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10 Best 9-Person Tents for Camping Reviewed

10 Best 9-Person Tents for Camping Reviewed


Sometimes we just want a little more space, and a 9-person tent is one of the best tents for camping with friends or family.  But why should you consider a larger tent when going camping?

As tent sizes increase, especially around the 9 man range, they become much more versatile. Especially when compared with their 6-7 person counterparts. Most of them will start to come with extra features that are seriously practical for the larger camping groups among us.

Things like curtains that act as room dividers and privacy walls are now integrated, allowing you to customize your space the way you want.

Easily using one section as a bedroom, and the other to put all your dirty gear, so your sleeping area remains as comfy and spacious as possible, for example. Or perhaps a designated dining area with a camping table and chairs. 


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In terms of storage space, this is one of the biggest reasons for getting a tent for 9 people, rather than a smaller one that is such a tight fit it leaves no room for your prized gear.

More importantly, additional space means more room for indoor activities. We’ve all had that experience where the weather has turned on us and we are left twiddling our thumbs, well it doesn’t have to be a bore in a cramped space. If you’ve got plenty of room, a table set up, well break out the cards or play some board games with the kids.

Alas, enough examples, I’m sure you have an idea as to why you need a larger tent or want to know more.  We’ve chosen the best 9 person tents for camping on the current market. Keep reading to discover one that is perfect for your next camping venture.



10 Best 9 Person Tents for Camping

10. Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Tent

Wenzel Kodiak 9 Person Tent

Check Prices Here

Here we have a classic cabin design with super steep walls and a lovely peaked roof. This type of ceiling is perfect for big groups because you can stand up effortlessly without worrying about hitting your head. We think this is perfect for summer camping.

There are plenty of mesh openings that allow airflow to circulate through, including a huge screened roof. You could watch the stars and sleep comfortably. It also has 2 rooms so you can modify your privacy.

When the conditions are a little colder or wet, the rainfly covers the entire roof and hangs ever so slightly over the other openings. The 2 windows on the ends have a sloping hood to allow the mesh to stay open if it gets humid inside whilst it’s raining.

A cool feature of this one is the 2 cabinets hidden at the back. They are close to 2 feet in length which gives heaps of room to put muddy boots or dirty bags to keep them away from the interior. They also act as ground vents for further air ventilation.


  • 168” L x 96.48” W x 86” H
  • Simple Pin-and-Ring Set Up
  • 2 Rooms


9. Coleman Hampton 9 Person Tent

Coleman Hampton 9 Person Tent

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Another suited to 3 season camping, this has a dome-cabin combo shape which allows for good headroom. We think the steep walls work well for giving space for bunk beds, which permits more people to sleep inside without taking up extra space.

A freestanding design makes set up a seamless process, as you don’t need to worry about installing guy lines and stakes if the weather is calm.

Due to the rectangular shape, we recommend this one for summer and springtime with less winds. There are many mesh windows surrounding the structure, with a screened ceiling. These windows also give a pleasant view of outside, providing lots of light inside so you can hang out without feeling boxed in.

Both the outer rain cover and the remaining structure are made from polyester and have a water rating of 600mm. This means it won’t be suitable for anything more than light showers. Tub-like flooring adds some waterproof protection as it’s made from thicker polyethylene, but it might be worth adding a footprint below.


  • Easy Exit/Entry Hinged Door
  • Freestanding Design
  • 168” L x 120” W x 82” H


8. Ozark Trail Weatherbuster 9 Person Dome Tent

Ozark Trail Weatherbuster 9 Person Dome Tent

Check Prices Here

Featuring heaps of windows and other screen openings, this is highly ventilated making it great for camping in hotter weather. Even in rain, the fly has fully taped seams to keep things dry inside, plus creates a small awning over the front door. Both the rainfly and the overall fabric have a waterproof rating of 600mm, so it can withstand only light rain.

Although it has a slightly extended dome shape with sloping sides, the set-up is still uncomplicated with a 4-pole assembly, and it can be done in less than 10 minutes. We like this new take on the classic dome because it gives more room to stretch out for sleeping, without creating bulkiness when you need to pack it away.

We appreciate the center height of this dome, coming in at 6.33 feet which is rarely tall with this style of tent. Apparently you can fit up to 3 queen airbeds inside, but it’s best if you only do 1 or 2 so you have space for moving around and other equipment. In addition to several mesh storage pockets, there is a dedicated pocket for larger devices, like iPads, so you can watch movies.

Note: For a full breakdown on the Weatherbuster Tent, check out our full review page. 


  • Color-Coded Pole Set Up
  • Summer Tent With 5 Mesh Openings
  • 2 Free Air Bed Bundle


7. Ozark Trail 9 Person Sphere Tent

Ozark Trail 9 Person Sphere Tent

Check Prices Here

This uniquely shaped edition helps to maximize the space inside, unlike a dome which usually has slightly slanted sides. Assembly is quite simple with color-coded poles, so you know exactly where everything goes with no confusion.

However, we think the overall installation is somewhat more complicated than others, so we recommend letting 2 or 3 other people help you set it up.

The highlight of this tent is the interior built-in lighting. It lines the entire circular roof and can be effortlessly adjusted with the battery pack. We love this feature because it adds so much more to the camping experience.

You can read and hang out with fellow campers at night without the dim glow from a single lantern. It’s also handy for those who don’t like sleeping in complete darkness.

We think this is definitely a summer tent due to the immense amount of mesh vents. There are 7 all up that give great views and lots of light.


  • Built-in Lights
  • 180” L x 180” W x 90” H
  • Very Spacious Interior


6. CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Check Prices Here

A 3-season camper with lots of net openings and good rainfly protection, this could fit 3 queen air mattresses. This has a very strong structure that consists of fiberglass rods that range in thickness from 6.9mm to 9.5mm, which creates high tension to withstand winds.

Although we label it as working in 3 seasons, the 68D polyester material with a 600mm hydrostatic head rating means it will only work well in small rainfall. This makes it more water-resistant than completely waterproof. The seams are heat-sealed too, which adds some additional shielding.

At 18.25 lbs, it’s quite lightweight for this capacity, so it’s good if you’re moving campsites often. There are lots of options for storage, not counting the extra internal space if you camp with less than 9.

There are pockets scattered around, as well as an upper gear loft which gives easy access to important items like torches, sunglasses, keys, and phones. We like the addition of an electrical cord port that can be fully closed when not in use.


  • 192” L x 108” W x 72” H
  • Fairly Lightweight 18.25 lbs
  • Roof, Wall & Ground Vents


5. Wenzel Grandview 9 Person Tent

Wenzel Grandview 9 Person Tent

Check Prices Here

With a screen room attached to the front, this is versatile for all kinds of campers. The screen room area is an awesome feature because it has different uses. You could use it as an extra sleeping section if you have full capacity, but we think it’s best used as a separate living space.

With less than 9 individuals, this room can be used as a relaxing region, a dining place with a table and chairs, a bedroom for dogs, or for removing dirty clothing and shoes before entering the sleeping quarters. With its big screen doors and windows on this part, you can sit inside and enjoy lots of fresh air with the fly cover on, even when it’s raining.

2 doors allow people to enter and exit when they please without disturbing others. With the fly cover off, the back room has huge screen panels that produce lovely airflow. It’s also fantastic for allowing you to watch the stars at night.

Weatherproofing is provided through the bathtub flooring and seam-sealed polyethylene flooring. This stops water from leaking inside, however, it’s probably only suitable to resist very light rain.


  • 165.4” L x 202.8” W x 86.6”H
  • Solid Steel Pole Framework
  • Carry Bag Included


4. NTK Arizona GT 9 Person Tent

NTK Arizona GT 9 Person Tent

Check Prices Here

With 2 rooms, the first section is very large with a slightly smaller part at the back. We suggest using the back room as a sleeping area, so the front is left as a big living space and for storing luggage – you could even use it as a big playroom for kids.

The room divider curtain zips up for great privacy. There are two doors, one in each section, so you don’t have to walk through the whole thing to get in and out.

This has great airflow as there are plenty of mesh windows. The back room gives something like a panoramic view as the mesh panels are massive. We love this because you could set it up beside a lake or at a beach and wake up to incredible views, whilst still staying protected from bugs.

The rainfly is completely full coverage and has a water rating of 2500 and a coating of durable PU, so you’re well protected from moderate to heavy rainfall. The fly has lots of hooded vents, and we think you could stretch the front part out as a makeshift awning.


  • 208.68” L x 100.8” W x 80.76” H
  • Easy Colour Coded Pole Installation
  • 2 Rooms with Divider


3. NTK Cherokee GT 9 Person Dome Tent

NTK Cherokee GT 9 Person Dome Tent

Check Prices Here

A high waterproof rating of 2500mm and a durable full-coverage fly makes this the perfect tent for rough outdoor camping trips. It weighs 18.73 lbs which is considerably lightweight in relation to the size. Although the center height reaches around 6 feet, being a dome tent it is better for off the trail in use by remote camping types.

Set up can be done by 2 people and uses the ring-and-pin method which is quite hassle-free. This is definitely a 3-season shelter, as it does have nice mesh openings on the roof and the sides. But, with the heavy-duty rainfly and high-quality laminated polyester fabrics, we think you could easily use it in colder weather.

A removable room divider is handy for separating sleeping spaces, as well as making a separation between a sleeping and living area if you only have 2 to 3 people.


  • 141.7” L.1 x 120.1” W x 72.8” H
  • Large Capacity Lightweight 18.7 lbs
  • High 2500mm Waterproof Rating


2. NTK Laredo GT 9 Person Tent

NTK Laredo GT 9 Person Tent

Check Prices Here

Despite its large size, the framework on this one is very sturdy with the Nano-Flex technology. This keeps all the poles interconnected with durable bungee cord and galvanized steel.

It can handle heavy gusts of wind and is waterproof thanks to the 190T laminated polyester fabric with heat-welded PU seams.

Along with waterproofing, this makes it UV resistant.

The flooring is tub-like and has a thermal silver coating that is anti-fungus to prevent any mold build-up if humidity travels inside.

To feel comfortable in hotter conditions, that roof is all mesh and there are several other screened openings on the walls. Even when it’s raining, you can still achieve airflow with the rainfly on through the opening at the front door.

There is a small canopy that stretches over, so rain is projected away. All the netting is made from no-see-um mesh, which stops mosquitos and other small bugs from getting inside.


  • 181.1” L x 122” W x 74.8” H
  • Large Extended Dome Shape
  • 100% Waterproof 2500mm Rating


1. CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Check Prices Here

We love instant set ups, as they’re one of the easiest to do and helpful when you’re using a larger model. All the poles that make up the framework are already attached to the body. They are connected by 3 hubs on the roof for sturdiness.

Simply lift each side to flex all the joints in place, stabilize the stakes into the ground, and it’s done. 2 people is all you need and just a matter of minutes.

The rainfly is water-resistant so it would withstand some light precipitation. It sits slightly above the inner tent, so the mesh openings are somewhat covered when it rains. Suited for 3 season adventures, the rooftop is all mesh so you can leave it completely exposed.

A mud flap is a nice touch on the outside of one of the doors, as it encourages everyone to remove any dirt from their shoes before entering.

Multiple entrances create easy entry and exit, which is handy for big groups of people. These can be accessed through the D-door and the T-door on either side.


  • Curtain Divider Makes 2 Rooms
  • Super Easy Instant Installation
  • 168” L x 108” W x 78” H


How to Choose a 9 Person Tent

Multiple Rooms

While not all tents with this capacity allow you to create numerous rooms, we recommend choosing one with a detachable divider. This gives you the freedom to make separate areas. You might as well take advantage of the bigger space and create your own kind of home away from home.

The convenience lies in being able to customize your space to how you want it. During the day, you can leave the whole tent open as one huge room, and when someone wants a nap or needs to go to bed early, the curtain divider can block off the sleeping area for privacy.

It also allows you to differentiate the space for storing gear and the sleeping section. This means you won’t get your resting area dirty so you can relax in comfort.


Set up Method

When choosing any tent, you should consider how it is set up, and whether it suits the style of your camping trip. If you know you’ll be doing a lot of activities during the day and need to set up camp close to sundown, choosing one that is easy to assemble should be the way to go.

One of the most effortless methods is the instant kind. We included one of these on our list. They are completely hassle-free to set up as all the poles come pre-attached.

If you’re more experienced or know you’ll install the tent during the day with some time to spare, the installation method shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Some of them come with color-coded rods so you can easily tell where everything should go.


Ventilation is Crucial

Even if 9 people won’t be sleeping inside, it is still so important to have ample amounts of ventilation throughout so that humidity doesn’t occur. With even so much as 3 to 4 people sleeping in one enclosed area, it can become very stuffy if there isn’t enough air circulation. Especially if it begins raining (we all know how unpredictable the weather can be) and you’ve installed a fly cover on top, you should look out for hooded vents on the fly so you can keep mesh windows open without moisture getting inside.


Amount of Doors

When you’re using a bigger tent, the usual consensus is that there will be a larger amount of people staying inside. Having more than 1 door is a good feature to look for. Especially if you’re going to section off the interior into 2 or 3 rooms, you want each space to have some sort of opening where people can enter and exit from. Imagine if you had only 1 door at the front of the tent, and the people sleeping in the back need to get outside to go to the bathroom. If they had a door in their room, they wouldn’t need to sneak through and try not to wake anyone up.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Group Should Use a 9 Person Tent?

Despite what you may think, you shouldn’t sleep 9 people in a dedicated 9-person model. This is highly recommended by many campers, as it often becomes very cramped and humid inside, plus the main reason is that there will virtually be no space to fit your gear. We suggest 3 to 5 people should use this kind of tent, as there will be room left over to fit your luggage and other items.


How Big is a 9 Person Tent?

Our research has found the following average dimensions for a tent for 9 people, based across 48 models on the current market:

  • Length: 178.9”
  • Width: 127.8”
  • Height: 79.9”

Of course, some models will vary upwards and downwards and it is not to be taken as exact for all. 


How Much Does a 9 Person Tent Cost?

You’re looking at a range between $130 and $500, but some can cost more if they’re made from heavier fabrics like canvas. We don’t recommend going under $100, as it probably won’t hold up against strong conditions.


Are They Waterproof?

Most you’ll find on the market will almost always be waterproof, or at least water-resistant. If you’re going to a place with very intense weather, we suggest getting one that is 100% waterproof with a water rating above 1500, as this will guarantee great protection against moderate to heavy rain.

Anything below is fine for stopping light precipitation from getting through. Always confirm with the brand you’re buying that it’s waterproof before taking it to a location where the weather can be unpredictable.


How to Reinforce a 9 Person Tent?

As with most large tents, you should always reinforce them down tightly, even if they are freestanding. You never know when the weather could turn, and it’s always good to be prepared for anything.

We recommend securing it down with strong guy ropes and durable stakes at a 45° angle. This ensures that if any wind comes by, the stakes won’t rip right out of the ground.

You can put some heavy rocks over the stakes to even further secure them. A rainfly is good for shielding against winds, not just for when it’s raining. It allows a breeze to travel smoothly over the structure.

Discover why 9 person tents are the most popular choice for family camping in our full guide for the best 9 man tents on the market.



The next time you find yourself stuck in some harsh rainfall, you can feel secure in your big 9-person tent with lots of room to relax. Our list has given you an insight into the amazing features of these awesome large tents, so you can experience at least a little bit of home comfort when roughing it in the outdoors.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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