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The 10 Best 3 Room Camping Tents Reviewed

The 10 Best 3 Room Camping Tents Reviewed


Camping with your family and friends is always a great time, bonding with the group and sharing happy times. But after a long, long day, we all need a bit of privacy right?

Or in the mornings getting changed away from the glare of those not-so-close relatives, just me? Okay.

Well, a perfect way to balance this by using a multi-room tent, and 3 room tents are one of the most popular models on the market for exactly this.

With the ability to have 1, 2, or 3 separate rooms, you can get a little bit of privacy and downtime when it is needed, while still having lots of space to shelter a huge group.


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These models have many features with some even providing a full-sized screened room that you can sit in for a bug-free ‘chillout’ in nature.

So how you do figure out which model is the best 3 room tent to buy?

That is what we are here to help you with.

By breaking down the features of these outdoor shelters, giving you essential information, and providing thorough reviews, you will leave this article a little wiser, confident to throw down your hard-earned cash on the proper family tent.



The 10 Best Multi Room Tents for Camping

10. Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent

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Walmart’s Ozark Trail tents have a reputation for delivering quality products at affordable prices, and this 3 room family cabin tent is no exception. Lots of interior space at 120 square feet, with 78 inches of height, it makes for a roomy camping experience, simultaneously fitting multiple campers, mattresses and gear.

There are three entry points on the shelter for everyone to come and go as they please, through either the large main D door, or the two side T doors.

The front of the tent includes a small entry footprint so you don’t track dirt inside, and ventilation is excellent with 6 mesh panels (either windows or doors), and a full mesh ceiling, which allows everyone in the tent stargazing capability.

Rainfalls will require the attachment of the fly, but you’ll stay dry with the waterproof coating and seam-taped features on it. Room dividers connect with hooks and can be removed if you wish to use the shelter as a single large room, and an E-port is also included so you can run power into the tent.

Key Features

  • Value Buy with Good Quality Construction
  • Fully Mesh Roof for Stargazing and Maximum Airflow
  • 3 Entry Points for Easy Access


9. Tahoe Gear 16 Person 3 Room Large Family Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Ozark 3 Room Large Family Cabin Tent

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This 3-room tent from Tahoe Gear is massive at 240 square feet and near vertical-walls, with a center peak height of 7 feet. Shock-corded fiberglass poles connect for a strong frame, and they are also color-coded for faster setup time.

The polyester rainfly provides awning protection over the doors and windows, with fully taped seams and a 1200mm hydrostatic head working to keep water from entering the tent. Ventilation is excellent with low vents taking in air and the plethora of windows, doors, and mesh ceiling expelling it, keeping fresh air circulated regularly.

Doors on the front and back keep people coming and going easily, and the interior is split into 2 rooms, and one of those rooms can be further split in 2 with a divider. Each room also has its own zip up interior door, for added privacy.

Tahoe Gear also includes an electrical port that you can use to bring power into the shelter for charging devices or running heaters.

Key Features

  • Large 240 Square Foot
  • Optimal Ventilation with Floor Vents, Windows, Mesh Ceiling
  • 1200mm Hydrostatic Head on Rain Fly


8. Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent 

Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent 

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Standing 6’10” tall and unpacking from a 50 x 15 x 14” wheeled storage case, this 3 room instant shelter from Ozark Trail has 256 square feet of interior space in an L-shaped design.

Enough room for 3 queen mattresses, the front of the tent utilizes negative space to create an outdoor sitting area that is covered by the half fly for protection against harmful UV rays. With everything already pre-assembled for a quick setup, you can have it up in about 2 minutes just by extending the legs and staking it down.

The tent is waterproofed using the seam-taped rain fly and a 6” deep bathtub floor that’s welded shut, and you also get excellent ventilation with a good mix of floor vents, and 7 windows for maximum circulation. 7 windows and 2 doors can be zipped up for privacy, and an e-port is included as well as interior storage pockets and gear lofts.

Key Features

  • Quick Setup with Pre-Attached Frame
  • Large 256 Square Feet of Space
  • Outdoor Seating Covered by Awning


7. Ozark Trail 11 Person 3 Room Instant Tent 

Ozark Trail 11 Person 3 Room Instant Tent 

Check Prices Here

To be used as a 2 or 3 room outdoor shelter, this pop-up tent from Ozark has 112 square feet of space in the main room, and an additional 48 square feet in a separate sleep room that has a zippered door. The main area can be divided into two separate chambers with a divider sheet that hooks on to the interior frame for a bit of privacy.

With 76 inches of height, there is a lot of headroom throughout the main area with its straight-walled design, and Ozark includes all relevant materials you need to pop it up and secure it down. The rain fly works to keep the occupants dry and includes awning protection over the windows and door, with an extended piece over the tent’s T door entry.

With windows enveloping all sides, and mesh panels also on the ceiling, proper ventilation will never be an issue, and storage pockets and light hanging hooks line the interior. Collapsing down, the storage case can expand out making it easy to repack.

Key Features

  • Instant Set Up with 76 Inches of Height
  • Extended Awning Over Front Door
  • Mesh Windows and Ceiling for Excellent Ventilation


6. Americ Empire 14-12 Person Tent for Camping

Americ Empire 14-12 Person Tent for Camping

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Claiming to fit up to 6 queen-size air mattresses, this 210 square foot shelter from Americ Empire has removable fabric partitions that can be used if you want a 2 or 3 room tent, and measures 7 feet tall.

Designed with heavy-duty construction, it uses shock-corded steel legs and poles for a strong and durable frame, with a polyethylene, anti-fungal floor increasing tent longevity.

4 clear plastic windows with zip-up flaps provide views on both sides of the tent, and it employs a breathable 190T polyester fabric with a dense 2000mm hydrostatic head for waterproofing. A half fly provides rain protection and awning coverage over the 2 entry points.

Both ends of the tent have mesh windows, working with 2 mesh T doors, and mesh ceiling panels for ventilation. Zip-up flaps are included on the windows and doors to keep you bone dry by ensuring no water seeps in.

Key Features

  • 210 Square Foot of Space
  • Heavy Duty Construction with Steel Frame and Polyethylene Floor
  • High-Quality 2000mm Waterproofing


5. Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

Tahoe Gear Carson 3-Season 14 Person Large Family Cabin Tent

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A 3-room tent with a separate screened porch area, you get plenty of room and versatility in this mini-fortress from Tahoe Gear. The side rooms measure 49 feet each, with the main sleeping space boasting 84 square feet, a screened room of 94 square feet, and an extra-tall 94 inches of peak height.

Each chamber has its own interior zip-up doors for privacy, and rear windows work with the ceiling mesh to move air throughout the cabin. The rain fly and screened porch are one continuous piece, so you cannot use one without the other, as they work to provide rain, UV, and bug protection during inclement weather.

The 70D/190T polyester body and fly have 1000mm waterproofing with taped seams to help resist moisture, and a 120g polyethylene bathtub floor keeps groundwater from seeping through. Structurally, the tent uses 11 steel and 11 fiberglass poles, and weighs a whopping 62 lbs. While you can put it together yourself, it is advised to have a second person helping out.

Key Features

  • 3 Rooms + Separate Screened Porch
  • Enormous 276 Square Feet of Covered Space
  • 1000mm Waterproofing Throughout


4. CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

CORE 12 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Check Prices Here

A great instant pitch model if there ever was one, Core’s 12 person instant shelter has 180 square feet of space that can be used as a large open plan tent, or 3 rooms separated by 2 zip-up dividers. With everything already pre-assembled, extending the steel legs and poles is all that is needed to do before pegging it down.

3 queen-sized mattresses can be fit into the tent, and taller campers will have no problems moving around due to the 80-inch height. On warm nights the mesh ceiling makes for excellent views of the night sky, and it doubles as a crucial venting point, used in conjunction with the guyed-out canopy floor vents.

When it rains, the fly buckles to the support legs for quick waterproof tarp, and two large entry points make getting in and out the shelter easy for all campers. With an e-port for electrical cord access, multiple mesh storage pockets, and loops for hanging lights inside the tent, you can keep your devices close by and charged so everyone is entertained at any hour of the day.

Key Features

  • Instant Shelter Sets Up in Under 2 Minutes
  • Waterproof Fly with Awning Support Over Windows and Doors
  • Superior Airflow with Low to High Vents


3. Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

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Budget-minded with the ability to transform from 1 to 3 rooms, this 8 person Coleman tent is both spacious and affordable. 170 square feet of floor space can pack 2 or 3 large mattresses into the shelter, with a center height of 72 inches allowing for easy maneuverability, and hook points for hanging 2 privacy partitions.

Designed to withstand bad weather, Coleman’s Weathertec system features a wind-resistant frame, waterproof fly, inverted seam stitches, a welded bathtub tent floor, and covers on zippers to prevent leaks.

Setup takes about 10 minutes once you get the hang of it, with fiberglass poles providing a quality frame, and a large D door for easy in and out. The rain fly flares out over the windows and door, giving you increased moisture protection, and the interior includes large storage pockets, a mesh ceiling and zip-up mesh windows for circulating air, and keeping bugs and rain out.

Key Features

  • Affordable Choice with Removable Dividers
  • Includes Coleman’s Weathertec Waterproofing Technology
  • Spacious 170 Square Feet of Space


2. Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Vacation Tent  

Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room Vacation Tent

Check Prices Here

184 square feet of interior space can accommodate 3 queen mattresses in this 3 room tent from Ozark Trail. 84 inches of peak height allows campers plenty of headroom for moving around, and 2 fabric dividers can be attached to hook-up points, turning the tent into a 3 room shelter.

A lot of waterproofing is featured throughout – an oversized rain fly with entrance awning, a mud mat at the entry with drainage points so water doesn’t pool, zip-up windows, and a roll-down cover over the mesh T doors. The entry also has a small storage door where you can toss your wet shoes to keep them dry and outside the tent at the same time.

The fully mesh ceiling works with a large back window, 2 side windows, and 2 front windows to move fresh air through the interior. A center hook can be used to hang a light or fan, an e-port is included, and large and small mesh pockets inside the tent make it so you will never be without your essentials.

Key Features

  • Large Tent at 184 Square Feet
  • Excellent Water-Resistant Features
  • Plenty of Ventilation with Mesh Ceiling and Multiple Windows


1. Ozark Trail 16-Person 3 Room Family Tent

Spacious Family Sized 16-Person Weather Resistant Ozark Trail

Check Prices Here

This 3-room outdoor shelter from Ozark Trail has a ton of features and might just be one of the best family tents available today. Unpacking from a 29 x 14-inch transport case, the tent uses a ring and pin frame system, with a mix of steel and fiberglass poles that are color-coded for easy setup.

185T polyester taffeta is used for the canopy and fly fabric, with the floor comprised of more durable polyethylene. The fly and body both have 600mm waterproofing coated on them, and taped seams help to prevent leakage.

Inside the tent you have 240 square feet to do with as you please, with 2 removable dividers and 3 doors maximizing privacy if you don’t want to use it as a single room open shelter. 7 feet of height ensure that most everyone can move around inside easily, and you can fit 4 queen mattresses to sleep everyone if you so desire.

A mud mat and covered entry work together to prevent dirt and moisture from entering the shelter, there tons of mesh for excellent ventilation, and an E-port and gear hammock are designed to keep your devices charged and nearby.

Key Features

  • 3 Door Family Camping Tent Heavy on Features
  • 7 Foot Ceiling Height
  • Waterproof with Durable Polyethylene Floor


How to Choose a 3 Room Tent

What are some of the key components you should be looking out for when shopping for a 3 room tent? The following buyer’s guide will help clarify what you need to know.


3 room tents are usually sought after for their ability to hold a lot of people, so not only should you look for a model that can hold multiple mattresses (with room to spare for moving around), the height will also be an important factor. Straight-walled tents have more headroom in them than a dome style tent that peaks in the center, but has a lower ceiling on the sides.

Depending on your height, you might want to go for one that you can stand up in without having to hunch over at any point. If the tent you are looking for has a lower height in the corners, it might not be an issue if that’s where you will be placing your mattresses.


Most tents use polyester fabric for the canopy and rain fly, with lightweight but flexible fiberglass poles for structure. You will find the more expensive models use more durable and higher quality fabrics like polyethylene for the tent floor (reducing wear and tear), and heavier duty steel frames to withstand high winds, which eliminates the risk of pole failure when you are out in the bush.

Setup Time

Some people enjoy the process of putting together a tent. If you are one of these people, a free-standing tent is the way to go, and they take anywhere from 5-10 minutes to pitch. If you find putting together a tent intimidating, or you just plain hate doing it, then a pop-up instant shelter is the route you want to take.

These literally go up in seconds, as they are pre-assembled and only require you to extend the tent’s legs and secure it to the ground. Pop up tents are gaining in popularity as most people arrive at their campsite after work hours, and they can be pitched in dark conditions easily and quickly.


3 room tents usually come with removable divider curtains so you can configure the interior to your liking – be it 1, 2, or 3 rooms. Other features you will find on many of these models include electrical ports, rain fly with awning coverage, low to high vents (full mesh ceilings are very popular), storage pockets and gear lofts.


Pricing on these tents vary, with many budget models in the $130 range, and high-end models over $250. Just remember, you get what you pay for.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Connect the Divider?

Fabric room dividers provide a bit of privacy inside the tent and generally use hooks to attach to various points on the interior frame. Some of these dividers are a full sheet, while others have a zipper that gives you the ability to keep them open or closed.


How to Utilize the Space?

You can do a lot with the space in these monster-sized tents. Obviously, a portion of the tent will be used for sleeping, and camping pads or mattresses take up a big chunk of that space. With the remaining space, you could use small camping tables and chairs to create a kitchen/dining area. Or some folding chairs for lounging (especially if the tent has a screened room), and you can even bring a small pet bed for your four-legged friends.


Are Room Dividers Removable?

In some models, room dividers are stitched in and are a part of the interior. However, the majority of 3 room tents allow you to fully remove the divider, and configure the interior however you wish.


How Many People Can Use a 3 Room Tent?

Specs on 3 room tents claim to hold anywhere from 8 to 16 people, but ideally, 6 people is a good number to fit into these tents. This takes into account 3 people sleeping on 1 queen-sized mattress, with a minimum of 2 mattresses being able to fit inside the tent. You also want to leave room to move around unobstructed around the tent, perhaps have space to prep food on a table and of course, a certain amount of allocated space for storage. 


How Big is a 3 Room Tent?

The average found in the top models of our list is around 200 square feet of space, give or take, depending on the shape of the design. The center height varies somewhat but even the low profile dome models seem to at least hit 6 feet here. You will mostly find cabin models with straight walls that are within the 6-7 feet range. Budget models will have less space, high-end models will have more space.


How Much Does a 3 Room Tent Cost?

With 3 room tents coming in so many different sizes, prices vary wildly. On average, be prepared to pay close to $200-$250 for a good quality tent that will last. You can pick up models that dip under $200 but be wary and use our buyer’s guide to pinpoint its worthiness of your money. Premium models will easily go over $300 but will often have some patented features or better material work at the manufacturers. 


Are They Waterproof?

Yes, for the models mentioned in our top list, they are. Various models come with a fully waterproofed and removable rain fly, to prevent water penetration from the hub area. The design of the tent, whether its cabin, dome or arched, will aid in forcing the rain to drain off to the side. The waterproofed material will prevent any droplets from soaking through. The bathtub floors and taped seams are additional features to look out for that improve the protective rating. 


How to Reinforce a 3-Room Tent?

A set of heavy-duty stakes will help to secure your tent to the ground and keep it that way during inclement weather. Unless the model you purchase is of heavy-duty quality, the included stakes will be adequate but will most likely need upgrading. Guying out your tent will also provide reinforcement at the points where there is no pole support.



As you can see, 3 room tents are a really great option for providing some privacy and dividing up space practically in the larger sized tents. Although they come in many sizes, styles, and varying in price, with the help of our article you should have a better idea of what is available, and what will enhance your next camping experience for you and your fellow outdoor enthusiasts.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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