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Mosaic pop up gazebo in a backyard

Mosaic Pop Up Gazebo Canopy Review

For your next picnic, backyard party, wedding, or other event, you’ve probably seen the Mosaic Pop Up Gazebo Canopy floating around the market. As one of the best pop-up gazebos for sale today, it’s got a fairly affordable price tag for such a well-designed model.

While there are so many even gazebos on the market today, it can be hard to separate the standouts from the average ones. You’re looking for something that’s sturdy, has a simple structure, and an attractive outward design. Something that will compliment any event or gathering.

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The question you’re looking to answer though is: is this portable gazebo actually worth it? Or are you better off going for something a bit more reputable like a Z Shade or Gazelle instant gazebo for example.

Today we’re covering everything you need to know.



Mosaic Pop Up Gazebo

Mosaic Pop Up Gazebo black

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With a massive 169 ft² of shade coverage, it’s clear to see how versatile this model can be. Since the surrounding leg curtains don’t seem to fold out or provide any additional coverage, we think that this is definitely meant for use in the warmer months.

Protection from the sun is its highest priority here. We don’t believe that you should rely on this for protection from rain or wind. The reasonable price tag is a huge bonus since it is such a large size and has a nice design.

We love how it looks like it can suit many settings for different events. For couples or families looking for something with a reliable structure for their backyard, patio, beach party, or anything else, it’s a safe choice.


Freestanding Instant Canopy


156“L x 156“W x 108“H


55 lbs


$160 or over depending on where you purchase from.

Set Up Time

Under 2 Minutes


Pop-Up with Pre-Assembled Frame


150D UV Treated Polyester


Wheeled Carry Bag

 Overview of Features

  • Pre-assembled Insta-Lock frame
  • 99% UV protection
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • 2-minute set up
  • Water and fire resistant
  • Pull-pin sliders give easy adjustments
  • Leg curtains for aesthetics
  • Adjustable legs to 3 heights
  • Rollaway carry bag
  • 4-piece stake kit
  • Manual with picture instructions included


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Mosaic Pop Up Gazebo outdoors

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GOLD QUALITY – Innovative Frame

When you’re trying to assemble something as heavy as 55lbs and as large as 13 ft x 13 ft, you’ll want it to be as easy as possible. No bending down or pulling or heaving which can typically end in a sore back. The completely pre-attached framework of this model truly makes the installation a hassle-free process. It packs down to such a thin size and expands out in seconds. Plus, the assembly is made up of an Insta-Lock system, paired with the pull pin method that allows you to adjust everything even when it’s upright. Seeing as it’s not a permanent structure, we love that they’ve made it so user-friendly to pitch, so you can do it just before you need it and not hours or the day before.


While it’s not always necessary to have upper ventilation for a model that’s fully open, we think this roof vent is such a cool part about this shelter. Not only does it look great, but it lets any hot air escape that’s been collected in the roof. Also, it captures any cool breeze that may be passing by and sucks it inside. This creates event more air circulation than you may have initially thought you needed. Even with the exposed walls, it’s nice to have this added feature. The other good thing about this part is that if there is light rain, it will simply slide off and be directed away.

BRONZE HIGHLIGHT – Versatile Design 

Due to the monotone and neutral colours, we feel that the design can go well with so many settings. Considering you probably won’t have the same theme for every event, it’s nice to know that this can suit lots of décor options. We love the double tone brown design and its simplicity. Another thing that’s versatile is that you can choose to remove or keep the leg skirting.


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Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Mosaic Pop Up Gazebo Canopy garden

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As mentioned above as one of our favourite features, the adaptability of this shelter is fantastic. You can take it anywhere and it can blend in, whilst still making a statement with its attractive form. You can keep the legs exposed for a more relaxed or classic look or put them on for a little more style. It’s classy enough to use for more fancy events, but also simple enough to use for more casual things, like at a beach or sporting event.

Another aspect of its multi-function is that you can turn it into your own full gazebo or screen hub. After purchasing some netting, you can wrap it around each support pole. You probably couldn’t use the leg skirts with the mesh, but it’s a great DIY way to create a closed-off hut.

Adjustable Legs

Choose from 3 different heights with the adjustable poles. The great thing about these is that you don’t need to take the whole thing apart to change the height. Using the simplified pull pin locking system, everything is made so much easier. It slides right into each hole and locks into place.

We love this aspect because you can use the different heights for so many things. A kid’s party is the first thing to come to mind, where you can put it on its lowest setting so that it’s not towering over them. The lower settings can also be used when you need to adjust to the moving sun. Or, perhaps you need to protect some hanging decorations.


For a moderate price, the quality of materials makes it obvious that this has been built to last. 150D polyester is thick and intended to reduce the risk of rips and tears, plus sun damage. Within the polyester, there is a special UV coating, which stops 99% of UV rays.

Secondly, the fabric is stated as fire resistant and water repellent. While this model certainly isn’t made for wetter weather, it can repel a very minimal amount of water. We stress the term “minimal” because if there is anything more, we think it will leak. That won’t necessarily be from the fabric, but the design. With the large opening on the double roof, water could easily get through with a bit of wind. Fire resistance is smart considering you might want to put a portable heater underneath on colder nights.

Straightforward Set Up

The installation time for this model takes no more than 2 minutes when done by 2 people. While it could probably be done by one person, we recommend 2 since it’s quite heavy. Even though it states it’s a pop-up, we think it’s more of an instant. This is because you must unfold and extend the frame yourself, instead of it popping up into shape right out of the package. This isn’t a drama, though, as it is still fast to do.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

How do you anchor it down?

If you’re setting this model up on a hard surface, like concrete, you won’t be able to use the stakes. In this case, we suggest using something heavy, like sandbags, on either side of each leg to act as anchors. When there are no winds, this structure can stand up by itself, but you should always keep it stable just in case.

Do the leg curtains close?

The leg curtains are only for decoration and they do not close all around the structure. You can completely remove them or keep them on depending on the look you’re going for.


Conclusion on the Mosaic Gazebo Canopy

This Mosaic Pop Up Gazebo Canopy is a truly reliable and great choice for any type of event. It pretty much covers all bases when it comes to the perfect summer shade cover. The frame is sturdy thanks to its all-steel construction, plus it’s a cinch to assemble since all the poles are already attached.

This model can adapt to any situation, whether it be for a kid’s party or you need to alter the height due to the rising or setting sun. You’re protected from 99% of the sun’s rays, plus the two-tone polyester roof with the huge vent lets concentrated air flow through when it’s hot. For your next outdoor party, you’re getting style and comfort all wrapped in an affordable package.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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