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Coleman Red Canyon Tent Review

Coleman Red Canyon Tent Review

The Coleman Red Canyon tent has been on the market for several years now, and we’re intrigued by its surging popularity online and across the camping community. Coleman has been around since 1900, so they’re a trusted brand that has made their mark on the camping and outdoor recreation industry.

It’s often referred to as the Coleman car camping tent, as it’s perfect for road trips with the family or friends. With an 8 person capacity, it’s a spacious model ideal for groups of around 4 or 5 people, and appears to be popular for 2 to 3 season trips.

The Red Canyon has regularly been compared to the Coleman Montana tent series. After reviewing the Montana line ourselves, we can see at a glance that the Montana has an upgraded Elite option, but the Red Canyon is more of a budget model. That being said, they use the same quality materials.

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The Red Canyon has room dividers, while the Montana does not, plus the Montana Elite is the only version that has a ground vent, unlike the Red Canyon which already has one. The Montana 8 Person also has a little less floor area.

All in all the Red Canyon has definitely become one of the best selling 8 person tents on the market, so lets check out more as to why it is so. 



Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

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The Red Canyon appears to be a classically designed extended dome tent, but with updated features that make it ideal for modern camping. You’ve got a fully taped rainfly that creates 4 mini awnings, a wide D-door, the WeatherTec system for increased protection, and huge space inside. Not to mention 3 color options to choose from. For the fair price and reliable brand, we think you’re getting value for money.


Extended Dome


17ft L x 10ft W x 72“H


22.4 lbs


$159.99 or over depending on where you purchase from.


8 People


Conventional Pitch




Tent & Rainfly: Polyester

Flooring: 1000D Polyethylene


Fiberglass Poles

Packed Size

25.6” x 11” x 10.2”

 Overview of Features

  • 2 detachable room dividers give added privacy
  • Rainfly included with taped seams
  • Mini front & back awnings
  • WeatherTec PolyGuard fabric
  • Shock-corded pole framework
  • Insta-Clip attachments
  • Welded floor seams
  • 2 interior mesh pockets & gear loft
  • Cool-Air ground vent
  • Mesh roof
  • D-shaped door for easy entry & exit
  • Large ground area 170 ft²
  • Expandable carry bag included
  • Front mud mat


What We Love – Our Top 3 Features

Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

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GOLD QUALITY – Room Dividers

Though you may think this is a fairly ordinary feature, we believe having room dividers can be essential for a more comfortable camping experience. Just because camping is away from home, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your privacy.

Whether you’re camping with family members, or with friends, the option of privacy is important. You can get changed in peace, go to sleep when you want, as well as tailor the space and keep dirty gear away from everything else.

SILVER FEATURE – High Weather Protection

The WeatherTec system has always been something we’ve liked, because it combines multiple factors of protection without making things overly expensive. In addition to water resistant polyester fabric, there are reversed seams, a wind-strong frame, cuffed zippers, and waterproof floors.


A stuffy tent is never pleasant, so the level of ventilation given with this model is a highlight for us. 2 big windows at the back and front work with the vented Cool-Air ground port  and dual side windows for effective air circulation. The ground vent and side windows are protected by hoods from the rainfly to keep air moving while it’s raining.


Main Overview – Breaking Down Every Detail

Coleman Red Canyon Car Camping Tent

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Season Type

This tent is classified as a 3 season model, but it’s probably best in 2 seasons. It’s perfect for warmer weather, like in the spring and summer months, because you can achieve plenty of airflow. You’ve got large mesh roof panels, dual mesh side windows, and 2 wide screen windows at the back and front.

Use in Colder Weather

One of the best parts about this tent is that you can modify it to make it last in slightly colder weather. While we definitely wouldn’t recommend it for extreme conditions (like up in the mountains or in torrential rains), we think it can get by in colder weather if the proper alterations are done.

Red Canyon Tents WeatherTec system

The patented WeatherTec system from Coleman ensures the tent weathers light to moderate rainfall and wind with ease.

To avoid cold air from seeping through the front door and back window, you could purchase a full coverage fly that would fit the dimensions, or place a tarp over the top (ensuring that you secure it down properly). A tarp would also further protect the interior tent from leaks.

A footprint on the base is another great idea. Even though the flooring is tub-style and made from thicker material, a footprint enhances the tent’s waterproof abilities – puddles can’t easily seep through.

Rainfly Performance

The fly isn’t full coverage, which has its pros and cons.

A pro is that you have great views from the front and back windows, as they are simply covered by small awnings. You also get a nice amount of natural sunlight coming through when it’s on. Another pro lies in the level of airflow you’re getting from the gap between the fly and tent – air can flow through much easier than if it were full coverage.

Red Canyon Tent framework

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Now for the most obvious con: half coverage means less protection from the elements. For this reason, this model is more suited for 2 season camping, as the lower section of the door and the back window are only covered by mini canopies.


Much like other Coleman models, this tent utilizes their patented WeatherTec system. Working with the PolyGuard fabric, there are several other weatherproof elements.

First are the inverted seams, which prevent water from leaking through the stitiching holes. Next there is the redesigned framework that is more wind-responsive for better stability. Then there are the zipper cuffs, and finally the welded floors that are bathtub style. This means that the sides are raised higher than regular flooring, eliminating the possibility of easy leaks.

Red Canyon Tent vent panel

Rear vent panels allow consistent air circulation


While the center height is quite tall, the overall shape gives it a better chance of withstanding strong winds. In addition to the redesigned poles that are part of the WeatherTec system, the walls are very slanted. This makes it easier for wind to cross its path, as it flows up and over the structure instead of getting caught on straight walls like traditional cabin tents.

Customizable Space

We love that 2 dividers are provided with this model. They act as privacy curtains, and allow you to personalize the space in any way you please.

Red Canyon Tent removable divider

The divider is removable, allowing for customisable sleeping areas depending on your group size.

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You can use one room for gear storage, another as a living room, and the last one for sleeping (depending on how many people are inside). These dividers are a lifesaver when it comes to family, couple, or friend camping, as you can have your own private space at all times.

Straightforward Set Up

For an effortless assembly, this uses a conventional pin-and-ring design. Although you may be more tempted by a pop up or instant tent, Coleman’s pin-and-ring set up is user-friendly, and takes around 15-30 minutes – plus you’re getting a more stable structure.

Red Canyon Tent assembly hook

Simple hook on system allows the tent to be pitched alone and within a short time.


Continuous pole sleeves and Insta-Clip attachments make the process more seamless and quick, and the fly is fastened using some hook and loop tape, which again, makes the process faster and more secure. We also appreciate how the poles are color-coded.


For the capacity and overall size of this model, the packed size is certainly a highlight feature for us. At 25.6” x 11” x 10.2”, it’s not as hefty as some others we’ve seen in the same category. It has an area to weight ratio of 1.54 m²/kg, which is commendable for this capacity and dome design.

Red Canyon Tent sleeping area

Spacious interior allows for multiple sleeping bags, beds and pads.

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Now, obviously it’s not suitable for backpacking, but it’s perfect for car and even motorbike trips. At just over 20lbs in weight, it’s not as heavy as some other models, and you could share the load with others if you’re travelling by motorbike.



Most Asked Questions – We’ve Got You Covered

Do I need to reinforce the seams?

As it utilizes the WeatherTec system and has inverted seams, you don’t readily need to reinforce them. Like with all tents, it’s a good idea to reinforce seams after several uses, but not necessarily on its first use. Although, if you’re camping with expected heavy rain, then we suggest that you reinforce with some seam sealer before each trip.

How many people are needed to set it up?

At least two people should assemble this model, as it is 8P capacity and quite large.

How do the dividers inside work?

The 2 room dividers are attached using clasps, and can be removed at any time. There are 4 points of connection, so it keeps them secure.


Conclusion on the Red Canyon Tent

It’s easy to see why the Red Canyon tent is so incredibly popular. You’re getting high-quality materials, a weatherproofing system, lots of ventilation, and a great deal of room inside to sleep, hang out, and store gear with ease. For those on a budget, but in need of something that will withstand the elements and give added comfort, we definitely recommend this model.



Tyler is our editor-in-chief at the Tent Hub. He is a dedicated backcountry explorer and a trained Wilderness First Responder. Tyler has hiked every mountain range in the US and summited Highpoints in several US states as well as Germany. His favorite outdoor destinations are the Canadian Rockies, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mt. Tongariro in New Zealand, and the San Juan Region of Colorado.

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