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Browning Big Horn Camping Tents Reviewed

Browning Big Horn Camping Tents Reviewed

Freestanding cabin tents are perfect for family or big group camping trips, and the Browning Camping Big Horn tents are no exception. Today we’ll be reviewing the Big Horn 5 Person tent, and the Big Horn 2 Room tent which has an 8 person capacity. We want to uncover why they are so popular, and if they really are worth your money.

Browning Camping is part of the Browning Partners of ALPS Brands, which was founded in 1993. They work with camping experts to create quality outdoor equipment, ranging from tents, furniture, sleeping bags, and more.

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Their motto is, “The Best There Is”, where they try to ensure they’re producing the highest quality gear at all times. Quite the statement, so we wanted to dig deeper and find out if there was any substance to that pitch. 

Their best-selling model line by far is the Big Horn range, with their 2 room tent being one the most popular of its kind. We want to find out what makes these models such common choices for big groups. Read on to explore a comprehensive review of the Big Horn tents.



Browning Camping Tents 

Big Horn 5 Person Tent

Big Horn 5 Person Tent

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  • 1 Large d-shaped door with locking mechanism
  • Steel & fiberglass pole framework for added strength
  • Fast 10 minute set up
  • 3 mesh storage pockets
  • 2 roof hooks for lamps


Big Horn 2 Room Tent

Big Horn 2 Room Tent

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  • 2 huge D-shaped doors with locking mechanism
  • Steel fiberglass pole framework for added strength
  • Removable rainfly
  • Oversized zippers
  • Electrical power port


Browning Privacy Shelter Tent

Browning Privacy Shelter Tent

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  • 86 Inch Center Height
  • Retractable Floor
  • Free Standing Design
  • Total Weight 14lbs
  • Meshed Roof Vents


First Impressions

With super straight walls, massive doors, and tons of interior space, it’s no wonder these are well-loved by large groups of campers. In this sense, they are highly traditional cabin-style models that are best used in mild conditions.

That being said, this brand has performed rigorous tests on these tents, which you can see in their product video. They demonstrate the 2 room model being subjected to heavy winds and rain. From this video, it’s clear to see that these aren’t your ordinary cabin tents – they almost break the stereotype that cabins can’t be used in rough weather.

While we definitely appreciate this demonstration, we still wouldn’t recommend using these tents in extreme conditions – stick to 2 season camping. We think it could get away with 3 season, but only if you purchase more heavy-duty stakes for security and a rainfly with more coverage.

With all that said, we believe these are great quality tents with reasonable price tags when you consider the robust materials, solid framework, and enormous amount of space.


Big Horn 5 Person Tent Review


At just over 20lbs once packed, this is certainly more of a car camping tent. It’s much too heavy for backpacking or hiking, although you could share the weight with a couple of other people if you’re travelling by motorbike.

Big Horn 5 Person Tent bundle package

Everything included in the bundle to set up and get going.

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When you’re going for comfort, sometimes you have to sacrifice on the weight. This is to be expected, because you don’t need to worry about the weight or pack size when car camping. This model is made for those looking for creature comforts during their camping experience, rather than a more compact or streamlined design.


The ideal number of people for this model is 2 to 3. While it’s advertised as 5 person, half of that amount will be much more comfortable than at full capacity. Another reason for less people than the capacity is for leftover space – you can use it to store gear without getting the sleeping area dirty.


The poles are a combo of fiberglass and steel, which we like for this size. It means that the framework is more stable, plus they are shock-corded for better wind resistance. The joints are plastic, so it isn’t appropriate for snow loads.

Big Horn 5 Person Tent internal view

Large internal space with multiple storage compartments.

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With 75D 185T polyester fabric, this tent is made to withstand UV damage, remain taut, and protect from leaks. There isn’t any information on a waterproof rating for the main fabric, but we do know that the floor has a rating of 2000mm. This means it will resist mild to heavy moisture levels, including puddles on the ground. Bathtub flooring gives additional protection.


Featuring 4 windows and a complete mesh roof, there is no lack of airflow with this model. This makes it great for hot weather, because air can circulate from all angles. One thing we’d like, though, is a ground vent or 2. Even though it’s not a huge model, a ground vent is handy for sucking cold air from the floor when the rainfly is on.


Big Horn 2 Room Tent Review

Tons of Space

With a floor area of 150 sq ft, you’re getting a gigantic amount of space. Combine that with the super steep walls, and this tent is like a dream for those wanting more room to stretch and move around. You can get dressed with ease, set up camping cots against the walls, and have leftover space for everything else.

Big Horn 2 Room Tent stargazing view

When there’s no chance of rain, open up the rainfly and stargaze during the evenings.

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As an 8 person tent, we suggest it’s best used with 4 people max. Perhaps even a few adults and two kids, but then you won’t have heaps of space for 7 people’s worth of luggage. With 4 people, you don’t need too keep all the gear in the car, and have it more readily accessible.

We also really like the room divider. It gives you to option for privacy if you need to get changed or sleep separate from other people. You can fold the divider away like a curtain when not in use.

Rapid Set Up

For such a huge tent, it’s surprising how fast it can be set up. Just like the previous model, this also utilizes a hub-like design. After the roof poles are inserted, it pops up, and the wall poles are then inserted. It makes everything much more seamless, as you won’t get confused as to where each pole goes or what area gets lifted first.


Straight walls give way more room than other types of tents, which is the obvious advantage with cabins. This tent does straight walls so well, so you can push cots up against them to take up less space on the floor.

Big Horn 2 Room Tent room divider

You can divide the space up with a removable divider, creating privacy and sleeping or storage areas.

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Like the previous model, this also has shock-corded fiberglass and steel poles. The fiberglass helps to keep the tent lightweight so it’s easily manageable on the campsite, then the steel sections reinforce the structure to keep it strong and stable during winds. 


6 vast windows and a complete mesh roof allow a beautiful breeze to come through. You can leave everything open during the day to let things cool down. Again though, like the previous model, we would have loved a couple of ground vents for even more air circulation.


Most Asked Questions

How many people are needed for set up?

Despite its large size, these tents can be assembled with one person. Keep in mind, though, that it is quite tall, and you need to be able to reach the top to attach the rainfly. We always suggest getting another person to help you to make the process go faster.

Does a large tent mean more leaks?

The probability of a tent leaking lies in its construction, not necessarily its size. These tents have reinforced corners with double stitching and a super thick floor, plus all the windows have inner zippered flaps for increased protection. If you want to be extra sure, you can always apply seam sealant before use, as well as a footprint underneath the base.

What season are these tents designed for?

Due to their tall and large structures, we recommend using these for 2 season camping. On the other hand, it is possible to use them in 3 seasons if they are secured down properly. They have been tested in harsh conditions, so they aren’t your average cabin tent. However, you should purchase more heavy-duty stakes.


Conclusion on Browning Camping Tents

Overall, there’s no doubt in our minds that these are valuable, reliable, and high-quality tents. At under $300, you’re getting lots of convenient and smart features that many traditional cabin tents fail to do.

We love the upright walls, plethora of mesh panels, room divider in the 2 room version, and the overall vast amount of room in both. These tents offer tons of comfort, which is perfect for those going on extended trips.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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