Folding Camping Wagon Reviews

Best Collapsible Wagons and Carts for Camping, Garden and Home: Reviewed

Folding wagons are fast becoming a regular addition to family camping trips, especially those using their vehicles during a camp, which is obviously the vast majority.

Equally useful for gardening days, towing heavy tools and resources etc. Also in and around the home, you may often see them being used for shopping, this is mainly because they alleviate the stress of carrying weight.

A real treat for us campers as they make it easy to load and offload heavy camping equipment by simply pulling, while handling rugged terrain with ease.

Even if you are only capable of carrying around 40kg at best, a camping wagon will allow you to pull a greater weight, given the dynamics of pulling vs. carrying. According to the department of labour, it is much safer physically to pull a load than carry it.

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon Review
  • Best Big Wheel Folding Wagon
  • Versatile on all Terrain

Best Beach Cart Review
  • Best Folding Beach Wagon
  • Molded Wheels for Sand

Sekey Folding Wagon
  • Best Heavy Duty Folding Wagon
  • 265lbs Weight Capacity

Another reason they became popular with families is that you can put your pet or kids in and take them for a ride! Not just practical but a ton of fun too!

Utilizing data from both Amazon, Walmart, Target and Camping Retailers we are able to present the best received models that have received the highest sales, reviews and ratings from verified purchases. Saving you numerous hours of searching and alleviating any nasty hidden surprises upon delivery.

We also test rode a few of these on our own camping trips and I can say personally I am the proud owner of the MAC sports model. 

We have prioritized carts with wheels, large compartment dimensions, robust design and easy to fold up and store.

Let’s check out the top models on the market.

Mac Sports Folding Utility Wagon Review

MAC sports folding utility wagon reviewBuy Here

The best selling collapsible cart with wheels online, period. This standard yet effective folding wagon from MAC sports is a top seller for all the right reasons. 

With a fast set up, literally in seconds with no assembly needed, its seriously efficient. The inner dimensions are around 32 x 20 x 17.5 in inches, which is a healthy size and can fit various tools and gear inside.

Additionally it has a weight capacity of up to 150lbs, which is plentiful for your general camping trips and garden work. 

Some extra features we enjoy on this model though are the adjustable handle, so you can adapt it to preferred heights, depending on your own height. You don’t want to be bent down too much. Then, the cup holders are a nice asset, to keep bottles and drinks safe and out the way while in transit. 


  • 7 Color Choices
  • Folds Up To 8 Inch Thickness
  • 150lb Weight Capacity
  • UV and Mould Resistant


  • Some Colors are Frequently Out of Stock due to the Popularity

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Wagon Review

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Wagon ReviewBuy Here

Return of the Mac, with the heavy duty folding wagon. We like this one as its been designed significantly stronger than the previous model. 

You may notice already the huge wheels beneath, making it perfect for off-road terrain. We would use this one primarily for camping and the beach, for home and garden the previous model would probably suffice. 

My favorite feature is the increased internal capacity, although the weight capacity is the same at 150lbs, it has a larger carrying volume at 36 x 21.5 x 25 inches. Which is quite a nice size improvement.

Still maintaining the 600D durable fabric and cup holders etc, this time it comes with a telescopic handle which has greater reach and adjustability, making it even more efficient while on the move.


  • Huge Heavy Duty Wheels
  • Perfect for Beach and Camping
  • 150lb Weight Capacity
  • UV and Mould Resistant
  • Increased Carrying Dimensions


  • Folds 2 Inches Thicker than the standard Mac Wagon
  • 2 Color Choices

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Uquip Big Wheel Beach Cart Review

Uquip Big Wheel Beach Cart Review

Buy Here

This self proclaimed big wheeled beach cart from Uquip is a very well built and sturdy beach wagon. Focusing predominantly with use on the sand, you can see the wheels have been molded and shaped perfectly to handle difficult terrain.

Also the depth is very generous, the interior goes deep, allowing for premium levels of storage and larger items. Unlike the impacts generous dimensions, this utility cart backs it up with a greater weight capacity of up to 220lbs, a whole 45lbs more than the impacts model. 

As far as prices go, as long as impacts keeps the discount, it is slightly cheaper, but only by about $20 as of today. At around $169, the Uquip model is slightly more expensive, but undoubtedly more durable. This is also due to the polyester being ripstop, as opposed to the general denier. 

Disclosure: We prefer the buddy to the holly model from Uquip due to the 11lb weight reduction in the product. It’s already a wide folder, so the weight improvement tips it for us. 


  • All Terrain Wagon
  • 220lb Capacity
  • Big Wheels for Beach/Off Road
  • Stable Steel Frame


  • Folds slightly wider than general models
  • Singular Color Choice

Sekey Folding Wagon Review

Sekey Folding WagonBuy Here

The Sekey cart is an absolute monster, just looking at the design you can see those monster truck styled wheels with a weight capacity to rival even the Beau Jardin model. 

At 265lb capacity, it’s the 2nd highest in the list, but probably offers the most value in terms of weight vs price. This is mostly due to the solid steel frame with cross bars that provides this superior strength in weight limitations. You can easily stuff your air tent or camping shower in this strong wagon and haul it to basecamp. 

At just under $120 it’s priced considerably well in the market. For the dimensions when opened up, 35 x 21 x 40 which is above average and has decent depth for storage. 

A multi purpose cart that can be used for all manner of events, sporting, family and of course camping and beach holidays. 

The fabric is durable, utilizing a 600D Oxford which has been manufactured with a double layer for extra resistance from the elements, providing further outdoor benefits. 


  • Sets up in Seconds
  • Huge Weight Limit at 265lbs
  • Big Wheeled Wagon
  • Double Layered 600D Oxford


  • Locking Wheels would have been nice for a wagon that holds so much weight

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Beau Jardin Wagon Review (2nd Gen)

Beau Jardin Wagon Review

Buy Here

This big wheeled folding wagon from Beau Jardin is a great choice for all off terrain purposes, due to the oversized wheels, at 4 inches wide. Formed from a rigorous rubber material, it improves transit smoothness and ability to tackle rough terrain. This also increases stability which is important when the wagon is fully loaded. 

The adjustable wheels can be moved inside or outside, outside being the more stable choice. Inside would be used if you were operating in tight spaces. 

The versatile handle can offer pull and push methods which help to perform in various situations, makes tucking it away against the wall easier when loaded too. 

Made with 600D Polyester it is pretty durable and can be detached and cleaned easily enough, though remember to dry thoroughly before folding the wagon for storage. 


  • Large 4 inch Wheels
  • Adjustable Wheel Frame
  • Push/Pull Handle Option


  • The 300lb Weight Capacity is slightly exaggerated, its managed weights of around 200-220. But not so smoothly, go for a proper heavy duty model if you will be carrying heavy loads.

Portal Big Wheel Folding Wagon Review

Portal Big Wheel Wagon ReviewBuy Here

This big-wheeled model sets up instantaneously by pushing the bottom, expanding the frame outwards into place. No assembly needed and an instant set up, much like instant tents for example. Likewise, when ready for storage it folds back up in the easiest of manner, compactly too. Fitting into the car trunk or back of the truck easily without too much bearing. 

A true utility cart due to the over sized 7-inch wheels, which are made of PVC allowing for smooth rolling over various grounds, from park and garden to the beach. 

Our 2 most favorite features are the very respectable weight limit of 225lbs, one of the highest in our list, given the fact the wheels aren’t as wide as heavy duty models. The frame is the reason for this and it’s a quality one. The other is the 1-year warranty that protects against any defective workmanship or sub-par material, so you are covered in that respect. 


  • Steel Frame is Powder Coated
  • High Weight Limit 225lbs
  • Unique Color Aesthetic


  • Steering could be better with attachment improvements

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon Review

Radio Flyer Folding Wagon ReviewBuy Here

This folding wagon with canopy is clearly designed for kids and pulling your little terrors around. It has a double function inside, 1 with an integrated child seat which can be stowed away, then be used for maximum storage. 

For safety purposes, it has a seat-belt attachment and should only be used with children over 18 months, due to the height requirements. 

Not a heavy-duty wagon by any means given the 150lb weight capacity, but good for light movement and fun with the kids, additionally a great place to store toys and games. It’s also a friendly model for camping with dogs, due to the fun design its perfect for storing doggo on the move and his toys. 

The wheels are thin but well designed, so they may not do well with rough terrain or the beach, but they will glide over patio, tiles and carpets much better than the massive 4-inch wheel carts. 


  • Wipe Clean Fabric
  • Child Friendly Wagon
  • Removable Child’s Seat with Safety Belt
  • Shade Canopy Attachment


  • Low Weight Capacity at 150lbs

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Academy Sports Folding Wagon Review

academy sports folding wagon reviewBuy Here

A purple utility cart with a removable bed, that is equipped with dynamic wheels and steering. Can handle itself well even over tough ground like gravel and sand. 

Lighter than the Ozark Trail model at just under 18 pounds compared to 22, it can make the difference when fully loaded up and being pulled. The framework is versatile, for the fact it can be stored away either set up or collapsed, this dual function offers more storage positions in car, cupboard, garage , etc 

It’s lined with Polyester fabric and the underneath is reinforced to provide more support with heavier weights, up to 225 pounds. As you can see it’s quite a compact and streamlined model, so won’t take up much space when folded and stored. 


  • Dual Storage Options
  • 225lb Capacity
  • Easy Clean Polyester


  • Not the sturdiest looking wheels on the market, but runs smoothly nonetheless

Impact Canopy Folding Utility Wagon Review

Impact Canopy Folding Utility Wagon reviewBuy Here

A heavy duty utility cart here from Impact Canopy, you might remember these guys from their numerous pop up canopy products, that are also known for their robust nature. 

A resilient wagon with clear off road capability, given the width of those wheels. Because of this, it’s fair to say it’s beach and campsite ready, handling gardens and events even easier. Made from 600 denier polyester, it’s waterproof and resistant to a fair amount of weathering, also pretty easy to clean. 

What we most like about this cart is the sheer variety, they have 8 color choices with 2 different sizes, XL and standard. The XL, as shown above, can handle up to 175lbs while the standard sits at 150lbs. However, we prefer the XL for a fraction increase in price, you benefit from wider dimensions all around and a more stable frame. 

Making in our opinion, one of the strongest competitors for the best folding wagon under $200. 


  • Vast Color Choices
  • 175lb Capacity
  • Reputable Company
  • Durable Materials Used


  • Slightly Low Weight Capacity in Comparison to other Models

Timber Ridge Wagon Review

Timber Ridge Camping Wagon ReviewBuy Here

With a 1-year manufacturers warranty, pop up style set up and economical price tag, this is fast becoming one of the best folding wagons for under $100. The Ozark model also sits under the 100 dollars mark, but we are slightly leaning to this model due to the traditional camping color theme, additionally it has 2 other color choices. Whereas the Ozark is fixed in a deep red. 

Due to the lightweight design priority, it does fall behind somewhat in the weight capacity area, with 150lbs on hard ground and 110lbs on soft, like sand. 

Featuring a telescopic handle as opposed to a rounded bar, it can be pivoted and swiveled providing slightly better maneuverability. The rounded bar models are better for heavy duty wagons which are holding 200lbs plus. The front wheels also rotate which provides better steering and cornering, while the back wheels are fixed. 

A free carry bag also comes with this cart.


  • Camping Aesthetic
  • Economical Price
  • Telescopic Handle
  • Rotating Front Wheels


  • Sub Par Weight Capacity
  • Price Seems to Vary Depending on Colors

Ozark Trail Folding Wagon Review

ozark trail folding wagon reviewBuy Here

In a seriously bright and brilliant red, Ozark Trail enters the party with their take on a folding camping wagon. This utility cart offers numerous storage compartments, which makes it specifically useful for camping purposes. Ozark specializes in various camping products, from Instant tents to Shower tents.

The telescopic handle allows for adjustable height, which makes it universally usable no matter your size. Folds up really well too in a matter of seconds and the collapsed size is compact, for easy storage in the trunk or cupboard.

A cool feature is an attachable umbrella that can fit onto the frame, this will keep drinks away from the suns heat providing shade. Or likewise, during rainfall it can keep important equipment bone dry. 

Our only niggle is that its a little on the heavy side when folded up, so as long as you don’t need to carry it around too far, it’s fine.


  • Attachable Umbrella
  • Unique Color Design
  • Multiple Storage Pockets
  • Economical


  • Might be a little heavy for some at 22lbs folded

Coleman Camp Wagon

Coleman camp wagon reviewBuy Here

A decent camping wagon for under $100 here with Coleman’s take on a utility cart. You most likely have seen Coleman around already if you’re into camping, if you’re just getting started they are a giant in the industry, manufacturing products from pop up tents to pop up gazebos.

Designed to be lightweight it has a reasonably compact framework and the wheels are thinned as opposed to the large, molded wheels. This means its runs much smoother over soft ground than the larger wheels, but will perform lesser over rough terrain. 

The weight limit caps out at around 150lbs and we don’t suggest filling over that due to the wheel design. A telescopic handle is integrated for easy maneuvering and the front wheels do indeed rotate which helps to steer easily. 

One reliable thing from Coleman though is the simple set up and fold away, they have plenty of experience in designing smooth systems in various tent models, so they can easily implement this into their wagons. 


  • Easy and Smooth Set Up/Fold
  • 150lb Weight Cap
  • Runs Well on Smooth Ground
  • One of the best under $100


  • Good for the price but won’t work as well over rough terrain or with heavy loads

Quest Outdoor Beach Wagon

Quest Outdoor Beach Wagon ReviewBuy Here

A former top seller in the folding wagon market, Quests folding cart is perfect for all terrains given the rugged wheel design. As you can see the tread is thick and can handle mud, thick grass and sand alike. 

Modest weight capacity of around 150-160 but also has some unique features not often found in camping wagons. Drinks holders! There are 2 beverage holders located on the front corners of the wagon. Great for grabbing a drink on a long hike or simply storing some drinks from the car to the tent. 

The folding system is efficient and folds down pretty well into a compact space, suitable for roof racks, trunks and truck beds. 


  • Rugged Wheel Design
  • 150lb Weight Cap
  • Simple Folding Method
  • Reputable Company


  • The online presence for Quests wagons has subsided somewhat and products are harder to find/in stock etc.


How to choose the best folding wagon?

There are many criteria to look out for when choosing a utility cart and we are going to break down some of the most important ones here. 

Steering- A crucial feature which is important when maneuvering heavy loads, an awkward steer could make work tiring or cause accidents. Telescopic handles offer better pivoting on the point, but the larger steel frame bars are better for heavy duty wagons. This is because the telescopic versions are thinner, and on a hill with the weight bearing down on you, will not offer much resistance countering the weight. A large rounded bar will allow you to control the whole frame of the wagon at once. 

Weight Capacity– Depending on what you are using it for, you will need a decent weight limit nonetheless. They vary from around 150 pounds on the low end, up to 265 and 300 pounds on the high end. For general camping and soft surface shopping or home use, 150 pounds would be ideal. For some heavy gardening, loading kids and heavy camping gear, you may need the 200 pounds plus models.

Wheels– The style of wheel plays a big part in its transit smoothness and ability to deal with rough terrain. The thinner wheels offer a smoother roll, definitely better on softer ground like patio, tiles, shops and fresh-cut grass. However, if you are branching out into thick grassed campsites, sandy beaches and muddy terrain, the large molded wheels are of paramount importance. The thin wheeled wagons will just not cut it in the open as well as the big wheeled carts. 

Folding– Of course, they all should fold, ones that can fold down to a decent size and compact is important for storage. Luckily for you, most of the products, if not all in our list offer this. Note that the majority of the heavy-duty models fold down much wider than the standard wagons, due to the large wheels unable to fold in together, so they must rest side by side. Often giving a 4 wheel width when folded.

Depth– The internal measurements are also key, just like you would prefer a large space in your suitcase, depth is the key for wagons. A shallow bed in a wagon is inefficient and doesn’t allow for much storage space. The products in our list have pretty decent depth and some have the most possible on the market. This obviously allows for much greater storage and packing capability. 

Material– A durable material, especially for the outdoor beach and camping models is very important. Mostly they should use a variation of Polyester, whether its 600D oxford or ripstop, both of these will do really well against rain and sand abrasion. They also make it much easier to clean with a wet wipe or hose. Frame wise we want to see steel, if it’s a heavy-duty cart, a powdered coating on the frame would be ideal. 

Accessories– Not so important, but can push the needle when purchasing. Things like beverage holders, or attachment canopies can add that little bit of extra value to separate the winners from the competition. Canopies are great when you have children, pets or food and drinks in the wagon, as it protects them from the heat or rain. Side storage pockets are also useful to keep certain things out of the main luggage area, things like phones, cameras, lighters etc you may want to keep away from the majority of general gear. 

Can you take a folding wagon on a plane?

For the most part yes, you can take 1 singular fold-able wagon or stroller onto an airplane, as confirmed by various US airlines.  However, it will be ‘conditionally’ accepted, which means the airline takes no responsibility for any damage caused in transit. So, do so at your own peril!

Where can I buy a folding wagon?

They can be found in numerous online shops as well as offline. Places like Costco, Amazon and Walmart have huge stocks on these products due to the popularity. Buying online can be easier due to the free delivery and product comparison capabilities, but you can also pick them up in home stores, garden stores and the odd camping shop should stock a few Coleman and Ozark brand ones. 


These 14 top models have received the most attention, positive reviews and accolades across the online shopping giants, Amazon and Walmart.

Definitely worth a try on your next camping trip or even to assist you on a gardening day.

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