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10 Best 2 Room Tents for Camping Reviewed

12 Best 2 Room Tents for Camping Reviewed

Whether you are solo camping, in a small group or looking for a top family tent, 2 room tents can provide a more luxurious and comfortable outdoor experience.

As a solo camper, you’ll get more space than most single person tents afford, meaning you can stretch out on a large bed, and use the second room however you see fit.

If you are camping in a small group, you can fit a large mattress in each room, so all campers have a nice spot to sleep on, while room dividers inside the tent will give you a bit of privacy so you aren’t up in everyone’s space.

How they generally function is to have some kind of integrated or removable divider, that is set up in suitable areas of the interior.

This divides up the space allowing you to utilize the space for practicality. Such as private sleeping areas, dining area with table, designated storage space, the list goes on. 


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Some models have full dividers which double as privacy areas, best for getting changed out of your hiking gear in peace etc.

Whereas some are more like hanging curtains, to give the effect of division, making you feel more relaxed in your quarters behind bug proof protection.

But there are so many makes and models, shapes and sizes to choose from. It’s a minefield out there and picking up a non-efficient model can leave you feeling a bit disheartened at the campsite.

Also, the last thing you want to do is overpay for something you won’t use efficiently.

This article aims to break down all the pertinent information you need to know when it comes to 2 room tents.

Let’s dive in.



12 Best 2 Room Tents for Camping 

1. ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek Two-Room Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Camp Creek Two-Room Tent

Check Prices – Amazon   Check Prices – Moosejaw  Check Prices – Outdoor Gear Exchange

Our Top Pick

The Camp Creek from ALPS is a 2 room tent with awning protection over all doors and windows, providing campers a dual space shelter in a dry environment. An optional privacy divider can split 120 square feet into separate rooms for sleeping and lounging, and the near straight-walled design means the 7-foot height provides more headroom throughout the entire structure.

Weighing 32 lbs in its 27 x 11 inch transport bag, each room has its own door which minimizes the number of people you need to step over to get in and out. Waterproofing on the tent is achieved with a 1500mm hydrostatic head on both the rain fly, and the durable polyester oxford floor, with factory sealed seams present throughout.

A sturdy frame uses a mixture of steel uprights and fiberglass poles, with a clip system making for quick attaching the canopy to the frame. Multiple mesh windows provide excellent ventilation, vertical storage pockets can house your essentials, and an e-port allows you to run power into this high-quality outdoor shelter.

Key Features

  • Straight-Walled 2 Room Tent with 7 Feet of Height
  • Sealed Seams and 1500mm Waterproof Coating on Fly and Flooring
  • Strong and Flexible Steel and Fiberglass Frame


2. REI Kingdom Tent 

REI Kingdom Tent

Check Prices – REI

Available Sizes with 2 Rooms: 6 person, 8 Person

The Kingdom tent sold exclusively by REI is a top quality tent with 3 sizes, however only 2 of the models (6,8) have the 2 room features. This comes in the form of a room divider that is situated in the center of the tent, and is easily removed/attached to create 2 sleeping areas inside. 

A quality 3 season tent to boot, weighing in at only 21lbs, it is pretty versatile to be used for car camping and reasonably remote camping too. We suggest remote camping not only due to its light weight, but because of its above average weather protection, in which we are confident in taking it off the trail and into the elements. 

The design and structure are interesting. From an outdoor standpoint you would assume this is a dome shaped tent, however once inside you will discover it is much more like a cabin tent. This is due to the rectangular floor plan that emphasises the room size internally, much like a cabin tents straight walls and squared floor. The roof on the other hand, has a more aerodynamic feel which is much more beneficial when facing wind speeds than a traditional box cabin shaped roof. 

However you do lose a slight bit of head height due to the sloped roof, at 75 inches it’s not bad, but a true cabin would be 80-86 for example. Although we feel its fair trade off for improved wind protection. Inside you’ll find multiple storage compartments and meshed panelling that provide good air circulation and decent visibility for views etc. 

Everything you need to setup is included such as steaks, guylines and a carry bag. Our only niggle is that the footprint is sold separately, however this seems to the norm with the more ‘upper market’ tents. 

Key Features:

  • Multiple Storage Compartments
  • Removable Room Divider
  • Simple Color Coded Setup


3. Marmot Guest House 6p Tent

Marmot Guest House 6P Tent

Check Prices – Amazon   Check Prices – REI

As you can see the Guest House Tent has a welcoming and homely title, symbolic of the large internal space that reminds us of a comfy guest house. Another unique feature you will spot immediately is the front porch area, that can be easily propped up by the included poles.

When fully opened up like in the picture, you can air the tent our in seconds, while the secondary room at the back would be our ideal sleeping area. With the annex area you can see protruding at the rear, this allows for extra leg space and a little space around the mattress or air bed etc. 

The room divider is unique in the fact that is has its own door, so not just a frail piece of material that blocks you minimally, this is a robust divider and blocks 100% visibility, making you feel more comfortable in your privacy room.

That combined with the front porch area, its easy to see why its called the guest house, providing you with a nice area to relax in the shade or away from rain while still being out in nature. 3 vestibules cover your gear storing needs and the 4 doors (yes 4) create optimal entry and exit access points, without trailing your boots through the tent. 

With the abundance of doors, making sure the seams and zips were properly sealed are of paramount importance for Marmot here, and they have been weatherproofed and seam taped during manufacture Additionally the rainfly offers full coverage over the top roof vents. 

Key Features:

  • Screened Porch Area
  • Substantial Room Divider with Door
  • Plenty of Internal Pockets and Storage Options


4. Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Browning Camping Big Horn Tent

Check Prices Here

With a full mesh ceiling for stargazing and ventilation, this 2 room, 3 season tent will keep you bone dry when the fly is attached, and 150 square feet of spacious design make it an extremely roomy option.

A privacy divider can be removed if you want to use it as one giant shelter, and 7.25 feet of straight-walled height ensures plenty of headroom for all campers. The tent has a strong frame that is constructed from steel legs and flexible fiberglass poles that can withstand high winds when the tent is properly guyed out.

High-quality zippers give you smooth operating windows (4), and doors (2), which work with the ceiling to generate a lot of airflow. The awning designed rain fly and thick poly oxford floor are both coated in 2000mm waterproofing, and sealed seams won’t leak water in the heaviest of downpours. 6 interior pockets can be found inside the tent, and the 35 lb shelter can be stored in a 30 x 12” carry bag.

Note: For more information on the big horn camping tents, check out our full review on all models. 

Key Features

  • 7.25 Foot Straight Walled Height for Maximum Headroom
  • Excellent 2000mm Waterproofing Keeps Water Out
  • Strong and Flexible Steel and Fiberglass Frame


5. Coleman WeatherMaster 2 Room Tent 

Coleman WeatherMaster Outdoor Tent

Check Prices Here

The Weathermaster 2 room tent is outfitted with all the latest anti-leak technology, and at a huge 153 square feet with 80 inches of height, Coleman simultaneously maximizes space and comfort. With enough room to fit 3 queen-sized mattresses, gone are the days of zipping the front door as this one is hinged and automatically closes behind you.

High-quality materials are found throughout: a 75D polyester taffeta fly, 68D mesh inner tent, 1000D polyethylene floor, and shock-corded fiberglass poles which are color-coded for easy assembly.

Angled windows help to move rain off the tent while continuously circulating air, and inverted seams, a waterproof fly, taped up floor, and zipper covers further waterproof the shelter. Mesh pockets line the interior, and the entire tent packs down to convenient carry bag for transport and storage once you get back home.

Key Features

  • Large 153 Square Foot 2 Room Outdoor Shelter
  • Oversized Hinge Door Automatically Closes
  • High Quality Fabric and Poles with Excellent Waterproofing Features


6. Coleman Evanston 2 Room Dome Tent 

Coleman Evanston Dome Tent 

Check Prices Here

At 90 square feet of living space, the Evanston dome tent can accommodate a queen-size air mattress, a small nightstand, and still have room to move around inside. Add in a second screened room at 50 square feet for bug-free lounging or additional sleep space, and you get a generously-sized and versatile 2 room tent from Coleman with a 5’8” center peak.

A fully vented back wall encourages round the clock circulation for zero condensation, but if you are using it in cooler climates it is advised to bring along some extra blankets or insulated sleeping bags. The tent comes with all accessories needed to pitch in minutes, and packs down into a carry bag for easy transport and storage.

Coleman outfits the Evanston with its Weathertec system – leak-proof stitches, zipper covers, waterproof floors, and wind-resistant frame – to combat the nastiest weather, and the rain fly has small awnings that will deflect moisture away from the tent’s openings.

Key Features

  • Affordable 2 Room Tent with Bug-Free Screen Room
  • 140 Square Feet of Space with 5’8” Peak Height
  • Weathertec System Ensures Dry Camping


7. CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

CORE 10 Person Straight Wall Cabin Tent

Check Prices Here

Comfortable and spacious, this straight-walled 2 room tent from Core has 140 square feet of living space for 2 queen mattresses, and stands just over 7 feet tall. With rooms separated by a zip-up divider, you can move between areas easily, and 2 large D doors cater to a smooth entrance and exit on either side.

The tent frame uses 6, 16 mm steel legs for a strong frame, with identifiable color-coded fiberglass poles aiding assembly. Available in wine or orange colors, the tent includes an e-port to bring power inside, and it can fully close up when not in use.

An awning style fly covers the structure’s 6 windows and doors, keeps you dry during rainfall, and low vents work to circulate air effectively at all times. Inside the tent, you will find an assortment of mesh pockets as well as a lantern ceiling hook, so you always have your essentials nearby and aren’t stumbling in the dark.

Key Features

  • Large 2 Room with 140 Square Feet of Space
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Built with Quality Parts and Affordable


8. CORE 2 Room Instant Cabin Tent 

CORE 9 Person 2 Room Instant Tent

Check Prices Here

One of the easiest tents to pitch, this pre-assembled 2 room pop up tent goes up in under 60 seconds once removed from its 48 x 11.5” storage bag. Telescoping steel legs extend out and all that you need to do is secure this 31 pounder to the ground and guy it out with the provided stakes.

Core uses 68D polyester on the fly and canopy with 600mm waterproofing, and a durable 125 gsm PE floor increases shelter longevity. 126 square feet allows enough space for plenty of campers in dual rooms. Ventilation will never be an issue as it is fully covered in mesh on all sides and the roof.

Removable rainfly buckles to the legs to keep you out of the rain, and Core’s H20 Block system uses heat sealed seams from the fly down to the floor for extra wetness protection. Charging devices can be done by running power through the e-port flap, and a full-sized side T door makes sure you can get in and out with ease.

Key Features

  • 2 Room Instant Tent Pitches In Seconds
  • Heat Sealed Seams and 600mm Hydrostatic Head Combats Wet Weather
  • Separate Screened Room Can Be Used for Sleeping or Lounging


9. Coleman 2 Room Blackout Tent

Coleman 2 Room Cabin Tent

Check Prices Here

Constructed out of 2X Polyguard double-thick fabric, this two-room cabin tent from Coleman is a roomy instant shelter that can fit multiple campers. air mattresses, furniture, and gear in its dual rooms. Standing tall at 6’7” and having square footage of 140 it’s more than enough room for 5-6 campers.

There is a zippered privacy divider that allows for easy access between rooms, and a hinged door makes getting in and out simple. Temperature controlled to reduce heat via the darkroom technology, it unpacks from a 47 x 10 case, and can be setup in about a minute.

Coleman’s patented Weathertec features are on full display here – inverted seam stitching, water-resistant fly (with door/window awnings), zipper cuffs, a welded floor, and strong frame to withstand high winds. The interior provides plenty of mesh ventilation, storage pockets, and blackout walls for uninterrupted sleep.

Key Features

  • 140 Square Foot 2 Room Pop Up Instant Tent
  • Outfitted with Coleman’s Weathertec Waterproofing Features
  • Blackout Walls Inside Tent for Optimizing Sleep


10. Timber Ridge 2 Room Family Camping Tent

Timber Ridge 2 Room Family Camping Tent

Check Prices Here

Budget-priced but still providing a lot of value, this 2 room camping tent is aimed at families but can be used by anyone who enjoys the outdoors. The 112 square foot interior is split down the center by a detachable privacy divider, and each room has its own separate D door so everyone can get in and out easily, at all hours of the day.

Fiberglass poles give the 19 lb. shelter a strong yet lightweight dome frame, with a center peak height of 74 inches providing ample space for most individuals. The rollback rainfly allows for stargazing and quick deployment during sudden downpours.

Additionally, the heavy-duty polyethylene bathtub floor to eliminate rain from entering the tent. Roll-up mesh windows and roof panels provide adequate airflow, a lantern hook and storage pockets are featured inside, and Timber Ridge includes stakes, guy ropes, and a carrying bag for you.

Key Features

  • Good Value 2 Room Tent for Budget Campers
  • Spacious Dimensions of 112 Square Feet and 74 Inches High
  • Separate Large D Doors For Each Room


11. Wenzel Klondike Tent

Wenzel Klondike Tent

Check Prices Here

A well-designed and spacious 2 room tent for families and car campers, there is a lot to like about the 8 person Klondike tent from Wenzel. Entering the tent through the full-size mesh door, a 60 square foot screened room can be used as a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors without dealing with bugs, and it doubles as extra sleeping space on warm nights.

A sleeping room at the back of the tent is divided by a zipper door, providing 98 square feet of space that can be used however you wish. The shelter has a height of 6’5”, weighs 27lbs., and is fully waterproof with a bathtub floor as well as a seam-sealed rain fly.

The fly can be left off during clear nights, as the tent has a full mesh ceiling for stargazing. The abundance of mesh throughout the shelter work with low rear vents making for excellent airflow, and all doors and windows are adjustable with zip-up flaps. A dual steel and fiberglass frame provides support with a pin and ring system for a simple setup.

Key Features

  • Screened Room and 6’5” Peak Height
  • Excellent Ventilation with Low to High Airflow
  • Available in 3 Color Options


12. Hikergarden 2 Room Camping Tent 

TOMOUNT 8 Person Tent - Professional Waterproof & Windproof Camping Tent

Check Prices Here

Color-coded for easy assembly in under 10 minutes, this 8 person tent from Hikergarden comes with an optional curtain that can divide the shelter into 2 rooms for those nights when you want a little bit of privacy. Built with a heavy emphasis on combating stormy weather, it excels in this area.

Withstanding windy conditions and torrential downpours with its resilient frame, 4000mm waterproof coating, and bathtub floor design. The fly provides awning support over windows and doors, and doesn’t fully cover the tent, which ensures proper ventilation at all times.

A large door with an embedded mesh window makes entry and exit simple, and 5 additional mesh windows work with the mesh roof to move air throughout the shelter. With a height of 6 feet and 126 square feet of interior space, you can fit 3 queen size mattresses inside, and quality 2-way zippers eliminate catching or snagging for smooth operation and increased longevity.

Key Features

  • 8 Person Capacity with 126 Feet of Space
  • 4000mm Waterproofing and Bathtub Floor Design
  • Plenty of Mesh Throughout for Optimal Ventilation


How to Choose a 2 Room Tent?

There are a few key features you should be aware of when looking for a 2 room camping tent.


If you are in the market for a double room tent, its safe to say bigger tents are probably what you want to look for. 130-140 square feet is what most of these tents offer, although some can be bigger and some smaller. They are usually quite roomy inside, with some having straight-wall construction to provide more headroom than a dome-style tent. An average height we’ve noticed will be around 6-6.3 feet, with only our top pick (the ALPS Camp Creek) reaching 7 feet.


Tents that resist water are lifesavers when you are out in the wilderness, so make sure the one you invest in has been properly waterproofed. At the very least, it should have a waterproof rain fly and tent floor, with bonus moisture-resistant features being sealed seams, awning support, zip up windows and doors, bathtub floors, inverted stitches, and zipper covers. You can always waterproof your tent by purchasing water-resistant spray, and taping the seams yourself.


Material construction is something you should take note of, as higher-quality fabrics will prolong the life of your tent. Polyester taffeta is the go-to fabric for most canopies and rain flys, and a more rugged polyester oxford is used on tent floors so they can withstand heavy foot traffic. No-see-um mesh panels operate as bug protection and ventilation points, with most tents having multiple windows and mesh roof panels to increase circulation.

Wind Protection

With rain usually comes wind, so it’s also important to have a tent that can withstand 30-40 mph gusts at the very least. A lot of tents use lightweight fiberglass frames, with some premium models using heavier steel for the uprights, and fiberglass poles on the top of the tent. Most manufacturers will include stakes, but almost all campers invest in a set of heavy-duty stakes to firmly secure their tent.

Bonus features such as fully screened sitting rooms (that double as sleeping space), E-ports for running electricity into the tent, and interior storage pockets can also be found on many 2 room tents.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to Connect a Room Divider?

Most room dividers will either clip, hook, or zip onto the tents’ upper interior. Some of them will have a zipper down the middle of the divider (or even a door), making it easy for you to move in and out of each room. The ones that arent removable will be integrated directly into the lining of the tent.

Are the Room Dividers Removable?

For the most part they are fully removable, but there a few models where the divider is built into the structure of the tent.

How Many People Can Use a 2 Room Tent?

Most 2 room tents can hold 8 people, but an ideal amount is around 4 or 5. A lot of families love these large tents as parents and kids can have separate rooms, and there is still plenty of space for moving around.

How Big is a 2 Room Tent?

On average, a 2 room tent will give you about 130-140 square feet of interior space, with around 6 feet of height. Of course, there are models that are slightly smaller, and some that are slightly larger, but on the whole, this is the average that we’ve noticed.

How Much Does a 2 Room Tent Cost?

Expect to pay around $200 for a good quality model with appropriate features that compliment family camping. Budget models can be purchased for under $120, with high-end models priced north of $200 reaching around $300. Our top pick in our list sits under $300 with all the bonus features of a high-end tent already included. 

Are They Waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof. Water-resistant coating, bathtub floors, fully taped seams, inverted stitching, and zipper covers are just a few of the waterproofing features you will find.

How to Reinforce a 2 Room Tent?

All tents need to be firmly secured to the ground to ensure they don’t fail during operation. The basics are done by driving high-quality stakes into the four lower corners of the tent, and then attaching guy lines to the ground in the same manner.

However, in terms of reinforcement utilizing additional guy lines with heavy-duty galvanized stakes will increase stability in stronger winds. Also using natural obstacles like trees, shrubbery or your car/nearby wall will help provide additional support.



By now you should have a fairly good grasp of what tents with 2 rooms can do for your group on the next camping trip. Using the information we have provided in our article, you can now make an educated purchase and be confident knowing that it is the right tent for your camping needs.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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