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a white sportscar inside the Ikuby Carport

The Ikuby Carport Review – How Safe Is It?

Used to protect luxury vehicles, the Ikuby Carport has one of the most modern and user-friendly designs on the current market. It’s designed to keep vehicles in top condition, protecting from every kind of element that mother nature can throw at it.

I mean, what could be worse than needing to painfully scrape snow or ice off of the windows of your brand-new luxury car? With folding carports like this model, you’ll never have to worry about the condition of your beloved car again.

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It’s also one of the most unique carports due to its retractable and lockable entry door, that is not commonly seen in your typical carport canopy style of car shelter. For this reason it has one of the best levels of wind, rain and theft protection on the market, but with a hefty price to match. 

Today we are going to dig deeper into the features and functions of the Ikuby Carport shelter. 



Ikuby All Weather Retractable Carport

Ikuby SUV Car Canopy

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Available in two versatile sizes to fit different cars, this popular Ikuby model has everything you need in a heavy-duty car shelter. We love its innovative style as it folds back in sections and can fully shut so close to the ground. It’s clear to see that the focus here is ultimate security, as once your vehicle is inside and it’s closed, it’s virtually invisible.

When you don’t have enough room in your garage, want a separate spot to store your precious car, or simple want something that’s compact and portable to take while you travel, we think this is a highly reliable choice.

Unlike most other carports, this structure is intended to only house a car or smaller motor vehicle, seeing us it is such a tight and snug fit. It’s smart to eliminate the need for unnecessary space, because it means that your auto will be fully protected to the max. Something else that we love is the super aerodynamic design, which we’ll discuss more later.


Portable Carport Canopy

Dimensions (Multiple Sizes)

Medium: 228”L x 102”W x 82.8”H

Large: 246”L x 110.4”W x 90”H


Medium: 170 lbs

Large: 200 lbs

Suitable Cars

Luxury Cars

Small & Medium SUVs

Sports Cars

Set Up Time

30 Minutes or more


Free Anchors


Steel Pipes

Oxford 600D Fabric


$779 – $880 or over depending on where you purchase from.


 Overview of Features

  • Highly sturdy steel tube framework
  • Robust 600D material
  • UV protection
  • 100% waterproof
  • Simple set up process
  • Completely foldable and easy to use (USE IMAGES 5 & 6)
  • Compact storage size
  • Side vents for airflow
  • Can be locked with padlock


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Ikuby medium carport shelter

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Genius Structure

Definitely a top feature is the overall design. It’s shaped like a half circle, with a very round top and flat sides. It’s a very well-done aerodynamic construction. We love how well it performs in high winds, because everything can flow right over with extreme ease. In comparison, much larger structures, like cabin shapes, will catch the wind easier and get stuck on all the flat edges. This makes it much easier for the wind to take it away.

Ikuby carport sizing chart

There is also a mid sized shelter with smaller sizing, this is the sizing chart for the larger model. You can see the the Vertical and Horizontal measurements from each height setting.

With this model being so close to the ground and sleek in its construction, the wind doesn’t stand a chance. Your vehicle remains super snug and secure, like as if it’s inside a cocoon or igloo.

It’s also fully collapsible, and we love that you can choose how much of your vehicle gets exposed. Say you want to take a look at the engine, whether it’s in the front or the back, you can fold this canopy at many different angles.


With the sun beating down on a hot day, the last thing you want is for your car to overheat. It makes it so much more difficult to sit down inside, especially when there is leather seating, and the engine won’t work as efficiently.

ikuby carport fully covered

When fully covered and sealed, your vehicle is very well protected from the elements and also theft, due to the lockable front.

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With the large side vents on both of the flat walls, things won’t easily overheat inside. It greatly prevents humidity inside, so you can trust that your car will stay in top condition. We love that even though the structure reaches so close to the ground for protection, you’re still getting an ample amount of airflow coming through. Also, the vents are hooded, so you don’t need to worry about leaks.

Low Maintenance

Keeping things low maintenance is always important in life, and your car protection is no exception. One of our favourite things about this model is that you always have such effortless access to your vehicle at any time of the day or night.  For instance, let’s say it’s super late at night and you want a glance at your treasured luxury car, but the garage door is loud, and you don’t want to wake anyone up.

Ikuby carport snow shelter

Due to the steel framework inside, it is strong enough to even hold snowfall, unlike the majority of other portable carport canopies.

With this shelter, it’s so easy to fold open and makes virtually no sound at all. The accordion-like design folds up and down in a cinch, with quick closure for when it starts raining and you need to cover it up. It’s also very easy to clean. If it gets dirty, a quick spray with a hose or a damp cloth with mild soap will get anything right off.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Ikuby all weather proof medium carport

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Highly Weatherproof

This model does weather protection so incredibly well. For such a condensed build, the protection is high impact because you’re shielded from such a wide variety of weather conditions. Sunlight, rain, and hail damage are all prevented with the robust material that stretches over the inner frame.

It also protects from sand damage, which can cause a lot of harm to the paint job of a car. The manufacturer even has a hailstorm test video on YouTube to demonstrate just how durable this model is.

Shading from the sun is one of the biggest reasons for getting a carport, especially for luxury automobiles. Faded paint and interior corrosion are common things that can happen when a car is left out for too long in the sun. Protecting from high winds is also an integral factor, because it prevents any tree branches or other objects from falling and denting the metal.


You can’t protect your car if the cover is going to easily fly away, so the high level of stability with this model is a huge advantage. First off, it’s a very heavy unit, weighing a massive 170 to 200 lbs depending on the size – it’s heavier than some steel carports that are way larger in surface area.

This stability is thanks to the high-performance steel tubular structure. It’s extra strong and weighted, so it’s not going anywhere. Even with this ingeniously designed structure, you should always utilise the provided stakes for increased sturdiness.  

Outer Fabric

Robust 600D Oxford fabric with a PU coating ensures that there is no risk of cuts, abrasions, or other damages. It’s clearly waterproof, and it can withstand heavy hail as well, as we mentioned above. It is also suitable for use in the snow. This is not only due to the tough outer material, but the tunnel-like construction allows snow to easily slide right off.

Highly Compact

Despite its heavy nature and reasonably large size, it can fold down into a super compact form. This saves you heaps of room when it comes to storage space, which is why this is perfect for travel. You could pack it down, place it in your car, and take it wherever you go. It may be heavy, but it becomes very flat and doesn’t take up a lot of volume compared to many other models.


Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

Ikuby large carport shelter

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Do I have to secure it down?

Even though this model has a heavy-duty construction, you should always anchor these kinds of portable structures to the ground. You can install it on all surfaces, including concrete. You’re also provided with special concrete stakes so that you can bolt and lock it into the ground.

How does this lock?

To prevent theft or people taking a look at your vehicle, it can lock using your own padlock. This must be done when it’s completely closed.


Conclusion on Ikuby Carport Shelter

To protect your car from wind, rain, dust, sun damage, and scratches, the Ikuby Carport is officially one of our favourites in the ultra-modern mobile car garage range. The pleated hood design makes it so effortless to fold up and down, and you can easily choose how much coverage your vehicle is getting.

With top-grade outer fabric, you’re getting high levels of protection to stop aging, fading, and overall deterioration. Although heavy, it’s still portable thanks to its foldaway construction.

With two sizes to choose from, you can take it with you on holidays, to the beach house, or anywhere where you need to shield your car temporarily. Or, it just as efficiently can act as a more permanent solution to keeping your vehicle as safe as ever.



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