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10 Best Bed Tents for Privacy Adult Twin Bed Tents

10 Best Bed Tents for Privacy at Home | Twin Bed Tents for Adults

Everyone needs a little privacy, and a bed tent is a perfect solution for providing a comfortable space to relax.

It can be a slice of paradise away from your busy life to read a good book, enjoy quality time with yourself, and get uninterrupted rest.

A bed with a tent canopy attached can also be used for camping, but are mostly used in the home to create a comfy den and chill haven.

It is a rather affordable option when compared to a full-size tent, and it is simply placed straight on top of a cot with the mattress inside.

You’re protected from the elements and pesky insects, and you can easily transport it due to its lightweight nature. Plus, they come in lots of sizes to accommodate for single, twin, or queen airbeds. Plenty of options for you to choose and relax in while the little ones are messing about in their kids play tent

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Indoor privacy tents are also ideal if you find yourself having to share a room with others. If you often go backpacking, they’re awesome to use in hostels where rooms are usually shared with lots of people.

Going on trips with other families can also involve communal sleeping areas, and a bed tent goes a long way for letting you sleep in peace. If you love going on road trips, you can find durable bed tents for trucks and eliminate the need for a hefty canopy.

And let’s not forget about dorm rooms in college – they can be a lifesaver if your roommate is a night owl who can’t stop studying with all the lights turned on. You can zip everything closed and block any bright lights from disturbing your sweet dreams.

The following list is full of our best choices that can help you find the right size and style for when you’re in need of a cozy private getaway.



Top 10 Twin Bed Tents for Adults

1. Privacy Pop Up Bed Tent (Twin)

Privacy Pop Up Bed Tent (Twin) Review

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A simple setup and fast disassembly are just one of the reasons why this is a best seller. It fits on bunkbeds, queen, and twin sizes, and we love its sleek, straightforward design. The material stops any light from getting through – great if you love a good sleep-in.

Two windows with zip covers are situated at your head and feet. Underneath the cover is white mesh, which we love for still giving privacy even when they’re open. They also allow air to flow if things get a little warm. You have two large doors on either side, and they can be easily folded upwards when you’re not in the mood for full seclusion mode. It has a snug fit around the mattress, and the doors are large enough to change bed sheets with ease.


  • Double-Sided Zippers
  • 6 Colors
  • Compact
  • Velcro Pocket for Cords


2. Alvantor Canopy Bed Tent

Alvantor Canopy Bed Tent Review

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A good choice for camping, it can fit snugly over a cot for privacy outdoors, or over any bed or mattress indoors. You can even install it on the ground, and it will sit sturdily without the need for a bed. It only has three poles that slide effortlessly into their compartments for immediate setup. For de-installation, the patented folding method makes it easy, so you won’t rip the fabric. The poles are made from fiberglass which is lightweight, rust-resistant, and promotes stability.

Breathable, light-reducing fabric encourages deep sleeps without overheating. The side curtains are foldable and close using double-sided zippers, and the openings at your head and feet are meshed to maintain privacy even when open.


  • Organization Pocket
  • Interior Hook
  • Portable Carry Pouch
  • Machine Washable
  • Available in Bunk, Twin, Full and Queen Sizes


3. BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent

BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent

Check Prices Here

This tent is full of extra details that can make bedtime even better than it already is. Construction is simple through inserting the poles into the material slots. These poles are PE coated so they won’t snap with movement, and they match the color of the material which is a nice touch. Three large side gates allow you to get in and out of bed and change the sheets with absolute ease. At the very top, two mesh screens let air escape so there’s no condensation or stuffiness.

One of our favorite parts is the touch-friendly pocket that you can use to watch movies and shows, instead of having to hold your screen close to your eyes. It’s like being in a mini theatre. There is a hook for hanging lanterns for reading, or a speaker to listen to music.


  • Corner Pocket
  • Two-Way Zippers
  • Rollable Doors
  • Suitable for Twin & Full-Size Queen Beds


4. Winterial Indoor Privacy Bed Tent

Winterial Indoor Privacy Bed Tent

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Immediately transform any cold bed area into a wonderful cosy oasis. It can fit over twin mattresses and other full sizes tightly to eliminate sagging or breakage. Two doors on either side are handy if your bed lays against a wall, and the windows let you air it out after a long night’s sleep.

It’s compact and lightweight to take it on camping trips with the sleek carry bag. We recommend it for travel because it’s very straightforward to assemble – all you must do is insert the bars into the zipped pouches and it’s ready to go. The rods at the top section are flexible so you can adjust them to even fit on the bottom of a bunk bed.


  • Durable Zippers
  • Twin Size 74″ x 38″ x 50″ 
  • Full Bed Size 74″ x 53″ x 50″  
  • Folding Doors


5. Dream Bed Tent Canopy

Dream Bed Tent Canopy

Check Prices Here

Experience ultimate solitude with this tent by closing all the gates or keeping them open completely for an inviting canopy covering your bed. You can set it up on the floor, on a bunkbed, or any twin, queen, or full-size mattress. Its construction is specially designed to assemble and disassemble smoothly to fit inside the carry bag. If it gets dirty, just take out the poles and pop it into your washing machine for a quick wash.

The outer material is breathable so you won’t get stuffy inside, but it can also keep you warm and cozy when all doors are zipped closed. Darker colors mean most light is blocked from the inner space. We like this because it gives you control over how and when you want to sleep – taking those midday naps will be a breeze.


  • Shock Corded Poles
  • High-Quality Pongee Fabric
  • 4-way Ventilation
  • Built-in Pocket & Hook
  • Mesh Windows


6. Queen Size Pop Up Bed Tent

Queen Size Pop Up Bed Tent

Check Prices Here

Queen beds are already a dream for comfort, but have you ever wanted just a little more privacy to relax? Or maybe you work night shifts and you need an area to sleep that’s void of any sun? This tent accommodates large mattresses with a snug fit to become the perfect oasis. Its curved design looks sophisticated, plus you can choose from many different colors to suit your bedroom aesthetics. We think it’s a good choice if you’re going to be removing it and assembling it daily, due to the pop-up structure.

With all the windows and doors closed, it reduces exterior light to allow for a deep sleep, even during the day. The zippers are double-sided to completely close the flaps from the inside, and these flaps can be rolled upward to create more airflow.


  • 6 Colors Available
  • Mesh Openings
  • 2 Doors & 2 Windows
  • Fast & Easy Installation


7. DDASUMI Warm Tent for Single Bed

DDASUMI Warm Tent for Single Bed

Check Prices Here

Perfect for single beds, we think this will work well in dorm rooms or other small shared bedrooms. It has such a lightweight structure and seems less bulky than other ones on the market of a similar design. It’s quite tall inside, obviously not enough to stand up, but if you often sit on your bed to study you won’t be cramping your neck.

One very large opening and two medium windows give you great privacy – the other side acts like a real wall in a room that doesn’t have one, so you can be completely concealed from your roommate while still having airflow from the other openings.

You can also use it comfortably on the floor because it sticks to the ground to block cold air. When not in use, it folds in half very thinly to store away without taking up space.


  • 5mm Poles
  • Interior Storage Pockets
  • 5-way Ventilation
  • Humidity Resistant


8. EasyGo Indoor Privacy Bed Tent

EasyGo Indoor Privacy Bed Tent

Check Prices Here

This is a great option if your job involves night work and your bedroom curtains just don’t cut it for blocking sunlight. The unique double-layer roof provides additional light proofing more than other regular designs, and you can choose to remove it if your situation changes.

In terms of the structure, the framework is built to be self-contained so there are no loose poles. 

You can eat and drink inside without worrying about spillages because the cover is waterproof and machine washable. You might think spending a lot of time inside will cause overheating, however, the breathable fabric and vented windows both decrease any humidity.


  • Durable Polyester Material
  • Foldable Door
  • Heavy Duty Zippers
  • Setup Instructions Included


9. PopFS Bed Den

PopFS Bed Den Review

Check Prices Here

This is another great tent for students in busy share rooms or hostels. It has a compact, lightweight form with a minimal set up using just two poles. It swiftly slips over your mattress and adapts for a cozy fit. The overall construction doesn’t allow sagging, even when the doors are rolled open.

Another reason why this will suit students is the built-in ports for electric cord access – you can watch films, read a book, or study in peace without opening the doors to reach your cables. When everything is zipped closed, you won’t feel stuffy because of the double mesh windows at the head and feet. If you have to move rooms within your school, it’s convenient to disassemble and there is a carry bag for transport.  


  • 35” Height
  • Fibreglass Poles
  • Interior Pockets
  • Suitable for Twin Beds


10. BESTEN Indoor Tent with Mosquito Net

BESTEN Indoor Tent with Mosquito Net

Check Prices Here

To suit everyone’s tastes, this tent comes in 8 vibrant colors, including a black and a white to suit monochrome bedroom styles. It will keep you warm if your room is particularly drafty, and the mesh inserts will circulate the air to keep you sleeping at a regulated temperature and stop fogginess.

Although mattresses come in the same sizes, some brands can slightly differ. That’s why we admire the fitting straps. They allow you to adjust the tent around your bed for a perfect fit, so it won’t slide around. To keep reading glasses, drink bottles, or small books, there’s an interior pocket to give you easy access.


  • Tablet & Smartphone Touch-Friendly Pocket
  • 3 Door Openings
  • Inside Hook
  • FRP Poles
  • Double-Sided Zippers


How Do You Choose a Bed Tent?

Size Matters

You must choose a tent that is going to fit your mattress, otherwise, you may end up with it slipping around, a broken structure, or holes in the material, depending on if it is too big or too small for your mattress. You can find so many that are available in the most popular sizes, like single beds, twin, queen, king, and even bunk beds.

What Will You Use It For?

They can be used for more than just getting a good sleep. Privacy is a rare occurrence in many busy households, so being able to zip yourself away inside a cozy enclosure is a huge advantage.

If your focus is sleeping during the day, choose one that has thick materials and perhaps even an extra cover. However, look out for air vents made from mesh, as these work wonders for letting you breathe throughout the night without feeling stuffy.  

If you need one for a bunk bed, take note of its size and height so that it can fit on the bottom bunk with ease.

For using it in a dorm room, perhaps look for one that has a sleeve for electrical cords, so you can study on your bed or the floor in ultimate peace.

Portable and Easy to Set Up

Most of them come with their own carry bag, and we think this is essential if you often move rooms, like if you live at a college. They should be easy to take down and fold to fit in the bag without fussing around trying to stuff it inside.

We recommend choosing one that has an instant installation design – this means it comes out of the packaging with the material in shape, and you only need to slide in a few poles to stabilize it. Then, it should be able to swiftly slide over a bed with either elastic skirting, or it may come with flooring that goes under that mattress for maximised stability.

Effortless assembly and disassembly are very important if you’re going to be taking it down and putting it up daily. You’re usually going to be tired at the end of the day, so a simple set up will streamline the process.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bed Tent?

It is a lightweight cover in the shape of a tent that fits over your mattress, or sometimes can sit on the floor, to give you privacy. Some of them are also designed with light blocking material so you can sleep at any time of the day. They are made for many sized mattresses including single, double, queen, and king beds. You can think of them like a half-canopy half-tent, because you can zip open some of them completely, so they sit on your bed like an awning. They’re basically your own private sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


How do You Make a Bed Tent?

They are typically designed to fold into a compact shape when not in use, and to install it onto a mattress, they use a pole framework like a normal-sized tent. The main difference is that since they are smaller, they usually only need two to four bars, and the material part is not in separate sections – it’s usually connected with some sort of ribbed wiring. It is possible to find some pop-up designs; however, they can be less stable than instant pop-ups, which won’t slide around on the bed or be in danger of collapsing.


Who Uses Bed Tents?

They are very popular for kids’ bedrooms, but many adults use them too as a safe space. We’ve found they work great for sectioning yourself off from roommates if you sleep in the same room. For people working night shift occupations, such as nurses, doctors, firefighters, policeman, and so on, they’re essential for catching up on sleep during the day and keeping the sunlight out. They can also be used for adults or teenagers with special needs, such as autism. It helps them feel relaxed and safe.



A bed tent for adults provides much-needed privacy for sleeping indoors or outdoor camping. They are the perfect solution for having the best night’s sleep, and they can enhance your bed to become so much more than just a mattress.

Sleeping in a fully light-proofed space, staying warm at a regulated temperature, and being able to store extras inside if you don’t have a nightstand are such awesome factors that make tents for beds a new must-have in every bedroom.


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