the canvas material. It also has a weather flap which helps to protect from any rain or unwanted drafts from coming inside.

The peak height reaches over 9 feet which makes it super comfortable to walk around inside. We think it’s the perfect choice for glamping, as it has such a lovely traditional bell design with heaps of room inside for couches, pillows, and beds.


  • Very Spacious with 9-foot Centre Height
  • 5-inch Stove Jack Opening
  • Highly Waterproof & Mildew Resistant 100% Canvas


2. Happybuy Bell Tent with Stove Jack

Happybuy Bell Tent with Stove Jack

Check Prices Here

This HappyBuy tent is another fantastic bell tent that is perfect for family or large group camping. You can set it up in a variety of ways that coincide with the weather. It can be used as an overhanging canopy without the sidewalls, used with the mesh doors fully exposed, or completely closed when it’s cold. The traditional bell shape is so beautiful and can complement any campsite.

The stove porthole has a fire-retardant material that lines the interior, to avoid any overheating when the pipe reaches high temperatures. A flap rests on the outside and can be rolled away during use or secured over the opening to stop any moisture from getting inside.

Weatherproofing is provided through the robust 300gsm cotton canvas that is pre-treated to be waterproof. The interior seams are all taped to stop leaks and are double stitched for further defense. A small cone is placed on the pole at the entrance that ensures rain won’t seep through.


  • 5-inch Stove Jacket
  • Good Aeration with Several Mesh Panels
  • Large & Roomy Interior Fits 8-10 People


1. DANCHEL Cotton Canvas Tent with 2 Stove Jacks

DANCHEL Cotton Canvas Tent with 2 Stove Jacks

Check Prices Here

With room for 2 stoves inside and 2 dedicated chimney holes, this 100% canvas tent is made for intense conditions. It’s available in 4 sizes to accommodate for different sized groups. Made from premium cotton canvas, it is rainproof, windproof, and snow proof for camping in 4-seasons.

Weatherproofing features include a tall bathtub flooring to prevent water splashes, tough SBS zippers for stopping leakages, and a rain cap in the top of the front door pole. There is also an anti-insect design consisting of a Velcro flap located at the zipper intersection.

Multiple mesh panels can be found on the very top roof, and there are also screened windows. All these aspects make it a great shelter for use in different climates, where the weather can be unpredictable.

You can achieve ultimate warmth inside with the ability to use 2 stoves with the 2 chimney holes. They both have outer flaps that you can place over the holes when not in use, ensuring that no rain can enter. Both the stove jackets are lined with fire resistance strips to prevent any burning or melting of the outer canvas.


  • 1 Stove Jack on Upper Wall & 1 on Side Wall
  • Both Jacks are Fire Retardant
  • 100% Weatherproof Cotton


Safety Guide for Stove Jacks in Tents

Whether you’re in a tent or not, being safe while using a stove should always be taken seriously.

You should take the right safety precautions before, after, and during using a stove inside a tent, to avoid any risk of overheating, burning, melting, and serious injuries that can occur with misuse.

Here is our safety guide for using a stove jack properly to have the best and safest experience possible.

  1. First, you should always confirm that the stove jack inside your tent has a fire-retardant lining, like silicone fiberglass or tough rubber. As they are a heat safe exit point for the fumes of the stove, it’s important to know that it can withstand high temperatures.
  2. Burn the stove outside of the tent before using it inside. Some manufacturers coat stoves with rust-resistant chemicals, so it’s a good idea to burn any potentially toxic smells away.
  3. Take caution with the storm flap that is made to cover the hole. It should be folded or rolled far away from the pipe to avoid any contact. If the flap touches the pipe, it may catch on fire.
  4. If you’re installing one yourself, try and use the smallest hole possible. This is because it will stop any snow or rain from leaking inside, which can be dangerous if a lot gets onto the stove unexpectedly.
  5. Ensure the guy lines attached to the structure are tight and secure, otherwise the tent may start heaving. If this happens, winds can cause ash and smoke to be sucked into the tent instead of out of the pipe through the stove hole.  


Stove Burning Advice

  1. Make sure you burn your stove at least once a day for an hour. This will prevent any ash build up inside, which is important for maintaining a regular temperature.
  2. Too much ash or creosote inside can cause extremely hot fires in the pipe, which will make flames come out just like a real fireplace chimney.
  3. A creosote fire can be extremely dangerous, especially within the confines of a tent. Uncleaned ash could also cause smoke to build up inside, instead of being expelled through the pipe.
  4. Push the wood and fire to the back of the stove, closest to where the flue pipe is, so the smoke can go directly up and out.


DIY Stove Hole Advice

  1. Again, if you’re installing one yourself, it’s best to place it above the ridge of your tent. This encourages wind to come from any direction and blow away any sparks coming from the pipe. This then reduces the risk of sparks catching onto the body of the tent.
  2. Place a fireproof mat underneath your stove if the flooring is made from carpet, vinyl, wood, or grass.
  3. It’s essential to maintain a 2-foot radius between the stove and any flammable items. Always take care when opening the door of the stove as some sparks may fly out.
  4. Always bring a fire extinguisher with you, keep the stove clean, and wear heat-resistant gloves. It may also be a good idea to keep a carbon monoxide detector handy to check the levels and ensure the air is always fresh inside.  


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Stove Jack For?

It allows you to put a stove pipe through the wall or roof section of your tent without the risk of overheating and fires. They provide a safe exit for smoke and fumes to leave, instead of building up inside your tent.

Some tents have more than 1 pipe hole, perhaps one on the wall and one on the roof, and you can find them pre-installed or put one in yourself.


Can I Make my Own Stove Jack Hole?

Yes, you certainly can, however it’s important to use very robust materials that can endure the extremely high temperatures of a stove chimney. Placing it on a canvas tent is the best way to go, as it’s much more durable than a thin polyester. A polyester tent can be a major hazard, whereas canvas can withstand some small damage from sparks flying off the stove fire.

We recommend purchasing a jack separately that is made from galvanized rubber or a fiberglass silicone material. You can find many readily available on the market.


How to Install a Stove Jack?

The most common types are usually either a rubber and steel flashing, or a soft rubber or silicone hole connected to canvas fabric.

Soft Stove Jacks – These are typically attached using Velcro, or can be sewn in. They should come with a storm flap that can be rolled back or placed over the hole when not in use to protect from rain seepage.

Rubber and Steel – Using screws, these are attached from both the inside and outside of the tent, where the rubber part sits outside. Once screwed in, you can cut a hole through the canvas and begin pushing the flue sections from the inside to push the jack outwards. This stops any dips from forming in the canvas.



You’ll never be limited to summer camping again when you use one of the tents with stove jacks on our carefully compiled list. You can stay warm inside, cook a hearty meal, and feel safe in knowing that you’re protected from any fumes or overheating.

We have uncovered the important safety guidelines for using stove jacks, and we’ve also answered some commonly asked questions to help you in safety and buying.


Resources and Sources

Fire safety guidelines and expert advice



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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