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Best Camping Air Mattresses Reviewed - Queen and King Sized

10 Best Camping Air Mattress | King and Queen Size Reviews

Finding the best camping air mattress to get a great night’s sleep can be a tough job with all the options out there. Air mattresses have seriously improved in modern times, and we are obsessed with the newly designed models.

While camping, you don’t have to limit yourself to a sleeping-bag on the ground. They can ruin your sleep and take away the energy you need for all your camping adventures. Using a quality surface will give you an extra level of comfort that can feel just as comfy as your own bed at home.

Bring a little bit of luxury to your next camping trip. Whether you’re looking for a more affordable option, or a top-quality mattress with cool features, our list of the best is here to help.

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10 Best Air Mattresses for Camping Reviewed

1. Coleman Air Mattress

Coleman Air Mattress Review

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The Coleman Double-High SupportRest air mattress is perfect for any of your outdoor or indoor needs. With a soft plush top, this model allows for a comfortable, lightweight, and even sleep that won’t have you worried about losing air at night.

The awesome raised design makes it easier to get in and out of bed, which is a huge benefit if you struggle standing up when you’re so low to the ground.

With a Swiftrise built-in 120V pump, it can be pumped up and ready in less than 3 minutes. For extra security, the reinforced support lock paired with the AirTight system will help prevent any air leaks.  


  • Supports 600-lbs
  • Double Lock Valve
  • Wrap ‘N’ Roll Storage System


2. Lightspeed Outdoors 2 Person Air Bed

Lightspeed outdoors 2 person Air bed mattress


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This coveted queen mattress is a favorite to many due to its puncture-resistant material and waterproof technology. We think it’s perfect to use for camping, festivals, and even for use indoors.

The Lightspeed Air Bed has puncture-resistant materials, so you don’t have to worry about any unnecessary holes. One of the most unique features is the overheating protection.

After 7 minutes, the pump will begin a protected state to avoid dangerous overheating. We think this feature is such a great touch for safety, especially when camping with children.

With its DuraCoil technology, you can experience great back support for ultimate comfort. The gorgeous suede fabric is also super soft for a great sleep.


  • Waterproof Surface
  • 5.6lbs Weight
  • Self-Adhesive Repair Patch


3. Etekcity Camping Air Mattress

etekcity camping air mattress

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The Etekcity Camping Air Mattress is perfect to use on any camping trip. Equipped with a 2-in-1 valve system, you can inflate it easily and quickly – this system limits the possibility of leaks and allows for a faster inflation and deflation time.

Compatible with many electric air pumps on the market, and has a huge weight capacity of 500-lbs, and a height of about 9 inches.

If you are planning to use it for more than one night at a time, be sure to add 10 or 15 seconds of air during the second night to get the most out of it.


  • Complimentary Carry Bag
  • Fiber Tech & Coil Support
  • 24-hour Inflation


4. AirExpect Leak-Proof Inflatable Mattress

AirExpect Leak-Proof Inflatable Mattress

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Truly an all-purpose model, the AirExpect Leak-Proof Mattress is dew and moisture-resistant to prevent humidity for any cold or rainy nights. We especially admire the built-in pillow that compliments the shape of your neck and spine.

Raised 9-inches from the ground, it’s designed with a non-toxic PVC flocked bed top to ensure unlimited comfort. This also helps to conserve warmth for an even comfier sleep.

The rechargeable pump can last for 5-6 inflations, which I love for camping because you don’t have to constantly use your electricity for charging.


  • Wireless Rechargeable Pump
  • DuraCoil Technology
  • Supports 600-lbs


5. EnerPlex Never-Leak Luxury Queen Air Mattress

EnerPlex Never-Leak Luxury Queen Air Mattress

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This leak-free, water-resistant bed is one of the best air mattresses if you’re looking for a more luxury option. Enterplex’s inflate within 90 seconds of pumping it up and is an eco-friendly product if you’re an avid nature lover like us. 

Sporting a wireless pump that has a super-fast charge to ensure you’ll be able to pump up your bed wherever you go. We love the custom coil-beam technology that provides ultimate comfort, and enhances the luxury feel.

Including a handy carry-bag, it’s lightweight and extremely portable, so you can take it camping and easily move it around. With welded seams and high-grade materials, we think you’ll love the firm support.


  • 12-volt Car Charger
  • Airtight Valve
  • Anti-Slip Bottom


6. Missyee Inflatable Queen Air Mattress

Missyee Inflatable Queen Air Mattress

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The Missyee Inflatable is specifically designed for outdoor and camping purposes. It sits 22-inches from the floor with 4 layers of toxin-free PVC, as well as a 0.7 mm downy flock that enhances safe, comfortable sleep.

The best rate of inflation we found with this model is around 3 minutes and 30 seconds. It also comes with a rechargeable air pump that can inflate or deflate it at any time.

Featuring built-in coil-beam technology designed for back support, we believe you’ll experience a wonderful night’s sleep thanks to its durability. With its waterproof, flocked top, it can withstand up to 600-lbs.


  • 1-Touch Inflatable Dial
  • 18-inch Height
  • Repair Patch Included.


7. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

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The Dream Series Air mattress is the only outdoor model in our list designed with ComfortCoil technology. It is branded with 40 individual air coils for a comfortable, deep sleep anywhere you decide to go. Holding up to 600-lbs, you’ll feel secure in knowing this mattress will stay firm.

With a seriously quick inflation time of 2 minutes, this is one of the best camping mattresses for quickly setting up a comfy place to sleep.

Since it comes with sure-grip technology, it won’t slip or slide away when camping on a slant, gripping nicely to the ground.


  • Multi-Layered Flock
  • Puncture-Resistant Material
  • Patented 1-Click Pump


8. Sable Air Mattress with Internal Pump

Sable Air Mattress Review

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A real quality piece with its exclusive design, we are obsessed with the built-in raised pillow that comes with the Sable Air Mattress. This feature will further support your spine and give you an awesome night’s sleep.

This 90-inch bed is perfect if you’re 6 feet or taller, and with the I-Beam air coils that regulate to your body shape, it will feel just like a regular bed.

Since it is quite easy to blow up due to the built-in pump on its side adding an extra task to the pitch isn’t too strenuous. The manageable weight allows you to take it on long-road trips, or even for use in your own home. 


  • Leak-Proof Seamless Welding
  • Waterproof Design
  • Eco-Friendly PVC


9. OlarHike King Air Mattress

olarhike king air mattress

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Standing among one of the best mattresses for extra-long trips, with its gorgeous rich purple and blue colors, an aesthetic design is not the extent of its features.

We think you’ll love the free handheld air pump that can be charged in your car and at home, and has a rapid pump rate of just 3 minutes.

Also including a complimentary carry bag, to keep things compact, so you can take it with you on all camping trips. With four repair patches, you can fix any holes and avoid annoying air leaks.

The coil system allows for weight to be distributed evenly, and the anti-skid base will ensure you don’t move around while you sleep.


  • All-Weather Conditions.
  • Seamless Welding
  • Supports 300-lbs


10. Etekcity Upgraded Queen Air Mattress

Etekcity Upgraded Queen Air Mattress

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The second from Etekcity on our list reaches full inflation within an astonishing 60 seconds. It is perfect for overnight in-house guests, camping trips, and more.

This air mattress supports up 450-lbs and has a 20% thicker PVC than other leading brands on the market. Known for lasting 3-4 days after its first inflation, it is also very easy to deflate and store.

Featuring puncture-resistant 15-gauge materials, we trust it can withstand almost any tough weather conditions. Wind, rain, or shine, you can sleep in full comfort.


  • Rechargeable Pump
  • Storage Bag
  • 2-in-1 External Valves


Buyers Guide | How to Choose a Camping Air Mattress?

Size & Type 

Similar to normal mattresses, air beds are also available in most regular sizes. These include single, twin, queen, and king-sized.

We recommend you think carefully about the size you are looking for depending on your tent size while camping.

You want to make sure your air mattress will position in your tent with a comfortable fit.

In terms of the type, you can choose from a thinner mattress or a raised one, a mattress with legs like a normal bed, or even a convertible air mattress that can be used as furniture as well.

We particularly love raised ones because they are easy to get in and out of compared to a thin bed, however a thin one can be easier to fit into a smaller tent with a lower head height, like a dome tent.

One with a frame and legs offers a more permanent sleeping option, perhaps for a longer camping trip.



Another important aspect we look for is storage.

We believe it’s best to choose an air bed that comes with its own carry bag or storage sleeve.

This ensures that it is protected from any sharp objects, and also so that it stays clean for the next use – this is especially handy while camping and constantly moving around.



There are many features and components that you can choose.

From luxurious suede tops that are soft and avoid slipping sheets, to patented air channels built into the mattress to eliminate air movement and add warmth, the qualities are endless.

Another feature we believe is important is the level of comfort they can provide. Comfort can relate to the thickness of the mattress – a thicker one will be comfier due to the increase in air.

The material of the air bed is also a point of comfort. Memory foam is super popular and a great choice for ultimate luxury.

The amount of air it can hold is another integral feature. During colder weather, air may condense, deflating it slightly leaving you with less support. We suggest you choose one with high-quality materials, and possibly one with a built-in air pump to normalize air pressure.


Inflation & Deflation Method

Being able to inflate and deflate your mattress quickly and easily is a large benefit to look for when choosing the right one.

The 3 main air pumps you’ll find are manual pumps, battery charged, and electric.

As I’ve mentioned above, some air pumps are already integrated, and are well worth the extra price.

These help to regulate the air pressure throughout the night, so you have minimal work.

Most can be easily deflated through opening the valve and pressing down to assist the air to escape. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How to inflate an air mattress?

If you are looking to inflate your air mattress, the best thing to use would be an air pump. A lot come with their own air pump and instructions on how to use it, but it’s still good to go over the basics.

  1. First, you want to make sure the air pump is charged.
  2. Then, you want to open the valve cover.
  3. Some beds have one-way valves while others have 2-in-1 valves.
  4. Either way, the goal is to take the air pump and place it into the valve so you can begin to pump up the bed.
  5. Finally, you are already to begin pumping up your bed.

If you do not have an air pump, you can also use a bike pump or do it manually by personally blowing it up.


How to deflate an air mattress?

There are multiple ways you can deflate easily and quickly.

The first way is to just open the valve cover and let the air release on its own.

To speed up the process, you can gently press down on the bed to release some of the air.

Another way to release air from the mattress is to hook the pump back up and begin to redirect the airflow from inside the bed back outside.

Once the air is released, you will then need to roll up and squeeze the excess air out and place it back into the box.


How to repair an air mattress?

The main thing to do when repairing, is to focus on finding every single source of leakage – that means locating every hole or rip in the material. Sometimes there can be tiny, almost unnoticeable rips in the bed that can leave you clueless and distraught when you are trying to patch it up.

Some air mattress products come with a decent number of patches you can use to fix any hole within the bed. First, you will need to completely deflate the mattress.

Then, clean the area around the leak to ensure there is nothing left that could cause another leakage. Next, you can then apply the patches to the bed based on the manufacturer’s descriptions.



When you’re trying to choose the perfect model, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. For one, be sure to pay attention to the weight capacity each bed can withstand.

Some beds will withstand up to 150 more pounds than other beds. Another thing to keep in mind is which mattress products come with their carport air pump adapter.

If you are looking for a camping trip model, it is very unlikely you will have an electrical outlet to charge the air pump. Being stranded in the woods without anything but a flat air mattress will not be a pleasant time.

One more thing to keep track of is the rate at which the bed will inflate. Some beds take a lot longer than others to inflate correctly. If you want a fast inflating bed, you might end up with a bed that is only 9 inches off the ground. If you want something that will keep you further from the mucky floor, a bed that is 29 inches above may take a few minutes longer to pump up. 


Resources and Sources

How to use an air mattress



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