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10 Best Grill Gazebos for a Backyard BBQ

10 Best Grill Gazebos for a Backyard BBQ

It’s Saturday afternoon. You and your wife both have the week off. Your friends have decided to stop by as the sun is up high in the sky. It sounds like a perfect afternoon for a barbecue. At this moment, grill gazebos are the best option for you.

As you, your family and your friends get everything together – meat that should go on the grill, buns, salads, some soda and, of course, let’s not forget the beer, you realize that the sun is quite hot.

Excessive sun exposure is the leading cause of premature aging signs, like sunspots, wrinkles, and a loss of collagen.

The sun also greatly contributes to the worldwide prevalence of skin cancer.

Even when protecting your skin through the use of a sunscreen product, you can only be in direct sunlight for a certain amount of time before sunburn becomes inevitable.


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Grill gazebos would be the perfect solution to these issues while barbecuing in the yard – providing a way to wind down, relax, have a beer (or two) and, of course, stay away from direct sunlight.

Choosing the right model for your barbecue can be a challenging task. It may seem simple enough at first, you may lean towards a canopy tent, but soon realize most of them aren’t CPAI-84 fire certified. 

True grill gazebos will, but once you start to browse through the various options, you are suddenly faced with terminology, jargon and a vast array of choices. 

In this guide, we are here to help you make the right decision – no matter your budget or requirements.

Read on to find out the best grill gazebos on the current market, why adding one to your barbecue would make it the perfect day, why you should avoid buying one that is too cheap, and what you should look for when you do decide to buy.



The 10 Best Grill Gazebos On The Market

To make the process of buying easier and less time-consuming, we have tested a few different options and came up with ten of the best grill gazebos that you may want to consider. Below, we share our favorite options, including the best features, potential drawbacks, and also look at some important facts that you need to know about each option.

1. SunJoy 8’ x 5’ Soft Top Grill Gazebos

SunJoy 8 x 5 Soft Top Grill Gazebo

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A versatile solution that provides adequate coverage for a large number of grills, while still ensuring the gazebo is more affordable than many others with similar features you can find today. The device ensures you can continue cooking or grilling outdoors, without allowing windy conditions to interfere. The sturdy design ensures the gazebo will continue standing up, and the 4-piece LED light system will provide adequate lighting where it is needed most when the sun goes down.

The Benefits And Features

The most important benefit that most customers like is that the gazebo has a very attractive price tag attached to it.

Additional benefits and features offered:

  • The four LED lights, one in each corner of the gazebo, ensures you can continue to have a barbecue even when it gets dark outside.
  • The canopy of the gazebo offers a double-tiered, vented design, ensuring smoke can easily move out of the gazebo.
  • The gazebo is fitted with a steel frame that is durable and stable, ensuring the device will continue standing even in windy conditions.
  • The addition of shelves on both sides of the gazebo ensures you have adequate space to place your accessories, cutleries, and other objects, without needing additional storage space or tables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the led lights powered by batteries or through a connected power cable?

The LED lights fitted in the gazebo are powered by batteries, which makes it ideal for outside environments.


Is the canopy of the gazebo waterproof?

Yes, the material has been specially selected to ensure water will not fall through and onto your grill.


2. Denver Steel Hardtop Grill Gazebos

Denver Steel Hardtop Grill Gazebo

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Another excellent grill gazebos from SunJoy, providing adequate coverage for your grill, and convenient features that ensure nothing gets in your way during your barbecue. It offers a 7’10” height, from bottom to top, with a footprint of 4’9’’ by 7’6’’. The hard-top canopy design, ensuring windy weather conditions are no match for your barbecue. Additional features further add to the convenience of the device, such as a vented top to ensure smoke can easily escape the area.

The Benefits And Features

Perfect for individuals looking for a higher quality option, as compared to the grill gazebos that utilizes a fabric-based canopy with a standard steel frame. The frame is made from high-quality aluminum and has a powder coating to ensure the frame will withstand time and not start to rust. Other benefits include:

  • The polycarbonate material used for the canopy of the gazebo provides adequate UV protection to ensure the sun will not cause you harm while grilling.
  • The large side panels found on the gazebo allows you to have enough space to place your beer, cutlery, tongs and any other accessories you may need during the barbecue.
  • The installation process is relatively quick and easy, and the gazebo can be mounted to provide for better stability.


3. GOJOOASIS Barbecue Grill Gazebo

GOJOOASIS Barbecue Grill Gazebo

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Not manufactured by a particularly famous brand, but still deserves a spot on our list due to its durability, overall features and, of course, the very attractive price. Perfect for those on a small budget who still wishes to buy a grill gazebo that can provide them with adequate features to enjoy a barbecue out in the sun. The device has several benefits to offer and seems to be an overall good product due to the high rating received on its product listing.

The Benefits And Features

The greatest benefit would be its price, but there is more to this gazebo than you might think. Here are just some of the many benefits and features offered:

  • The canopy is made from 180g polyester and has been treated with a fire retardant. The canopy is waterproof and will be able to withstand strong winds.
  • The steel frame has been coated with a special powder to ensure it does not rust, ensuring the gazebo will last for a more significant period of time.
  • The gazebo is 8 feet tall, ensuring most people will be able to fit underneath it.
  • The double-top tier design of the gazebo’s canopy ensures all the smoke from the griller can quickly escape up into the air.
  • The device features two iron mesh tables, one at each side, and a built-in bottle opener, ensuring you can enjoy your beer at any time.


4. SunJoy 10’ x 12’ Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo

SunJoy 10’ x 12’ Chatham Steel Hardtop Gazebo

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For those looking to buy a more luxurious grill gazebo, this may be an appropriate option. This is a more feature-full option than the others we have mentioned in this guide. While the price is significantly higher than many others, the features, and benefits that you gain by opting for this gazebo surely make up for its high price tag.

The Benefits And Features

The design features are most likely the first thing you would notice. It features a modern design that will greatly impress your guests, while still delivering an adequate set of functions to ensure you and your guests can have a great day out while grilling some beef. Other benefits include:

  • A hard metal steel canopy ensures stability, while also protecting those underneath against UV exposure, rain, and
  • The entire gazebo is resistant to dust, ensuring it will last for a very long time.
  • The gazebo can easily be bolted down to add more stability to it, especially during a strong wind.


5. SunJoy 8’ x 5’ Kent Hardtop Steel Grill Gazebo

SunJoy 8’ x 5’ Kent Hardtop Steel Grill Gazebo

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Finally, a modern and stylish option that provides a good balance between how much you have to pay and what features you get. The gazebo offers an adequate set of features to ensure you can have your barbecue without getting burnt by the sun’s UV rays, or blown over by the wind. It is easy to set up, and easy to install in your backyard, or wherever you prefer the gazebo to be.

The Benefits And Features

This grill gazebo is a good option for individuals who are looking for a convenient option that can help to make the barbecue easier and faster, as well as protect them against environmental factors, such as the sun and the wind. The addition of shelves ensure enough storage space is provided, and the height makes it convenient even for taller people.


6. FDW Barbecue Grill Gazebo with Air Vent

FDW Barbecue Grill Gazebo with Air Vent

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One of the best grill gazebos for under $100, although the footprint is pretty small and the design rather basic, it does cover the grill very well and is ideal for a quick cookout in the garden. 

The company has mentioned you should not leave this model out overnight, after the event. So we see this more as a temporary option, given the budget price tag. 

The double vented roof is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also works really well at funneling the smoke upwards and away from your bbq buddies. Additionally, the slanted design on both levels helps with strong winds, deflecting the flow with its aerodynamic design. 

As you can see there are 2 side shelves where you can place your condiments, plates or drinks. Although they arent the widest so take into consideration the weight of what you’re placing. 


7. Sunjoy Sylvan Soft Top Grill Gazebo

Sunjoy Sylvan Soft Top Grill Gazebo

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A soft top gazebo model here within a budget price. Our favorite feature is the 8-foot width, providing great versatility with all sizes of grills and stoves. 

As you can see in the picture, it is customizable and you can make a pretty chill set up with a couple of stools and some LED lights. The roof is 2 tiered in design which provides the double vent system we are accustomed to with soft-top models. 

Another useful feature is the material of the canopy top, it is resistant to mold and mildew, making it more durable when in storage. The color is non-fading, giving more longevity and a fresher look for longer, nobody wants a dilapidated looking set up when friends are over. But most importantly the fabric is flame retardant so don’t worry about any straying embers during your afternoon.


8. MasterCanopy Grill Gazebo 8 x 5

MasterCanopy Grill Gazebo 8x5

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One of the best selling budget choices on today’s market, this versatile 8x 5 gazebo from MasterCanopy is ideal for those garden socials. A soft-top model but with a rustproof steel frame, combatting wind and rain for longevity.

A great feature of this model is the variety, they have 6 different color themes for the gazebo top, all utilizing the same protective frame. Note the price does vary between colors though, and some have discounts while others don’t. This can be due to stock levels and end of line production, so check out the various options before ordering, you might grab a steal. 

The top is double tiered to provide that necessary ventilation from smoke and aerodynamic feature when in winds, keeping it stable during cooking. The fabric itself is made from Rip Lock fabric which is durable even when tight over the frame, and it’s been UV treated to protect from sun fading. 

Lastly, what you’ve been waiting to hear, yes it’s fire retardant up to CPAI-84 standards. 

Update: A free LED light comes with some models for a temporary offer. 


9. Sojag Messina Steel Grill Gazebo

Sojag Messina Steel Grill Gazebo

Check Prices Here

A luxurious steel top gazebo that has been designed specifically for use with a grill or stove. As you can see the steel shelving has been integrated on either side, and are foldable, slotting down nicely beside the steel legs. 

The shelving is wide, giving enough room to keep plates, salads, and sides lined up. Also, you can pull up a few high stools and sit with a few cold ones while Terry gets to work on those burgers. 

The whole framework has been coated with a protective finish that combats natural annoyances like rust and corrosion. It also is protected from the sun’s rays, so it won’t fade or peel over time. The benefit of the steel models, albeit they are more expensive, is the fact you can leave them up permanently, without fear of damage. 

The rooftop is double tiered like the others, however, this one utilizes galvanized steel and it has a rugged slant line design, that looks fantastic out in the yard. 

Fully flame resistant and a legit 4 season model, however during winter months it is advisable to keep snow and hail off the roof to avoid any unnecessary weight and water penetration issues. 


10. Kozyard Morgan Extra Large Grill Pergola

Kozyard Morgan Extra Large Grill Pergola

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A slightly different model to the rest of the list, but serving the same purpose in a unique design and beautiful aesthetic for a patio surface. This grill pergola offers a wide-open space with minimalistic style, decorating the feet of the pergola and customizing with rustic style table and chairs, can create an amazing garden feature. 

Slightly larger than soft-top gazebos with a 10 x 13 footprint, as opposed to the standard 8 x 5 of the budget models above. Providing extra space to maneuver around the rill and room for a few extra tables and chairs to boot. Additionally, the framework comprises mainly of aluminum, not solid steel, so although it’s pretty strong, it doesn’t weigh a ton and can be moved if needed. 

The fabric used is fire retardant with CPAI-84 certification, like most in the list, and also has a protective coating to battle UV rays and rust. A great feature of this pergola is the canopy fabric, most are not malleable and must be kept tight. However with this model, the canopy fabric is pliable, so you can have a folded design or stretched, depending on your requirements. 



Why You Need a Grill Gazebo for your BBQ

Barbecues offer your family and friends an opportunity to come together, unwind, relax and catch up with each other. We lead busy lives in the modern world, so we often do not get enough time to spend with our loved ones. When the opportunity arises, you want to get everyone together to make sure you have some quality time together – no matter what.

Outdoor barbecues are definitely better than having a barbecue indoors, but when the weather does not permit this, you may feel disappointed. This is where a grill gazebo comes in handy – these items will provide adequate cover under different weather conditions, and ensure you can continue with your get-together regardless of outside factors that may generally have an adverse impact on the event.


Frequently Asked Questions

What To Look For When Buying The Perfect Grill Gazebo

The process of buying can seem difficult and time-consuming. Hundreds of brands are offering you thousands of different products that you need to choose from. This makes it virtually impossible to know which grill gazebo will be best for you. By educating yourself about some basic facts and you will already find that this decision-making process becomes significantly more comfortable. There are a few factors and elements that you should look for when you want to buy one of these items. Let’s consider some of the most critical factors:

  • The size of the grill gazebo will play a significant role in meeting your needs. You need to make sure it will fit in the area where your barbecue is located, and that there is enough space for your guests or family to fit into.
  • Also, look at the features. Features such as open spaces at the top to provide adequate ventilation for the smoke from your barbecue will help to reduce the risk of the entire area underneath the gazebo becoming filled with smoke.
  • Consider unique features offered that will be useful for a barbecue. Some will provide hooks that will allow you to hang up the tools needed while having a barbecue, shelving to store plates and drinks or perhaps an LED light to provide light during the evening. 
  • The price should also be considered as an important element. Some gazebos may cost you under $100, while others may be priced far over $1,000. Don’t opt for a grill gazebo that seems unbelievably cheap, as it may not be durable, but, at the same time, there is no need to pay $2,000 for when the features are the same as one that costs less than $1,000.


How to Secure/Anchor a Grill Gazebo?

The easiest way to secure one outside of the standard instruction manual setup, would be to opt for some reliable gazebo weights to help secure and weight down the framework. However, there are many different styles to use, from PVC, Water, and Sandbags, we discuss the best ones further on within the site. 


How to Set Up a Grill Gazebo?

The budget options are simple, the pre-attached framework extends outwards. Around halfway through the extension, pause to lay the canopy roof ontop and secure, then continue to full extension. Once at full, you will hear a click to signal its secured, you can then get to work securing the roof further with the velcro straps found internally. 

For the larger models, like the steel hardtops, they will come in larger manufactured pieces and will require securing, generally with nuts and bolts, with minimal manual drilling required. 


Are Grill Gazebos Waterproof?

A question that has seen some confusion online and misunderstanding. When the manufacturers say the gazebo is waterproof, they are generally talking about the framework, able to resist water penetration and the damage that comes with it over time. They are not talking about the tables, chairs, and grill you put beneath it. So don’t make the mistake of leaving all the furniture under it on a rainy day, the water may well seep down through the double vented roof. 

Steel hardtops are generally more waterproof all-round, given the roof is the same material as the framework. 

Are Grill Gazebos Fire Resistant?

Not all, but all in our list today are. So have a good look at the brand names and designs, so you will know when its time to buy. The majority of grill gazebos come with CPAI-84 certification, and the materials used in the rooftops have a protective membrane from flame and embers. 

You can look out for the certification when its purchase time, and perhaps pass on any you find under $80, it gets harder to find the cert in cheap models. 



While a barbecue can be a great way to spend time with family and friends, some concerns may arise when the sun becomes too hot, when the wind starts blowing or when the rain starts pouring from the sky. Owning a grill gazebo can be the ultimate solution to all of these troubles, giving you and everyone around you an opportunity to continue enjoying the afternoon, without allowing outdoor weather conditions to affect the day and ruin the barbecue.

For those who find it difficult to choose the right model amongst the many choices they are presented with when they start shopping for such an item, this article serves as a reference guide. We covered ten of the best grill gazebos that you can currently buy, along with their pros and cons, prices, and some popular questions that customers have asked about these products. Now, you simply need to decide what your budget would allow and consider your needs, then choose the one that fits best.


Resources and Sources

Safety tips for cooking outdoors with a grill



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