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The 5 Best 16-Person Tents for Camping Reviewed

The 5 Best 16-Person Tents for Camping Reviewed

16 person tents can provide some of the most fun camping experiences anyone can have. Instead of using several smaller tents, you’ll save money in the long run, and certainly, save on time when having to assemble and pitch the structure.

15 and 16 person tents have incredibly large constructions with heaps of interior space. But why choose such a large tent?

There are many reasons as to why you should use a bigger shelter for outdoor living, some of the best tents out there are multiple roomed tents, like in our list. You can feel like you’re at home and experience some of the home comforts that camping often misses out on.


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There will be so much additional space for having fun, packing away all the gear, and hanging out inside when the conditions are rough. They come in a variety of shapes, so you can choose one that suits your type of trip.

If you’re looking for a 16-person tent for sale for your upcoming camping adventure, take a look at our thoughtful list of the best 16 person tents on the market today.



The 5 Best 15 and 16 Person Camping Tent List

1. Ozark Trail Cabin 16 Person Tent

Ozark Trail Cabin 16 Person Tent Review

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We love the Y-shape of this model, as it’s not your average square or rectangular cabin design.  There are 3 rooms in total, with an expanded living place in the center – you could use this area as a bedroom, but we think it works best as a living room. 3 external doors allow people from each room to enter and exit as they please.

This is an awesome feature as you don’t want just 1 door for a large group of people – things can get cramped and there’s the possibility of disturbing others when walking through the whole tent. 4 queen air mattresses can fit inside if you include the main center area.

This would work best in the summer and spring, but you could try it in slightly colder weather because the rainfly covers quite a bit. It doesn’t come down all the way to the ground, but it has a small awning over the front door and sits over the windows.

This means any rainfall can slide right off and away from the openings, which can help trap in some heat. The roof is completely meshed without the fly, so you can stargaze at night.

For such a large form, this packs down to a remarkable size of 28.5” x 14” x 14”, so it won’t take up much space at all in your car or truck.


  • 282” L x 222” W x 83” H
  • 3 Rooms
  • Fairly Small Packed Size


2. Hazel Creek 16 Person Tunnel Tent

Hazel Creek 16 Person Tunnel Tent

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Another aerodynamic model, this has a slim shape and won’t take up much space on a campsite, whilst still providing plenty of room to sleep up to 16 people. The entire form is surrounded by huge mesh windows that provide heaps of light during the day, and lots of ventilation.

They also let you watch the beautiful views whilst remaining secure under the shelter. There is an incorporated awning at the front entrance, plus a mud mat that stops dirt and other debris from getting inside – it stretches full-length across the whole entrance so more people can use it at one time.

We recommend this as a 2-season camper, as the rainfly doesn’t have full coverage over the entire tent. it sits on top, and underneath is a complete mesh roof. There is some weatherproofing provided in the rainfly, as the seams are all heat taped to prevent moisture seepage.

An interior room divider allows people to have their privacy, which is always an important factor for people living in a larger tent. Easy-pull zippers are rubberized and make opening and closing the mesh and doors super simple. Multiple built-in screen pockets can be used to store additional gear, like books, torches, phones, and other valuables. There is even a power port that lets you easily charge devices whilst protecting the cables from the elements.


  • 2 Rooms
  • Free Flashlight Included
  • 216” L x 144” W x 84”H


3. Ozark Trail Flat Creek 16 Person Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail Flat Creek 16 Person Cabin Tent

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This model is so roomy that it can actually fit up to 20 sleeping bags at one time. Of course, we don’t recommend this because you’ll want extra space for baggage and other gear storage. With 3 huge rooms, each one has its own dedicated entrance, which is super convenient as no one will be disturbed if someone wants to exit during the night.

With the half-cross layout, each bedroom area is far away from the other, so there is even more privacy for everyone. We’d like to note that the room dividers are sewn in and not detachable, so keep this in mind if you’re looking for removable ones. We don’t think that this affects the overall space though, as the big mesh openings still create an open plan feel.

We think this is suitable as a 3-season tent because the rainfly creates small awnings over the windows and sits slightly above the inner form. This means that any rain will drip off without touching the interior, however it seems usable only in light to moderate precipitation. For hotter conditions, the entire roof is screened, providing a lot of ventilation throughout. This screen is made from no-see-um mesh, so you’re shielded from insects.

An upper gear hammock is included in the center to store valuables away from the ground where they can easily get stepped on. As well as numerous storage pockets, there is also a media pocket that you can use with a large device to play movies.


  • 3 Spacious Rooms
  • 230² Feet & 80” Height
  • Compact Carry Bag


4. Winter Fishing 16 Person Camping Tent

Winter Fishing 16 Person Camping Tent

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Designed for use on fishing, hunting, and hiking trips, this has a traditional cabin structure with an (almost) full coverage rainfly. We say almost because when fully closed, some windows are still exposed.

We don’t think this is a disadvantage though, because the fly sits well over the inner body, making it quite well protected when it rains. The flysheet also extends out at the front to create a massive canopy area.

This is truly a 3-season model. As mentioned above, the fly has amazing coverage. It’s a 210D Oxford fabric, which is known to be tough and stand up to harsh weather. It can also hold heat inside when the temperatures begin to drop. The framework is durable with shock-corded fiberglass rods, reinforced corners, and robust bracket joints.

With guy lines reinforced properly, this can withstand very strong winds. Lots of mesh openings maintain great airflow, which is why it would work well in warmer months. With everything opened fully, you can get a lovely breeze flowing through to cool things down.

In terms of the overall layout, you have double doors, 6 windows on the sidewalls, and 4 top windows. This encourages a large amount of air to blow through and circulate, keeping the interior rid of the humidity.


  • 181” L x 141.73” W x 82.68” H
  • Highly Weatherproof
  • 2 Large Rooms


5. Tahoe Gear 16 Person Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear 16 Person Cabin Tent

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This one is suited to camping in harsher conditions. While it states it’s a cabin, it has more of a long dome shape. This makes it more aerodynamic to withstand lots of wind and moderate rainfall. It can be difficult to find such a large tent for rougher camping, so we appreciate the design and materials used for good weatherproofing.

While the polyester rainfly has a waterproof rating of 1200mm, it isn’t full coverage and only covers the rooftop. This makes it appropriate for moderate rain but try avoid torrential downpours. In addition to the sleek circular structure, strong shock-corded fiberglass poles make it secure against the elements.

The flooring is made from dense 120g polyethylene and wide tub-like design, adding high protection from dampness on the ground. It has a very open plan design with lots of wide mesh windows. This promotes ample airflow.

Set up is effortless with the ring-and-pin system and can be done by 2 people. Guy ropes are included which help to further secure it down to avoid anything blowing away. It looks like there is a room divider inside, which helps to separate the space for more privacy.

A 7-foot height allows everyone to stand up with ease. This is a great peak since it is a dome tent, and they are not known for very high ceilings.


  • Curtain Divider Makes 2 Rooms
  • High Ventilation
  • 192” L x 180” W x 84” H


How to Choose a 16 Person Tent

Air Circulation Abilities

The more people there are, the more body heat is produced. It’s a simple fact that you must consider when buying one of these high capacity tents. Although most of the designs feature big open plans with separated rooms, these rooms still need to have enough airflow to ensure there isn’t a build-up of humidity inside.

We suggest choosing one with an abundance of mesh openings. A netted roof is also an advantage, as you can leave everything exposed during the day to let a breeze stream through and circulate around, cooling everything down for a comfortable night’s sleep. If you need to use the rainfly at night due to rain, look out for hooded vents, or ground vents, that allow ventilation when everything is closed.


Consider Your Location

The location of your campsite will greatly determine which tent you should choose in this category. They come in all different shapes and with slightly varying dimensions, and this can affect its ability to perform well in varying weather conditions.

While it may be a little harder to find a big tent that accommodates 4-season camping (unless you go for a cotton canvas one that can be very expensive but extremely durable), it is definitely possible to find some with great quality materials and aerodynamic designs.

As an example, you can see the last one on our above list is quite suitable for rougher camping trips. If you’re traveling on a more relaxed outdoor holiday with your family or a group of friends, you can opt for one with big walls and lots of overall space.

You don’t necessarily need to worry about the weatherproof properties of the tent if you’re traveling somewhere with calm weather.


Amount of Rooms

We recommend you look out for one that has 2 or more rooms. This is because it’s important to be able to section off the spaces so people can get some privacy. Notice room dividers, and if they are detachable, this is also convenient. With removable curtains, you can make the inside completely open as a huge living space to run around doing activities, host a party, or organize all the gear properly.


Pack Size

Although it’s not ideal to use anything of this size as for backpacking, the pack size can be a deciding factor when choosing one.

We think it’s important to consider this because the space inside a car trunk or back of a truck can be precious, and a massive tent can take up a lot of space even when folded down. Try and pick one that packs into a compact carry bag, like a rectangular one or rounded one that isn’t too bulky when shoved in with other baggage. If it is a carry bag, look out for big sturdy handles that will handle the weight. Even though you won’t be carrying it up some mountains, you may need to take it across a campsite depending on the layout.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Group Should Use a 16 Person Tent?

Although they state they are intended for 16 individuals, a group of 6 to 12 people could comfortably fit inside this size. The reason for this is that you’ll have the extra space leftover. If you sleep with the full capacity, where are you going to fit all your bags? Therefore, it’s recommended to use half or slightly over half of the suggested amount.


How Big is a 16 Person Tent?

While each brand and style differ in size to a small extent, they do usually lie in the same range. The reason for differing dimensions is because of the varying styles. For example, a Y-shaped one will have different dimensions and floor area than a tunnel model.

The average height is usually over 80” to give ample headspace. The length is typically over 150”, and the width over 140”. Again, all brands and layouts will have somewhat different dimensions.


How Much Does a 16 Person Tent Cost?

For very large ones with particularly heavy-duty materials, the cost can go well above $1000. On the lower range, you probably won’t find anything less than $180, and we don’t recommend going any lower than that as the quality might not be up to par.


Are They Waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof or at least water-resistant. These kinds of larger structures need waterproof abilities because of their larger surface area. Look for a water rating above 800mm for protection against light to moderate rainfall, or if it’s water-resistant, choose one with sealed seams and tub-like flooring to prevent leaks.


How to Reinforce a 16 Person Tent?

A few quick tips we’ve laid out here for you:

  • Use heavy steel stakes and tough-guy lines.
  • Stick the stakes in at a 45° angle for the best and strongest reinforcement.
  • Hammer them deep into the ground.
  • Use heavy rocks or something similar over the stakes on particularly windy days.
  • Place the tent in between trees or big rocks so that the wind can’t hit it from every angle.



With your own 16-person tent, you have more freedom to decide what to do during the day than with a smaller sized model.

When the weather turns, it’s comforting to know that you have an enormous space to relax and do other activities in, instead of being limited to the outdoors.

Especially on longer trips, having this freedom is a huge advantage, as plans can change at any minute. Keep reading to see our handy buyers guide and have all your questions answered.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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