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Best Kids Bed Tent Cozy Toddler Tents

10 Best Kids Bed Tents | Cozy Toddler Tents for Beds

We all know how strong the imagination of a child is, but with their own kid’s bed tent, their dreams can last forever.

Do you remember making forts out of chairs and blankets as a child?

Remember how happy you felt to have your own little space to get away from the outside world, perhaps playing inside your little kids tent. Now your child’s a little older and perhaps sleep time is a little troublesome, cue the bed tent to activate their imagination. 

Give your children that same feeling with their own fort, except it’s one that uses way less effort to build and can be set up where they sleep, instead of taking up space in the living room.

A tent for kid’s beds can help them feel safe and secure in an enclosed space, plus they’ll feel super comfy because they can hang out on their mattress instead of the floor – although some of these tents can be used on the ground, we love the versatility.

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There are many different fun designs on the market, and you can find ones that are made for bunk beds, single or double mattresses, or even cribs. There are also models of twin bed tents for adults, we have another article on that. 

For toddlers, they’re a great way to transition them from a cot to a full-size bed. If your child has trouble falling asleep in the dark, a tent is a smart way to change their perspective by transforming their bedroom into a magical safe haven.

From rocket ships to princesses, we’ve compiled a list of the best bed tents for kids based on their design, features, and quality.



10 Best Toddler Bed Tents Reviewed

1. Pacific Play Tents Kids Tree House

Pacific Play Tents Kids Tree House Bed Tent

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This adorable treehouse inspired tent is perfect for any little aspiring adventurer. With fun graphics that read “PRIVATE” and “KEEP OUT”, your kid can feel like they’re in their very own private clubhouse. It comes with a carry bag and is very lightweight, yet the framework is shock-corded, so you don’t have to worry about shattering.

You can assemble it with your child as a fun activity together. The poles are easy to attach thanks to the ferrules, and your kid can effortlessly insert them into the sleeves to create a criss-cross. The finished product then slides over the mattress and should have a snug fit due to the elastic skirting. We’re sure they’ll feel very proud of what they’ve made, and bedtime can now be a breeze.


  • 77″ x 54″ x 42″ Double Bed Size
  • Velcro Front Door
  • Rolling Flaps
  • Mesh Ventilation Panels
  • Flame Retardant Polyester Material


2. CAMP Child’s Indoor Privacy and Play Tent

CAMP 365 Child’s Indoor Privacy and Play Tent

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Your kids will fall in love with the mesmerizing starlight pattern on this tent. You can set this one up on their bed or the floor for some galactic playtime. We think it’s a great transition tent to help toddlers out of their cribs. To install, your children can help you by simply inserting the poles through the designated tunnels, and the material protects from floor scratches.

For sleeping, fresh air is circulated through the upper mesh screens to prevent humidity and give them a solid sleep. The material is waterproof to withstand spills and mess, which we all know can happen frequently with kids.


  • Machine Washable
  • 90T Polyester Fabric
  • Strong Fibreglass Framework
  • Comes in Small and Medium Sizes


3. Delta Children Toddler Tent with Bed

Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed

Check Prices Here

Recommended for young toddlers, this tent is designed to attach to standard crib mattresses to make bedtime a comfortable, safe space. You and your child can choose from Mickey Mouse, Cars characters, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, making it a great option for boys and girls alike.

For safety, while they sleep, there are two guardrails, and the frame is made from durable steel poles and tough plastic. It has two mesh windows for breathability, and two rollable doors. At their feet, the area is completely open with no door so they can easily crawl in and out. This also gives you a nice view so you can monitor their safety.


  • Steel & Plastic Construction
  • Easy Assembly
  • Holds up to 50 pounds
  • Bed & Mattress Combo Available


4. HearthSong Galactic Space Bed Tent Playhouse

HearthSong Galactic Space Bed Tent Playhouse

Check Prices Here

Transport your little one to an outer space dreamland with this rocket ship bed cover. Perfect for an aspiring astronaut, it has a comforting dark blue interior that is covered with the silver stars of the cosmos. There is also a hanging LED light in the center that resembles a starburst, which emits a soft glow to help them get to sleep if they’re scared of the dark.

The mattress is simply zipped within the tent’s base for easy sheet changing without removing the entire canopy. There are two openings for your kid to get in and out easily, plus a cover for each door can be rolled up to keep them open for more airflow.


  • UI Light Connection
  • Fits Twin Beds
  • Ages 5 & Up


5. Playhut Frozen Bed Tent

Playhut Frozen Bed Tent

Check Prices Here

A definite hit for all princess lovers, they’ll adore the vibrant pink and purple colors and large images of Anna, Elsa, and Olaf from Frozen. You can use it as a bed topper, or also on the floor as a cute playtime hideout due to its sturdy construction.

For kids that are obsessed with Frozen, we think this would work very well as a sleep trainer for shifting them from a cot to a bed. The openings can be fastened with Velcro, and we like the design of the triangular mesh beside these doors as you can easily peek inside to check them while they sleep.


  • Suitable for Twin Beds
  • Elastic Straps
  • Pop Up Design
  • Lightweight


6. BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Kids Tent

BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent on Bed

Check Prices Here

For girls this is an absolute dream bed canopy. Inspired by traditional princess style canopies that drape over a bed, this is much sturdier and has additional cool features. Set it up on the floor or on a mattress, and it can act as a play tent, a little movie theatre, or a cozy private sleeping space.

With 3 vast openings that can be fastened closed, you can control the temperature while they sleep. Warm air stays inside, and cold drafts are circulated out. The pole framework is PU coated for extra resilience, so there’s no need to worry about breakage. Plus, the poles are capped at the bottom to eliminate the risk of scratched floors.


  • Touch Pouch for Phone or Tablet
  • Adjustable Adhesive Straps
  • Interior Hook & Pocket
  • Mesh Vent


7. Alvantor Mosquito Net Kids Bed Canopy Tent

Alvantor Mosquito Net Kids Bed Canopy Tent

Check Prices Here

We all want our kids to be safe while they sleep. This high-density mesh canopy is a fantastic solution for 360° protection from mosquitos and other insects. Assembly is simple, you just have to click the poles in place and slide them into the sleeves of the pre-made frame – no tools required.

The design is very well ventilated because all the openings are mesh, and it’s easy to get in and out with the double-sided zippers. Your kids can even use it as a playpen area on the ground indoors. The secure, tightly weaved construction can also help with kids who sleep close to the edge and tend to fall off.


  • Weighs 4 pounds
  • For Bunkbeds, Twin & Full Size
  • 75″x39″x47″
  • Built-in Loop for Lantern


8. Baby Pack ‘N Play Safety Pop Up Tent

Baby Pack ‘N Play Safety Pop Up Tent

Check Prices Here

This high-end safety crib tent is sure to give you peace of mind for the security of your baby. We love the ruffled star fabric at the top and the long white bows because they would compliment any nursery room. The overall structure is quite tall, so your toddler can comfortably stand up.

It’s made to fit snug and secure over standard cots, with the bottom of the tent sitting underneath the bed. Paired with the completely enclosed screen design, your child won’t be able to remove it, even if they’re strong enough to lift the mattress.

You can still use a baby monitor camera to see your child through the mesh. For extra safety, we think the self-locking zipper is ingenious for making sure they can’t slip their little fingers through any openings to unzip the tent.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Tool-Free Set Up
  • Auto-Locking Zipper
  • Folding Instructions Included


9. GigaTent Dream House Bed Tent

GigaTent Dream House Bed Tent

Check Prices Here

Resembling a traditional tent form with charming cartoon graphics, the sloping roof maximizes the center height for comfort. It’s only 2 pounds, but despite its weight, it’s constructed with strong PVC poles to keep it upright and stable. You can achieve a firm fit on the mattress thanks to the elastic edges, which further reduces slipping and movement.

4 mesh windows give you easy visibility to monitor your child, and they also provide fresh airflow. The opening is large for effortless entry and exit, and they can zip it open and shut to make late-night toilet trips convenient and fast. To hang a lantern or flashlight, there is a handy sewn-in loop.


  • Shock-Resistant Poles
  • Flame Resistant
  • Available in Twin & Double Bed Sizes
  • Added Travel Bag


10. DONCO KIDS Louver Loft Bed

DONCO KIDS Louver Loft Bed

Check Prices Here

This is a great bed for toddlers that can be turned into a bunk bed with an extra mattress on the bottom. Since it’s a low design, the built-in ladder is safe to climb, and the side railings and louvered foot and headboard prevent falls. It has a gorgeous solid pine construction with an antique finish that will enhance any bedroom.

You can either leave the bottom area open or attach the blue tent flaps to the bed frame to create a fun play area for your kid. For visibility, there are two small windows, and the door gap can be tied closed using the cords.

This little play area can save space in a bedroom as they don’t have to play on the floor – we think it could also keep their room clean because they can leave their toys behind the tent.   


  • Easy Assembly
  • Antique Grey Finish
  • Ready Slat System
  • Various Color Designs


How Do You Choose a Kids Bed Tent?

Canopies of Different Shapes and Sizes

First, it’s probably best to think about what kind of shape would suit your child and their bedroom. Tent bed covers can come in many styles, such as tunnel which is like a half-circle above the mattress, A-line tent structure, cone shape with sloping sides, or a very circular one that sits high above the bed. It all depends on your child’s preference if they want to be able to sit comfortably or maybe even stand.

The size is also important to consider. Most come in single, twin, double, and cot sizes for very young children. Some can be slightly adjusted, but you should always purchase one that is meant for the corresponding dimensions of your child’s bed.

Mermaids or Cars – Find a Design Your Kid Loves

The next step would be to select one that your child will fall in love with. There are an abundance of designs out there. Some of the most popular include princesses, fairies, castles, the cosmos, and much-loved film and TV characters.

Other Features

While all of them have the same purpose, bed toppers can have different components that make them distinguishable from one another. We recommend choosing one with these features to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your children:

  • Mesh inserts for air circulation and visibility so you can watch them stay safe
  • High-quality, sturdy pole construction
  • Simple assembly to be able to install and de-install it with ease
  • Large doors or openings to allow your kids to enter and exit effortlessly
  • Elastic skirting or straps to slide onto the mattress, or the bottom fits under the bed to prevent slippage


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kids Bed Tents Safe?

All the tents on our list are made with a durable framework and tough outer fabric to ensure the safety of your child. We recommend choosing these types of well-made covers because they shouldn’t rip or shatter while your little ones are playing inside.

Most bed covers come with large openings and mesh windows, so it also makes it easier to monitor them and ensures they’re playing safely.


Are They Strong?

With fiberglass or metal poles, a kid’s bed tent is very strong and enduring. Because they are designed to fit tightly over a mattress, they won’t slide or move around.

This means they are steadfast in their position on your child’s bed and aren’t fragile even with constant movement.

They are made to withstand the hyperactivity of children, because we all know how full of energy they are, and that they never stop moving.


Are Kids Bed Tents Waterproof?

Most tents on the market are water-resistant, however, we suggest checking the specifics of each one to see whether it is waterproof or not. The material that makes up most tents is typically some sort of polyester-cotton blend.

While polyester is not 100% waterproof, it’s rather protective from small splashes or spills, but it can’t be completely submerged for a long time. These types of bed covers are usually intended for indoor use only, so being fully waterproof should not be needed.


How to Clean a Kids Bed Tent?

Some models are machine washable. However, if you are worried about ruining the graphics or colors of your child’s canopy, we recommend washing it by hand.

Make sure you take out all the poles and framework before laundry time. Use warm water, not too hot, and soak it with some mild detergent – ensure it does not have any bleach in it.

Rinse it thoroughly, and let it air dry entirely before putting it back on the bed. Unless your child makes a particular mess, we think you should wash the cover at least once every one or two months. You don’t want to wash it too often, like every week, because the fun designs could fade more easily.


How to Set Up?

This relies on what style or brand you buy, but we’ve found many of them are very simple to assemble. Your children can even help you with some of them.

Generally, the tent comes pre-made with the ribbing intact, and you only need to insert the poles to make it stand upright. This is called an instant tent. There are usually 2 to 3 poles, depending on the size, and they are placed in the designated sleeves and then zipped shut.

The next step is putting it on the bed. We’ve noticed two main ways – there is a floor on the tent that goes underneath the mattress, or the tent has stretchy skirting or elastic bands that slide on top. Both are sturdy, however, with the latter option, make sure the bed is the right size otherwise the tent can slip off if it’s too small.


How Much is a Kids Bed Tent?

Again, this depends on what brand and style you decide to purchase. We think they can range anywhere from $20 to over $100, and the more expensive they get, the higher quality they will be. In saying that though, you can find some very durable ones with lovely designs for affordable prices.



Kids bed tents are the ultimate hideaway for children to play freely and let their imagination run wild. They encourage kids to use their own fantastical thoughts to have fun, rather than watch the TV or iPad all day long. Bed tents for kids come in double, twin, and even crib sizes to suit toddlers and older.

We find these bed canopies are also great for sleep transitioning so they can learn to rest all by themselves. Additionally, the increased darkness within the tent works wonderfully for naptime by blocking out some light, depending on the model. Nurture your child’s creativity and give them a cozy fantasyland they’ll love.  


Resources and Sources

Importance of nurturing your children’s imaginative play



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