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10 Best 7-Person Tents for Camping Reviewed

10 Best 7 Person Tents for Camping Reviewed

7 person tents are one of the best tent options for a medium-sized family on any camping adventure. Since they are made for more people, the extra room can go a long way for a family or group of 4-5 friends.

Whether you’re backpacking outdoors or going for a more relaxed road trip holiday, 7 person tents are generally used for creating gear space that otherwise isn’t available in 4-6 person models.

They can feel like you’re living in your own home, providing a comfortable space that smaller sized tents can’t deliver.


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You can find them in many different styles, like cabins, domes, and even teepees, so you can easily choose one that will suit your kind of trip.

Features like double rooms, full-coverage rainfly, and tall center heights mean they have the versatility to become great living areas.

Keep reading to find out our choices for the best 7 person tents for camping and outdoor living. Give yourself some extra space for ultimate comfort.



The 10 Top 7 Person Camping Tents 

1. Coleman Red Canyon Camping Tent

Coleman Red Canyon Camping Tent

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Fitted with their patented WeatherTec System, everything is designed to keep everyone dry and comfortable inside. Able to fit up to 8 people, this has an impressive amount of ground space for stretching out and sleeping without feeling cramped.

It’s great for hotter weather camping and can handle some light to moderate rainfall. The reason for this is that the outer rainfly is not full coverage, so anything heavier than that could get inside.

A complete mesh ceiling and lower ground vent provide ample airflow, even when sleeping. The ground vent is hooded which allows cooler air from the ground to travel inside and circulate throughout the interior.

With the absence of any vestibule space, storage may be a problem if you have 7 or 8 people, so we suggest 3 to 4 people for the most comfort and practicality.


  • 204” L x 120” W x 72”H
  • 6-Pole Easy Set-Up
  • 3 Rooms


2. NTK Arizona GT 7 to 8 Person Tent

NTK Arizona GT 7 to 8 Person Tent

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This sport camping tent is 100% waterproof to stand up against harsher weather. It has a full coverage rainfly that stretches across to create 2 vestibules. This fly has a water rating of 2500mm, making it suitable for moderate to slightly heavier rainfall.

During the day, one of these vestibules can be turned into a large awning. This allows you to relax underneath or store dirty gear while it’s raining or sunny.

The flooring is also specially made for rougher conditions. It has an anti-fungus coating with an inner silver layer, as well as seamless polyethylene to keep everyone extra dry. With the bathtub style flooring that’s raised for further security, we’re sure you won’t wake up in a pool of water.

A center height of over 6 feet ensures most people can comfortably walk around inside. We think you could fit 2 double mattresses and 2 singles, but for more room 2 doubles would be perfect. Mesh openings not only give ventilation, but also protect you from insects.


  • 166.8” L x 96.48” W x 80.76” H
  • 2500mm Water Rating
  • Easy Colour-Coded Pole Set-Up


3. Wenzel Vacation Lodge 7 Person Tent

Wenzel Vacation Lodge 7 Person Tent

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A long cabin design provides plenty of roominess with high walls. Perfect for families, this is truly a home away from home. With the large D-shaped doors, you can walk in and out effortlessly. There are 2 rooms inside for ultimate privacy, as well as 2 doors.

6 closable windows are scattered throughout, making it a great 3 season shelter as you can get plenty of airflow. The ground is a welded polyethylene which keeps things very dry.

One of the coolest features is that the rainfly can be used separately with the poles as a large canopy. You can bring it to a different place on the campsite and have an undercover space for a picnic or hanging out with fellow campers.

This makes it like a 2-in-1. When the fly is on, the sloping side windows are covered with an overhanging hood, so you can keep the mesh open to get some ventilation.


  • Durable Steel Framework & Metal Stakes
  • 156” L x 108” W x 84” H
  • Big Cabin Shape


4. Winterial 7 Person Teepee Tent

Winterial 7 Person Tipi Tent

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Set this up in less than 5 minutes with the single-pole design. As a non-freestanding structure with 30 ground stakes, it’s very stable and works well in high winds. The cone shape also assists with this, as the wind simply glides around instead of getting stuck on any flat surfaces.

Two doors are handy for multiple people as you won’t disturb others when getting in and out. Although it’s a teepee, the 10-foot interior space means 3 to 4 people would sleep very comfortably, with some room to stand up.

Weighing 15.81 lbs, it’s one of the lighter tents for this capacity on the market. This makes it ideal for rougher camping as you could share the load with others when heading to a campsite in the backcountry.

210T polyester material and a water rating of 1500mm indicates that it can hold up against moderate to slightly heavy rain. With the heavily sloping slides, we’d say you could use it in very light snowfall, as it will slide right off.


  • 189” L x 122” W x 76.8” H
  • Lightweight
  • Very Easy Set Up


5. ALPHA CAMP 7 Person Dome Tent

ALPHA CAMP 7 Person Dome Tent

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Another lightweight option for frequently moving campers, this weighs 16 lbs and has a simple assembly thanks to the pole structuring. Reflective guy lines are also included so you could even do it in the dark.

Good for 3 season trips, a waterproof rainfly covers a full mesh roof, so you have the freedom to control the interior temperature. The fly is also dirt-resistant and has narrow hoods that cover the windows and door. This front door is huge and has mesh protection that can be zipped away at any time.

Weather shielding is provided through durable materials. It has an eco-friendly silver coating that protects from harmful UV rays. The fiberglass construction resists wind damage and prevents sagging from rainfall. An e-port, inner pocket, and additional hook inside all contribute to a comfortable experience, as you have plenty of room for storage and to hang a light.


  • 204” L x 120” W x 72” H
  • 2500mm Water Rating
  • Bathtub Flooring Extra Protection


6. Wenzel Blue Ridge 7 Person Tent

Wenzel Blue Ridge 7 Person Tent

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We love the design of this one, as it’s almost a combination of a tunnel and cabin in one. The sloping ends, yet taller side walls, making it great for holding up against winds whilst letting you walk around. Without the upper flysheet, the roof is sectioned into 3 mesh panels for heaps of air circulation.

Mesh is also placed on the 2 end walls and the door. If you want to keep the door mesh exposed during rain, the fly has a very small canopy covering that stops rainfall getting in. We think this can be used for 3-season camping, but not for intense winters.

Set up is rather simple with sleeve pole inserts and clips, and it’s freestanding so there’s no need for guy lines if the weather is calm.

Polyester makes up the entirety of the tent, and the flooring is polyethylene with welded seams for enhanced defense from moisture. The framework is shock-corded with strong fiberglass poles that create a sturdy structure. Inside, a divider sheet is removable so you can customize your living and sleeping quarters.


  • Removable Curtain Divider
  • Weatherproof
  • 168” L x 108” W x 72” H


7. Tangkula 7 Person Outdoor Tent

Tangkula 7 Person Outdoor Tent

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We think of this one as a mix between a dome and tunnel in one. The middle section has a rounded dome roof, whilst the sides slope off like a tunnel. This signifies that it should withstand winds quite well, paired with the tough fiberglass pole framework.

Other weatherproofing is given with the waterproof rain cover, that is removable to reveal a fine gauze roof. This allows additional air circulation, bug resistance, and gives you the opportunity to watch the stars when it’s warm. 190T polyester with a PU coating makes up the rest, and acts as further security.

Double doors and windows keep the humidity out and gives everyone easy access. Each opening has zippered panels that maintain privacy and keep the rain out. While not as lightweight as some previous ones we’ve mentioned, 18 lbs is still quite light in weight when compared to some others with the same capacity and shape.


  • 173” L x 106.5” W x 81” H
  • Sealed Flooring
  • Fairly Lightweight 18 lbs


8. Timber Ridge Family Camping Tent

Timber Ridge Family Camping Tent

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Enjoy effortless entry and exit with 2 huge D-shaped doors that open fully. This is a more budget-friendly option based on the size and suggested capacity, and we recommend it for summer and spring camping. It would work well in some very light rain, but we don’t suggest you use it if you’re going somewhere that could have a downpour.

Therefore, we’d say it’s more water-resistant, where small moisture particles would slide off. The flooring also is very durable, made from a thick polyethylene.

2 rooms are a great design choice as it gives some privacy, or doubles as a divider between a storage space and the sleeping area. Another reason why this is perfect for warm weather camping is that the rainfly doesn’t seal in the top, so you can get some nice ventilation through that and the 3 mesh windows.

A freestanding form allows you to move it around a campsite whilst remaining in shape, making it an awesome choice for festival camping.


  • 168” L x 96” W x 74” H
  • 2 Rooms
  • Shock-Corded Pole Construction


9. Trek Tents 245C Canvas Cabin 7 Person Tent

Trek Tents 245C Canvas Cabin 7 Person Tent

Check Prices Here

This massive canvas model is made from 100% cotton canvas with a heavy-duty flooring that’s also vinyl coated. This means this would work well in harsher conditions, especially cold weather where the canvas traps heat inside whilst remaining breathable.

For a large build, set up is easy with chain-linked poles that let you connect everything seamlessly. These poles are made from powder-coated steel which allows them to hold some light snowfall.

When it gets too warm inside, you’re able to open the storm flaps on the windows to expose the screens. The big door area has rain flaps that protect from moisture, but you can roll them back and fully unzip the mesh for easy entry and exit.

For the best shielding against rain and snow, there is a durable flysheet that covers the entire roof. While this roof is already completely covered, we love this option as it can work great when it’s snowing or there’s heavy rain.


  • No-See-Um Mesh Windows
  • 100% Cotton Canvas
  • 144” L x 108” W x 91.2” H


10. Coleman Namakan Fast Pitch 7 Person Tent

Coleman Namakan Fast Pitch 7 Person Tent

Check Prices Here

A traditional dome, is known for having a speedy installation process which makes camping so much easier – 20% to 60% faster than other versions from the same brand. The carry bag that it packs into is smaller than most folding chair storage bags.

The poles and entrance hubs are all color-coded, plus there is a fast-fit foot that sinks into the ground. The rods slip right in with barely any force. As well as simple to assemble, the snag-free Insta-Clip sections create suspension between the poles and the tent, so it can hold up against winds.

The outer rain sheet protects all sides and leaves the door area open, with a hood fitted over the door to protect from light precipitation when the mesh is left exposed. Weather defense is provided through the inverted seams that stop water from getting through, and a tub flooring with welded stitching. We believe that 2 queen airbeds could fit inside but use 1 if you want more room for other things.


  • Strong Fibreglass Framework
  • Suits 3-Season Camping
  • 132” L x 120” W x 72” H


How to Choose a 7 Person Tent

Decide on a Design

The main styles you’ll probably find within this capacity include dome, cabin, tunnel, teepee as well as some hybrid designs like a combination between a dome and tunnel. Although they are all in the same category in terms of the suggested capacity, the shape will affect your experience in the tent.

Domes are known to be a little more difficult to stand up in, so we recommend using them if you’re spending most of the day outside. Cabins are tall enough to walk around comfortably, similarly to tunnels.

However, you’ll probably find the most amount of spaciousness in cabins. With this roominess does usually come a heavier weight, so keep this in mind when deciding which one you’ll take. Teepees can come in heaps of different materials, sizes, and weights.

Your Camping Destination

As with most other tent purchase decisions, you should always think carefully about the climate of where you’re traveling to. Most of the tents on our list are intended for 3-season camping, where extremely heavy rainstorms or moderate snowfall isn’t ideal.

Canvas tents are suitable for much colder weather, due to their thickness and natural heat retention properties. You’ll usually find these in cabin or teepee designs, and they’re more so intended for car camping where you don’t need to carry it on your back.

Always look out for the waterproof rating, if it has one. Some will only be water-resistant, which doesn’t protect as much from harsher conditions. Depending on where you’re going, you need to consider what features are needed. We suggest lots of mesh openings for summer, and heavy-duty rainfly that cover the structure fully for colder months.

Assembly Method

Since these kinds of tents are made for a higher capacity of people than your regular 3 or 4 person one, the set up should be considered. The method for setting up is usually dependant on the shape, like cross-over pole assembly for domes or instant set up for cabins.

Instant is one of the easiest techniques, as the framework comes pre-assembled, but it may be difficult to find instant in this larger size. Freestanding is something you might see a lot, and it’s kind of like a distant cousin of instant installation.

It means that once the tent is assembled, you don’t necessarily need guy lines to keep it in place. You can pick it up and move it around intact, and when the weather gets worse, there is usually an option to secure it down with guy ropes.


As you get higher in capacity, there is less of a chance that a tent will be lightweight. We did find some semi-lightweight ones on our list, the lightest being around 15 lbs. So they might not be best for backpacking, unless you’re going with other people and you can all share the load between gear.

These kinds of tents need to be slightly heavier not only because of the space required, but also because they need to withstand winds and rain. There is a larger amount of area for rains and wind to hit, so they must be sturdy and made from strong materials. We’re talking about big family or group camping tents here, so a higher weight is to be expected.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Group Should Use a 7 Person Tent

Even though these state that they’re intended to fit 7 people, we don’t recommend sleeping with this amount of people inside. It can get extremely cramped, become very humid, and you might not have any room for all your gear. We think 3 to 4 people is the perfect amount for this size.

How Big is a 7 Person Tent?

Based on our research, over a large variety of styles, we’ve found the average dimensions of a 7-person tent are around 170” for the length, 110” for the width, and 77” for the height.

Always check the actual dimensions of the particular brand though, because it all depends on the design. For example, a teepee might have a huge base size, but the extreme sloping walls create less space to walk around in.

How Much Does a 7 Person Tent Cost?

You typically won’t find anything under $100, and if you do then it probably won’t be the best quality. The most affordable we found was around $120 and depending on the brand it can be high quality with weatherproof features. Some can range up to close to $1000, and this would be extremely high quality and is most likely made of thick canvas materials.

Are They Waterproof?

This answer relies on which manufacturer it’s from and the materials that are used. Water-resistant is different to waterproof and does not offer the same amount of protection. Consider the location of your campsite, and whether the conditions will need full-on waterproofing.

How to Reinforce a 7 Person Tent?

If the structure is freestanding and the weather isn’t agreeable, use some guy lines and strong steel stakes to reinforce it into the ground. Keep it out of any wind by placing it between trees or large rocks and use smaller rocks over the stakes to ensure they won’t pull out even with big winds. For larger models, it’s important to use all the poles and ropes provided.



No matter if you’re camping in the woods or at a campsite, our choices for the best 7 person tents cover a vast range of styles and features.

Next time you’re about to pack your bags for an upcoming trip, consider a tent for 7 people even if you’re going with less. You’ll have lots of room for storage, plus extra space to relax like your own living room.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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