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The 4 Best 11 Person Tents for Camping Reviewed

The 4 Best 11 Person Tents for Camping Reviewed

The best 11 person tents should give a huge amount of space whilst still protecting everyone inside from the rough conditions of the outdoors.

When deciding what kind of tent to bring when you’re going camping with a big group of friends or family, it’s usually better to choose one large tent rather than several smaller ones.

This will save so much room in the car for starters, as well as keeping you all together for many nights of hanging out and recounting the day’s adventures. Bonding!

Other than space saved on the journey, having a larger tent will give you much more room for camping gear. Some of the best tents reviewed below can easily cater to a folding table and chairs for a dining area, in some of our larger models.


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In a step to be more efficient, we often try using smaller shelters, only to end up cramped when all our gear is unloaded and sleeping areas arranged. With rarely much room left to put your latest cooler or hang your new lantern. An 11-person camping tent comes in handy when used by 4 to 7 people, as there will be heaps of space left to securely store items.

When conditions outside take a turn for the worse, like a big downpour or harsh winds, you’ll be able to do some activities inside a large 11-person tent. You can walk around freely without hitting your head, and even section off some rooms for sleeping in private. Continue reading to see our carefully compiled list of our favourite tents that accommodate 11 people.  



The 4 Best 11 Person Camping Tents 

1. Ozark Trail 11 Person Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 11 Person Cabin Tent

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Experience ultimate privacy with the hidden bedroom at the back of this large cabin model. It can fit 3 people in this section, so you could use the remaining room as a massive living space with heaps of room for storage. If you have more people, the front part can be separated into 2 more rooms using the removable divider, so there is a lot of versatility to be able to personalize the shelter you want.

There are 2 different doors, the front ones very large and D-shaped for easy access. Due to the configuration of the interior, even with the divider up, people can access a door from every room, including the back. This is super handy as it’s important for everyone to have access, so they won’t interrupt others.

This has an instant set up which is very convenient as it only takes minutes for it to be fully standing. The only thing to keep in mind is that the private room at the back needs one extra pole that you must insert yourself. If you don’t want this area or there isn’t enough room on the ground in your campsite, you can leave this section rolled away.

The weatherproofing isn’t as strong as some other tents, so we recommend using it in a place where you know there will be good weather. In warm conditions, it would work perfectly due to the large front mesh panels and fully netted ceiling. The rain sheet covers the top and sits over the windows, which are made from plastic, so you don’t need to worry about leakages.

The private bedroom windows are also plastic, so it’s protected from light precipitation. If you want to leave the front mesh exposed, there is a huge awning. This can also be used as a canopy to sit underneath and relax away from the sun and small showers.


  • 3 Rooms
  • Simple Instant Set Up
  • 264” L x 96” W x 76”H


2. CORE 11 Person Family Cabin Tent

CORE 11 Person Family Cabin Tent

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With a screen room with closable window panels, this is offering a twist on the traditional cabin style. We love screen rooms and think they are an awesome addition that can add so much convenience to an otherwise regular tent.

You can use a screened porch area for so many things, like as a playroom for kids, a sleeping area for dogs, a space to store gear and remove dirty clothes, and a dining area with table and chairs to stay out of the wind whilst watching the stars.

While this section can be used as a secondary sleeping area, we advise having less people inside so you can utilize it in one of the previously mentioned ways.

We think this would work great as a 3-season camper because it has an ample amount of mesh openings, with a rainfly that does fairly well at covering from rain and providing some additional warmth. It doesn’t cover the front of the screen room part, but you can close those panels if it rains.

The entire roof is screened, which makes for a lovely stargazing bedroom. If you do place the fly on top, the bedroom has small ground vents. These pull cold air from the ground to keep everything cool. A slight bathtub flooring gives additional defence against water entering the interior, as the seams sit higher above the ground.

For a highly secure structure, you receive a combination of steel and fibreglass poles, 16mm and 12.5mm respectively. The stakes are also steel, which makes for a great reinforcement to resist any harsh winds. With such a large tent, we appreciate that they’ve taken this into consideration and ensured that the framework is strong.


  • 204” L x 144” W x 86” H
  • Full Mesh Roof
  • Large Screen Room


3. CORE 11 Person Extended Dome Tent

CORE 11 Person Extended Dome Tent

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For such a massive tent, this weighs only 25.8 lbs which is quite lightweight. The set-up is rather simple because the main section is a dome shape, which is known for easy assembly. It requires just a couple of other poles in the extended ends. All these poles are colour coded to make things even easier. Then, you can choose to zip up the room divider to create 2 separate rooms or keep it as one large space.

This is suited to warmer weather camping but could also work well in slightly colder temperatures because the rainfly covers quite well across the mesh openings. The cool thing about this one is you have the freedom to leave the 2 side areas uncovered.

If the people on one side enjoy sleeping under the stars and with more ventilation, they can roll back the fly without disturbing the sleep of people on the other side. With the rainfly fully pulled down, there is an advanced venting system with the ground vents. This is a genius way to generate ventilation as it creates just the right amount of airflow because it pulls air from the ground, making it more controlled than a big open mesh panel.

H20 Block Technology makes this water resistant, which will withstand light rain showers. This kind of technology makes the water beads run-off much faster than normal materials. Plus, there are sealed seams on the fly, doors, and windows for further defence against moisture. The whole tent material is 68D polyester, which is rather thick and stays strong against general wear-and-tear.

3 queen airbeds can fit inside, but you should use less if you want leftover space for storage and doing other activities. Several gear organization options are a nice touch for a large group of people, as you’ll need the extra spots for everyone’s smaller valuables. You’ll find multiple mesh pockets throughout, as well as a special hook for lanterns so you can easily light up the inside. There is an electrical cord port which allows you to charge all your devices in the safety of the tent.


  • 2 Rooms
  • H20 Block Technology
  • 216” L x 108” W x 74”H


4. Tahoe Gear Getaway 11 Person Deluxe Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Getaway 11 Person Deluxe Cabin Tent

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This one is truly more like a home than a tent. It has a unique shape that isn’t just a straight cabin, it turns at an angle in an L-shape so people sleeping at each end can have some privacy. 2 big doors allow people to enter an exit at their leisure, without troubling others inside.

While it seems like solely a 3-season edition, we think you can use it in colder temps because the rainfly covers the top well and all the mesh openings close from the inside. This not only prevents leakage, but also traps heat inside quite well.

When everything is completely closed, there are some vent openings on the ground that suck up cold air for some nice air circulation. In saying this, it may not work well in high winds because of its immense height. Definitely reinforce the guy lines deep into the ground with heavy-duty steel stakes.

Assembly is made to be simple with a ring-and-pin system. It has a 5-pole design, with each pole made from shock-corded fibreglass so it’s quite stable. The rain sheet and body of the fly are made from 70D 190T polyester, making them resistant to deterioration over time.

They have a waterproof rating of 1200mm, which means it can hold up against light to mild rainfall. Similarly, the flooring is fully waterproof made from a strong 120g Polyethylene material.

Due to the incredible amount of mesh openings, this is quite a heavy tent, so it’s best used for car trips. We actually love the design of the windows – some of them look like real windows, making it feel just like you’re at home.  


  • Huge 7 Foot Centre Height
  • 2 Large Rooms
  • 213” x 236” x 118”


How to Choose an 11 Person Tent

Type of Shape

The most commonly used shapes of this capacity would have to be cabins and extended domes. This is probably because you can stand up very easily which is always important when you’re sharing an enclosed space with a large group. With these styles, you will find variations, like the last model on our list that has an L-shaped arrangement.

It really depends on personal preference. If you’re tired of regular dome designs, it might be worth looking at extended versions that basically offer 3 sections for sleeping and living. We love extended domes because people could sleep on either end without disturbing each other

The Layout

This ties into the shape but focuses more on the inside and how you can utilize it. Most of the tents in this capacity that you’ll find will have 2 or more rooms that you can create using a detachable divider, like a curtain.

We think this is essential with this size, as you’ll be sleeping with more than 1 other person, so privacy is important. You can feel free to get changed and relax in peace away from others.

Other cool layouts can include private rooms, large awnings, and screen rooms. All three of these are very convenient for every camper, especially screen rooms as they are so versatile.

Construction & Fabrics

A strong framework is vital for tents that are this large. They take up more space on the ground and have high centre peaks, so there is more surface area to be disturbed by weather conditions. Fibreglass and steel are recommended for holding up against climates.

Polyester is one of the most used for camping tents. You can find cotton canvas ones for large capacities, but we don’t recommend these for long-term camping or trips to the backcountry as they can be extremely heavy. Weatherproofing is crucial as the weather can be unpredictable.

We’ve found most are either water-resistant or fully waterproof. To decide which to choose, consider where you’re travelling and how heavy potential rainfall could be.

Air Circulation

Due to the larger amount of people, there is always a risk of heightened humidity inside. The more people, the more body heat that is generated which can make things quite uncomfortable to sleep in. When camping during hotter temperatures, this is particularly important to think about.

Look out for a full-meshed cover, as this creates heaps of ventilation. You can leave the rainfly off and get airflow whilst being protected from bugs – just make sure it doesn’t look like it will rain during the night.

Also, look out for tents with heaps of mesh windows and screened doors. As well as allowing lots of air to come through, they bring in heaps of light during the day, so you can relax inside whilst soaking in the beautiful views.

Ground vents are very important as well. They’ll typically come in handy when you have the fly on. They work by sucking up the cold air from the ground to cool down the ground within your tent. finding ground vents in the sleeping areas is something we look out for, as having ventilation is probably most important at night.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Group Should Use an 11 Person Tent?

It’s commonly known that you should always downgrade the number of people from what a tent specifies as its capacity. So, for an 11-person model, no more than 5 to 8 people should sleep inside if you want excess room for storage, dining, and living.

How Big is an 11 Person Tent?

These are very large tents because they’re made for a lot of people to sleep inside, bodies stretched out fully. In reference to our own list, we’ve found that the overall length is usually over 200”, the width between 90” and over 200”, and the height over 72” (6 feet). You’ll almost always find the height of this capacity at over 6 feet because it needs to accommodate to many people, allowing them to move around in comfort.

How Much Does an 11 Person Tent Cost?

You can actually find these tents at reasonable prices, based on their big size. Over $100 is an average price, whilst some can go over $500. It all depends on the materials and construction.

If you find one with a unique shape, it probably had extra attention given to the usability of the structure, so they’ll be more expensive than a normal cabin tent, for example.

We think it’s worth it to spend more on one large tent rather than several small ones, as you can all pitch in for one and there will be less to carry.

Are They Waterproof?

Most 11 person versions are waterproof, or water-resistant. You should always check for yourself the water rating of each tent, as some will withstand higher levels of water than others. Even if you’re camping in the summer, it’s important to have a shelter that will withstand even light showers, as there’s nothing worse than a leaky tent.

How to Reinforce an 11 Person Tent?

Reinforcing your tent properly can extend its lifespan and will prevent it from moving around or blowing away if the winds are particularly strong. Always use heavy-duty guy lines and insert durable steel stakes into the dirt at an angle of 45°. It might even be worth bringing a hammer along so you can really push those stakes deep into the ground.



Now that you’ve read our in-depth reviews of our favourite tents for 11 people, we hope you’ve gathered an insight into the amazing benefits of having a larger camping tent. Having extra room to store baggage and section off areas for play and sleep, a bigger tent will always suit a large group of people so that no one feels boxed in.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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